Highland Summer Conference Collection
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McConnell Library Archives and Special Collections
Highland Summer Conference Collection
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Collection is arranged as follows:

Series 1: Administrative files
Series 2: Author files

Located in locked compact shelving, level 1.

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[Identification of item], Highland Summer Conference Collection, Special Collections, McConnell Library, Radford University, Radford, VA.

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Biographical/Historical Note

The Highland Summer Conference was started in 1978 with guest authors Cratis Williams, Sylvia Wilkinson, and James Seay. The conference has enjoyed popularity and continues to be offered each summer. Generally 2-4 authors are invited to teach, advise, critique, and interact with conference participants on or near the campus of Radford University in Radford, Virginia. A brief example of participating authors includes: Marilou Awiakta, Jim Wayne Miller, Sharyn McCrumb, Diane Gilliam, Gurney Norman, Denise Giardina, Loyal Jones, and many others.


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Scope and Contents

This collection consists of administrative files reflecting part of the planning and running of the very successful Highland Summer Conference, which has happened yearly from 1978 until the present. Series 1 of this collection is made up of administrative files and items used in advertising and communicating with conference participants (Our files start with 1983, the 6th Highland Summer Conference.). Series 2 of this collection is author files, including communication between HSC staff and the authors who participated, some fliers used in advertising for the conference, biographical information about the authors, and communications between HSC staff and Radford University relating to setup details.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

McConnell Library Archives and Special Collections

McConnell Library
PO Box 6881
Radford, Virginia

Restrictions to Access

An appointment for research is required. The collection is open for research. No interlibrary loan.

Conditions Governing Reproduction and Use

The documents are available for free personal, non-commercial, and educational use, provided the proper citation is used (e.g. McConnell Library Archives and Special Collections, Radford University, Radford VA).  Any commercial use of the materials, without the written permission of the Radford University, and the copyright holder, is prohibited.  Please refer to the McConnell Library Archives and Special Collections website for more information.

Immediate Source of Acquisition

All materials were collected, sorted, and donated by Grace Toney Edwards.


Further accruals may be coming but there are none scheduled.

Existence and Location of Originals

Archives and Special Collections, McConnell Library

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Collection Inventory

SERIES 1. Administrative Files

Box 1: Folder 1: 1983 HSC Final Report to National Endowment for the Arts. Includes some advertising, visiting writers'evaluations, student evaluations, etc; grant application

Box 1: Folder 2: 1984 HSC Grant Proposal Information.

Box 1: Folder 3: 1984 Letters of Agreement, newspaper clippings; Class Handout from Marilou Awiakta

Box 1: Folder 4: 1984 HSC Final Report to National Endowment for the Arts.

Box 1: Folder 5: 1985. Correspondence to invited writers, and information sent to conference participants; Various intra-campus communications about HSC; Introduction notes by Grace Toney Edwards about Gurney Norman, and James Still; Advertising and memos about HSC

Box 1: Folder 6: 1986 Advertising; Intra-Campus emails; Correspondence to Conference Writers.

Box 1: Folder 7: 1986 Class Reader prepared by George Ella Lyon.

Box 1: Folder 8: 1987 Advertising and Publicity; Intra-Campus Emails; Participant Feedback Questionnaire; Participant information including readings, class information etc; Correspondence with invited writers.

Box 1: Folder 9: 1988 Conference Schedule; Readings and information distributed to participants.

Box 2: Folder 1: 1989. Informational Sheet about 1989 Conference.

Box 2: Folder 2: 1990. Advertising items and material sent to conference participants; Student work from conference participants.

Box 2: Folder 3: 1991. Advertising and participant information.

Box 2: Folder 4: 1992. Advertising and participant information.

Box 2: Folder 5: 1993. Class handouts.

Box 2: Folder 6: 1993. Participant evaluations.

Box 2: Folder 7: 1994. Advertising and Information.

Box 2: Folder 8: 1995. Advertising.

Box 2: Folder 9: 1996. Information, Communications, Photographs.

Box 2: Folder 10: 1997. Intra-campus Communications; Advertising; Letters to Invited Authors; Author Provided Readers to Distribute to Participants.

Box 2: Folder 11: 1998. Advertising; Letters to Invited Writers; Intra-Campus Communications.

Box 2: Folder 12: 1999. Advertising; Intra-Campus Communications;

Box 2: Folder 13: 2000. Advertising; Intra-Campus Comminications; Newspaper Clippings.

Box 3: Folder 1: 2001. Advertising; Letters to Invited Authors.

Box 3: Folder 2: 2002. Advertising; Class Handouts; Intra-Campus Communications;

Box 3: Folder 3: 2003. Advertising; Letters to Invited Authors; Intra-Campus Communications.

