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William C. Blizzard Photography Collection
AC 015
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The collection is stored in a file cabinet in Room 534, McConnell Library. Parts of this collection have been digitized: https://monk.radford.edu/records/?&refine%5bCategories%5d%5b%5d=Special%20Collections$$$William%20C.%20Blizzard%20Soviet%20Union%20Photograph%20Collection

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[Identification of item], William C. Blizzard Photography Collection, Appalachian Collection, McConnell Library, Radford University, Radford, VA.

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Biographical note

William C. Blizzard (December 22, 1916- December 29, 2008) was a journalist, historian, and photographer. Over the course of his career he worked as a photographer and features writer for the Charleston Gazette, as well as publications such as The Nation and Labor's Daily. He also published articles and photographs in many magazines and newspapers. The narrative that would become When Miners March was originally published as a series of articles in Labor's Daily in the 1950s. Wess Harris worked with William C. Blizzard to publish When Miners March as a book in 2004.

Blizzard was educated at West Virginia University and the Columbia School of Journalism. He served in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II where he was a photographer. He had a long career as a journalist and photographer, working for many papers and as a free lance writer. Many of his articles are available in the William C. and Bill Blizzard When Miners March Coal and Labor Collection: https://monk.radford.edu/records/?&refine%5bCategories%5d%5b%5d=Appalachian%20Collections$$$William%20C.%20and%20Bill%20Blizzard%20When%20Miners%20March%20Collection

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Scope and Contents

This collection contains approximately 10,000 photographic slides taken by William C. Blizzard. Blizzard was a photojournalist who documented many aspects of life in West Virginia and surrounding region. His subjects range from news photography depicting coal miners and the coal industry, to scenic nature photos, to regional arts and crafts. Blizzard used the following categories to arrange his slides: Animals, Auto, B.A.S.S., Birds, Children, Cities, Disaster Wrecks, Education, England, Fairfest, Family, Farm, Florida, Holidays, Industrial Business, Ireland, Kentucky, Medical, Miscellaneous, Mudrun, Ohio, Outdoor Recreation, “Old File,” People (odd folk), Plants, Plants and Animals - Zoobot, Poverty, Russia, Russia Winter, Scenic, Science, Senior Citizens, Social, Society SCA, Sports, Teenagers, Tennessee, U.S. History, Virginia, Workmen, West Virginia Arts and Crafts, West Virginia Historic, WV Homes, West Virginia, West Virginia Parks-Forests, West Virginia Schools, and Young People.

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Arrangement Note

The William C. Blizzard Photography Collection consists of 512 hanging sleeves containing up to 20 slides each. This is the collection of a working freelance photographer who organized and labeled his slides by category, and the file numbers reflect Billizard's original file labels. Individual slides are typically labeled with Blizzard's name and contact information.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

McConnell Library Archives and Special Collections

McConnell Library
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Radford, Virginia

Restrictions to Access

An appointment for research is required. All materials in the collection are available for research. No interlibrary loan.

Custodial History

The collection was purchased from Wess Harris in 2011 at the same time as the William C. and Bill Blizzard When Miners March Coal and Labor Collection.

Processing Information

Files were initially organized by Ashley Tussey, with additional processing by Gene Hyde and Wes Hess, 2012.

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Related Materials

Related Collections

Photographs from Blizzard's 1979 trip to the Soviet Union have been digitized and can be found in the RU Digital Collections' William C. Blizzard Soviet Union Photograph Collection http://monk.radford.edu/cdm/landingpage/collection/USSRphotos

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Collection Inventory

File 1: "Animals 1" 18 slides of ferrets, groundhogs, dolphins, and a snake study group working with timber rattlesnakes. 

File 2: "Animals 2" 20 slides of snake study of rattlers, dangerous rattler stuffing game. 

File 3: "Animals 3" 20 slides of Treefrog, turtle at Peninsula Florida, Tary Wood Wasp Species, Solitary Wood Wasp Species, Sealed Nest Hole (Wasp), Wasp Materials for nest in hole, Wild Honeybee home- Wild Cherry Trees, Pet Cemetary, Dalmation seated, Route 34 West Virginia, and Red Fox (Vulpes). 

File 4: "Animals 4" 20 slides of turtle, Bison, Bagworm larva, Eastern Box Turtle (Terrapene Carolina), Eastern Box Turtle, Whitetail Deer Spine Burk and Doe- Young love- Odocoileus Virginianus. 

File 5: "Animals 5" 17 slides of very tiny moth, Elk (Cervus Elaphus), Butterfly, Canada Geese Pail Nesting Platform, Tiny Gray Moth, Canada Goose, Helgammite (Dobson Fly) Egg ponds atNew River, Hellgram Mite Egg Pods New River, Bobcat, Cottontail RAbbit, Great Horned Owl, Eagle. 

File 6: "Animals 6" 20 slides of Cougar, Bison, Timber Rattle Snake, Wapiti, Elk, Bag Worm Larva, Pelican, Mountain Lion, Raccoon, Bobcat, Bull Elk, Canada Goose. 

File 7: "Animals 7" 19 slides of Hen and Dr. Mallards sitting, Canada Goose wing flap, Canada Goose backflip, Canada Geese on water, dogs on straightaway, Canada Geese on water, Mallards flying trees behind, Butterfly. 

File 8: "Animals 8" 20 slides of Red Fox (Vulpes), Bobcat (Lynx rufus), Coyote (Canis latrans), Dolphin jumps through hoop, Flipper's Sea School, Grassy Key, Florida, River Otter (Lontra canadensis), cattle at water (Bouthern, WV), Groundhog (Marmota monax) head Canaan VAalley State Park, WV, Wild Honeybees, Ring-necked Pheasent, Hawk. 

File 9: "Animals 9" 20 slides of Gray Squirrel, River Otter, Pet Cemetary (Route 34 West Virginia), Purebred polled Herefrd cow & calf, Cooper's Hawk, Coyote, Eastern Chipmunk, Black and Yellow Garden Spider, Eastern Screech Owl, Wild Turkey, Groundhog, Bobcat, Timber Rattler, Praying Mantis, Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake. 

File 10: "Animals 10" 20 slides of whitetail doe, Dromedary camel, Llama, Rainbow trout, Brook trout, Harness race, Baldface hornets' nest, Butterful, Pet Cemetary white bulldog. 

File 11: "Animals 11" 20 slides of large spider, young Eastern cottontail rabbit, Coyote, Groundhog, Luna moth, Raccoon, White tail fawns, 17-year locust, Black bear. 

File 12: "Animals 12" 20 slides of bird on ground, bad eagle, turkey vulture, snapping turtle, Rainbow Trout (Spruce Knob Lake, WV), Antlered Whitetail Deer, Large spider, Wild turkey, Burmese Python, Small brown butterfly. 

File 13: "Animals 13" 19 slides of golden-yellow butterfly, Bobcat, Lady Amherst's Pheasant, Eastern Screech Owl, Red-tailed Hawk, Wild Turkey, Ross Allen with gator (Alligator far, near St. Augustine, FL), Sharp-shinned Hawk, Yellow Perch, Boy with rabbit. 

File 14: "Animals 14" 18 slides of Red Fox, Cougar, Eastern Cottontail Rabbit, Ferret, 17-year locust, Rusty- housecat. 

File 15: "Animals 15" 20 slides of Mounted Eastern Diamondback Rattler, Praying Mantis, Large Spider, Snapping Turtle, Groundhog, Pet Cemetary (Route 34 WV), Elk, Raccoon, Eastern Tent Caterpillar. 

File 16: "Animals 16" 20 slides of Pet Cemetary Collie ( Route 34, WV), Antlered Whitetail Deer, young doe or young buck, Elk, Coyote, Pet Cemetary Muggs (Route 34 WV), Pet Cemetary Black German Sheppard, Pet Cemetary painted figure rabbit, Slider turtle, River otter, Large spider. 

File 17: "Animals 17" 13 slides of Nubian goats, English Sheepdog, Otter, ducklings, Young Mallard ducklings, Muskrat, Attack dog training, Luna Moth, Tent Caterpillar. 

File 18: "Animals 18" 20 slides of snapping turtle, woodchuck, groundhog. 

File 19: "Animals 19 " 20 slides of Groundhog, Woodchuck, 5 lined skink. 

File 20: "Animals 20" 19 slides of 5-lined skink, dewy spdier web, Northern Black Racer. 

File 21: "Animals 21" 13 slides of Opossum. 

File 22: "Auto 1" 5 slides of Antique 1968 Chevy Impala, Antique 1953 Buick Special. 

File 23: "B.A.S.S. 1 1991" 7 slides of Boats; Dawn (Montgomery, AL), Plaque from Mercurcy to B.A.S.S., Contestants Wall Chart (Montgomery, AL). 

File 24: "B.A.S.S. 1 1983" 20 slides of Ricky Green fishing, Pro Tournament Anglers at Launching dock, Tournament Anglers Race for Fishing Sports , Tournament Anglers Race for Fishing Spots, Pro Tournament Anglers Race for Fishing Sports Launching Dock, Possible Mercurcy ad, Fire Safety boat about to be launched, Show boat, Floating Restaurant Across Ohio River from Cincinnati hehind is Cincy Coliseum and Serpentine Wall, Barge with bass boat, Bass Classic Vans chevrolets were official event vangs, Pro Bass Anglerson. All photos taken at BASS MASTERS CLASSIC in Cincinnati on Ohio River in 1983. 

File 25: "B.A.S.S. 2 1983" 19 slides of Cincinnati hotel, Anglers sign in for tournament, Horse-Drawn tours, Winner- Larry Nixon (Left) and Montgomery Publisher Ray Scott, Alabama., Larry Nixon $40,000 winner of 1983 BASS CLASSIC, Famous BASS Tournament Pro Roland Martin (right) giving interview, Self explanatory taken at trade show, Fishing lures, Fishing Scene Ohio River Tributary, Tournament Anglers on Ohio River, Fishing Ohio River Tributary Masters Classic. All taken in Cincinnati, OH 1983. 

File 26: "B.A.S.S. 3 1983" 19 slides of Pro BASS Classic Anglers at dawn await tournament starting signal, casting gear, Console on Ranger Bass Boat- 150 HP Mercurcy Engine, Electric Trolling Motor on BASS boat used during fishing, Pro BASS Angler, Pro BASS Angler, Pro BASS Anglers Black & White Tributary, Larry Nixon 1983 winner of tournament with check for $40,000 presented by Ray Scott, John Powell a BASS founder, Montgomery, AL gets award and $5000 check from Stren. All taken in Cincinnati, OH on the Ohio River in 1983. 

