William C. and Bill Blizzard "When Miners March" Coal and Labor Collection
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William C. and Bill Blizzard "When Miners March" Coal and Labor Collection
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Contains documents, trial transcriptions, newspaper clippings, correspondence, magazine articles, booklets, books, photographs, and other materials. Some items from this collection have been digitized and are available in the William C. and Bill Blizzard When Miners March digital collection, available in RU Digital Collections. https://monk.radford.edu/records/?&refine%5bCategories%5d%5b%5d=Appalachian%20Collections$$$William%20C.%20and%20Bill%20Blizzard%20When%20Miners%20March%20Collection
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[Identification of item], William C. and Bill Blizzard "When Miners March" Coal and Labor Collection, Appalachian Collection, McConnell Library, Radford University, Radford, VA.

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Biographical note

William H. "Bill" Blizzard (Sep 19, 1892-July 31,1958) was a coal miner and union organizer who achieved fame by leading an army of 10,000-15,000 miners in a march from Blair Mountain into Logan County, WV against local law enforcement, strike breakers, and ultimately National Guard forces in what became known as the Battle of Blair Mountain. As a result, Blizzard was tried for, but acquitted of, treason and murder. Charges against him were subsequently dismissed.

Following his acquittal he served as legislative representative for the United Mine Workers and as vice president and president of the United Mine Workers District 17 based in Charleston, WV. Blizzard retired from public life in 1955 following a disagreement with United Mine Workers president John L. Lewis and his bother Raymond. Blizzard died of cancer in 1958. Blizzard was the son of Timothy Cumming Blizzard, a coal miner, and Sarah Rebecca "Mother" Blizzard, a union organizer. Bill Blizzard began working in the mines with his father at the age of 10 and became involved with the United Mine Workers during the Paint Creek-Cabin Creek strike in 1912-13.

Blll Blizzard's son, William C. Blizzard (December 22, 1916- December 29, 2008) was a journalist, historian, and photographer. Over the course of his career he worked as a photographer and features writer for the Charleston Gazette, as well as publications such as The Nation and Labor's Daily. He also published articles and photographs in many magazines and newspapers. The narrative that would become "When Miners March" was originally published as a series of articles in Labor's Daily in the 1950s. Wess Harris worked with William C. Blizzard to publish "When Miners March" as a book in 2004.

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Scope and Contents

The "When Miners March" William Blizzard Coal and Labor Collection contains materials from the personal collection of union leader Bill Blizzard and his son, author and journalist William C. Blizzard.

Materials include items related to William C. Blizzard, the 1921 Battle of Blair Mountain and subsequent trial, United Mine Workers local union activity in West Virginia, and the writing of "When MIners March: The Story of Coal Miners in West Virginia" (by William C. Blizzard, edited by Wess Harris, Gay, WV: Appalachian Community Services, 2004).

The collection also contains materials collected by Ulysses Elwood Maples, a retired coal miner and field representative for UMWA Local 29. Maples collected official materials from his job, but also wrote histories and sketches of miners. He also typed transcriptions of various addresses, essays, and other writings by West Virginians, printing them in upper-case type on multicolored paper.

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Arrangement note

The first section of this collection (Box 1) contains biographical documents and materials about the life and work of William C. Blizzard.

Boxes 2-5 include materials related to the Battle of Blair Mountain, the subsequent trial, and the original version of "Struggle and Lose...Struggle and Win! - The Story of Coal Miners in West Virginia" By William C. Blizzard, which was published in the newspaper Labors Daily in 1952-53.

The next nine boxes contain correspondence and documents from BIll Blizzard’s work as an official of United Mine Workers of America, District 17, in West Virginia. Box 6 contains correspondence from and to BIll Blizzard, and box 7 contains correspondence to and from Van Bittner, District 17 President, and John L. Lewis, UMWA president. Boxes 8-9 contain grievances and other materials from local unions in District 17. Box 11 contains assorted union ephemera, box 12 contains various writings and material from Elwood Maples, while boxes 13-15 contain assorted UMWA documents and publications.

Boxes 16-20 contain various writings, photographs, and correspondence of William C. Blizzard. Boxes 21-24 contain various assorted materials from the personal collection of William C. Blizzard, including various articles and materials on mining in West Virginia. The collection also includes 27 books from William C. Blizzard’s personal collection, including works on socialism and communism. (The finding aid includes a link to these titles in the library’s online catalog.)

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An appointment for research is required. All materials in the collection are available for research. No interlibrary loan.

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Processed by Gene Hyde, Molly Chamblin, Wes Hess, and Adrian Whicker, Winter-Spring 2011-12.

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Collection Inventory

Box 1: Biographical material about Bill and William C. Blizzard. Articles and journalism by William C. Blizzard (unless otherwise noted) 

Folder 1: "There's Never Peace in West VIrginia's Hills," The Nation, December 19, 1953 

Folder 2: "UMWA History: 100 Year Old Union Man Recalls Battles," United Mine Workers Journal, March 1-15, 1975 

Folder 3: Two coal related articles: "Coal Industry May Be Healthy, But Miners are Sick at Heart," Labor's Daily, September 22, 1955, and "I Owe My Soul to the Company Store," Collectibles Illustrated, January/February 1983 

Folder 4: "Working on the Railroad" photos and story by Blizzard, Goldenseal Vol. 1, No. 2, July-September 1975 

Folder 5: Typewritten copies of reviews of two books: "Bloodletting in Appalachia" and "My Appalachia" by former West Virginia Attorney General Howard Lee. Blizzard takes issue with Lee's impartiality and "anti-labor tirade." The reviews were written for the Charletson, WV, Sunday Gazette Mail in the late 1960s. Also includes a letter from the Sunday Gazette Mail soliciting Blizzard's review. 

Folder 6: Various typewritten articles and journalism related correspondence. Includes the articles "Three Little Words...for Better Amateur Photographs," "B-A-A-D - A Snakey Trip," "Mountain State Miracle," and "George Washington's Junked Generals," plus correspondence. 

Folder 7: Various freelance articles by William C. Blizzard published in regional and national magazines. Topics include fishing, businesses, craftspeople, chefs, and public libraries in West Virginia, as well as an article on Joel R. Poinsett and poinsettias. 

Folder 8: Short story: "The Soul of Sam Malone" Typewritten draft. 

Folder 9: Journalism and freelance writing related correspondence 

Folder 10: "Armed March Chronology" -- appendix for When Miners March detailing events of the Battle of Blair Mountain, as well as information about the baseball team of accused miners that played during the treason and murder trial following the Battle of Blair Mountain. 

Folder 11: Bill Blizzard obituary, UNM Journal, August 1958 

Folder 12: "In Memoriam WIlliam Blizzard," by Mose Boiarsky, typewritten carbon copy 

Folder 13: UMW Journal with memorial tributes to Bill Blizzard, October 15, 1985 

Folder 14: Various articles, including Bill Blizzard obituaries, articles about Wess Harris and William C. Blizzard's publication of "When Miners March," and the death of UMWA president John L. Lewis 

Folder 15: Military records of William C. Blizzard, "Photographic Laboratory Technician" 1942-45, draft card, honorable discharge papers, veterans administration papers 

Folder 16: Blizzard family papers, including real estate transactions, rejection of job inquiry with UMWA, several coal pay stubs from 1931, several property tax statements, 1921 application to carry a pistol, etc. 

Folder 17: William C. Blizzard birth certificate and divorce papers 

Folder 18: William C. Blizzard's self described "Meagre possessions" and financial information, Novebmer 1987. Includes list of cameras, lenses, and other photography equipment. 

Folder 19: Obituary of Reese Blizzard 

Folder 20: Article about cannon used at Blair Mountain that appears on the cover of "When Miners March" 

Folder 21: Memorial service fo William C. Blizzard, reviews of When Miners March, email correspondence between William C. Blizzard and Wess Harris 

Folder 22: Assorted personal documents 

Folder 23: Typewritten notes on When Miners March (?), or possibly Blizzard's Coal-Mining novel (see box 19) 

Folder 24: Promotional DVDs for "When Miners March" 

"When Miners March" events and trial materials 

Box 2: "Struggle and Lose...Struggle and Win! - The Story of Coal Miners in West Virginia" By William C. Blizzard. This was the original text of what became "When MIners March," as originally run in Labors Daily in 1952-53. 

Historical note

"Struggle and Lose...Struggle and Win!" was a series of articles written by William C. Blizzard that ran in Labor's Daily in 1952-53. These were later republished in 2004 as When MIners March

Folder 1: "Stuggle and Lose...." clippings, part 1 

Folder 2: "Stuggle and Lose...." clippings, part 2 

Folder 3: "Stuggle and Lose...." clippings, part 3 

Folder 4: "Stuggle and Lose...." clippings, part 4 

Folder 5: Photocopies of "Struggle and Lose..." clipping 

Box 3: West Virginia Mine Wars trial transcripts and related legal documents 

Item 1: State of West Virginia, County of Logan, indictment of J.E. Wilburn and hundreds of others (for the deaths of Logan County deputy John C. Gore in August, 1921). 

Item 2: State of West Virginia vs. J. E. WIlburn on Conviciton of Murder, Appeal to West Virginia Supreme Court, 1922-23 - Vol I: Indictments and trial testimonies transcription.( 

Item 3: State of West Virginia vs. J. E. WIlburn on Conviciton of Murder, Appeal to West Virginia Supreme Court, 1922-23 - Vol II: Trial testimonies and other court reporting. 