Box 3: Folder 4: 2004. Advertising; Intra-Campus Communications; Two Pieces of Feedback to Students.

Box 3: Folder 5: 2005. Advertising; Class Handouts; Other.

Box 3: Folder 6: 2006. Advertising; Student Evaluations.

Box 3: Folder 7: 2007. Advertising; Internal Communications.

Box 3: Folder 8: 2011. Agreement letter to Jeremy Jennings; Newspaper clipping.

Box 3: Folder 9: HSC Clips. Advertising and Newspaper Clippings.

SERIES 2. Author Files

Box 4: Folder 1: Arnoult, Darnell. Agreement Letter, 2008.

Box 4: Folder 2: Awiakta, Marilou. Photographs; Correspondence spanning 1988-2001; Advertising; Newspaper Clippings.

Box 4: Folder 3: Berringer, Ralph. Agreement Letter, 2011.

Box 4: Folder 4: Bowers, Cathy Smith. Correspondence, 2003-4.

Box 4: Folder 5: Brosi, George. Correspondence spanning 1983-2011; Advertising.

Box 4: Folder 6: Brown, Bill. Biographical Data; Correspondence spanning 1990-2006; Class Handouts; Newspaper Clippings.

Box 4: Folder 7: Byer, Kathryn Stipling. Correspondence spanning 1999-2002.

Box 4: Folder 8: Carson, Jo. Correspondence spanning 1993-2007; Biographical Information; Advertising; Photograph.

Box 4: Folder 9: Catalanotto, Peter. Correspondence, 1993. Photo; Newspaper Clipping.

Box 4: Folder 10: Bernard, Clay. Correspondence, 2003.

Box 4: Folder 11: Dotson, Les. Advertising; Correspondence, 1985-1992; Photograph.

Box 4: Folder 12: Dyer, Joyce. Correspondence, 2000; Biographical Information; Newspaper Clippings.

Box 4: Folder 13: Dykeman, Wilma. Biographical Information; Correspondence, 1992.

Box 4: Folder 14: Giardina, Denise. Correspondence spanning 1988-1997. Biographical Information. Newspaper Clippings.

Box 4: Folder 15: Gilliam, Diane. Photographs; Correspondence spanning 2004-2013 ; Class Handouts;

Box 4: Folder 16: Giovanni, Nikki. Correspondence 1997. Newspaper Clippings; Advertising.

Box 4: Folder 17: Hague, Richard. Photographs; Newspaper; Correspondence 1999

Box 4: Folder 18: Hankla, Cathy. Biographical Information. Newspaper; Correspondence 1999-2000; Photograph.

Box 4: Folder 19: Huddle, David. Correspondence spanning 1987-2011; Class Handouts; Newspaper Clippings.

Box 4: Folder 20: Lyon, George Ella. Correspondence spanning 1986-2006; Advertising; Photographs; Biographical Information.

Box 5: Folder 1: Marion, Jeff Daniel. Photographs; Correspondence 1983-2011; Advertusing and Newspaper Clippings.

Box 5: Folder 2: McCormick, Elizabeth. Biographical Information; Letter.

Box 5: Folder 3: Miller, Heather Ross. Correspondence 1988. Biographical Information.

Box 5: Folder 4: Miller, Jim Wayne. Correspondence 1988-1995; Biographical Information; Advertising.

Box 5: Folder 5: Morgan, Robert. Correspondence 1998-2002; Biographical Information; Newspaper Clippings.

Box 5: Folder 6: Gurney, Norman. Photographs; Advertising; Correspondence 1998; Biographical Information.

Box 5: Folder 7: Patterson, Nancy. Correspondence 1994; Newspaper.

Box 5: Folder 8: Obermiller, Phillip J. Photograph.

Box 5: Folder 9: Quillen, Rita. Correspondence 1992-2009; Biographical Information; Newspaper Clippings.

Box 5: Folder 10: Rash, Ron. Correspondence 1995-2006; Advertising.

Box 5: Folder 11: Sanders, Dori. Correspondence 1995; Photograph.

Box 5: Folder 12: Secreast, Don. Class Handouts; Biographical Information. Invitation Letter.

Box 5: Folder 13: Seeger, Mike. Advertising; Biographical Information; Correspondence 1991.

Box 5: Folder 14: Selu Writers. Biographical Information.

Box 5: Folder 15: Smith, Barbara. Class Handouts; Correspondence 1998.

Box 5: Folder 16: Smith, Betty. Biographical Information; Advertising.

Box 5: Folder 17: Smith, R.T. Class Handouts.

Box 5 Folder 18: Stewart, Kevin. Correspondence 2001; Biographical Information.

Box 6: Folder 1: Stillman, Peter. Correspondence 1990-1997; Advertising; Biographical Information.