File 27: "B.A.S.S. 4 1983" 20 slides of Pro Angler Ricky Green, Classics 13 years ago Ray Scott (Montgomery, Alabama) publisher who began the BASS Masters, Two well-known fisherman left to right John Powell and Homer Circle, Larry Nixon first prize winner, Pro Hardold Allen shows bass caught, left to right Ray Scott, Ricky Green, Hardon Sharp weighing Bass, Pro Bass fisherman, Bass tournament shot showing Bass boat detail, Harold Allen hooking bass, Pro Bass Anglers at dawn on Alabama River, Pro Angelers wait for launch in Montgomery, Alabama, Jerry Rhyne on Alabama River Tributary near Montgomery, Pro BASS anglers in early morning on Alabama River. 

File 28: "B.A.S.S. 5 1983" 20 slides of Helicopter over Ohio River, Cinncinati, Tournament Anglers Pre-dawn waiting to be towed to Ohio River. 

File 29: "B.A.S.S. 6 1983" 20 slides of Bass Tournament Ohio River, Cinncinati. 

File 30: "B.A.S.S. 7 1983" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. tournament in Cinncinati, Ohio. 

File 31: "B.A.S.S. 8 1983" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. tournament in Cinncinati, Ohio. 

File 32: "B.A.S.S. 9 1983" B.A.S.S. tournament in Cinncinati, Ohio. 

File 33: "B.A.S.S. 10 1983" 6 slides of B.A.S.S. tournament in Cinncinati, Ohio. 

File 34: "B.A.S.S. 1 1984" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. Masters Tournament. 

File 35: "B.A.S.S. 2 1984" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. Tournament fishermen, Arkansas River. 

File 36: "B.A.S.S. 3 1984" 20 slides of Bass Tournament fishermen early morning Arkansas, River. 

File 37: "B.A.S.S. 4 1984" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. Tournament fishermen early morning on Arkansas River, Boatline Recreation approaching lock, ducks early mroning, B.A.S.S. tournament weigh-in. 

File 38: "B.A.S.S. 5 1984" 8 slides of B.A.S.S. boats in tournament on Arkansas River, Film Crew, B.A.S.S. tournament fishermen early morning, Boating recreation in Lock, Arkansas, B.A.S.S. tournament Anglers before launch. 

File 39: "B.A.S.S. 1 1985" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. tournament 1985. 

File 40: "B.A.S.S. 2 1985" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. tournament. 

File 41: "B.A.S.S. 3 1985" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. tournament Angler ready for take off- James River. 

File 42: "B.A.S.S. 4 1985" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. tournament. 

File 43: "B.A.S.S. 5 1985" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. tournament weigh- in, Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 

File 44: "B.A.S.S. 6 1985" 20 slides of B.A.S.S.tournament. 

File 45: "B.A.S.S. 7 1985" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. tournament 1985. 

File 46: "B.A.S.S. 8 1985" 19 slides of B.A.S.S. Masters Tournament. 

File 47: "B.A.S.S. 9 1985" 16 slides of B.A.S.S. Masters Tournament 1985. 

File 48: "B.A.S.S. 1 1988" 19 slides of Forrest Wood and wife Nina, Chuck Yeager, Ray Scott at Richmind, Guidd Hiboon (winner), Rick Clunn, Larry Nixon (All-time big money winner in B.A.S.S. tournaments). 

File 49: "B.A.S.S. 2 1988" 20 slides of B.A.S.S. Tournament. 

File 50: "B.A.S.S. 3 1988" 19 slides of B.A.S.S. Tournament 1988. 

File 51: "B.A.S.S. 4 1988" 18 slides of Bail Bacon, James River, Virginia landing Bass, Jimmy Houston- Vetern Pro Bass- tournament angler and entertainer. 

File 52: "B.A.S.S. 1 1990" 18 slides of Ranger boat showing Goodrich tire, head and shoulder shot of Larry Nixon, Setup shot of Classic competitor, Setup shot of Classic competitor Bert Thompson, Setup shot of Classic competitor Ferguson, Ken Cook, Ron Shiflet, David Wharton, Rick Clunn, Renaud Pelletier on podium with bass, Guido Hibdon and wife wearing King and Queen crown in angler of year ceremony. 

File 53: "B.A.S.S. 2 1990" 19 slides of Guido Hibdon doling up $5000 check reward for angler of the year, Guido Hibdon and Ray Scott, Roland Martin's wife with false fanny at Classic Masquerade party, Roland Martin as flasher at Classic Masquerade party, Hank Parker and wife in royal dress at Classic party (Parker, millionaire retired pro angler). 

File 54: "B.A.S.S 3 1990" 20 slides of Woo Dayes in boat "flight" about to take off on James River at start of 1990 B.A.S.S. Classic, Kerl Cook on weigh-in podium in Richmond Coliseum with large bass and Ray Scott and Dewey Kendrick, Pro angler Pommy Biffle on weigh-in podium in Richmond with two large bass, Guido Hibdon 1990 Angler of the Year on podum with Ray Scott president of B.A.S.S., Boy in photo booth with lifesize photo of Hank Parker and ditto of bass Brisk Polariod sales, Gov. L. Douglas Wilder 1st Elected Black Gov., on B.A.S.S. weighin podium in Richmond Coliseum, Pro angler Shaw Grigsby on Classic Podium in Richmond, Pro angler George Cochran on Classic Podium, Hank Parker, 37, millionaire pro-angler, announces retirement from B.A.S.S. tournament competition, Hank Parker at weigh-in of catch with Ray Scott and Dewey Kendrick, Roland Martin bass tournament legend, Part of crowd of at least 10,000 observing 1990 Classic, Patinings of bass by angler who caught them in foyer of Omni Hotel in Richmond, VA, Article about artist who did bass paintings in foyer of Omni Hotel in Richmond, VA. 

File 55: "B.A.S.S. 4 1990" 7 slides of information on articst who did water colors of bass in foyer of Omni Hotel in Richmond, VA, More watercolors in foyer of hote, 1st "flight" of 1990 Classic anglers early morning to James River near Richmond, VA, Rick Clunn winner of 1990 Classic, with family on podium exhibits fish that won him $50,000, Rick Clunn makes triumphal tour in Richmind Coliseum with family. 

File 56: "Birds 1" 20 slides of Parrots- Lion Country Safari Zoo near West Palm Beach, Florida, Cardinal in snow, Red-Tailed-Hawk, Parrot-Silver Springs, Florida, Song Sparrow Melos-Piza Melodia, Sharp-shinned Hawk perched in tree. 

File 57: "Birds 2" 20 slides of Common Bluejay in snow, Pelican, Song Sparrow, Cardinal, Black Cap Chickadee. 

File 58: "Birds 3" 20 slides of Cardinal, Field Sparrow, Rufous-sided Towhee, Common Bluejay, Carolina Wren, Caroline Wren Thry-othorus ludoviclahus, House finch. 

File 59: "Birds 4" 20 slides of Cardinal- Richmonddena Cardinals, Tufted Titmouse, Mourning doves, Parrots in Country Safari Zoo near West Palm Beach, Florida, Carolina Wren, Common Bluejay, Song Sparrow Melospiza Melodia, Capped Chickadee, Black-Capped Chickadee. 

File 60: "Birds 5" 20 slides of Black-Cap Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, Rufous Sided Tow Hee, Starling (Sturnus Vulgarts), Purple-headed Grackie, American Bittern, Cardinal, Common Bluejay. 

File 61: "Birds 6" 20 slides of Robin with hungry nestings, Black-capped Chickadee, common Bluejay, Brown Thrasher. 

File 62: "Birds 7" 20 slides of Parrot- Silver Springs, Florida, Black-Capped Chickadee, Starling, Cooper's Hawk, Bluejay, Cardinal. 

File 63: "Birds 8" 20 slides of Cardinal, Bluejay (Cyano-Citta Cristata), Starling (Sturnus vulgaris), Spray and nest Forida Keys, Gull at Old Fort St. Augustine, Florida, One of a series of 3 shots of Crow Chasing Osprey (Fish Hawk) with Fish in Talons at Everglades, Florida, Vultures on roof of Pelican Roue Restaurant, Flamingo, Florida (Everglades). 

File 64: "Birds 9" 18 slides of Starling, Canada Geese on lake. 

File 65: "Birds 10" 20 slides of domestic gander, Martin (purple) house, Cypress, Water Birds at Everglades Florida, African Crowned Cranes (Silver Springs, FL), Chilean Flaminopes, Ostrich-Lion Country Safari Zoo near West Palm Beach, Chilean Flamingo, Ostriches, Eow Egret Flipper's Sea School, White Pelicans, Water Turkey or snake bird (Lion Country African Safari). 

File 66: "Birds 11" 20 slides of Turkey Vulture (Everglades, FL), Blue Jay, Mourning Doves. 

File 67: "Birds 12" 20 slides of Blue Jay (Cyanocitta cristata). 

File 68: "Birds 13" 20 slides of Mourning Doves, Grosbeak, Grackle, House Finch. 

File 69: "Birds 14" 20 slides of Black-Capped Chickadee nesting post, Neck-banded Canada Goose. 

File 70: "Birds 15" 20 slides of Purple mart in box with occupants and a variety of other unidentified birds. 

File 71: "Birds 16" 20 slides of Mourning Dove, loving parrots in Silver Spring, FL. 

File 72: "Birds 17" 20 slides of Mocking Bird, Snake Bird or Water Turkey with impaled brean; Everglades, FL. 

File 73: "Birds 18" 20 slides of Woodpecker (Melanerpes carolinus), African Crowned Cranes, Flamingo, Parrots at Florida Everglades. 

File 74: "Birds 19" 20 slides of Chilean Flamingo, Nesting Osprey on Powers Pole (FL Keys), February Beckly WV, Penguins Maineland, FL, Red Bellied Woodpeckers (Everglades- Flamingo, FL), Cardinal, Ruby throated Hummingbird. 

File 75: "Birds 20" 20 slides of various birds, hummingbird flying, and cardinal. 

File 76: "Birds 21" 20 slides of Male Cardinal, Female Cardinal, Black-capped cardinal, female cardinal. 

File 77: "Birds 22" 20 slides of Cardinal, WhiteThroat (Z. albicollis), Brown Thrasher, Wild Turkey Gobbler, Eastern Bluebird, Song Sparrow, Carolina Wren. 