Item 4: State of West Virginia vs. James Ryan, et. al, Felony. Transcript of evidence adduced at preliminary hearing, March 20-21, 1925. (Ryan, et al, were charged with the murder of mine guard Roy Tobin in Grant Town, WV, on January 15, 1925) 

Item 5: State of West Virginia vs C. Frank Keeney, February 23, 1923 (Partial trial transcript) 

Item 6: Request for change of venue for trial of Blizzard, et. al, from Logan County to Jefferson County, WV, Oct. 13, 1922 

Item 7: Documents seeking that trial of Blizzard, et. al, not be held in Fayette County, WV due to anti-union bias 

Item 8: District 17 of the United Mine Workers vs. Don Chafin, Sheriff of Logan County, WV, Logan Coal Operators Association, and others, accusing Chafin, et. al., of illegal anti-union actions and intimidation (drafts) 

Item 9: Stenographer's book labelled "Testimony, Blair, Blizzard" written in shorthand 

Item 10: "Statement of John Brown RE: Invasion of Logan County by Miners" (digital copy only, available online through the RU Digital Collections http://monk.radford.edu/cdm/ref/collection/blizzard/id/267 

Item 11: "Testimony of Foster Wilson and A. M. McComas, in regard to Logan County Invasion, taken at Huntington, West Virginia, December 16, 1921" Digital copy only, available online through RU Digital Collections http://monk.radford.edu/cdm/ref/collection/blizzard/id/233 

Box 4: Court Transcript: Red Jacket Consolidated Coal *& Coke Company, et. al, vs. John L. Lewis, President of the United Mine Workers, Mary "Mother Jones" Harris, et. al. - Transcript of the Record. 1927 federal court case, Vol.ume 1: Pleading (1919 pages) 

Box 5: Scrapbook containing newspaper clippings from 1921-22 covering treason trial of William Blizzard and other miners at Blair Mountain. Collected and annotated in 1921-22 by Ross Blizzard, William Blizzard's brother. Contains clippings from The Charleston Gazette, The Cincinnati Post, The Sun (Baltimore), The West Virginia Federationist, The Greenbrier Independent, United Mine Workers Journal, and Labor (Washington, DC) 

West VIrginia UMWA Correspondence 

UMWA Correspondence - Bill Blizzard and Van Bittner 

Box 6: Bill Blizzard, Correspondence 

File 1: Correspondence to and from William Blizzard between 1935-1937; District 17, Local Union #'s 4475, 6259, 5915, 5991; concerning grievances and elections; involving: William Blizzard, W.H. Nelson, George Williams, Q.A. Surbaugh, H.R. Alley, Royal Chambers, Van A. Bittner, N.A. Taylor, J.H. Fleshman, Aubrey Nuckols, Robert Waller, Vance Wekiel, Emal D. Hodson, and J.A.Higginbotham. 

File 2: Correspondence to and from William Blizzard between 1938-1942; District 17, Local Union #'s 2325, 5823, 6047, 5913, 6158; concerning grievances, taxes, and wages; involving: E.D. Hodson, William Blizzard, Howard C. Thompson, W.S. Miles, Clyne Guwin, Ben Gooch, John S. Kelly, Lewis Douglas, and Larkin Philpott. 

File 3: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between April 1934-May 1934; District 17, Local Union #'s 5823, 6207, 6823, 258, 6043; Concerning equipment, wages, grievances, cases, and contracts; involving: George Blizzard, E.R. Baker, H.H. Nickell, Ralph Sanders, E.L.Herndon, George Karnes, Harry Wlaker, L.L.Newman, William Woods, Tommy Willis, Oscar Neal, A.R. Russell, J.D. Cavendish, John T. Jones, J.L. Reynolds, Albert Reynolds, Sam Wilson, J.D. Hinkle, George Barrett, and Howard Tully. 

File 4: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard May 1934; District 17, Local Union # 5820; concerning cases and grievances; involving: George Blizzard, John T. Jones, C.S. Thomas, Jerry Gibson, Joe Hemmings, Joe Tolliver, G.L. Bailey, B.C. Riley, Van Biggs, Jonnie McGorman, J.H. Carter, Tom Cox, F.F. Dixon, Harry Wallace, L.M. Powers, Nick Marcus, and S.C. Higgins. 

File 5: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between May 1934-August 1934; District 17, Local Union #'s 2987, 693, 6049, 258, 6652, 5820; concerning wages, hours, and grievances; involving George Blizzard, J.H. Carter, R.H. Staten, Lee Browning, John Douglas, John T. Jones, Van A. Bittner, Paul Young, Howard Ewing, L.W. Argalbright, Joe Hash, Eli Jones, R.H. Massey, W.O. Skaggs, Chase Vaughn, Earl Sutton, Leon Jones, Roy Shuff, W.S. Vandall, F.F. Ford, S.C. Higgins, J.D. Cavendish, Samuel Ross, and John Howard. 

File 6: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard Spetember 1934; Distrcit 17, Local Union #'s 6925, 6049, 258, 693, 2894, 5924; concerning meetings, grievances, and wages; involving George Blizzard, John F. Parks, C.L. Garven, Dell Willis, Paul Defenbaugh, James Edmonds, John T. Jones, Homer Lorhorn, Charley Buckland, Juddie, Jones, S.T. Perkins, Dennis McMillan, Homer Alley, and Sam Peckey. 

File 7: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard October 1934; District 17, Local Union #'s 693, 6049, 6113; concerning meetings and grievances; involving George Blizzard, H.R. Alley, George Barrett, Morris Perpa, Raymond McGraw, Frank Skaggs, G.C. Skaggs, D. I. Buckland, G. Bostrum, J.R Martin, C.C Hendricks, John F. Parks, T.J. Clement, Shirley Light, Earl Fox, and Gene Hager. 

File 8: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard November 1934; District 17, Local Union #'s 2987, 6387; concerning working conditions; involving George Blizzard, William Blizzadr, Van A. Bittner, H.R. Alley, Eden Graff, R.J. Burmeister, C.A Brockman, H.C. Higgins, and B.H. Hill. 

File 9: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between January 1934 - February 1935; District 17, Local Union #'s 4475, 6899, 6652, 5950; concerning moving expenses, wages, meetings, and grievances; involving George Blizzard, George Williamson, Russel Pyatte, S.M. Martin, Walter Blizzard, George Barrett, and Arbulus McKinney. 

File 10: Correspondence to and from George Bizzard between June 1935 - November 1935; District 17, Local Union #'s 6106, 6164, 6043; concerning hours, housing, and grievances; involving George Blizzard, W.B. Shellost, J.L. Webb, Manuel G. Barreiro, Dave Charles, John T. Jones, Elmer Webb, Roy Wingfeild, S.C. Higgins, and H.B. Tully. 

File 11: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between January 1936 - March 1936; District 17, Local Union #'s 6237, 6113, 6048, 6501; concerning firings and union schooling; involving George Blizzard, W.F. Summerfield, R.G. Burnes, John Herndon, Preston Moore, Shirley Light, S.C. Higgins, Fred Craig, Joe Sneede, John Novibilisky, Garrett Graham, John Carter, Boyd M. Clarence, Hunter Legg, Gordon Roop, S.W. Thomas, Cody Hicks, and Herbert Simms. 

File 12: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between March 1936 - June 1936; District 17, Local Union #'s 6048, 6106, 6113, 2325; concerning hours, fines, grievances, and working conditions; involving George Blizzard, J.H. Carter, Nick Aiello, H.R. Alley, R.J. Rackley, Bruce Sanger, Cleve Blake, G.G. Graham, Joe Smith, D.O. Wood, J.H. Wright, Walter Gentry, R. Light, O.J. Goode, Ray Perdue, John Reggi, Harry Altice, and George Alexander. 

File 13: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between August 1936 - March 1937; District 17, Local Union #'s 6653, 6387, 258; concerning grievances; involving George Blizzard, J.H. Carter, Pettit, Chase Tattin, S.C. Higgins, Morgan Milne, Frank Gladwell, and B.H. Gill. 

File 14: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between January - May 1938; District 17, Local Union #'s 6046, 5913, 5949, 5877, 6870; concerning mine conditions, case settlements, and hours; involving George Blizzard, W. Willard, C.W. Runion, James Learmonth, John S. Kelly, Van A. Bittner, E.R. Bittner, E.R. Gibert, G.G. Cooper, John Lewis, W.S. Alexander, and George Hester. 

File 15: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between November 1938- July 1939; District 17, Local Union #'s 6113, 6453, 5875, 6207; concerning forms, grievances, and contracts; involving George Blizzard, E.R. Blevins, F.M. Hayes, Carl Fox, E.D. Hodson, L.D. Payne, H.D. Hodson, C.E. Jones, George Williams, Grover Callaway, A.D. Lavender, E.E. Waddell, Robert Ellis, H.R.Alley, H.L. Lawrence, R.B. Hinkle, and J.H. Carter. 

File 16: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between August - December 1939; District 17, Local Union #'s 6043, 6237, 5877, 6387, 6164, 6925; concerning grievance, hirings, and firings; involving George Blizzard, H.B. Tully, E.D.Hodson, S.T. Edison, T.A. Toney, O.P. Gill, Leo Pammell, Charley Totten, Carl Huffman, Willie Neal, Oscar Stroud, James Birdie, Bunyon Janney, James A Price, Earl McKinney, Paul King, Herbert Hull,and L.A. Berry. 

File 17: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between January - June 1940; District 17, Local Union #'s 6169, 5950, 6047, 6384, 5875; concerning grievances, union dues, and union constitution; involving George Blizzard, E.D. Hodson, F.L. Sarbaugh, L.D. Herr, Josh A. Lewis, W.M. Mosley, Bennard Ray, J.H. West, Fred Burd, W.H. Field, Paul Hendricks, George Barrett, L.D. Payne, J.W. Cook, George Alderman, Sam DeHeart, H.D. Hodson, Grover Callaway, A.D. Lavender, and Clyde Miranda. 

File 18: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between July 1940 - November 1041; District 17, Local Union #'s 6048, 6387, 6113, 5949, 6042; concerning office holder, meetings, and grievances; involving George Blizzard, Thomas Shields, J.D. Allison, Washington Calhoun, Elmer Hightower, E.B. Lee, Ivory Owens, George Alderman, Paul Hendricks, E.D. Hodson, H.D. Hodson, Joe Sneed, Arthur Barron, Dominick Rosieck, S.R. Light, J.F. Helm, H.C. Jones, James Davis, Oliver Hottle, and A.M. Kelly. 

File 19: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between November 1941 - April 1942; District 17, Local Union #'s 6207, 5873, 5950; concerning contracts, strikes, and grievances; involving George Blizzard, D.D. Campbell, O.E. Hiser, W.J. Clayton, Wilson Eagle, W.S. Wright, William Childs, Sam Jones, James McKay, Percy Tetlow, J.H.West, Smith Fields, G.B. Bennett, D.M. Stamper, E.D. Hodson, Fred Burd, and L.S. Philpott. 

File 20: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between June 1942 - September 1943 along with undated material; District 17, Local Union #'s 6164, 5950, 6046; concerning hours, grievances, and case settlements; involving George Blizzard, Robert Belcher, E.D. Hodson, P.H. James, D.R. Voss, C.E. Jones, W.H. Fields, Thomas Carter, J.H. West, George Titter, L.W. Smother, Robert Green, L.Legg, K.D. Bish, E.W. Amick, W.E. Minsuch, E.D. Hogin, O.H. Stutler, Tim Bamch, T. Shumate, A.H. Preswell, J.R. Cruis, John Kania, Henry Vest, Homer Vest, J.L. Jackson, and Joe Matalis. 