Box 6: Folder 2: Sullivan, Ken. Advertising; Correspondence 2000; Writers in Virginia directory.

Box 6: Folder 3: Van Noy, Rick. Invitation Letter 2008.

Box 6: Folder 4: Vaughn, Maggie. Advertising; Correspondence 2000; Poetry.

Box 6: Folder 5: Walker, Frank X. Advertising; Newspaper Clippings; Invitation Letter, 2008.

Box 6: Folder 6: White, Ruth. Correspondence 1994; Biographical Information.

Box 6: Folder 7: Wildsmith, Dana. Invitation Letter 2008.

Box 6: Folder 8: Wilkinson, Crystal. Advertising. Correspondence 2006-2009.

Box 6: Folder 9: Zuber, Isabel. Correspondence 2004. Biographical Information; Newspaper Clippings.


Box 7: Files removed for reasons of confidentiality. Not for public viewing.

Box 8 Photographs

Box 8: Envelope 1: Orphaned photos.

Box 8: Envelope 2: HSC 1980s.

Box 8: Envelope 3: HSC 1987. Students at Carter Fold.

Box 8: Envelope 4: 1988 HSC. Leaders- Jack Higgs, Heather Ross Miller.

Box 8: Envelope 5: 1991 HSC meal at Macadoos.

Box 8: Envelope 6: 1991 HSC At Selu; at a restaurant on the way to the Carter Fold; at the Carter Fold.

Box 8: Envelope 7: 1992 HSC. Leaders Bill Brown and Les Dotson; Wilma Dykeman reading; Class in a church cemeter; Class members at the Carter Fold; Class members having dinner.

Box 8: Envelope 8: 1992 HSC. Leaders Wilma Dykeman and Bill Brown; Guest reader Rita Sims Quillen; 4th Floor Young Hall; Selu Conservancy.

Box 8: Envelope 9: 1992 HSC. Leaders Rita Qiullen, Bill Brown, Wilma Dykeman; Full class of students.

Box 8: Envelope 10: 1994 HSC. Leaders Lou Kassem, Nancy Ruth Patterson; Lou Kassem leading class in Young Hall; Social gathering with Nancy Ruth Patterson.

Box 8: Envelope 11: HSC 1994. Leader Gurney Norman.

Box 8: Envelope 12: 1995 HSC. Leaders Ron Rash, Jim Wayne Miller; Dinner at Sal's; Class members at Methodist Church in Hiltons, VA where Carter Family members are buried; Class members at Carter Fold.

Box 8: Envelope 13: 1995 HSC. Retreat Center and John Bowles House under construction.

Box 8: Envelope 14: 1997 HSC. Leader George Ella Lyon; Seven sided room Retreat Center main space; Farm Buildings.

Box 8: Envelope 15: 1997 HSC. Leaders Denise Giardina and George Ella Lyon; Class at Selu in seven sided room and at boat dock on Little River.

Box 8: Envelope 16: 1997 HSC. Leader George Ella Lyon.

Box 8: Enveloper 17: 1997 HSC. Leaders Denise Giardina and George Ella Lyon; Selu Retreat Center completed in 1997.

Box 8: Envelope 18: 1997 HSC. Class at Selu.

Box 8: Envelope 19: 1998 HSC. Leaders Peter Stillman, Jack Higgs, and Bill Brown.

Box 8: Envelope 20: 1998 HSC. Leaders Gurney Norman and Barbara Smith; Reading in McConnell Library; Carter Fold; Cemetery near Carter Fold.

Box 8: Envelope 21: 1999 HSC. Leader Richard Hague; HSC Class Members; Tracy Sewell, first administrative assistant for ARSC.

Box 8: Envelope 22: 1999 HSC. Leaders Betty Smith and Richard Hague.

Box 8: Envelope 23: 1999 HSC. Leaders Robert Morgan and Betty Smith at Buchanan House.

Box 8: Envelope 24: HSC 1999.

Box 8: Envelope 25: 2000 HSC. Leader Joyce Dyer reading and reception in McConnell Library.

Box 8: Envelope 26: 2000 HSC. Leaders Kathryn Hankla and Bill Brown

Box 8: Envelope 27: HSC 2003. Leader Rita Quillen.

Box 8: Envelope 28: 2004 HSC. HSC students at the Carter Fold.

Box 8: Envelope 29: 2004 HSC. Leaders Rick Mulkey and Cathy Smith-Bowers; Young Hall; McConnell Library reading by Mulkey.

Box 8: Envelope 30: 2004 HSC. Leaders Cathy Smith Bowers.

Box 8: Envelope 31: 2004 HSC. Leader Silas House.