File 78: "Birds 23" 20 slides of Two domestic Geese with young gooslings, Canada Goose pair at manmade nesting, American Bitteern, Mourning Dove, Bluejay, Hummingbird feeder in Putnam WV, Brown Thrasher feeding hungry chick, Pelican, American Bittern, Mourning Dove. 

File 79: "Birds 24" 20 slides of Blue Jay, Cardinal, Sparrow, Tufted Titmouse. 

File 80: "Birds 25" 20 slides of Song Sparrow, domestic duck, Redbellied Woodpecker, Black-capped Chickadee, Hen mallard, Blackbird, Song Sparrow, Blue Jay. 

File 81: "Birds 26" 20 slides of Cardinal, Chickadee, African Crowned Crane (Silver Springs, FL), Starling, Canada goose, Two domestic geese with young goosling, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Tufted Titmouse. 

File 82: "Birds 27" 20 slides of Red-bellied Woodpecker, Gracle, Mallard ducks, Blue Jay, Black-capped chickadee. 

File 83: "Birds 28" 20 slides of Cardinalis cardinalis, Song Sparrow (Melospiza melodia). 

File 84: "Birds 29" 18 slides of Blue Jay, Candada goose in flight, Starling, Black-capped Chickadee, Tufted titmouse. 

File 85: "Birds 30" 19 slides of tufted titmouse, Grackle (Quiscalus quiscula), Barn Swallow, Mother Robin and Babies at nest, Redbellied Woodpecker. 

File 86: "Birds 31" 19 slides of Hen and drake Mallard, Mallard with young ducklings, two young ducklings, Hen Mallard, Canada Goose, Canda Geese in line with goslings. 

File 87: "Birds 32" 18 slides of Candada Geese. 

File 88: "Birds 33" 15 slides of Blue Jay, Young tufted emering from nest hole in box which is was born, Brown thrasher, Common Grackle, Mute Swan, Crowned Crane. 

File 89 "Birds 34" 17 slides of Peacock, Male Ruby-throated hummingbird, Canada Goose, Sparrow. 

File 90: "Birds 35" 15 slides of Canada goose, several canda geese, man feeding geese, domestic duck, Harlequin Macaw, Male Cardinal, Mallard duck, Two Canada Geese in flight at Canaan Valley State Park, WV, Goose landing on water, Severe Macaw, Orange Wing Amazon. 

File 91: "Birds 36" 19 slides of Grey Macaw, Harlequin Macaw, Yellow Collared Macaw, American Kestrel, Hawk, Killdeer nest, Baby Killdeer, Flying Canada Geese. 

File 92: "Birds 37" 20 slides of American Robin, Female Mallard duck in flight, Barn Swallow, American Kestrel. 

File 93: "Birds 38" 11 slides of Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica), Male Wood Duck (Aix sponsa). 

File 94: "Children 1" 19 slides of series of child picking up Easter egg, partially peeling and eating it, Marble tournament Crossroads Mall (Beckley, WV), Toystore interior Crossroads Mall, Soap-box derby (South Charleston, WV). 

File 95: "Children 2" 19 slides of soap-box derby (South Charleston, WV), Child on commerical pony ride with pony owner and handler, boy 12, removes hook to release tiny largemouth bass, Kid Klassic at Dorey Park Lake near Richmond VA, Boy 12 fishing with 3 small girls. 

File 96: "Children 3" 19 slides of Kids Klassic at Dorey Park Lake near Richmond VA, 7-year old soccer game, Little boy in swing hugging plastic big bird character, Little girl riding toy tricycle, Angela and Brad Bennett playing, Bethany Bennett 3-year old tossing frisbee. 

File 97: "Children 4" 16 slides of Bethany Bennett cating large round ball, Minor girl in lawn sprinkler swimsuit, Boy (David) at river edge with open fishing tackle box, 1990 Eleanor mudrun, Boy 12-years old with fishing gear and 3 small girls, Angela carrying football with Brad Bennett behindand her father in front, Brad Bennett riding bike, Bethany Bennett, Small boy with a toy, young kids on bikes, Grinning small boy, soap-box derby (South Charleston, WV). 

File 98: "Children 5" 17 slides of soap-box derby (South Charleston, WV). 

File 99: "Children 6" 17 slides of Soap-box derby (South Charleston, WV). 

File 100: "Children 7" 18 slides of soap-box derby (South Charleston, WV), small boy on electric car, small boy with 2 small girls on electric car, small boy with garter snake (Charleston, WV), small boy with corn snake, minor girl with black snake. 

File 101: "Children 8" 16 slides of Minor boys with Burmese python, small boy at controls with farm machinery, minor girl with black snake, mom puts lipstick on young daughter, small boy cuddles puppy, 7-year old soccer game, children pulled in goat cart. 

File 102: "Children 9" 9 slides of 7-year old soccer game. 

File 103: "Cities U.S.A. 1" 20 slides of Cincinnati skyline (1983), Miami Beach skyline (1979), Cincinnati skyline from helicopter over Ohio River (August, 1983), View of Cincinnati Ohio River of Ancient Suspension Bridge, Confederate Whitehouse- now museum (Richmond, VA), Robert E. Lee monument (Richmond, VA), Richmond VA skyline, Washington, Jefferson, other founding fathers Monument Ave. (Richmond, VA). 

File 104: "Cities U.S.A. 2" 19 slides of R.E. Lee (Richmond, VA), New office highrises (1990, Richmond, VA), Abstract (Central Richmond, VA), Seated statue of Edgar Allen Poe on capitol grounds, Skyline of Richmond VA from top of new City Hall, Capitol Buildings (1990), Restaurant in Central Richmond British Mofif. 

File 105: "Cities U.S.A. 3" 12 slides of Restaurant central Richmond (British Mofif), Bell tower in square in central Richmond VA, Skyline of Richmond from new City Hall, Capitol builing and capitol grounds (Richmond, VA 1990). 

File 106: "Disaster Wrecks 1" 20 slides of disasters in April 1978. 

File 107: "Disaster Wrecks 2" 6 slides of disasters in April 1987. 

File 108: "Education 1" 1 slide of Papier male figure in Public Library in Winfield, WV (July, 1992). 

File 109: "England 1" 20 slides in 1978 of figures strike quarter fleet (London), Young Bobby, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Sign at Tower of London, Roof- Buckingham Palace, statue of Queen Elizabeth First Fleet Street in London, Tower of London, Piccadilly- London, Trafalgar Square National Gallery in background, Picadilly Circus, Stained glass window in Dr. Johnson's house, Shop in London. 

File 110: "England 2" 3 slides of Tower Bridge in London and tower, Ceremonial Guards at Buckingham Palace. 

File 111: "Entertain 1" 9 slides of Riley (Beckley, WV), Circus (Beckly WV), Hanneford Circus in 1979. 

File 112: "Fairfest 1" 13 slides of Young men and women on carnival ride, carnival ride, junk food at state fair, Native American headdress, Native American drummers, Native American dance, Native American Dancer, Native American boy in 1992. 

File 113: "Fairfest 2" 13 slides of Native American woman, Native American hoop dancer, Juggler, young couple, young man and older woman costume, belly dancer. 

File 114: "Fairfest 3" 5 slides of armored fighters, young woman in helmet, young women in medieval costume. 

File 115: "Family 1" 13 slides of young housewife coating home roof, housewife caulks rain drain, housewife installs rain drain, father and son bagpipe, father comforts young son after soccer loss. 

File 116: "Farm 1" 19 slides of farm scene (Greenbrier county, WV), Bire bull champ polled Hereford, Insect spray (Burley tobacco, So. WV), Orange Grove (Central, Florida), Irrigation tomato farm (near Everglades, Florida), Pumpkin festival (Circleville, Ohio), Farm scene (near White Sulphar Springs, WV, Field burley tobacco. 

File 117: "Farm 2" 19 slides of staking burley tobacco, growing burley tobacco (southern WV), Spraying burley tobacco;insect control, farm scenic Morlunda(near Lewisburg, WV), burley tobacco cut and stanked to wilt in field before barn air-drying, farm scene (Greenbrier, WV), hay baling, bailing hay (southern WV) 

File 118: "Farm 3" 1977-78 20 slides of Young mule and mother, 3D grooming cattle for show, insect spray on burley tobacco (Southern, WV), Mailpuch Plant (Wheeling, WV), Farm Scene (Southern, WV), Harley Warrick Award, Faring mail puch sign (Pickaway, WV), U.S. 60 farm (Richlands, WV), Central West Virginia, Taken from I-77 six miles south of Mineral Well, WV, Grocery store at Paden City, WV. 

File 119: "Farm 4" 1978 19 slides of Central WV, Between Buckhannon and U.S. 33, Irrigating huge tomato field in southern, FL, Farmers' Market (Beckley, WV). 

File 120: "Farm 5" 1978-1984 20 slides of Farmers' Market (Beckley, WV), Cattle judging competition, resting white hog. 

File 121: "Farm 6" 1975-7917 slides of Blacksmith (Lewisberg, WV), pumpkins (Circleville, OH), In fields of Burley tobacco, Harley Warrick last of mail mouch sign painters Belmont, Ohio, Farm scene (Greenbrier county, WV), Bailing hay (Greenbrier, WV), Pumpkin Festival (Circleville, OH), Cucurbits (Circleville, OH), pumpkin pit (Circleville, OH). 

File 122: "Farm 7" 1969-1970 20 slides of pumpkin festival. 

File 123: "Farm 8" 1970-1983 19 slides of pumpkins, small merchants (Crosswoods Mall, Beckley, WV), West Virginia Dairy Princess Roberta Larew (1982). 

File 124: "Farm 9" 1985 20 slides of small WV barn with drying Burley Tobacco, Burley tobacco warehouse, bailed burley tobacco in warehouse (Huntington, WV), Cut and staked burley tobacco in field to wait before air-drying in barn. 

File 125: "Farm 10" 1977-1990 20 slides of burley tobacco (Putnam county, WV), Farmhouse with tv dish (Southern WV), Auctioneer selling burley tobacco in WV warehouse, Burley tobacco auction (Huntington, WV), Scenic farm fall building and cattle (Northeast, WV), Machine cutting corn fall for sileage cattle feed, shoeing hourses. 