File 21: Correspondence to and from George Blizzard between May 1934 - October 1939 along with undated material: District 17, Local Union #'s 6048...Commission reports, grievances, National Bituminous Wage Agreement; Claude Combs, J.H. Carter, Gilbert Smith, G.E. Hoover, Joe Sneed, John Novobilisky, G.G. Graham, Van A. Bittner, L.T. Putman, P.C. Graney, H.R. Alley, John Lewis, E.D. Hodson, Ozie Morgan, Edward Graff, R.J. Burmesiter, Ben Williams 

Folder 22: Bill Blizzard vs. Progressive Miners Union 

Folder 23: Letters to Bill Blizzard from Reece Blizzard, 1923-24, plus a newspaper columnist's memory of Reece Blizzard 

Folder 24: Letter from George Blizzard, July 1924 

Folder 25: Assorted correspondence 

Box 7: Van Bittner, Correspondence, and John L. Lewis, Correspondence 

File 1: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between March - June 1934; District 17, Local Union #'s 5823, 258, 6716;concerning grievances, fees, and exonerations; involving Van Bittner, E.H. Rookstool, B.D. Grimm, John T. Jones, J.D. Cavendish, Jim Clinedenim, E.D. Hodson, John Rupert, and W.E.E. Koepler. 

File 2: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between June - August 1934; District 17, Local Union#'s 6823, 6448, 258; concerning wages, membership, and grievances; involving Van Bittner, Watson Steele, William Jones, E.D. Reynolds, J.D. Cavendish, E Ollendick, James P. Riley, Chas B. Barnes, and E.C. Mahan. 

File 3: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between September - December 1943; District 17, Local Union #'s 2987, 258, 6110; concerning meetings, exonerations, and grievances; Involving Van Bittner, Otto Clinedenim, Eli Jones, Paul Young, Joe Hash, J.D. Cavendish, J.H. Carter, John Pridemore, S.G. Farmer, Homer Alley, John T. Jones, and Stuart Walker. 

File 4: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between January - March 1935; District 17, Local Union #'s 6687, 4475, 5820, 6195, 6925, 5915; concerning union cards, dues, and grievances; involving Van Bittner, E.H. Rookstool, A.E. Ballenger, Homer Alley, George Williamson, R. N. Syme, R.N. Francum, Ed Walker, Ottie Lowry, G.W. Cook, Roy Davis, Sam Adkins, J.H. Carter, and N.A. Taylor. 

File 5: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between April - May 1935, District 17, Local Union #'s 6014, 6389, 6652, 6048, 6043; concerning grievances, dues, and by-laws; involving Van Bittner, Homer Alley, John Carter, Ira Schumacher, George Blizzard, H.A. McGinnis, D.S. Saunders, Walter Runsky, W.W. Mullins, Otis Shepherd, E.D. Claytor, Sherman Treadway, and Clifford Morris. 

File 6: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between June - November 1935; District 17, Local Union#'s 2325, 6259, 5767, 6048, 6823, 5770;concerning cases, grievances, and by-laws; involving Van Bittner, John Carter, H.L. Smith, Frank Garrett, John Albert, R.J. Rackler, and Walter Skaggs. 

File 7: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between February - April 1936;District 17, Local Union #'s 6242,6043, 6161, 6914, 4203, 6925, 6883; concerning settlement, grievances, and dues; involving Van Bittner, C.W. Thomas, J.H. Carter, H. B. Tully, Willard Agee, J.R. Alley, H.R. Alley, John G. Cobb, Roy L Goins, W.T. Poe, and R.V, Rose. 

File 8: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between June- September 1936; District 17, Local Union #'s 6043, 5877, 6652, 2964; concerning transfers, union cards, and grievances; involving Van Bittner, Haryy Bowers, James F. Burneette, Roy Rice, William H. Stull, George Blizzard, J.H. Carter, and Ruth Eggleston. 

File 9: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between October - December 1936; District 17, Local Union #'s 5823, 2325, 6262, 5767, 5869; concerning grievances, wages, and contracts; involving Van Bittner, J.H. Carter, James T. Persinger, Henry Davidson, John T Jones, Larry Randazzo, Ralph Elkins, Tullio Malagrida, R.J. Body, E.D. Hodson, B.L. Brumfield, and John Potter. 

File 10: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between December 1936 - March 1937; District 17, Local Union #'s 6387, 6048, 6914; concerning grievances and bylaws; involving Van Bittner, J.H. Carter, Jesse Aquino, R.B. Estys, Carly Totten, R.J. Rackney, and J.W. Williams. 

File 11: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner April 1937; District 17, Local Union #'s 6049, 6111; concerning officers, wages, grievances, and John L. Lewis radio broadcast; involving Van Bittner, John Parks, E.D. Hodson, Amon Smith, and John L. Lewis. 

File 12: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between May - November 1937; District 17, Local Union #'s 6237, 5877, 6113; concerning strikes and grievances; involving Van Bittner, A. Ross, E.D. Hodson, Charles Hughart, J.H. Gill, George Barrett, W.H. Stout, Nick Aiello, and M.C. Ray. 

File 13: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between March - June 1938; District 17, Local Union #'s 2325, 5877, 5913, 6869; concerning unemployment benefits, grievances, and dues; involving Van Bittner, Howard C. Thompson, James F. Pomeroy, E.D. Hodson, Larkin Philpott, and Moses Lewis. 

File 14: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between August - September 1938; District 17, Local Union #'s 5955, 6113, 5877; concerning grievances, hours, and mine conditions; involving Van Bittner, E.D. Hodson, George Taylor, Joseph Woods, N.H. Skaggs, and Howard Winger. 

File 15: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between November 1938 - November 1939; District 17, Local Union #'s 5823, 6042, 6637, 6869; concerning grievances, meetings, and dues; involving Van Bittner, E.D. Hodson, Lem Lewis, Ralph Saunders, Ezra St. Clair, Lessie H. Fox, George Blizzard, Joe Pennington, Frank Sumner, Frank Caldwell, O.V. Clayton, and Larkin Philpott. 

File 16: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between January - July 1940; District 17, Local Union #'s 5949, 5845, 5875, 6000; concerning union cards and audits; involving Van Bittner, George Blizzard, Larkin Philpott, Harry Hemming, Rubin Gilbert, Joe Addison, Kathryn Lewis, George Titler, P.B. Canady, John L. Lewis, and Thomas M. Roger. 

File 17: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between October 1940 - March 1941; District 17, Local Union #'s 5950, 6046; concerning grievances and dues; involving Van Bittner, J.H. West, Bert Carter, George Barrett, Robert Willshire, E.D. Hodson, B. Swaggerty, and Elbert Jones. 

File 18: Correspondence to and from Van A. Bittner between July 1941 - April 1942; District 17, Local Union #'s 5950; concerning Doctors wages, recruitment, and grievances; involving Van Bittner, E.D. Hodson, L.S. Philpott, William Blizzard, George Blizzard, Fred C. Burd, River C. Jones, and Bernard Ray. 

File 19; Correspondence to and from John L. Lewis between September 1934 - December 1937; Local Union #'s 5991, 5816; concerning grievances, cases, and miner relief; involving John L. Lewis, Van Bittner, J. H. Fleshman, John Myick, George Lewis, A.S. Alexander, Albert Bass, John Hooker, Fitsgue Gardner, and Ote Gardner. 

File 20: Correspondence to and from John L. Lewis between June 1938 - September 1939; Local Union #'s 6113, 6005, 6262, 5991, 6047; concerning grievances and relief for striking miners; involving John L. Lewis, Frank Hayes, M.C. Ray, E.R. Blevins, Beach Thacker, C.S. Logan, E.D. Hodson, J.H. Fleshman , R.R. Farmer, R.L/ Trent, Taney John, Joe Bokovitz, Taylor Gipsos, Ben Gooch, Ray Shuff, Lewis Carter, Luther Stakes, George Barrett, and George Blizzard. 

File 21: Correspondence to and from John L. Lewis ; Local Union #'s 6042, 2325; concerning grievances; involving John L. Lewis, Phillip Murray, Thomas Kennedy, Preston Eads, Van Bittner, E.D. Hodson, John L. Carr, Henry L. Davidson, O.G. Chaltham, J. Cheetham, and William Blizzard, and other correspondence. 

Folder 22: Telegrams, Van Bittner: Greenwood and Power House Coal, Progressive Miners, 1939 

Folder 23: Van Bittner wage agreement letter, April 1967 

Folder 24: Letters to Van Bittner - grievances not processed 

Folder 25: Van Bittner resignation letter, June 10, 1942 

Folder 26: Van Bittner statement on collective bargaining, date unknown 

Folder 27: Bittner & Blizzard letter stating UMWA support for the reelection of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1936 

District 17, UMWA, Local Unions - Correspondence and Greivances 

Box 8: Local Union Correspondence 

Folder 1: Local Union 117, Beckley, WV. Meeting announcement October 17, 1939 

Folder 2: Local Union 165, The Laundry Workers International Union. 1935. 2 Documents, Greievence and Correspondance; Beckely WV 

Folder 3: Local Union 258, Victor WV. May-August 1934; Grievances of discrimination of men & agreement between Mill Creek Colliery Co. and United Mine Workers. August-September 1935; Grievences and Settlements. May-June 1937; Correspondance to letter in April & reminder of conference. 

Folder 4: Local Union 693; Ansted WV (1934-1935) Multiple Grievences and Corresponsances: March-October 1934: Arbitration Board of Gauley Mountain Coal Company, Yardage questions and formations, pay rate, committee meetings, sleeping while at work, and overtime January-October 1935; committee meeting times, agreement copies, and doctor grienvence. 

Folder 5: Local Union 2325; Stanaford WVA (1935-1937) Multiple Grievences and Correspondace September 1934; file charges against Blizzard based on failure to pay employees on time March-October 1935; Mine Committees #1 and #6, failure to pay, Joint Board of the New River District case on overtime, Pete George underpaid, and tipplemen overtime January-Auguest 1936; #1 mine committee grievence, Basil Young fired for telling miners to leave the mine, grievence states that is false, ovetime, pay, and slate or bone employees not getting paid enough April-December 1937; discharge case, system of yardage, Henry Davidson grienvence 

Folder 6: Local Union 2510; Time Card of Frank Brown. 

Folder 7: Local Union 2894; Romont WVA (1934) Joint meeting for locals #258, #693, and #2894 Jurisdiction question 

Folder 8: Local Union 2980; Pemberton & Sullivan WV (1935 and 1937) Grievance Fred Patrick, contract violation Burial Funds by Mining companies 

Folder 9: Local Union 2987; Lookout WVA (1930-1935) 1930: Grievances (4) 1934: (March-November) meeting times, pay, ovetimes, undertime,pushing cars to the face and violation of contract 

Folder 10: Local Union 3295; Time Card, Henry Tanberseley? (sp) Morely, Tenn! 

