Blanche Daniel Postcard and Manuscript Collection
SC 201.05

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McConnell Library Archives and Special Collections
Blanche Daniel Postcard and Manuscript Collection
SC 201.05
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3.0 Linear feet
Physical Description
Contains postcards, newspaper clippings, official paperwork, photographs, event programs, and diaries.
Located in locked compact shelving, Level 1, Shelf 23-B.
Blanche Daniel was a Radford graduate who later became a member of the Radford faculty and administration. She was Director of the McGuffey Training School from 1930-1962, and also served as Assistant Dean of Women. In addition, she also served as counselor, college coordinator between the Dean's Office and dining hall and post office, handled transfer students and alumnae, was the freshman class advisor, and faculty advisor to Alpha Sigma Tau. This collection contains her personal collection of over 400 postcards dating approximately 1940-1975, diaries she kept while attending Columbia University, newspaper clippings documenting Radford city history and wedding announcements, and correspondence and documents related to the Belle Heth School reunion in 1933, photographs, programs for campus plays and concerts, invitations to campus social events, and many other things that give a glimpse of both official and personal life at Radford College.

Preferred Citation

Blanche Daniel Collection, Radford University Archives, McConnell Library, Radford University, Radford, VA.

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Administrative Information

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McConnell Library Archives and Special Collections

McConnell Library
PO Box 6881
Radford, Virginia

Restrictions to Access

An appointment for research is required. Collection is open for research. No interlibrary loan.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1. Postcards

Box 1: Postcards - contains over 400 postcards from the following geographic regions: Virginia, the United States, Hawaii, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Box 2. Scrapbook

Box 2: Postcard scrapbook of a train ride from San Francisco to Salt Lake City. 

Box 3. Blanche Daniels' diaries from Columbia University, newspaper clippings, and information about the Belle Heth School reunion. 

Box 3: Folder 1: Columbia University. Notebooks/Diaries

Box 3: Folder 2: Belle Heth School Calendar book, 1931.

Box 3: Folder 3: Belle Heth Reunion News/Materials

Box 3: Folder 4: Belle Heth Reunion Correspondence

Box 3: Folder 5: Blanche Daniel early schoolwork

Box 3: Folder 6: Blanche Daniel student notebook

Box 4. Clubs and Student Handbooks

Box 4: Folder 1: Kappa Delta Pi. Programs and Invitations.

Box 4: Folder 2: Lambda Sigma Pi. Programs.

Box 4: Folder 3: Pi Gamma Mu. Programs and Announcements.

Box 4: Folder 4: Alpha Sigma Tau. Programs 

Box 4: Folder 5: Social Club Programs

Box 4: Folder 6: State Teachers College, East Radford. Student Handbook 1933-34

Box 4: Folder 7: State Teachers College, East Radford. Student Handbook 1935-36

Box 4: Folder 8: State Teachers College, East Radford. Student Handbook 1935-36

Box 4: Folder 9: State Teachers College, East Radford. Student Handbook 1937-38

Box 4: Folder 10: Radford College. Student Handbook 1954-55

Box 4: Folder 11: Radford College. Student Handbook 1956-57

Box 4: Folder 12: Radford College. Student Handbook 1958-59, and A Guide to Radford College 1958

Box 4: Folder 13: Radford College. Student Handbook 1959-60

Box 4: Folder 14: Radford College. Student Handbook 1960-61

Box 4: Folder 15: Radford College. Student Handbook 1961-62

Box 4: Folder 16: Radford College. Student Handbook 1962-63

Box 4: Folder 17: Radford College. Student Handbook 1963-64

Box 4: Folder 18: Radford College. Student Handbook 1964-65

Box 4: Folder 19: Radford College. Student Handbook 1965-66

Box 5. Correspondence, Invitations, Clippings, Miscellaneous

Box 5: Folder 1: Correspondence. Dates range from 1924-1949.