File 126: "Farm 11" 1985 7 slides of Impaling cut, mature Burley tobacco on stakes prior to barn air-drying, part of field of burley tobacco cut and staked to wilt in field before barn air-drying, Morlunda farm near Lewisburg WV, Spraying burley tobacco insect control, burley tobacco drying in southern West Virginia barn. 

File 127: "Farm 12" 1990- 2 slides of scenic farm fall bulding and cattle (Northeast, WV), machine cutting corn fall for sileage, cattle feed. 

File 128: "Florida 1" 1979- 20 slides of Castillo De San Marcos--Oldest Masonry fort in U.S., a national monument (St. Augustine, FL), Resort Hotel (Miami Beach, FL), "Millionaires Row" (Biscayne Bay, Miami Beach, FL), Mill (Disneyword, FL), Rising bridge lets traffic through over Lakeworth, FL, fishing boats in FL. 

File 129: "Florida 2" 1979- Cypress Gardens (FL), Eastern (USA) Diamondback rattlesnake alligator farm (Ross Allen), Old Fort (St. Augustine, FL), Disney World (FL), African crowned Cranes, Galapagos turtle, Crocodile-Salligator farm near St. Augustine FL, Dolphin through hoop, Gavial; Indonesia native crocodile, Scenic Lake Work and West Palm Beach, FL, Tourney anglrs sunrise (Kissimmee, FL), Lake Worth (North West Palm Beach, FL), Alligator farm lecturer Tim Williams (near St. Augustine, FL). 

File 130: "Florida 3" 1979-1984- Sunrise, bass anglers, Bass-Tournament Anglers before launch (Kissimmee, FL), Barbeque (FL), Bass Angler rainbow, Scientific Experimenters on Dolphins (Marineland, FL), Hang Gliders in air- Cypress Gardens (FL), English-Spanish Business signs (Miami, FL)Woamn surf-casting. 

File 131: "Florida 4" 1979 19 slides of fishing persons (St. Augustine, FL), Spanish architecture (Miami, FL), Castillo De San Marcos oldest masonry fort in USA National Monument, Woman fishing (St. Augustine, FL), Condominium (West Palm Beach), Campers (St. Augustine, FL), Spanish business signs (Miami), Mill-Disney World, Bass- Tournament Anglers before Launch (Kissimmee, FL), Lion Country Safari, Ross Allen, Alligator near St. Augustine, Orange tree vista Central FL, Cypress Gardens, Fishing boat (Keys, FL). 

File 132: "Florida 5" Miccosukee Indian boy (Southern FL), Spanish Nvonastery moved to Miami Area by Wiri Hearst, Irrigation huge tomato, sport fishing boat (Fl, Keys), St. Augustine, FL, Lazy fishing keys, Looking across Biscayne Bay to "Millionaires Row" (Miami Beach), Kids at beach (Keys, FL), Cleaning up sport fishing boat (Keys, Atlantic, FL), Beach, Ocean Scene (Keys), Boat and Birds (Keys, FL), Spanish business sign- Hialeah area (Miami), Chinese and Spanish business sign (Miami), Sun,Sea,Sand (Keys), At the beach (Keys), Getting gear ready- fishing boat (Boccaneer Lodge, Marathon, FL). 

File 133: "Florida 6" 1979 20 slides of "Millionaires Row" across water of Biscaybe Bay (they bring boats along intercoastal water ways from New York and farther) in Miami Beach, FL, Front- country store museum (St. Augustine, FL), Casa Del Hildalgo built by Spanish Government- now Sp. National Tourist Office in Old St. Augustine, FL, Close shot of Palm Trunk, Statue of Juan Ponce De Leon (St. Augustine, FL) Fountain of Youth Attraction, Tourists and guide at Fountain of Youth (St. Augustine, FL), Courtyard, Lightner Museum (St. Augustine, FL), 200' Metal Cross at Nombre De Dios Mission (St. Augustine) site of 1st Parish Mass in USA, Entrance of Foundtain of Youth Attraction (St. Ausgustine, FL), Castillo De San Maroc- oldest masonry fort in USA National Monument, Tourists, Disney World Repairs, Hang Gliding (Cypress Gardens, FL), Man water sking backward, barefoot (Cypress Gardens). 

File 134: "Florida 7" 1979- 20 slides of Romulus and Remus Wolf, Topiary Art (Disney World, FL), Boat Tour (Silver Springs, FL), Kids at Ocean Beach (Keys, FL), Statue of King Alpha of Spain in mission brought from Spain by W.R. Hearst (Miami Area, FL), Statue of King Alphonso of Spain in Mission brought from Spain by W.R. Hearst (Miami), Stained Glass Window in Spanish Mission restored by Hearst, Corridor in Mission brought from Spain by W.R. Hearst King Alphonoso 7th Statue, Flagler Pres Butler Ian Church (St. Augustine, FL), High Ride (Disney World), Condominium (Vero Beach, FL). 

File 135: "Florida 8" 1979- 19 slides of Orange Grove (Central Florida), Glass Blower (Central FL), Disneyworld, Mexican-American (Southern, FL), Taking it easy at River Mouth (FL keys), Dugout Canoe- Miccosukee Indian Village (Southcentral, FL), Ancient Amphora Fountain of Youth Attraction (FL), Park Entrance Waycross, GA. 

File 136: "Florida 9" 1979- 20 slides of circus world tent (Barnum City, FL), Artificial bird Hawaiian sing show (Disney World), Glass Blower, Lifesize Dummy Indian Village along train route, Musicians Disneyworld, Waiting line- Tom Sawyer Island (Disney World), General view- Miccosukee Indian Village- Dugout in Foreground (South Central, FL), Miccosukee Indian Village (South Central, FL), Entrance- Kennedy Space Center, Vero Beach Condominium, Even Disneyworld castles need repair- long reach helps, tourists Okefendokee State Park (Waycross, GA), Circus tent (Barnum City, FL), Water skiing (Cypress Gardens, FL). 

File 137: "Florida 10" 19 slides of Water skiing (Cypress Gardens, FL), Hang Glider pilot braces for boat tow, Miami Beach skyline, Vultures on roof of Pelican Cove restaurant in Flamingo supberb, DisneyWorld, Oldest wooden schoolhouse St. George St. Austine, FL, Dolphins marineland near St. Augustine, FL, Bunrse bass anglers, FL. 

File 138: "Florida 11" 20 slides of in distance cathedral of the Catholica Diocese of St. Augustine, FL begun, Tourist tour train (St. Augustine, FL), Flagler Presbyterian Church- Built 1889 100' high- Rockerfeller Association, Ripley Museum (St. Augustine, FL), Scenic with angler (Kississimme, FL), Castillo De San MArcos oldest Masonry fort in US National Monument, Nombre De Dios Chapel (St. Augustine), Mestrouic Statue of Fr. Francisco Lopez who have mass in 1565 the first, St. Augustine, FL's Castillo de San Mar oldest masonry fort in US, Cypress Gardens, Oldest store museum artillery lane, Topiary Art (Disneyworld), Cigar store Indian in St. Augustine, Sanchez House (Old St. Augustine), Flagler College once finest of Florida's hotels- The Ponce De Leon in 1888. Became Florida College 1967 (St. Augustine), Statue of once de Leon. 

File 139: "Florida 12" 1979 20 slides of hang glider before take off (Cypress Gardens, FL), Monorail train (Disneyworld, FL), Windmill (Cypress Gardens, FL), Firestation, Disneyworld City HAll, High Ride in Disney, Old Steam Boat replica (Disney), Glass Blower (Disney), Steamboat paddlewheel Lake Buena Vista Walt Disney World (Village, FL), Entrance Silver Springs, FL. 

File 140: "Florida 13" 1979- 20 slides of waiting line- Tom Sawyer Island (Disney), Silver Springs tourists, CaptMemo's "Nautilu" (Disney), Huck Finn Raft (Disney), Looking down inside Disney World, Bear on castle steps, Crocodile (Silver Springs, FL), On the beach (Keys, FL), African Safari Zoo (Central FL), Giraffe, Rhinos-Lion Country Safari Zoo, Galapagos tortoise Silver Springs, FL, Moneys (Silver Springs, FL). 

File 141: "Florida 14" 1979 20 slides of Washington Oaks Old Spanish land Grant- belonged to G. Washington a relative of THE George. Penguins- Marineland, FL, Alligators at aligator farm near St. Augustine, Very old alligator at Alligator farm near St. Augustine, Scientific Experimenters on dolphines (Marineland, FL), Dog pulled by dolphin (Marineland, FL), Manatee (Maineland), Penguins, beach scene (Atlantic Ocean), Orange Groves (Central FL), Japanese American glass blower (Central, FL), Copy of painting by unschooled Indian Miccosukee Indian Village (South central, FL). 

File 142: "Florida 15" 1979 20 slides of beach scene Atlantic Ocean, Miccosukee Indian Village (Southern, FL), Sea Turtles, Dolphin dunking basketball; Marineland near St. Augstustine, FL, Grave of Mitzi (Original movie "Flipper" at Grassy Key, FL died 1971 at 22), Dolphin tries basketball dunk, Replica of giant fossil of shark jaw, Freshwater Turtle (Everglades, FL), Cuban crocodile, Visitors center (Everglades national park), Dolphin with ball. 

File 143: "Florida 16"1979- 20 slides of woman ranger (Everglades National Park), One of sequence of 3 shots of crow chasing Osprey with fish in talcons, Bird that's native and rare, Rare Quail-dove once in Key West taken on birds rare vist to area near Flamingo, FL, Cypress tree dwarfed by environment (Everglades, FL), Steamboat at paddlewheel Disneyworld, Miami Beach, Sport Fishing Boat (Keys, Marathon, FL), Eden Roc Hotel (Miami), Maison Grande- largest condominium on Miami, Fishing Boats (Keys, FL), Looking across Biscayne Bay to "Millionaires Row", Fishing boats and birds (Isla Morada, FL Keys), At the beach (Keys), Home on "MIllionaires Row" across Biscayne Bay, Fishing (sport) boats (Marathon, FL). 

File 144: "Florida 17" 1979- 20 slides of beach scene (Atlantic Keys, FL), "Millionaires Row", Sport Fishing with Pelicans (Keys, FL), Miami Beach Street Sign, Entrance Maison Grande (Largest Condominium in Miami), Spanish Business sign (Miami), Entrance builing Old Spanish Mission (Monastery) brought to US by W.R. Hearst (Miami area). 