Folder 11: Local Union 4005; Watson WVA (1936) Letters stating receipt of dues 

Folder 12: Local Union 4475; Beards Fork WVA (1934-1938) 1934: November; Meeting due to dissatisfaction of unions 1935: Nov-Jan; meeting times and violation of contract 1936: Jan-Dec; violation of contract, overtime, meeting times, "Little Lewie" be present at meetings 1937: Feb-April; meeting times 1938: March-May; grienvance of pay, overtime, and violation of contract 

Folder 13: Local Union 4578; Crab Orchard WVA Sept-Oct 1941: Safety committee, grievance. 

Folder 14: Local Union 5188; Mt. Hope WVA Kilsyth Relief Sheet 1-6. Names of Employees with # in Family. 

Folder 15: Local Union 5767; Helen WVA 1934-1944 1934: April-December; Multiple Grievances and Correspondence: violation of contract, committee meeting times, broken equipment, discharge without proper information, overtime, overwork, dangerous work, heavy lifting, faulty equipment, and correspondence between companies and unions. 1935: June-December; Multiple Grievances and Correspondence: changing grade power w/o informing miners, wage discrepancy, violation of contract via payroll, discharge of 2 men for loading dirty coal, unjust discharge, threat of GD Kirk who was traveling to all the mining companies encouraging the miners to go on strike, contract questions, requests to visit, better work conditions, dangerous conditions, new management, laying off, and other greievances about tipple managers. 1936: Feb-Nov; multiple grievances and correspondence: transfer of Dave Sellers, loading dirty coal, Koppers Coal Company and Jonny Zengo who was discharged for first offense, Walter Brown discharged for aggravation, vacancy of district office, Roy Crawford, Arvin Crawford, Drew Lambert, Frank Short, Fleet Dixon, Ditch Crawford demanding pay for bottom bone, Joe Antonicelli given insufficient powder to shoot his coal causing him to lose his shift, Junior Flynn discharged for violation of contract (states boss attacked him), School building situation reminder, underpay, underwork, overtime, and wrong pay. 1937: Jan-July; Multiple grievances and correspondences: discharge w/o compensation, repay, dissatisfaction of Bill Lewis (scale committeeman), tipple crew overtime, Koppers Coal Company fines, loading dirty coal, and refusing work. 1938: Jan-Nov; Multiple grievances and correspondece; bad/dangerous work conditions, faulty equipment resulting in discharge, committee fining miners, and overtime. 1939: Jan-Nov...Greivances and Correspondence; loading dirty coal, wrong doing loading slate, resolution involving Nick Allio who was transferred, losing shifts, George Hyden discharged after becoming injured, inspection letter, laying off, dangerous working conditions 1940: Feb-Oct; Greivances and Correspondence...sick leave, Spencer Harrison discharge for unexcused absences, representative letter 1941: Aug; greivance over $20 token awarded to miners, gas & oil bill. 1944: 24, April...$505.60 misplaced to go to death benefit of Albert Moon, asking district members to take care of it, asking to audit company, states there is a copy of the laws (not in folder) Unknown date: 2 cases involving Arthur Booker and Miller Booker where #5 and #9 committee representatives signed; letter concerning certain statements of facts; List of check numbers never to be cashed or refunded 

Folder 16: Local Union 5770; Eccles WVA 1934-1940 1934: 19, October...Crab Orchard Company...List of names swearing that never snubbed any cuts of coal 1937: 9, October...Notification and Received letter stating committee handling money 1940: 19 April...Grievance of disability, correspondence of grievance. Black man named Mr. Penn claiming 12% disability is not enough. 

Folder 17: Local Union 5771; Stonesbury WVA Koppers Coal Co. May 1935: Transfer of Lonnie Salto from Lackie Fire Coal Co. Feb 1937: aking for settlement on Joing Wage Agreement; agreement of yardage dispute; Sept 1939: asking for more than 80 copies of the District agreement, correspondance states to share the 80 copies given. 

Folder 17-A: Local Union 5812: Rossmore, WV 

Folder 18: Local Union 5820; Price Hill WVA Price Hill Colliery Company 1934: April-Nov; Greievences and Correspondance: putting cars on the face (settled), Mr. Dixon and Mr. Flowers case sent to Mr. Alley, case forwarded to district, grade of house coal cannot be agreed on, discharge of a man who worked there for several years 1935: May-August; Nick Markis case where he is intitled to pay at 10 1/2 cents per inch for the hod he wasted; George Ross case discharged for refusing to work then asking for pay, found insurance and doctor papers on that day from doctor but did not tell management he was ill 1936: May-Dec; grievence of miners pay to live on mine even if they dont; Cliff Maggsson case sick for a couple of days came back put on new job got hurt again came back and mine refused to work him;pay days; dissatisfied with the payday settlement 

Folder 19: Local Union 5821 Layland WVA, New River and Pocahontas Coal Company 1934: may-dec; Greievence and Correspondance: Mr. Wiseman case not getting scale price, 2 more statements stating Mr. Wiseman did nothing wrong;transfer card; yardage greivence, Jess Downey statement, blacksmith for 6 months wants to be paid the blacksmith wage. 1935: September; overtime greievence 1937: February; complaint of "fixed" scale 1976: memorandum explaining procedures for rembursing committee work 174: Certification that Ulysses Elwood Maple of Joint Industry Training Course for Mine Health and Safety Committemen 1981: Certificate of Elyood Maples has completed Joint Industry Course for Mine Health and Safety Committeemen. 1984: Certified Elwood Maples elected district representatives of local 5821 in Layland WVA 

Folder 20: Local Union 5823 Kathyrn, WVA (1934-1942) Hemlock Hollow Coal & COKE Co. 1934: Joint agreement National Industrial Recovery Act & National Coal Code...agreement on Paydays. 1936: Grievance contracting the building of mine cars. 1937:July-Nov; Grievances & Correspondence...meeting times, water bailing, over work, Virgil Kincaid & Cuther Hester ran the yard motor refused to pay them as motormen 1938: Jan-Dec; Grievances & Correspondence...strikes, not recognizing union policy, Bill Kincaid case 1939: Jan-May...resolution to certain case, receipt of $100, thank you letter for support from representatives during lockout, 1942: Jan & June ... furniture in companies rentals, Coda Wiseman & Julius Bragg case (working the scale) 

Folder 21: Local Union 5873 Laurel Creek WVA The New River Coal Company 1934-1942 Grievance & Correspondence List of Employees for check off, employment classification wrong, violations of agreement, Brother EH Flint case (pay rate), request of presence of representative. 

Folder 22: Local Union 5875 Garten WVA New River Pochantas Co. 1936 & 1940 Burial Fund dues Case of Overtime Dallas Smith case of overwork and no pay 

Folder 23: Local Union 5876 Affinity, WVA Pemberton Coal & Coke Company 1938-1941 Grievance of over work and underpay Louie Canic now representative Underpay for job Celeste Fiore elected at representative List of names on Safety committee Request of what work was done while it was shut down on the account of State Mine Inspection b/c accident of Wills killed letter stating Leonard Miller cause the mine to be shut down, violation of agreement that states checkweighman cannot interfere with the operation of the mine. 

Folder 24: Local Union 5877; Lawton WVA Greenwood Coal Company, 1934-1941 1934: April-Sept; Multiple grievances and correspondence...hourly work, meetings, contract, 9 members of union refusing to sign for check off (Tommie Lawton, Albert Lawton Jr., Harry Bowles, Ruffes Freeman, Carter Howard White, Frank Biggers, Bob Smith, Charles Lair) with 5 grievances (overwork, wages deducted, hard work little pay, underpay), financial records unorganized (solved with hiring financial secretary), large list of men replaced or moved elsewhere due to contract infraction 1936: May; letter about starting a "ball club," letter asking for help regarding a greivance of Harel Harries driving 2 places away. 1937: July-Nov; Grievances...follow contract for paying yardage (correspondance: refused to pay), waiting on Mr. Lawton weighing cars and deducting the weight (correspondence: Mr. Lawton states it is not his job to do so), repaying loss or debt from a claim for shortage charged to Theodore Harmon. 1938: March-Oct; Grievances...refusal of checking dues and assessments (decision: settled, infraction of the contract, the union must take the correct expenses of mine workers), bosses displacing workers to do the work for them (decision: not stated), not getting pay for when bosses were displacing workers (decision: bosses would NOT do work, but the matter of pay would be rediscussed), unclaimed coal (decision: after 30 days of not being claimed the equivalent of the cost of the coal will be distributed to charity at the mines at the same price), new miners refusing to put a settlement into effect asking for representative to visit (decision: give the names to the management, impossible to visit for meeting), new miners working in areas over older miners (decision: asked for names of men, then the case can proceed) 1939: June-Aug; Grievances...not checking dues and initiation fees (decision: those men that work everyday must pay fees), man in charge of substation is not following contract when it comes to days open (6) (decision: settled with opening substation 7 days a week), men working extra shifts over others (decision: not stated), gang workers and management to comply with joint agreement in the matter of prices outlined for various work (decision: gang workers are only permitted in isolated places and prices paid are not to be less than the prices provided in the contract), lay off for more than 2 months and hired 5 new men since, working overtime. 1940: May; Foremen of the mine not there, no guidance 

Folder 24-A:: Local Union 5878, Sprague, WV. 

Folder 25: Local Union 5913; Concho WVA (1934-1941) 1934: May-Nov; Copies of contract sent to union, grievance of timber men wage according to wage agreement (decision: not stated) 1935: January; Grievance of timber men being fired without reference and hiring new employees 1937: June; asking for assistance with the financial books for an audit. 1938: July-Aug; Grievance of voluntarily contributing to a county or state organization function to more benefit the union (decision: against constitution), time cards, advising for new delegates. 1940: Aug; Building a new hospital with the stock owned by the local unions, and transfer card 1941: Jan; Letter asking to appoint delegates to discuss new contract 

Folder 26: Local Union 5915 Jan. 5 1934 Time Card Receipt for Louie Nacy 

Folder 27: Local Union 5949, Minden WVA, New River & Pocahontas Coal Co. March 30, 1936 Grievance...case of Arthur Diggs, injured by slate falling while braking on motor. Off for one day, then forced to lay idle for 5 weeks, received compensation for only 2 weeks. Doctor discharged him to work but was not let back until weeks later with no pay. 