Box 8: Envelope 32: 2004 HSC. Leader Silas House. Large Format.

Box 8: Envelope 33: 2005 HSC. Leaders Diana Gilliam (Fisher) and Isabel Zuber.

Box 8: Envelope 34: 2006 HSC. Leaders Rita Riddle, Jim Minick, and Kevin Stewart.

Box 8: Envelope 35: 2006 HSC. Leader Crystal Wilkinson reading in Heth Hall.

Box 8: Envelope 36:2006 HSC. Leaders Bill Brown reading.

Box 8: Envelope 37: 2007 HSC. Leader Jo Carson and friend.

Box 8: Envelope 38: 2007 HSC. Leader Bill Brown.

Box 8: Envelope 39: 2018 HSC (?) Leader Richard Hague; At Selu Overlook; Young Hall; McGuffey Auditorium; Sal's Restaurant.

Box 8: Envelope 40: Undated. Leader Bill Brown; outbuilding at Selu Site; Carroll Cabin; Boat Dock.

Box 8: Envelope 41:Undated. Leaders Jim Wayne Miller and Ron Rash.

Box 8: Envelope 42: Deconstructed HSC Photo Album.

Box 8: Envelope 43: Undated. Bill Brown, Rita Quillen, Kevin Stewart, and Chris Holbrook.

Box 8: Envelope 44: Undated- George Ella Lyon.

Box 8: Envelope 45: Undated Photos. Possible Denise Giardina.

Box 9 Videotapes

Box 9: Mountain Tales with Charlotte Ross, Dianne Hackworth, and Orville HIcks. (2 copies)

Box 9: Telling Tales. Vol 1-2

Box 9: Appalachian Studies Video for ASC 1999 Writers Ricky Cox, Jim Wayne Miller, Wilma Dykeman, and Parks Lanier.

Box 9: Awiakta, Marilou. Interview with Sherrie Austin- Radford University, Selu Conservancy. 1997. (2 copies).

Box 9: Belcher, Anndrena. For Old Times Sake. Storytelling.

Box 9: Carden, Gary. Rain Drop Waltz.

Box 9: Carden, Gary: Blowing the Tannery Whistle.

Box 9: Cox, Ricky. Music. Dec 1, 1998.

Box 9: Dickerson, George. George Dickerson's Poems.

Box 9: The Dutton Family.

Box 9: Hicks, Ray. Ray Hicks Interview: Beech Mountain, North Carolina (Tape 4).

Box 9: Higgs, Robert J (Jack). Jack Higgs and Jimmy Smith.

Box 9: Howard, Billy. Interview with Vernon Owens, Travis Owens, Bob Owens, and Pam Owens at Jugstown Pottery in Sea Grove, NC. July 24, 2001.

Box 9: Hylton, Randall. Greatest Solo Since Charles Lindbergh.

Box 9: Gurney, Norman. Appalachian Teachers' Network.

Box 9: Jackson, Richard. Who Came Down That Road? Book narrated by Joann Asbury.

Box 9: Johnson, David. Robert Burns and Music. RU Heath Commonwealth Ballroom. Feb 23, 1998.

Box 9: Kingsolver, Barbara. An Evening with Barbara Kingsolver, Reading, Poetry (SW VA Higher Education Center at Abingdon, VA)

Box 9: Lyon, George Ella. Book Display in Archive Room and Display Cases.

Box 9: Lyon, George Ella. NCTE Greeting. 2006.

Box 9: Maloney, Mick and Eugene O'Donnell. Echoes from Ireland.

Box 9: Riverdance.

Box 9: Seck, Kathryn. The Economic Impact of Coal Mining in Southwest Virginia.

Box 9: Williams, Cratis. Rough Cut on Williams. Drunk Student Story. Itch Story.

Box 9: Williams, Cratis. Cratis Williams on Appalachian Language & Culture (With Fixing to Tell About Jack, Ray HIcks and Natures Way, Appalshop).

Box 9: Williams, Cratis.Appalachian Language and Culture Presentation.

Box 9: Williamson, Jim and Nancy. Scottish Travelers.

Box 9: Wood and Strings Puppet Theatre.

Box 9: Readings by Jim Minick, Parks Lanier, Ricky Cox, and Rita Sizemore Riddle, Engl 447. March 13, 2000.

Box 9: Undergraduate Forum: From JoAnn Asbury's ENGL 203 class. Spring 2005.

Box 9: StevanJackson. Making Connections with Irish, Scottish, and Appalachian Music. (2 copies)

Box 9: Appalachian Music Cockram's Store: 203 American Lit Project by Jonathan Southard.

Box 9: Billy Howard: Footage of the Johnson Farm. June 18, 2001.

Box 9: Appalachian Craft Fair. Nov-Dec 1988.