File 145: "Florida 18" 1979- 20 slides of Dolphin does high jump toward target Flipper's Sea School (Grassal Key, FL), Dolphin laughing, Trainer of Dolphin- Flipper's Sea School, Mother Dolphin jumps, young son imitates- Flipper's Sea School, Avocadoes growing (Southern, FL), Rear view John Ringling home (Sarasota, FL), Front John Ringling home museum, grounds of John Ringling home, Dining room (John Ringling home), Attendant at alligator farm (St. Augustine) shows animals jaws, Aligator demo at Aligator Farm, Alligator Farm Lecturer Tim Williamons (near St. Augustine, FL), Stunt with Alligator, Young Alligator can outrun a man, Ross Allen (71, exhibits Diamondback Rattlesnake fangs at Alligator farm). 

File 146: "Florida 19" 1979 20 slides of Crocodile at Alligator Farm (St. Augustine, FL), DisneyWorld, Hang Gliders coming in (Cypress Gardens, FL) Clown water skiing (Cypress Gardens, FL), Cypress Gardens sceneic. 

File 147: "Florida 20" 1979-20 slides of Cypress Gardens, FL, Orange Groves in Central, FL. 

File 148: "Florida 21" 1979- 20 slides of Rhinos feeding, Banana Palm Cypress Gardens, FL, Dolphin sails through hoop at Flipper's School, Animal Lio Country Safari (Near West Palm Beach, FL), Anhinga or Snake bird at Lion Country Safari Zoo, Ground feeding Giraffe, African Safari Zoo (Central Zoo), Dolphins (Marineland near St. Augustine, FL), Could be series, Marine Land near St. Augustine, FL, Dolphin catching football, leaping Dolphins. 

File 149: "Florida 22" 1979- 20 slides of Romulus and Remus (founders of Rome) Suckle the Wolf John Ringling, Spanish Monastery, Surf fishing on Atlantic beach near St. Augustine, FL, Palm Beach condo, Grounds of John Ringling home, Spanish Armour Store Monastery (Miami, FL area), Spanish Monastery moved to Miami area, Figure of Alphonso 8th rebuilt (imported) Spanish Monastery in Miami, Palm Beach Condo, Litter on shore, Lake Worth, Entrance-- Kennedy Space Center, Space Buggy- Kennedy Space Center, Vero Beach condo. 

File 150: "Florida 23" 1979- 20 slides of DisneyWorld, Captain Nemo's Nautilus (Disney), Old Spanish Mission brought to USA by W.R. Hearst, Water Skiing (Cypress Gardens, FL), Boat Tour (Cypress Gardens), Moveable Bridge between West Palm Beach and Lake Worth, FL, Miami Beach skyline, Visitor Cetner with entrance builing (pay fee) (Everglades Park, FL), Banyan tree (Everglades, FL), Distance Trinity Episeopal church first in FL after 1821 (St. Augustine), Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum (St. Augustine, FL), Photo spot (Maineland, FL) shows size of jaw of prehistoric shark, Part of Old St. Augustine, Tourist hourse tour, hang glider, Cathedral Catholic Diocese begun 1793 (St. Augustine). 

File 151: "Florida 24" 1979- 20 slides of Eden Roc Resort Hotel (Miami, Beach), Statue of FAther Grajales by Ivan Mestrouie foundting pastor of St. Augustine, Water skiing girls (Cypress Gardens, FL), Flagler College (St. Augstine, FL), John Ringling home (Sarasota, FL), High Ride (Disney), Front of Fontaineblue Hilton Hotel (Miami) Topiary Art (Disney), Family Fun (Disney), Waiting in line at Disney, On "Huck Finn" raft (Disney), Captain Nemuis Hautilucs (Disney), Steamboat (Disney), Entrance building Everglades National Park (southern FL), Gavial- A crocodilian of India and Pakistan gows to 20 feet, Silver Springs, FL, Eden Roc Resort Hotel (Miami, beach). 

File 152: "Florida 25" 1979- 20 slides of closer look at bear- DisneyWorld, Dolphins (Maineland, FL), Miami beach skyline, Water skiing (Cypress Gardens, FL), Spanish Inn Reconstruction Old St. Augustine, Exhibition rockets Kennedy Space Center, Flagler United Church, Exhibition rockets (Kennedy Space Center), Space Shuttle Model (Kennedy Space Center), Indian woman sewing Miccosukee Village. 

File 153: "Holidays 1" 1981-1983 18 slides of Xmas gift- Senior Citizen, Easter Bunny (Beckley, WV), Mall Santa (Beckley, WV), E.Indian girl (Easter Bunny) in Beckley WV, Easter Bunny with Filippino boy (Beckley, WV), Photo- Business Santa Crossroads Mall (Beckley, WV). 

File 154: "Holidays 2" 1980-88 20 slides of Business Santa at Crossroads Mall (Beckley, WV), Kids- Easter Bunny (Beckley, WV), E.Indian girl- Easter Bunny (Beckley, WV). 

File 155: "Holidays 3" 1990 19 slides of Halloween costume Jack Lantern before house, Halloween Jack o Lanterns, Santa sled Reindeer in snow before house, Reindeer sled in snow in moonlight, Halloween stuffed figure with carved pumpkin head, Large dark menacing Halloween figure behind pumpkin head waering man's hat, Halloween window decoration, Easter bunny and child, Trick-or-Treat with child, Jack O' Lantern carving. 

File 156: "Holidays 4" 1981 6 slides of Jack O' Lantern carvings, Easter Bunny Instant Photo Shop (Beckley, WV). 

File 157: "Industrial Business 1" 1984 20 slides of Sand Dredge Operation Arkansas River, Coal-Fired Electric General near Winfield WV, Coal-burning power plant near Winfield WV. 

File 158: "Industrial Business 2" 1985 20 slides of Coal Tipple, New River Company near Beckley, WV, New home construct (South West Virginia), Coal Bridge (Great Kanawha River, Southern West Virginia). 

File 159: "Industrial Buisness 3" 1979-86 19 slides of Coalbridge (Great Kanawha River, Southern WV), Coal Train (Bluefield, WV), Coal Mine (Southern, WV), Westmoreland Coal Company Coal Mine (Eccles, WV), Coal Preparation Plant (Southern WV), Coal Company Scrip, Logs at Sawmill (Southern, WV), Cooling Tower (Kanawha River, WV). 

File 160: "Industrial Business 4" 1977-85 19 slides of heavy operating equipment, coal fired power plant (near Winfield, WV). 

File 161: "Industrial Business 5" 1978-83 20 slides of Eastern Associated coal corporation plant and mine (Wharton, WV), Barges waiting to go through lock (Great Kanawha River, WV). 

File 162: "Industrial Business 6" 1968-85 20 slides of Near Madison (Boone county, WV). 

File 163: "Industiral Business 7" 1985-86 20 slides of coal-burning power plant near Winfield, WV, Union Carbide Institute (WV), Coal-fired power plant to coal barges on Great Kanawha River, Cooling towers power plant (Coal fired) on Great Kanawha River, Barges waiting to go through lock (Great Kanawha River, WV), Coal waste (Southern WV), Coal cleaning and waste disposal plant, coal cleaning plant (Itmann, WV), At Massey coal mine near Williamson, WV. 

File 164: "Industrial Business 8" 1976-1985 19 slides of cooling towers coal electric general plant (Charleston, WV), Broom factory (Charleston, WV), Ancient NRA poster small business, Coal Tipple (New River Co., near Beckley, WV), Tug with crane (Great Kanawha River, winter). 

File 165: "Industrial Business 9" 1977-84 20 slides of cooling tower on Ohio side (Upper Ohio Valley), power plant on Ohio side (Upper Ohio Valley), Coal Barges on Great Kanawha River at Winfield, WV. 

File 166: "Industrial Business 10" 1977-78 20 slides of Cleaning Court House (Beckley, WV), Drilling Gas well (St. Albans, WV), I-70 Bridge through suspension brdige supports (Wheeling, WV), New home construct. 

File 167: "Industrial Business 11" 1976-78 20 slides of new home construct (Southern, WV), Boat and barges in Ohio taken infront of Belmont, WV, Ohio River, Old mine-seizure poster (Beckley, WV). 

File 168: "Industrial Business 12" 1977-78 20 slides of empty coal cars during strike (Madison, WV), Drilling gass well (St. Albans, WV), Pike Island locks and dam (North of Wheeling, WV), Chemical plant (South Charleston, WV), Chemical plant (South Charleston, WV). 

File 169: "Industrial Business 13" 1977-78 20 slides of drilling gas well (St. Albans, WV), Chemical Plant (Charleston, WV), Chemical Plant (Putnam County, WV), UMW Hall at Sophia, West Virginia, Shopping Mall (Beckley, WV), Kaiser Aluminum Chemical Corporation, Weirton Steel (Weriton, WV), Norfolk S.Western Freight Car (Beckley, WV). 

File 170: "Industrial Business 14" 1977-78 20 slides of Chemical plant (Putnam County, WV), Chemical Plant (South Charleston, WV), Wilson island plant. 

File 171: "Industrial Business 15" 20 slides of Pike Island locks and Dam (North Wheeling, WV), Chemical Plant (Charleston, WV), Strip Mine (near Webster Springs). 

File 172: "Industrial Business 16" 1977-78 20 slides of coal miners look over contract, Tug and BArge frozen river (Southern, WV), Old mine with New additions (Southern, WV), Chemical plant (Charleston, WV). 

File 173: "Industrial Business 17" 1977-99 20 slides Eastern Associated coal corporation preparation plant (Stotesberry, WV), Company plant Big Coal River (Southern, WV). 

File 174: "Industrial Business 18" 1977-84 19 slides of Eastern coal tipple near Beckley, WV, Union Carbide Plant Alloy (near Charleston, WV) labor day sign, Coal Fired Electrician General (near Bluefield, WV), Sawed lengths of timber for firewood, coal-fired power plant (near Montgomery, WV), Barge on Alabama River (near Montgomery). 

File 175: "Industrial Business 19" 1977-80 20 slides of former coal company store (near Beckley, WV circa 1933), Coal-miner dead memorial (Eccles, WV), Armro Steel company mine (Edwhite, WV), Coal preparation plant (Wyoming county, WV), Consolidation Coal Company personnel office company store & post office (Itmann, WV), Eastern Associated Coal Corporation preparation plant (Wharton, WV), Checkout counter (Beckley, WV), Marble factory owner at Paden City WV, Woman coal miner drives shuttle buggy signing for unemployment (Beckley, WV), Armco Steel Coproration Mine (Montcoal, WV), Eastern Associated Coal Corporation preparation plant Harris plant (Southern WV), Coal preparation plant (Southern, WV), Armco Steel Company Mine (Edwhite, WV). 