Folder 28: Local Union 5950, Nuttallburg, WVA (1934-1942) 1934: April-July; Grievances...starting tipple before all of the miners arrive letting more hours for others, Letter regarding joint meeting time. 1935: Feb-Dec; Grievances...overwork, contract infractions, union dues, pay discrepancies, etc. 1936: Feb-Nov; Grievances...cannot get the promised hours in a work week, faulty equipment (tipple, weight), meeting times conflicting with work and miners not getting paid then, bosses working on field. 1938: June; grievances...weighman wages and overtime. 1939: May-Nov; merchandise delivered agreement, transfer cards, grievance...over work, fines, contract infraction 1942: January; grievance..."vacation money" 

Folder 29: Local Union 5952: Tams WVA, Grievance, May 22, 1934, from Grant Caudill 

Folder 30: Local Union 5955: McAlpin WVA (1934-1939) 1934: 1, October-letter from Ray Meadows, charged with attempting to destroy Local Union 5955, asking for accuser (C.S. Cooney) to show proof; 10, October-letter to chairman and fellow workmen from C.S. Cooney answering Ray Meadows request; 25, October-letter to Ray Meadows describing trial process signed H.R. Alley; 1935: March-letter concerning dues refund after being hospitalized; 4, April-letter concerning initiation fee refund; Letter concerning case of Meadows versus Cooney saying committee refused to find a verdict instead suggesting Meadows accept apology from Cooney; 1937: Letter concerning dues refund; 1938: open meeting for UMWA and their wives announcement; 1939: 1, June-Letter and receipt of three $10 checks for Tamroy, Oswald and Raleigh WVA from DOrsey Taylor Fin. Sec'y;21, June-letter and response concerning plan of relief for strikers at McKell and Raleigh Mines. 

Folder 31: Local Union 5991: Glen White WVA (1934-1941) 1934: 12, April/14, May- Grievance; 24, June- request to raise dues fifty cents per month, 20, July- letter requesting company require cars to stamp weight on each one of them from S.C. Miller, response saying company would comply from K.P. Hall; 19, November-Letter from J.H. Fleshman requesting policy information; 1935: 31, May- Grievance from J.H. Fleshman concerning dirty machine cuttings (bug dust); 8, August-Grievance from J.H. Fleshman; 31, August-Grievance from J.H. Fleshman; 5, October-Grievance; 1, November- Grievance; 11, November-Move to reopen Joint Board Case #12; 10, November-Grievance; 1937: 14, May-Wage dispute on behalf of J.S. Mosrie; 15, May-Wage dispute on behalf of Donald Blake, 27, September-Wage dispute concerning gang-workers; 1939: 9, February-letter concerning affiliation with the Beckley labor union; 1938: 20, August-Grievance; 1940: 13, March-letter announcing Jake Atkins elected President of Local No. 5991 after P.V. Brown resigned due to illness; 1, July-Notification of same officers re-elected to hold office for the next year; 1941: 3, September-Average docks for miners coal and conveyor; 17, October-Letter saying B.G. McVey is now Financial Secretary. 

Folder 32: Local Union 6000: Glen Morrison WVA (1934-1941) 1934: 26, April- Letter concerning case of coal loader loading dirty coal; 19, May- Grievance concerning dirty coal regulations; 1935: September-October- Letters from F.M. Wilson to Brother Barrett; 16, December- Request for W. Nelson to come explain some things to local 6000; 1936: 20, January-Charge filed against Morrison Coal Company for overworking signed by Mine Committee; February-November- Grievance correspondence; 1938: 22, February- Grievance; 1940: 12, May-Request for information from Raleigh General Hospital concerning monthly bill for taking care of miners; February- Correspondence concerning pay; 3, March-Dues correspondence; 12, March-Maintenance work questions, 1942: Sabine WVA- announcement of Edward Vaughn West taking over Dempsy Scarbough's position as Recording Secretary; 

Folder 33: Local Union 6002: Mt. Hope WVA: 26, January 1935-Grievance of Percy Catlett; 18, June 1940-International Secretary-Treasurer's Receipt signed Thomas Kennedy, UMWA Secretary Treasurer. 

Folder 34: Local Union 6003: Lillybrook WVA: 23, January 1935-Vice President election dispute from James Breeding; 12, January 1935-Letter from Lenzie V. Basham concerning mine committee availability. 

Folder 35: Local Union 6004: Glen Rogers WVA (1934-1937) 1934: 12, July-Letter concerning unresolved Brickette matter and company's refusal to check for dues; 28, Septmber-Case in dispute at Glen Rogers/Grievance concerning how many inches the company can deduct from one seam of impurities in the coal; 31, October-Grievance on seam impurities; 1935: 2, Feb-Grievance concerning emergency work; 5, September-Initiation/dues information; 12, September-Raleigh-Wyoming Mining Company cut wages of Brothers Wayne Coxort and Joe Davis; 21, October-Grievances; 1936: 24, March-Request for George Barrett to speak on the Mitchell Day program in Mullens/request accepted; 9, November-Request for company to defray expenses for those who transported other brothers to hear President Roosevelt speak; 1937: 18, May-Letter concerning 1 day strike. 

Box 9: Local Union Correspondence 

Folder 1: Local Union 6005: Raleigh WVA: 20, April 1935-Letter concerning worker with one arm paying half dues; 12, December 1936-Letter from John Getchen Jr to J.H. Carter concerning a dropped grievance and an active grievance; 30, May 1939-Receipt of credit for $500 for groceries to aid members of L.U. No. 6005 from E.D. Hodson. 

Folder 2: Local Union 6014: Caperton WVA (1936-1941) NO DATE-By-Laws of Local Union No. 6014, United Mine Workers of America; 1936: 25, January-Correspondence concerning electrician's standing in the union; 1937: 10, June-Correspondence concerning approval of by-laws; 1938: 19, February-Request for field representative to attend meeting; 1941: 8, October-Grievance on company's refusal to pay two workers; 5, May 1941-Request for representative to be present at meeting to discuss non-union company truck driver; 6, September-Letter concerning paying Brother Claytor what was due to him. 

Folder 3: Local Union 6040: Lochgelly WVA: 28, April 1936-Settlement by Mine Committee in discharge cases. 

Folder 4: Local Union 6042: Red Star WVA (1937-1941) 1937: 23, March-Letter concerning violations to the 35 hours a week law/overtime pay/request for representative to attend meeting; 31, May-Letter stating employees of the Star Coal & Coke Company positively decline to sign the house lease presented by the company; 1938: 25, October-Correspondence requesting a representative be present for next meeting/request declined by E.D. Hodson due to previous arrangements to attend other meetings; 1939: 23, January-Grievance of equal turn and request for reprasentative be present at next meeting; 27, September-John Carr-grievance on book keeper's failure to give workers statements of accounts; 14, December-Grievance concerning check distribution; 1940: 20, April-Grievance over working objecting to take the obligation; 11, July-Election announcement; 12, August-Grievance concerning Erland H. Hedrick's hospitalization; 1941: 3, February -Inquiring on W.R. Snell's grievance and if it had been settled. 

Folder 5: Local Union 6043: Edmund/Nuttallburgh WVA (1934-1942) 1934: 22, March-Letter from John T. Jones stating the UMWA has no jurisdiction over the timber industry; 10, September-Letter stating case pertaining to yardage in mine being worked has been discussed and a disagreement insued; 1937: 10, August-Union roster; 10, December-Request from E.D. Hodson to have the name and social security account number of the checkweighman as requested by the Collector of Internal Revenue with reference to credit for social security tax; 1938: 11, January-Letter stating Mr. Hodson can't attend meeting as he's been in the hospital for four weeks, other Field Workers from the New River or Winding Gulf Field will attend; 15, December-Letter concerning conveyer loaders being used in work room on idle days; 1939: 21, June-List of union members requesting a representative attend next meeting/request declined due to previous arrangements; 1942: 12, April-List of 23 men who clam they are due vacation money they were refused. 

Folder 6: Local Union 6045: Whipple WVA (1935-1938) 1935: 5, July-Grievance on behalf of J.D. Clemons; 7, October-Request for Nick Aileo and Nelson Bailey to attend meeting; 1936: 25, April-Letter to J.H. Carter from T.E. Tucker concerning a fight he had with John Macky; 25, April-List of open violations of contract by New River Co.; 10/15/21, October-Correspondence concerning John McCormick; 1938: 5, March-Letter concerning difference in dues collection and the assessment collection. 

Folder 7: Local Union 6046: Lochgelly WVA (1934-19410 NO DATE: Grievance; 1934: 2, July-Election updates; 1936: 19, November-Grievance correspondence concerning overtime hours; 1937: 27, April-Request for more contracts; 1938: 2, January-Wage & Hour law controversy; 12, July-Letter to E.D. Hodson from C.W. Runions with LU constitution question; 1941: 4, January-Letter concerning union member having to pay full initiation fee after being away from work for six weeks; 23, May-Question to E.D. Hodson from C.W. Runion concerning compensation for conveyor workers 

Folder 8: Local Union 6047: Scarbor/Carlisle WVA (1934-1942) 1934: 7, July-Meeting times and officers; 17, September-List of those who have failed to sign with UMWA; 24, September-Complaint against White Oak Fuel Company for putting one dollar flat rate charge for water; 4, October-Letter concerning men not belonging to organization; 1936: 6, February-Grievance; 1937: 24, March- Grievance; 1938: 2, October- Correspondence concerning J.B. James mine foreman at Oakwood mine offering A.L. Ferguson his pick of job in the mine if he helps him get rid of radicals; 1942: 19, May- Grievance 

Folder 9: Local Union 6048: Summerlee WVA (1934-1941) 1934: Aug-September-Grievances; 1935: 16, May-Letter of suspension to Sherman Treadway; 18, July-Greivance concerning the laying of straight 30 pound rails when 20 was customary; 31, August-Greivance against New River Company for violating contract having men report to work to put down rails; 7, September-Letter from R.J. Rackley concerning appeal; 1936: 7, January-Greivance correspondence, violations; 19, May-Grievance; 6, November-Request for reimbursement for transportation to rally; 15, December-Request for name and address list of Recording Sec. of New River Valley, declined per International Constitution; 1937: 2, March-New office announcements; 1938: 8, October-Correspondence on James Nix fine and appeal; 24, October-Hearing notification for James Nix; 20, December-Letter from William Blizzard stating LU 648 was using their funds for other than legitimate purposes; 1939: 18, September-Request for officer to attend meeting, declined; 18, September-James Legg grievance; 1940: 14/24, December- Grievance; 1941: 2, April-Photostatic copy of Local Union endorsement of Mr. H.L. McDaniel 

Folder 10: Local Union 6049: Stonecliff WVA (1934-1940) 1934: 24, May-John Jones grievance and response; June- grievance, request for representative to attend meeting; 26, July- Continuing controversy at Stone Cliff in regard to the Brockman Coal Co. working men over maximum hours; 30, August- Correspondence concerning missing signatures on list for dues; 9, September-new member application information; 1936: 13, January-Correspondence dealing with auditor to come audit books; 14, October-Grievance, underpayment; 10, December-Grievance, backtime; 1938: 27, April-Correspondence, pay not received after mine shut down; 1939: 5, June- Correspondence, request representative to attend meeting, list of conditions; 10, June-Correspondence, request representative to attend meeting; 1940: 22, June-List of elected union officers; NO DATE-Grievance 