Box 5: Folder 2: Photographs of Blanche Daniels

Box 5: Folder 3: Various Photographs

Box 5: Folder 4: Blanche's Diary, June 19-July 10, 1971. Observations, Experiences and Reactions During a Trip to Europe

Box 5: Folder 5: Undated Diary.

Box 5: Folder 6: Undated Speech. Funeral of Claude Daniel.

Box 5 Folder 7: Drivers License.

Box 5: Folder 8: Association Membership cards.

Box 5: Folder 9: Various Receipts ranging in date from 1936-48

Box 5: Folder 10: Invitations to Campus Events.

Box 5: Folder 11: Newspaper and clippings of various newspapers. Wedding Announcements or presumably Radford students.

Box 5: Folder 12: Christmas Greetings. All undated. Two from State Teachers College Radford Virginia, one from The Drapers.

Box 5 Folder 13: Newspaper Clippings. Various topics and dates.

Box 5: Folder 14: Wedding Invitations.

Box 6. Clubs and Student Handbooks

Box 6: Folder 1: Radford College Graduation and Dedication Ceremonies 1938-1956

Box 6: Folder 2: Memo to Radford Faculty. Dated April 21, 1942

Box 6: Folder 3: Radford Clerk's Record.

Box 6: Folder 4: Radford Alumnae Song and Motto

Box 6: Folder 5: Songs of the Radford State Normal School. Booklet. Alma Mater booklet.

Box 6: Folder 6: Programs. Dramas, Recitals, etc. Radford College and town. 1935-51

Box 6: Folder 7: Radford Garden Club. Yearbooks, 1932, 1934, 1937, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1944, 1946, 1947. Programs.

Box 6: Folder 8: Programs. Radford High School Plays

Box 6: Folder 9: Radford Hotel Corporation. 1952

Box 6: Folder 10: Program. Radford College Riding Club. 1939.

Box 6: Folder 11: Commemorative Fan. Radford College and Radford High School Bobcats

Box 6: Folder 12: Newspaper Clippings. Various Papers.

Box 6: Folder 13: Grove Avenue Church. Radford, Virginia. Various Programs.

Box 6: Folder 14: Various Programs and Papers Concerning Grove Avenue Methodist Church

Box 6: Folder 15: Y.W.C.A. Programs for Various Programs put on by The Young Woman's Christian Association at the college.

Box 6: Folder 16: Training Certificates form the Methodist Episcopal Church for Blanche Daniels

Box 6: Folder 17: Hymns, Songs, Poems, Prayers, Plays

Box 6: Folder 18: Church Programs from Various Churches

Box 6: Folder 19: Program. Twentieth Anniversary of the Presidency of Doctor John Preston McConnell.

Box 6: Folder 20: Program. Inauguration of David Wilbur Peters. Oct 28, 1938. Speech by M'Ledge Moffett at Inauguration.

Box 6: Folder 21: State Teachers College Bulletin. 1925-1939.

Box 6: Folder 22: Grapurchat. April 23, 1940. August 16, 1963

Box 6: Folder 23: Programs for Campus Events. 1927-1952

Box 6: Folder 24: Schedule of Debates. State Teachers College. 1931 and 1932.

Box 6: Folder 25: 9 "Stickers" of the State Teachers College seal. Most gold worn off.

Box 7. Clubs and Student Handbooks

Box 7: Folder 1: Photographs of M'Ledge Moffett

Box 7: Folder 2: Youth Looks At Marriage. Autographed Book by M'Ledge Moffett

Box 7: Folder 3: Photograph. Print of Portrait of John Preston McConnell. Signed.

Box 7: Folder 4: Virginia State Chamber of Commerce.

Box 7: Folder 5: Last Will and Testament of A. Carson.

Box 7: Folder 6: Programs. Various Programs from Area Venues.

Box 7: Folder 7: Various Programs. Newsletters. Education Societies.

Box 7: Folder 8: Photographs.

Box 7: Folder 9: Printing and Advertising Correspondence. Misc

Box 7: Folder 10: Miscellaneous Papers.