File 176: "Industrial Business 20" 1979-83 19 slides of Eastern Associated Coal Coproration prepartion plant Harris Plant (Southern, WV), John Amos Power Plant (Putname County, WV), Old mine with new additions (Southern, WV) (near Prince), Armco Steel Company Mine (Edwhite, WV), Coal Preparation plant (Southern, WV), Marble Factory (Paden City, WV) Molten glass flows from top is formed into marble by rollers, Plant on Ohio River near Cininnati, Barge on Ohio River near Cincinnati. 

File 177: "Industrial Business 21" 1984-87 18 slides of coal burning power plant (near Winfield, WV), John Amos Power Plant (Winfield, WV). 

File 178: "Industrial Business 22" 1987- 19 slides of AEP Barge Kanawha River. 

File 179: "Industrial Business 23" 1978- 20 slides of Coal company scrip paper, Coal company scrip cardboard punch card, Coal-company scrip brass, lead center, coal company scrip brass-load centers. 

File 180: "Industrial Business 24" 1978-85 18 slides of coal company scrip brass load center, Coal-company scrip, John Amos Power Plant (Winfield, WV). 

File 181: "Industrial Business 25" 1984-85 20 slides of John Amos Power Plant (Winfield, WV). 

File 182: "Industrial Business 26" 1983-85 20 slides of Coal-company scrip brass load center, Armco Steel Coal Mine (Edwhite, WV). 

File 183: "Industrial Business 27" 1984-87 20 slides of Coal-company scrip brass, load center, Armco Steel Company mine (Edwhite, WV). 

File 184: "Industrial Business 28" 1987 19 slides of worker blendedglass (Milton, WV), Stained glass window Blenko Glass (Milton, WV), Coal bridge and coaling tower (Great Kanawha River, WV), Interior- blenko glass (Milton, WV), Worker Blenko glass, Blenko Glass, Strip Mine (near Summersville, WV). 

File 185: "Industrial Business 29" 1988 18 slides of Company Store (Sophia, WV), Environmental protection agency cleaning up toxic chemical dump (Nitro, WV), Artel FIKE EPA Cleanup 

File 186: "Industrial Business 30" 1989-92 19 slides of reclaimed strip mine, Exxon tug on Great Kanawha River, In 30M- house for sale sign, locks construct Ohio River, Gallipolis, locks construct (Ohio River). 

File 187: "Industrial Business 31" 1992 19 slides of locks construct (Ohio River Gallipolis, Winfield WV). 

File 188: "Industrial Business 32" 1977-92 19 slides of Winfield, WV locks construct, cooling towers power plant, postal employee, Restaurant interior (Charleston, WV), C&O Station converted to restaurants (Charleston, WV), Christmas tree farm (WV), Tug and barge frozen river (Southern WV). 

File 189: "Industrial Business 33" 1977 20 slides of tug river frozen (Southern, West Virginia), freight bridge (Kanawha River), small stern wheeler (Kanawha River), freight barge with power plant. 

File 190: "Industrial Business 34" 20 slides of freight bridge (Great Kanawha River), Small marina (Putnum county Great Kanawha River), small marina (Putnum country Great Kanawha River). 

File 191: "Industrial Businsess 35" 20 slides of Winfield, WV locks. 

File 192: "Industrial Business 36" 20 slides of Winfield locks (Great Kanawha River). 

File 193: "Industrial Business 37" 20 slides of Winfield locks on Great Kanawha River, dewey spider web. 

File 194: "Industrial Business 38" 7 slides of Winfield locks on Great Kanawha River. 

File 195: "Ireland 1" 1978- 19 slides of castle in Southern Ireland, Visitors kissing Blarney Stone (Barney Castle, Southern Ireland), Dramoland Castle, Knappogue Castle (Southern Ireland), Cashel distant view of Cashel (Southern Ireland), Milk hauling donkey (Southern Ireland), Ancient stone religious mounument Cashel (Southern Ireland), Lake scene near Killarney, Village scene, Blarney Castle, Celtic cross (Cashel), Town of Cashel below monastery Castle ruins, Tourist ride in Killarney, Folk Park near Bunratty Castle in Southern Ireland. 

File 196: "Ireland 2" 1978 20 slides of Gipsies (Southern Ireland), Limerick Street and River Shannon, Monastery Castle Ruins (Cashel), Bunratty Castle, Monastery ruins near Shannon Airport, Lake near Killarney, Folk park near Bunratty Castle, Scene (Southern Ireland), View of Cashel, Atlantic coast, Monastery ruins near Shannon, Dromoland Castle near Shannon Airport, Plain below Cashel, Blarney Castle, Bunratty Castle, Cottages, Children in Ireland. 

File 197: "Kentucky 1" 1991 20 slides of Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park (Buckhorn, KY), Sceneic, Greenbo Lake State Resort Park (Greenup, KY), Cumberland Falls (Cumberland Falls State Park, KY), Buckhorn Church (famed log church Buckhorn, KY), Cumberland Falls (Corbin, KY), Scenic from top of Natural Bridge (Natural Bridge State Resort Park at Slade, KY), Coal processing plant (Hazard, KY). 

File 198: "Kentucky 2" 1991- 19 slides of Natural bridge (Natural Bridge State Resort Park, KY), Boonesborough Park (Richmond, KY), Buckhorn Lake State Resort Park (Buckhorn, KY), Natural Bridge State Resort Park (Slade, KY), Elevated view of TVA Norris Dam showing face, lake, tailwaters. 

File 199: "Kentucky 3" 1991-16 slides of view of Natural Bridge (Slade, KY), Whitehall State Historic Site (park) once home of Cassius M. Clay for whom M. Ali named (Richmond, KY), Four-figure artifact and guide (Whitehall State Historic Site, Cassius M. Clay home in Richmond, KY), Library furniture (Whitehall State Historic Site once Cassius C. Clay home in Richmond, KY). 

File 200: "Kentucky 4" 1991- 20 slides of Antique chair (Whitehall State Historic Site in Richmond KY), Greenbo Lake State Park Resort Park (Greenup, KY), Overshot wheel grist mill at Great Smokey Mountains National Park (Tennessee), Scenic fall Big Bone Lick State Park (Union, KY), Mastadon skull (Big Bone Lick State Park, Union, KY), Daniel Boone typical Appalachia frontier cabin (Norris, TN at 12th annual homecoming), Extinct bison cranium (Big Bone Lick State Park at Union, KY), Mastadon thigh bone, Pioneer artifacts (cabin exterior at Fort Boonesborough State Park in Richmond KY), Mastadon tooth, Life-size reproduction of extinct bison. 

File 201: "Kentucky 5" 1991- 19 slides of life-size reproduction of extinct bison, Life-size extinct mammoth, deer and mastadon jow bones (all at (Big Bone Lick State Park, Union Park, KY), Cumberland Falls (Cumberland Falls State Park Corbin, KY), Boonesborough State Park (Richmond, KY), Chair caning (Fort Boonesborough State Park in Richmond, KY). 

File 202: "Kentucky 6" 1991- 16 slides of Chair caning, broom maker, forge, root cellar ( all photos taken at Fort Boonesborough State Park in Richmond, KY). 

File 203: "Kentucky 7" 1991-3 slides of Pioneer artificats cabin exterior (Fort Boonesborough State Park, Richmond, KY). 

File 204: "Medical 1" 1977- 19 slides of Black lung Clinic, Beckley WV, former UMW Memorial Hospital now Appalachian. 

File 205: "Medical 2" 1977- 10 slides of Black lung Clinic (Beckley, WV), Coal miner and physician in pulmonary lab, coal miner retired black lung victim with oxygen respirator. 

File 206: "Miscellaneous 1" 1985-86 19 slides of various items including American flag, Timber, Rocket Launch. 

File 207: "Miscellaneous 2" 1978-86 20 slides of horse-drawn tours (Cincinnati), Southern WV, 2 young men crushing aluminum cans for recycling, Attack-Dog traninging (Clarksburg, WV), moon, Feeling tree for firewood, Moving mobile home, Pet Cemetary, working microcomputer. 

File 208: "MIscellaneous 3" 1977-85 18 slides of various types of vehicles, election signs, and moving a mobile home. 

File 209: "Miscellaneous 4" 1973-87 20 slides of The Greenbrier (Lewisburg, WV), and various photos. 

File 210: "Miscellaneous 5" 1979-1983 20 slides of Okefenokee State Park (Waycross, GA), Tourist boat tour at Okefenokee Swamp, Court House at Camden NC, Old house (Camden, NC), Antique Ford (Beckley, WV), Car impounded by police (Beckley, WV), Toystore (Crossroads Malls at Beckley, WV), New Restaurant Mall (Beckley, WV), African Mask. 

File 211: "Miscellaneous 6" 1977-85 20 slides of rainbow, 2 young men crashing aluminum cans to recycle, home maple with fall color winter woodsupply in foreground, Cookie Lovers (Charleston Towncenter, WV), Garden scene. 

File 212: "Miscellaneous 7" 1993- 18 slides of various Medieval attire. 

File 213: "Miscellaneous 8" 1992-93- 20 slides of fairfest. 

File 214: "Miscellaneous 9" 1985- 15 slides of tomato with penis envy, High School Graduation. 

File 215: "Mudrun 1" 1990- 15 slides of Eleanor WV mudrun: fourwheeler competing, before run 4-wheeler being polished, 3-wheeler, boy mud-covered standing at end of run, girl mud-covered grinning, vehicle with roll bar at high speed, boy and bicycle stuck near run start, 4 wheeler stuck, hooded driver in vehicle nearly obliterated by mud in run, mudrun competitor Tammy Harris after run in mud with 4-wheel vehicle, muddy boy at finish of race. 

File 216: "Mudrun 2" 1990- 7 slides of Eleanor, WV Mudrun. Kids running in mud, mudrun competition, 3-wheeler in run, Dad washes child after run. 

File 217: "Ohio 1" 1977-83- 20 slides of View of Cincinnati River and ancient suspension bridge, Upper Ohio Valley, Power Plant on Ohio side, Cincinnati Skyline (1982). 

File 218: "Ohio 2" 1974- 4 slides of Stevbenville, OH Court House Square. 