Folder 11: Local Union 6102 Marfrance WVA: 25, August 1942-List of union members 

Folder 12: Local Union 6104: Rush Run WVA 6, October 1935-Letter to J.H. Carter with concerns scales are unlawful; 19, March 1936-Correspondence, grievance, case concerning tipple men 

Folder 13: Local Union 6105: Epperly/Winding Gulf WVA (1934-1940) 1934: 26, March-Letter from Joe Mullens stating he is not in favor of taking Clarance Miller into the UMWA; 7, November-Correspondence concerning fight on the job; 1938: 9, February-Larking Philpott writes about missing work and not having to sign any reemployment slip or pass any examination before returning to work; 1939: 20, March-Correspondence between E.D. Hodson and C.V. McGraw about Nick Aiello speaking at the Lewis Day Celebration; 14, November-correspondence concerning the date Thanksgiving will be celebrated; 1940: 10, July-Letter of exoneration for Robert Cuthbert 

Folder 14: Local Union 6106: Mead WVA (1934-1937) 1934: 23, January-Grievance concerning men working under contract; 20, February-Letter from John T. Jones on overtime; 4, June-Letter concerning Mr. Mead's zbonr prop.; 15, June-Letter to John T. Jones on where to send mail; 23, November-Letter concerning O.M. Jackson's case-being discharged for asking the pay rate for his line of work; 1934: 3, June-Request for Nick Alio, George Barrett, W.H. Nelson and Little Louie to be speakers at meeting; 10, June-Case in dispute at C.H. Meade Coal Company; 2, June-Request for someone to take case; 5, June-Request for someone to investigate case; 15, June-List of cases taken up; 26, July-Request for someone to come take over case; October/November-Transfer for correction; 1937: February/March-Correspondence concerning compensation 

Folder 15: Local Union 6107: Killarney WVA (1934-1942) 1934: 26, September-Letter to W.H. Nelson from Oscar Hardaway asking for help taking care of treasury; 1935: 10, December-Correspondence concerning bosses working; 1937: 22, March-Letter from Aubrey White to John H. Carter saying the union will abandon the round table meetings; 27, May-Request for meeting visit; 1942: 11, September-Dues response 

Folder 16: Local Union 6108: Slabfork WVA: 1, December 1936-Letter looking for place to hold election/meetings Sandy Collins & Hardy Burks 

Folder 17: Local Union 6109: East Gulf WVA (1934-1936) 1934: 21, May-Request for representative to attend meeting, denied because Bradley Coal Company is trying to destroy UMWA at Widen, W.Va. so all field men will attend meeting at Widen same day...J.T. Jones; 4, October-Request for field man or representative attend meeting;1935: 7, February-Change in officers; 1936: 17, July-Letter from Nick Aillo on case handled by him and Alley; 9, August-Grievance/Michael Dugan discharged; NO DATE-Letter stating the UMWA LU 6109 agree with C.H. Mead Coal Co. that a tare weight shall be derived 

Folder 18: Local Union 6110: Wyco, WVA (1934-1936) 1934: 4, May-Concerning letter from May 1st stating Mr. Van A Bittner will contact L.U. 6110; 21, May-Letter Requesting John T. Jones visit mine, signed Stuart Walker; 28, May-Letter stating Mr .Tams maintains the position that he will not pay for the handling of bone; 1935: 7, January-Grievance concerning cutters to cut above and as close as praticable to a seam of bone with lies three to four inches above the bottom of the coal seam; 9, February-Question about workers who were unemployed for three months having to pay initiation fee again or just continue paying dues; 19, February-Follow up on grievance from second week of January; 8, July-Question on irregularities seemly constituting a breech of contract; 17, October-Contract questions; 12, November-Grievance-company checkweighman working on off-run days at jobs; 1936: 14, March-Grievance concerning William Davenporte's pay for a job foreman Allen Robinson instructed him to do 

Folder 19: Local Union 6113: Ingram Branch WVA (1934-1939) 1934: 22, August-Grievance concerning company dumping dirty "bug dust" over the slate dump without pay; 1935: 23, July-Question of whether men who absent themselves from work for a period of five days should take a medical examination before returning to work; 1936: 22, May-Case dealing with the discharge of Sam Rigley; 1937: 2, February-Correspondence concerning over time pay; 1939: 5, June-Request sent to E.D. Hodson asking for representative 

Folder 20: Local Union 6134: Fire Creek/Sewell WVA: 25/26 April 1934-grievances NO DATE-list of unemployed men who have not worked any place since they were cut off/men transferred from Douglas to Leckie Fire Creek/men who have worked other places since being cut off 

Folder 21: Local Union 6147: Besoco WVA: 18, February 1936-House rent grievance from Robert O. Wooten informing of Claude Jarrett's address 

Folder 22: Local Union 6149: Amigo WVA (1934-1941) 1934: 8, March-Grievance concerning hours/days worked; 10, April-Grievance; 14, April-Response to April 10 grievance; 3, August-Grievance; 8, August-Letter saying Homer Alley is in charge of field during the absence of John T. Jones, 1936: 19, July-Request for representatives to visit; 31, July-Grievance on men rated as bosses doing manuel labor; 1937: 6, July-Grievance concerning men working six and seven days a week; 1941: 30, May-Letter saying scales have not been tested in over a year and men feel like they're being short on pay 

Folder 23: Local Union 6158: Oswald WVA 1941: January-grievance; 13, February-Letter stating Alec Sattler resigned as recording secretary and Carlos Collier took his place; NO DATE-Names of men and size of family requesting relief-only work at the McKell C&C Co on average of two days a month 

Folder 24: Local Union 6161: Fireco WVA (1935-1936) NO DATE-statement of facts of the case of T.P. Dolinger signed by mine committee; 1935: 24, April-Grievance; 1936: 1, January-Letter to certify that Willard Agee has been elected recording secretary; 7, January-Grievance/correspondence; 25, February-Letter to notify new president T.T. Smith; 7, March-Letter stating T.T. Smith elected president and George Bowman elected vice president 

Folder 25: Local Union 6163: Whitby WVA (1936) August-September-Correspondence/grievance 

Folder 26: Local Union 6164: Pax WVA (1934-1936) 1934: 24, January-Response to previous grievance; 24, Febrary-Letter concerning reject case; 28, March-Grievance/correspondence; 9, April-Correspondence concerning yardage; 20, April-Yardage grievance; 12, May-Letter concerning Frank Divers making slanderous statements at meeting; 19, May-Correspondence concerning Frank Divers' slanderous remarks; 3, June-Frank Divers; 15, September-Letter concerning doctor getting drunk and neglecting his duty; 1935: 11, March-Follow up to letter about doctor; 2, December-Letter asking if there is any legal way to force men to join union; 1936: 27, January-Grievance/correspondence; 12, May-Grievance; 

Folder 27: Local Union 6165: Alpoca WVA (1934-1937) 1934: 3, April-Correspondence asking John t. Jones to attend next meeting; 23, April-Question concerning boss contract; 11, June-Grievance; 1935: 1, October-Grievance concerning company's refusal to pay by ton; 1936: 17, April-Grievance; 15, May-Grievance; 1937: 7, June-Grievance/bosses taking rated men's jobs 

Folder 27-A: Local Union 6167: Complaints against "Jewll Ridge Coal Corp." 

Folder 28: Local Union 6168: Crichton WVA: 10, March 1945-Case against Johnston Coal & Coke Company assigned to Mr. Leslie Clark; NO DATE-List of names; NO DATE-Case concerning Muriel Miller 

Foler 29: Local Union 6169: Elverton WVA (1934-1940) 1934: 23, June-Grievance follow up; 20, October-Letter saying a decision had been made on grievance; 20, November-List of grievances; 1935: 19, April-Grievance; 1938: 8, July-Notice of resumption of mine work and new conditions; 1940: 6, January-Demand that Branch Coal & Coke Company pay for yardage according to contract; NO DATE-List of demands 

Folder 30: Local Union 6195: Otsego WVA (1935-1941) 1935: 5, October-Request for copies of agreement; 1936: 17, February-Grievance; 14, April-Grievance; 29, July-Grievance; 1937: 23, January-List of men overworked; 6, February-List of men working 6 days; 16, February-Request for someone to attend meeting, some members behind on fines; 17, March-Grievance/overtime; 18, August-Question about initiation fee; 1940: 3, June-Request for UMWA endorsement for A.E. Allin for disctrict mine inspector; 20, June-Question if CIO card is accepted by UMWA; 1941: 24, September-List of cases unable to settle with mine management; NO DATE-List of names for office 

Folder 31: Local Union 6207: Clifftop WVA (1934-1971) 1934: 16, March-Letter concerning coal company's refusal to carry out terms and wage rage agreed; 17, March-Request for W.M. Adams rehire, fired due to UMWA affiliation; 11, September-Grievance; 25, September-Grievance correspondence concerning bosses doing work covered by scale rate in contract; 1, November-Grievance; 1936: 27, July-Grievance; 1937: 20, April-Grievance; 29, July-Letter to George Barrett with meeting times; 30, November-Question concerning Red Edged shovels; 1938: 14, March-Formal complaint against local committee; 1939: 19, May-Merchandise statement; 1971: August-Settlement of grievance (2) 

Folder 32: Local Union 6208: Covel WVA (1935-1936) 1935: 23, August-Grievance decision; 1936: 6, January-Grievance; 21, January-Correspondence concerning grievance; 

Folder 33: Local Union 6209: Rhodell WVA (1934-1941) !934: 12 April-Information man discharged who didn't give case to committee; 24, May-Request that the system on rejects be the hand-picking of cars in order to determine the amount of reject; 26, October-Suggestions from George Barrett; 29, October-Grievance; 19, November-Grievance; 10, December-Grievance; 1935: 13, January-Yardage grievance; 21, January-Grievance concerning long days and no set start times, etc.; 24, January-Grievance; 19, February-Grievance; 11, February-overtime grievance; 16, Febrary-Request for immediate action on grievance; 2x, February-Grievance; 28, February-Grievance; 15, April-Letter to certify newly elected; 4, June-Reciept of checks from E.C. Minter Coal Company; 7, June-Grievance; 18, June-Letter stating coal company has broken contract in running tipple more than 7 1/2 hours a day; 1936: 20, February-Yardage grievance; 10, March-Statements from 12 discharged workers being replaced; 18, March-Question concerning basic rate for committee pay; 19, March-Grievance; 28, March-Grievances; 14, July-Grievances; 15, August-Request for supply of compensation blanks; 10, October-Grievance; 1937: 13, January-Lamp hook grievance; 12, July-Request having scales checked; 3, August-Request for representative to come help settle grievance/workers discharged for loading an excessive amount of dirty coal; 16, December-Request for social security tax blanks; 1938: 28, September-Renewal of note; 29, October-List of dues collected; 1941: 16, July-Grievance; 12, August-List of workers named as safety committee; NO DATE-Grievance; NO DATE-Grievances 