File 219: "Outdoor Recreation 1" 1984- 20 slides of Boating Recreation (Arkansas River), Young family catching Crayfish in New River near Hinton, WV, Fish-rearing ponds State Hatchery near Pine Bluff, Arkansas, Angler landing Largemouth Bass, Summersville Earth dam and outlet on Gauley River, laremouth bass lifted from water (NC), Fish bait farm in Arkansas. 

File 220: "Outdoor Recreation 2" 1983-95- 19 slides of Grandfather and Grandson fishing, Sunrise fishing scene (Arkansas), fine bassboat (Southern, WV), Large Mouthbass (Albemarle Sound, NC), Hitting target with 2 arrows at one standing by Stacy Grosscur, Ring tournament, part of famousexpensive gun collection (Huntington, WV), Anglers in canoe (Quite pool, New River). 

File 221: "Outdoor Recreation 3" 1984- 20 slides of Stacy Grosseup, Senior Citizen Stacy Grosscup on Wild Turkey, Archer Stacy Grosscup in 60s hitting sponge rubber or plastic "apple", Tossing Tournament, hitting target. 

File 222: "Outdoor Recreation 4" 1975-1985- 19 slides of Trout angler on Gaulley River below Summersville Dam, Trout fishermen (Summersville Lake, WV), Family fishing (New River, WV), Ring Tournament near Moorefiled WV, Restaurant Snowshoe Resort, WV. 

File 223: "Outdoor Recreation 5" 1985- 20 slides of on Seneca Creek looking towward Seneca, Flyrod fishing for bass (Back Bay, WV), Largemouth bass jumping (Albemarble Sound, NC), Small boy fishing, father and child in swimming pool, couple in swimming pool, mother and child in pool, child in pool, young mother and child in pool, young lovers in pool. 

File 224: "Outdoor Recreation 6" 1977-79 20 slides of young people playing volleyball, little league baseball and coach. 

File 225: "Outdoor Recreation 7" 1977- 20 slides of father-soon fishing, family camping on Lake Sherwood (Greenbrier County, WV), Backpacker hikers, Greenbrier River. 

File 226: "Outdoor Recreation 8" 1977-78- 20 slides of family camping (Sherwood Lake, WV), New River (Hinton, WV), Trout Anglers (spring at Shavers Fork), Family camp and fishing scene on Greenbrier River, family group in small boat at dock in WV. 

File 227: "Outdoor Recreation 9" 1977- 20 slides of Flyrod for bass (Back Bay, VA), Largemouth Bass (Albemarble Sound, NC), Bass tourney, Fishermen in Greenbrier River (Hinton, WV), Fly Rod fishing for bass (Back Bay, WV), Park Entrance (Waycross, GA), Fishing boats- Buccaneer Lodge, Marathon, FL. 

File 228: "Outdoor Recreation 10" 1977-83 20 slides of sportfishing boats (Keys, FL), Snowshoe Resort (WV), Sking class, Snowshoe Resort, Stocking trout in public pond (Beckley, WV), Seneca rocks, North Fork of South Branch of Potomac River, Slalon race North Fork of South Branch of Potomac River (WV). 

File 229: "Outdoor Recreation 11" 1975-79 20 slides of family outing beach on Sherwood Lake (Greenbrier County), Fishing scene on Ohio River tribuatry in bass masters classic, Picnic group (Beckley, WV), Sandstone falls in New River near Hinton, WV, Lake Stephens near Beckley Tiger Musky water, Merry-go-Round carouself, Fishing boats (FL, Keys), Cleaning up fishing boat (Islamorada, FL Keys), Relaxing at Isla Morada (FL Keys), Hang Glider at rest (Cypress Gardens, FL), One-foot water skiing (Cypress Gardens, FL), Boys camp- Camp Greenbrier Alderson, WV. 

File 230: "Outdoor Recreation 12" 1978-79 20 slides of boys sailing camp (Greenbrier), Hang Glider awaits tow (Cypress Gardens, FL), camping Atlantic Ocean beach (near St. Augustine, FL), Kayaking on mountain stream, Snowshoe, WV. 

File 231: "Outdoor Recreation 13" 1982-1989 20 slides of small sailboat and power boat pass river, Ring tournament, DNR official stocks small pond near Beckley airport with rainbow trout, small pulled vehicle full of canoes, white-water rafters (New River, WV). 

File 232: "Outdoor Recreation 14" 1994- 20 slides of White water rafters (New River, WV), Golf- Pipestem State Park, WV. 

File 233: "Outdoor Recreation 15" 1984-87 19 slides of New River, WV. 

File 234: "Outdoor Recreation 16" 1979-87- 20 slides of jet-ski, North Fork (Southern branch of Potomac River, WV), Largemouth Bass (Alemarble Sound, NC), Ring Tourney (Eastern, WV), Grouse Hunting (Southern WV), Bass Fishing Pro on Alabama River near Montgomery during 1982 Bass Masters Classic, White Bass (Alabama), Anglers just below Blue-stone dam (New River), Snowshoe Resort (WV). 

File 235: "Outdoor Recreation 17" 1983-87- 19 slides of Snowshoe Resort (WV), James Burnett of HInton (WV) with 19 pound Muskie, one of the 97 he has caught, Barrel shooting with muzzle-loader rifle (Mountain Flintlock Rifles, Inc.), Muzzle-loader group Bill's Creek (WV), Muzzle-loading rifleman in authentic historic attire, Authentic muzzle-loader outfit (Bill's Creen, WV), Shows flintlock muzzle-loader and standard gear and dress of muzzle-loading rifleman. 

File 236: "Outdoor Recreation 18" 1969-87 20 slides of jet-ski, shows firing mechanism of flintlock muzzle, carfiring muzzle loading breech, rock climber (WV), Anglers pushing boat off shoal water (New River). 

File 237: "Outdoor Recreation 19" 1967-89 20 slides of fishermen on New River, Boating Recreation (Arkansas River), Summersville Lake (WV) tailwaters, Blalom competition, Slalom Competition north fork of south branch of Potomac River, Whitewater racing, Stoneocoal canoes, fishing senior , Kees with tiny smallmouth, Herman Armstrong (New River), Dock scene on Plum Orchard Lake (Raleigh County). 

File 238: "Outdoor Recreation 20" 1989- 20 slides of A Herman bass (New River), Kees bass (New River), Largemouth Bass angler on Plum Orchard Lake (Raleigh County), white water rafting (Gauley River, WV). 

File 239: "Outdoor Recreation 21" October 25, 1989- 20 slides of Gauley River, West Virginia Whitewater Rafting. 

File 240: "Outdoor Recreation 22" 1989- 20 slides of whitewater rafters on Gauley River (West Virginia), heavy (bull) barrel shooting with muzzle-loader rifle. Mountaineer Flintlock Rifles, Inc. 

File 241: "Outdoor Recreation 23" 1989- 20 slides of whitewater rafting (Gauley River WV), Close view of flintlock mechanism on muzzzle loading musket, Jet-ski, Dave Kees small cook fire, Dave Kees with bass on Plum Orchard Lake, Dave Kees case mid New River (WV), River scenic beautiful, Dave Kees small bass, Mother sitting watching young daughter fish near Silhouette. 

File 242: "Outdoor Recreation 24" 1984-90- 20 slides of young male angler extracting hook from mouth of rainbow trout, close shot of hands holding small sauger showing teeth, Pre-teen girl fishing alone, old man with grandchild by lake with fishing tackle, small girl holding fishing rod, close shot of rainbow trout in angler's hands, teenage boy with fishing rod- unhooking small fish, Muzzleloaders (Gene Hyre and Bob Walden in period dress; Mountaineer Flintlock Rifles Inc.). Angler landing small large mouth bass from modern bass boat, Bass- Tournament Angler (Kissimmee, FL). 

File 243: "Outdoor Recreation 25" 1990 20 slides of Skiing Scene (WV), Little League Soccer game, Shot of clamp prosthesis on left wrist while using spinning gear, Angler tying Palomar fishing knot using clamp prosthesis, Console of modern bassboat with varied aids used in tournament angling for bass, early morning shot of angler casting standing in boat bow, Girl and boy fishing, Little girl holding bobber and fishing line just caught sunfish, Large smallmouth bass being netted after being caught on buzzbait, Gauley River (WV), Angler holdin gup large smallmouth bass that has just been caught, 2 Anglers in inflatable boat in front of Bluestone Dam on New River, Pic from side of Bluestone dam showing row of anglers one landing large carp, Scenic inflatable boat in foreground, Bluestone dam showing row of anglers wading in tailwaters, father and 2 young children fishing, Jogger running on trail in wood leaves on. 

File 244: "Outdoor Recreation 26" 1990- 20 slides of skiing, David (12) in woods squirrel hunting (WV), Man firing muzzloading pistol at firing range, man loading muzzloading pistol at firing range, 2 men in early American attire with muzzle loading weapons, Hunting hear, Boy (12) squirrel hunting with shotgun, Gleen Lacy and 10 pt whitetial taken by compound bow in Jackson County, WV, Glenn Lacy in camo pulling compound bow in woods. 

File 245: "Outdoor Recreation 27" 1990-1991 20 slides of Pleasure boat (Great Kanawha River), Tiny stern wheeler (Great Kanawha River), Man and woman boat fishing (South branch of Potomac River, WV), Father and son golf instructions, Anglers in inflatable boat below Bluestone Dam (New River, WV), Fishing lure maker, Muskie lure by Jack Cobb. 

File 246: "Outdoor Recreation 28" 1990-92- 19 slides of Anglers below Bluestone Dam, Armstrong and bass (New River below Bluestone Dam, Mike Metz (Spencer, WV), Cook and Trophy Buck, Cook deer had trophy for buck. 

File 247: "Outdoor Recreation 29" 1992 20 slides of deer shed antler, John Lowther with buck, BELLE excursion boat (Great Kanawha River), Terry Cline with buck, Deceased Alchowood or Trapper. 

File 248: "Outdoor Recreation 30" 1992- 20 slides of WV BELLE excurion boat (Great Kanawha River), Hunter trophy deer heads, Woodrum Lake, Tournament Anglers on Ohio River in Bass Masters Classic. 

File 249: "Outdoor Recreation 31" 1990- 20 slides of bass angler (Woodrum Lake, WV), Large smallmouth bass being landed (New River), Stan Fagerstrom water, pro exhibition caster, Stan Fagerstrom water, pro exhibition caster, Terry Cline (arch buck in woodlot), Beech Fork Lake, Terry Cline's arch, Beech Fork Lake, David Heeter and record Largemouth Bass. 