Folder 34: Local Union 6237: Brooklyn WVA (1934-1939) 1934: 28, May-Letter concerning best method to get two others (not named) to join the union; 12, December-Grievances; 1935: 20, December-Correspondence/unable to collect initiation fees on members 90 days in arrears; 1937: 1, July-Grievance; 1939: 24, January-Grievance; 4, June-Communication acknowledging local union's contribution to the McKell Miners; 9, September-Grievance concerning Bruce Marlin being discharged due to personal prejudice and discrimination being in violation of agreement 

Folder 35: Local Union 6259: Cleremont WVA (1934-1935) 1934: 10, March-Grievance/Request for representative to attend meeting; 24, March-Grievance; 7, May-Western Union wire asking someone to come to Cleremont at once; 14, September-Letter from committee saying they agree that the cars should be measured and capacity determined and men be paid for estimated amount of coal in car until scales have been adjusted and sealed by the state; 11, March-Grievance 

Folder 36: Local Union 6262: Mt Hope/Tamroy WVA: NO DATE-List of names (no description) 

Folder 37: Local Union 6341: Sewell WVA: 5, December 1934-Request for time study toset rates for coke oven workers at Gauley Mountain and Sewell 

Folder 38: Local Union 6387: Gamoca WVA (1934-1940) 1934: 4, May-Grievance; 29, September-Grievances; 3, October-Grievance; 12, October-Letter from B.H. Gill to H.R. Alley; 10, November-George Hill's case information; 1935: 21, January-Grievance concerning code violations; 2, February-Request for information on scale committee; 1, July-Grievance/elected someone who is not eligible for position; 9, December-Grievance; 1937: 24, March-Grievance; 1940: 24, July-Request to send someone down to meeting 

Box 10: Local Union Correspondence 

Folder 1: Local Union 6389: Metalton WVA (1934-1935) 1934: 22, October-Grievance/H.O. Barnett transferred from day work to loading coal; 30, October-Grievance between Sumitt Coal Company and H.A. Barnett; 27, November-Request to know where funds were allocated; 10, December-Letter stating fines collected should be donated to the Salvation Army; 1935: 8, January-Request for someone to attend meeting; 21, January-Request to look into policy concerning layoffs of loaders loading unclean coal; 21, January-Grievance/layoff over dirty coal; 5, March-Grievance between Carl Settle and Summit Coal Co.; 16, May-Grievance concerning conditions 

Folder 2: Local Union 6422: Glen Jean WVA: 26, May 1934-Request for someone to come for a visit as they have several problems 

Folder 3: Local Union 6448: Malco WVA: 6, January 1935-Question concerning financial officers/bonds; 9, January 1935-Information on loan; 22, June 1935-Request for representatives to attend meeting 

Folder 4: Local Union 6453: Page WVA (1938-1941) 1938: 19, April-Request for a list of local unions for Page Baptist Church so they can write/ask for donations; 1, June-Question about members being back checked; 1939: 1, May-Request for field worker to attend meeting; 10, June-Grievance against motion being adopted last meeting, request for E.D. Hodson to attend meeting; 1941: 8, November-Letter asking UMWA opinion on Robert Lilly for Chief of Department of mines 

Folder 5: Local Union 6455: McCreery WVA: (1934-1937) 1934: 11, January-Grievance; 1935: 11, January-List of complaints against Mason Coal Co.; 22, July-Request for board member to attend meeting; 3, October-Grievance correspondence; 4, October-Grievances; October-Grievances; 1936: 18, September-Grievances; November-Grievanes; 6, December-Grievances; 1937: June/July-Grievances 

Folder 6: Local Union 6501: Jodie WVA (1935-1936) 1935: 8, January-Request for information on wages; 2, April-Dirty coal question; 9, April-Appreciation letter for action taken in affecting a settlement concerning dirty maching cuttings; 16, August-Grievance; 1936: 6, February-Grievances; NO DATE-grievance 

Folder 7: Local Union 6514: Terry WVA: 13, April 1936-Question asking if there is a district auditor; 29, April 1937-Grievance; NO DATE-List of names 

Folder 8: Local Union 6632: Duo WVA: 20, July 1951-List of men working the strip mines at Duo 

Folder 9: Local Union 6637: Harvey WVA: 11, April 1936-Grievance; NO DATE-Grievances 

Folder 10: Local Union 6652: Winona WVA (1935-1937) 1935: 1, October-Grievance; 1936: 1, January-Note on men who worked during the strike; 12, August-Grievance report; 16, September-Grievance report; 1937: 4, May-Union address 

Folder 11: Local Union 6655: ?? 

Folder 12: Local Union 6658: Hotcoal WVA: 16, September 1935-Grievance 

Folder 13: Local Union 6687: Bulick Knob WVA: Copy of letter from E.H. Rookstool: May 17, 1934 

Folder 13-A: Local Union 6769 - Resolutions for a set weekly payday, two weeks' paid vacation, pay raises and overtime, a guarantee of 200 work days per year, and other demands. Forwarded to District 17 by John L. Lewis 

Folder 14: Local Union 6823: Signal Knob WVA (1934/1937) 1934: 25, March-Grievance with drawings to make case clear; 16, April-Yardage question; 18, April-Decision on yardage case; 12, May-Grievance; 1937: 9, April-Correspondence concerning local union being new local union or not 

Folder 15: Local Union 6869: Stephenson WVA 1937/1940/2941: Case of J.H. Janelle 

Folder 16: Local Union 6865: Corinne WVA (1934-1937) 1934: 7, May-Receipt of letter advising of meeting place change; 1936: 24, February-assessment question; 1937: 19, January-Checkweighman question 

Folder 17: Local Union 6870: Winona WVA: 1, January 1936-Request for investigation of reason behind not collecting initiation fees and dues 

Folder 18: Local Union 6883: Mullens WVA (1935-1941) 1935: January-Election results correspondence; 1937: 5, January-Roy L. Goins-letter to J.H. Carter asking for relief; 29, July-Request for field man to attend meeting; 14, October-Grievance; 1939: 2, February-Facts in case/suspension/Agreement; 31, March-Correspondence/request for scale inspector to visit mines; 11, May-Authorization of credit extension from E.D. Hodson to Janney's Market; 26, August-Request for payment; 1940: 2, March-Letter concerning coal company's failure to provide test weights as required by law; 29, April-Correspondence on state's failure to provide scale tests; 20, August-International Secretary-Treasurer's Receipt; 1941: 30, September-Check weighman pay; 1942: 12, March-Announcement of newly elected secretary 

Folder 19: Local Union 6899: 24, April 1934 International Secretary-Treasurer's Receipt 

Folder 20: Local Union 6914: Amigo WVA: 18, July 1936-Grievance 

Folder 21: Local Union 6925: Terry WVA (1935-1939) 1935: April-Correspondence concerning transfer card/dues question; 8, June-Case between Duneden, Coal co. and Local Union 6925; 1936: 18, June-Grievance/correspondence; 1937: 5, June-Follow up on grievance; 11, June-Overtime correspondence; 18, June-Correspondence/request for auditor; 29, June-Correspondence concerning unauthorized strike; 23, June-Father/son initiation fee; 20, November-Overtime correspondence; 8, December-Amendment question/correspondence; 1938: 5, March-Grievance; 27, June-Explanation for shortage on March assessment; 1939: 31, August-Requet for bonding company to verify shortage 

Folder 22: Local Union 7646: 28, August 1935-Names and house numbers of people who have filed complaints in respect to the unsanitary condition of their toilets at Beelick Knob, WVA 

Folder 23: Local Union 9181: 28, March 1958-List of names and dates (unknown) 

Box 11: Assorted Correspondence and Ephemera collected by Elwood Maples 

Folder 1: Coal Company Correspondence 

Folder 2: Correspondence from various government agencies 

Folder 3: First National Bank of Mount Hope statements 

Folder 4: Medical condition reports of miners, 1937-1940 

Folder 5: New River Coal Operators correspondence 

Folder 6: Correspondence of E. D. Hodson, union leader and chair of West Virginia Committee of Labor 

Folder 7: Correspondence between various UMWA officers and Elwood Maples 

Folder 8: Assortment of bills, statements, and receipts 

Folder 9: Goodrich Tire automobile touring cards 

Folder 10: Assorted mining related newspaper clippings 

Folder 11: Mining scrip cards and pay stubs 

Folder 12: Grade school report cards for Opie Cranford, 1897-1901 

Folder 13: Bank drafts and account information 

Folder 14: "The Sewell Community Reunion," 1985 

Folder 15: Photocopies of mine production and boring, Fayette County, Sewell, etc. for 1916 

Folder 16: Miscellaneous correspondence 

Folder 17: Miscellaneous grievances 

Box 12: Elwood Maples: Writings, Transcriptions, and Assorted Union and Mining Company Information 

Contains dozens of typed transcriptions of poems, coal histories, coal labor songs, coal company and mine histories, mine disasters, etc. Maples also penned a historical essay, "Elverton," about a mining town on the New River. 

Box 13: Various UMWA materials collected by Elwood Maples 

Folder 1: "Labor and the BIble," a pro-labor biblical concordance and portrait of Biblical occupations 

Folder 2: "Beginnings of Coal" booklet 

Folder 3: New River Gorge National National River General Management Plan, public responses, March 1983 

Folder 4: New River Gorge Newsletter, Vol. 2, No. 2, 1982 

Folder 5: President's Commission on Coal, 1980, findings and recommendations 

Folder 6: UMWA Labor Day Celebration Program, 1983 

Folder 7: UMWA calendars, 1983, 1987 

Folder 8: UMWA Secretary- Treasurer reports, 1979-80, 1982-83 

Folder 9: UMWA Health and Retirement plan description summary, 1974 

Folder 10: Various political cartoons, flyers, etc. 

Folder 11: Photographs 

Folder 12: Assorted letters, poems, union election flyers, certificates, and other materials 

Box 14: International Policy of the UMWA - March 1941 - Input and resolutions from local unions in District 17; Plus Scale Committee grievances and petitions from local unions 

Folder 1: International Policy of the UMWA, March 1941 

Folder 2: Resolutions - Local 1172 

Folder 3: Resolutions - Local 2347 

Folder 4: Resolutions - Local 2903 

Folder 5: Resolutions - Local 4592 

Folder 6: Resolutions - Local 5731 

Folder 7: Resolutions - Local 5771 

Folder 8: Resolutions - Local 5784 

Folder 9: Resolutions - Local 5948 

Folder 10: Resolutions - Local 5949 

Folder 11: Resolutions - Local 6025 

Folder 12: Resolutions - Local 6026 

Folder 13: Resolutions - Local 6033 

Folder 14: Resolutions - Local 6115 

Folder 15: Resolutions - Local 6181 

Folder 16: Resolutions - Local 6196 

Folder 17: Resolutions - Local 6237 

Folder 18: Resolutions - Local 6336 

Folder 19: Resolutions - Local 6340 

Folder 20: Resolutions - Local 6769 

Folder 21: Resolutions - Local 7327 

Folder 22: Scale Committee Grievance - Local 4353 

Folder 23: Scale Committee Grievance - Local 6048 

Folder 24: Scale Committee Grievance - Local 7327 

Folder 25: Scale Committee Grievance - Local 7588 

Folder 26: Scale Committee Membership list, October 1940 

Folder 27: Pay stubs, Jewell Ridge Coal Company, 1939-40 

Folder 28: Grievances over Cardox explosives costs, Locals 6040 and 6101 

Folder 29: Various acknowledgements of local union resolutions and related correspondence 

Folder 30: Mailing envelope that originally contained all the contents of this box. Mailed from UMWA office in Charleston, WV, to William C. Blizzard, Hotel Plymouth, NY, circa 1941 

Box 15: Assorted UMWA documents and related materials 

Folder 1: "Convention, District 17, United Mine Workers of America, May 14-16, 1924. Charleston, W. Va." Official typed transcription of convention minutes. 

Folder 2: "Minutes of the 29th Consecutive and Sixth Biennial Convention of the United Mine Workers of America," February 1, 1924, Tenth Day - Morning Session. 

Folder 3: "Memorandum from the Office of President Lewis to all Official Representatives of teh United Mine Workers of America," May 19, 1933, in support of the industrial recovery bill currently under consideration by the U. S. Congress 

Folder 4: UMWA dues withholding forms, 1933 

Folder 5: Smokeless Wage Conference Agreement, March 1934 

Folder 6: Minutes, Smokeless District Wage Conference, Charleston, WV, May 19, 1939 

Folder 7: UMWA District 17 - Coal company house evacuation notices issued to miners, 1941 

Folder 8: Chart of UMWA districts in the United States, 1913 

Folder 9: Graphic representation of West Virginia coal companies, date unknown 

Folder 10: Calls for joint meetings of various UMWA local unions, in 1934, . Call for joint meeting in support of local unions engaged in mine lockouts, May 1939. 

Folder 11: Issue of "The American Miner," November 29, 1939, published by UMWA District 12 in Oklahoma. Contains many attacks on UMWA President John L. Lewis. 

Folder 12: "Important Letter to the Coal Miners," newspaper ad by UMWA District 17 President William Blizzard, calling for support for Democrats in the upcoming election. October 28, 1954. 

Folder 13: Assorted UMWA documents 

Folder 14: "Coal Miners and the Economy: A UMWA Research Report," September 30, 1974. 

Folder 15: Refusal of district office to supply local unions with list of other local unions, 1938 

Folder 16: Letters expressing discontent with UMWA President John L. Lewis, 1938, 1940 

Folder 17: New River-Winding Gulf Colored Mining Institute, list of "colored miners," 1936, 1938 

Folder 18: Efforts to organize Signal Knob Mine by Local 6501, 1936, and letter from E. M. Cole related to Signal Knob and union membership 

Folder 19: Letters concerning miner refusing to join union for religious reasons 

Folder 20: UMWA mass mailings, 1939-41 

Folder 21: Agreements with various coal companies 

Folder 22: UMWA District 29 membership request card 

Folder 23: Various legal documents 

William C. Blizzard Writings and Photographs 

Box 16: Assorted Correspondence and Photographs of Bill and William C. Blizzard 

Folder 1: Telegrams and letters, Bill Blizzard, 1923-24 (some trial related) 

Folder 2: Email correspondence between William C. Blizzard and Wess Harris, 

Folder 3: Assorted correspondence 

Folder 4: Correspondence between author James M. Cain, Rae Blizzard, and William C. Blizzard. Includes autographed photo of Cain 

Folder 5: Letter from Labor's Daily editor Al Toffler, May 1956, "when the 'ell are you going to edit that W. Va. miner thing into a book." 

Folder 6: Correspondence with Senator Robert C. Byrd's office with excerpts of Blizzard's writing in Congressional Digest, c. 1960s. 

Folder 7: 1978 Blizzard interview with C. E. Lively, owner of a restaurant in Matewan during the Matewan shootings, along with related correspondence 

Folder 8: Photos from the 1921 trial and participants 

Folder 9: Commercial photographs by William C. Blizzard 

Folder 10: Various photographs from and related to "When Miners March" 

Folder 11: Blizzard family photographs and assorted photos by William C. Blizzard 

Box 17: Photographs of and by Bill and William C. Blizzard 

Folder 1: Photographs of William C. Blizzard and various union officials 

Folder 2: William C. Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 3: William C.Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 4: Blizzard family photographs and negatives 

Folder 5: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 6: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 7: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 8: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 9: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 10: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 11: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 12: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 13: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 14: Blizzard family photographs 

Folder 15: Photographs by Milton Rogovin signed with personal message to Bill Blizzard 

Folder 16: Correspondence between Bill Blizzard and photographer Milton Rogovin 

Foider 17: Photo of two-faced cow taken by Bill Blizzard 

Box 18: "The Felon," a play by William C. Blizzard based on the life of Eugene V. Debs   Note: Copyright for "The Felon" is owned by Wess Harris, editor of When Miners March. Any reproduction or stage production of the play should be negotiated with him.

Folder 1: Typewritten copy of "The Felon: A Play in Three Acts" by William C. Blizzard, based on "The Bending Cross; a biography of Eugene V. Debs" by Ray Ginger. 62 pages. 

Box 19: "Notes on Coal-Mining Novel" - clasp-bound book of typewritten pages with photocopies of trial transcripts and other notes for a novel based on events documented in "When Miners March." Contains notes, fragments, and ideas for a novel. Also includes loose pages of notes. 

Box 20: "West Virginia 100: Centennial edition of the Sunday Gazette-Mail." Personal copy of William C. Blizzard, with articles by Blizzard on the history of coal mining and labor in West Virginia 

Assorted Publications and Documents from William C. Blizzard's Collection 

Box 21: Additional supplementary material 

Folder 1: "The Layland Mine Explosion," by Dennis Deitz - Story of Bill Derenge, who survived the Eeles mine explosion of March 1915. Includes typewritten text, published edition, and email correspondence. 

Folder 2: Transcription of interview with Charles Payne about Van Bittner and other UMWA officials. 1978 interview from Marshall University. 

Folder 3: "Cultural Renaissance Survey of Blair Mountain." Institute for the History of Technology and Industrial Archaeology, February 1991 

Folder 4: Assorted publications 

Folder 5: Assorted newspaper clippings, 1930's-1950's, related to coal mining and Bill Blizzard 

Folder 6: "Memories of a Coal Miner," by Clarence Edward "Red" Jones. Wess Harris notes indicate that this confirms "Van Bittner's sell out." 

Folder 7: Correspondence with Wess Harris about "When Miners March" 

Folder 8: The State Labor Review, April 1930, Vol. 2, No. 9 (Charleston WV). 

Folder 9: "Life Style of the Coal MIner," Charleston Sunday Gazette-Mail, August 29, 1971 

Folder 10: "The Patriot's Party" platform, date unknown, typewritten document by Horace S. Meldahl, Charleston, WV 

Folder 11: Soviet Weekly issues from 1945 discussing Potsdam agreement, plus an English language Yugoslavian communist party newspaper from 1948 

Folder 12: Communist Party U.S.A. pamphlets, including "Socialism: What's in it for You," "The Fascist Danger and How to Combat it," "The Path of Negro Liberation," and other pamphlets. 

Box 22: Assorted Newspapers and publications 

Folder containing several large prints of Bill Blizzard 

Folder: West Virginia Federationist newspaper, April 30, 1925 (in very poor condition) 

Folder: Labor's Daily newspaper - August 5, 1955, September 16, 1955 and October 10, 1956 

Folder: The Independent Observer, Beckley, WV, January 26, 1940 

Folder: United Mine Workers Journal, November 1, 1947 

Folder: United Mine Workers Journal, Oct. 1, 1932 (incomplete, very fragile) 

Folder: Pocahnotas Coal - 1883-1933 - Fifty Years (a history) 

Folder: "Federal Mine Safety Code for Bituminous-Coal and LIgnite Mines of the United States," July 24, 1946 

Folder: "Harlan & Kentucky, 1931-32 - The National Miner's Union, as reported at the time in The Labor Defender." Appalachian Movement Press, Huntington, WV, June 1972 

Folder; "Official Year Book of the West Virginia Industrial Union Council, 1940-1941" 

Folder: "Official Year Book of the West Virginia State Federation of Labor" - six issues (1928, 1929, 1931-1932, 1934-1935, 1936-1936, and 1936-1937) 

Folder: "March of Labor" magazine. Six issues (March 1955, May 1955, November 1955, December 1955, March 1956, April 1956) 

Box 23: Assorted Publications 

Folder 1: UMWA Committee on Credentials Partial reports - 1924, 1930, and 1934 

Folder 2: Daily Proceedings, Second Constitutional Convention, Congress of Industrial Organizations, 1939 

Folder 3: Resolutions of 31st Consecutive Constitutional Convention, UMWA, March 193d0 

Folder 4: Report of William Green, International Secretary- Treasurer, UMWA, August-December 1923 

Folder 5: Booklets containing agreements between Appalachian coal operators and the UMWA: "Appalachian and New River Agreements by and between the New River Operators' Association and the UMWA, District 17, May 12, 1939 - March 31, 1941" (1 copy); "Appalachian and Winding Gulf Agreements by and between the Winding Gulf Operators' Association and the UMWA, District 17, March 12, 1939 - March 31, 1941" (2 copies); and "Appalachian and Greenbrier Agreements by and between the Greenbrier Operators' Association and the UMWA, District 17, May 12, 1939 - March 31, 1941" 

Folder 6: "Chronicles of Border Warfare...or a history of settlement by the whites of North-Western Virginia...." By Alexander S. WIthens. 1958 reprint. Personal copy of William C. Blizzard with annotations. 

Folder 7: "West Virginia: A brief history of the Mountain State," by Phil Conley, 1940 paperback edition autographed by the author. 

Box 24: Connie West, artist 

Box contains two DVDs of Connie West's portraits, a list of portrait identifications, and a memorial to Williard Uphaus, a friend of Connie and Don West. 

Books from WIlliam C. Blizzards personal collection http://encore.radford.edu/iii/encore/search/C__S%28blizzard%29+b%3Aspcol__Orightresult__U1?lang=eng&suite=cobalt