File 250: "Outdoor Recreation 32" 20 slides of close head pic D.Heeter's a bass with craw lure, David Heeter's fist in mouth record bass (WV), Close head pic D. Heeter's bass with craw lure, Heeter's record largemouth bass, Terry Cline and record buck (Logan County, WV), Eleanor, WV mudrum competitor Tammy Harris stalled being pulled away from mud. 

File 251: "Outdoor Recreation 33" 18 slides of West Virginia BELLE Excursion boat (Great Kanawha River), Small sternwheeler boat, boy standing fishing in river, Gauley River, WV, White water rafters (New River, WV). 

File 252: "Old file 1" 1977-80 20 slides of Mcgraw Sams Church, Lenin Kharky History Museum, Tom Pridemore running, John Amos Power plant, coal barge waiting to go through lock (Great Kanawha River, WV), cooling tower at John Amos power plant, Glade Creek Mill (Babcock State Park, WV), Fall scenic from Babcock State Park, Boat Okefnkee State Park (Waycross, GA), Grandview fall color (near Beckley, WV), School (Beckley, WV), Capitol Building, Marshall University, Wheel in suspension plaque. 

File 253: "Old file 2" 1977-85- 20 files of Morlunda main building, taking bark from log, Dr. Rasmussen Clinic, Union Carbide, Eagle Emblem (Beckley, WV), Young pioneer, Coal prepare plant, Sherwood Lake (WV), Rasmussen Clinic (Beckley, WV), Scenic woman motorcycle in WV, Chemical complex, Short sawed logs for firewood, Morluda WV, boy eating hot dog at fair, Union carbide pit (Charleston, WV). 

File 254: "Old File 3" 1975-85 20 slides of high school graduation, Union Carbide Institute (WV), Families in Mall in WV. 

File 255: "Old File 4" 1978-1984 20 slides of A Halloween pumpkin decoration, coal miner reads union contract, Chemical pit area (Charleston, WV), Tug coal barge (Ohio River), Strip mine, Strip mine pollution, trout angler (Gauley River), family picnic, coal barges (Kanawha River). 

File 256: "Old File 5" 1978-1979- 20 slides of teenagers sailboat, coal miner contract fight, heavy machinery on coal stock, Miami Beach luxury hotel, Black lung Clinic (Beckely), Coal Prepartion pink, Ohio Plant, Palm beach luxury cnodo (FL), Oil protest (Charleston, WV), Astro scope control room, mail pouch on barn (WV), Portrait Gorky- Kharkov History Museum. 

File 257: "Old File 6" 1977-1979- 20 slides of Teenagers at high school graduation party, Okefenokee Swamp Park (Waycross, GA), Central Florida. 

File 258: "Old File 7" 1977-80- 20 files of Gauley River, WV whitewater rafting, Fall in West Virginia, Natural bridge (near Lexington, VA), Old White Oak slab Federal Wood- Research center (Princeton, WV), farm scene (Eastern WV), bringing milk to central point (Souther Ireland). 

File 259: "Old File 8" 1977-78- 20 slides of young women in swim pool, summer pool young, father-son swim pool, home TV dish (Southern WV), Coal-fired power plant (near Winfield, WV), Creche Children perform (Nolgorad, USSR). 

File 260: "Old File 9" 1978-1984- 20 slides of primary political signs (Main St., Beckley, WV), Demo headquarters- 1978 general election (Main St., Beckley, WV), Tom Pridemore, Eleanor mudrun competior Tammy Harris on 4-wheeler in mudrun, U.S. coal, Citizen/labor energy coalition rally (10.17.79 in Charleston, WV), Young Kennedy primary workers- court house Pineville, WV yellow ribbon is for hostages, inside UMWLV 5771 during contract voting, coal0mine strike sign (Boone county, WV), fall flower and pumpkins, coal-burning power plant near Winfield, WV, wide angle view of Okefenokee swamp from tower. 

File 261: "Old File 10" 1977-78- 20 slides of Florida Keys, Sand Barge (Great Kanawha River in southern West Virginia), Brad Bennett catching frisbee, stocking trout in public pond (Beckley, WV), Bass- Tournament angler with rainbow (Kissimmee, FL), Bassboats of 1990 Classic early morning on water beginning trip to James River, Bass- Tournament angler (Kissimmee, FL). 

File 262: "Old File 11" 1977-78- 20 slides of spinning wool (Beckley, WV), apprentice potter (Ripley, WV fair), Indian jewelry maker (Beckley, WV), Stevensville, Ohio court house square, child in toy store (Beckley, WV), Ancient court house seaside town in North Carolina-Edenton- 18th centruy, shopping mall (Beckley, WV), Dam- New River (Hinton, WV), reconstrcuted old mill wheel (Old St. Augustine, FL), Bankrupt sale (Main Street, Beckley WV) 

File 263: "Old File 12" 1976-84- 18 slides of Girl and loom (Ripley, WV), St. James Park (London), Thames from bridge in London, Indisde L.V. 5771 during contract voting, Spanish business signs- Miami Beach FL, Bradley Mall (Beckley, WV), Charleston WV Mall, Sophia, WV. 

File 264: "Old File 13" 1978-1986- 20 files of plaque on Log House Museum (Point Pleasent, WV), Replica of french lead plate, Cincinnati skyline, West Virginia Department of Natural Resources Miller; Glade Creek Mill; Babcocil State, Carding wool (Beckley, WV), wooden-bucket marker (Ripley, WV), boat builder, wool spinner (Ripley, WV). 

File 265: "Old File 14" 1978-79 20 slides of Ripley, Eastern Bunny with Filipino boy (Beckley, WV), Railyard (Princeton, WV), Cooling tower at power plant coal-fired (near Winfield, WV), Alligators at Alligator Farm near St. Augustine, FL, Flilpper's Sea School (Grassy Key, FL), Needle Point Picasso, Trainer praises dolphin in Flipper's Sea School, Sea turtle (Maine Land, FL). 

File 266: "Old File 15" 1977-79 20 slides of scientific experimenters on dolphins (Marine Land, FL), Children riding horses (Pipestem, WV), High School student buys books at used-book sale (Beckley, WV), Old and young col miners (Beckley, WV), High-School graduation, Condominium Palm Beach, FL, carnival family (Beckley, WV), Celtic cross (Cashel in Southern Ireland), Dromoland Castle near Shannon Airport in Ireland, Atlantic coast in Southern Ireland. 

File 267: "Old File 16" 1977-79- 20 slides of Garden in Dromoland Castle near Shannon Airport (Ireland), Monument to fighters for soviet power (Kharkov, USSR), Kharkov history museum, Central Embarnkment (Golga River- Volgograd, USSR), Beachon Sea of Azov in USSR, Entrance- Kharkov Institute- USSR, Kremlin in Moscow, Gorkey Drama Theater (Fallen Heros Square Volgograde, USSR), Exterior- entrance to coal mine in Donetsk USSR note coal refuse heap, Soviet Coal miners going on shift- American coal miner snaps pic of colleagues Donetsk- USSR, Stadium with runners (Donetsk, USSR), Mural in Moscow, young pioneers greet U.S. coal miners who film near Kharkov (USSR), spraying burley tobacco; insect control. 

File 268: "Old File 17" 1977-1982- 20 slides of distribution of Government surplus cheese by Raleigh county community action (Beckley, WV), Old phone in use mouth of Seneck WV in store, 1984 Winter Festival Decorations (Moscow), Soviet Agricultural representatives meet with U.S. coal miners in Kharokov hotel- U.S. miner, group leader 3rd from right is Bob Havens, Circus (USSR), daughter of young pioneer camp leader recites english poem about a MUUSE camp near Kharkov USSR, passengers getting on bus, painting, Like much Soviet transportation, Electric buses can be crowded in Volgograd. 

File 269: "Old File 18" 1979- 20 slides of Hotel (Volgograd, USSR), Subway (metro) entrance in Moscow, Hotel- Kharkov American coal miners in foreground, apartment building Donetsk- USSR, Circus (Volgograd, USSR), Headquarters building; Volzhskaya power station and dam near Volgograd USSR, Type of rubber- tired electrical trolley common in USSR- Moscow, Young pioneers camp near USSR, Moscow University complex (USSR), Wall Tower (Red Square- USSR, Moscow), Small World War II Memoral (Donetsk, USSR), Young woman in small produce business (Kharkov, USSR), statue in front of St. Basil''s Red Square Moscow, rubber-tired electrical buses much used in Soviet Union, small soviet home, Kiev in USSR, Tennis (Donetsk, USSR), the shattered walls concrete sculpture (Mamayeu Hill Memorial ini Volgograd USSR), Children's theater Donetsk (USSR), Soviet agricultural representatives presents mall souveniers to U.S. coal miners (Kharkov, USSR). 

File 270: "Old File 19" 1976-78- 20 slides of Yuzh Naya Hotel (Volgograd, USSR), Stadium and very large scoreboard (Donetsk USSR), Building at Volgograd USSR, Dairy and produce farm (Pinecrest Sanatorium state owned (Beckley, WV), Orange groves (Central, FL), Lewisberg Fair. 

File 271: "Old File 20" 1977-1986- 20 slides of E. Kennedy Headquarters, 1980 Primary (Beckley, WV), Telephone, TV dish (West Virginia home), Mason-Dixon line on Rt. 2 (Proctor, WV), Cattle round-up, small town Main Street in Williamson WV, New River (Hinton, WV), Wall poster made by young pioneers (near Kharkov), WW2 Memorial, Obelish to the heros of the Red Tsaritsyn in Volgograd. 

File 272: "Old File 22" 1976-83- 20 slides of disney world (monorail train), condominiums on Lake Worth (West Palm Beach, FL), "Central" Circleville, WV, Building City Park Fountains (Beckley, WV), Scaffolding and workers (Beckley, WV), High lift (Beckley, WV), Renovation for new store (Beckley, WV). 

File 273: "Old File 23" 1977-78- 19 slides of Parrots (Silver Springs, FL), coal barges, coal-burning power plant (Winfield, WV), coal-fired power plant and coal barges on Great Kanawha River. 

File 274: "Old File 24" 1978-84- 20 slides of young pioneers greet U.S. coal miners near USSAR, Soviet miners in bathhouse, Volgograd book store, covered brdige (Indian Creek, WV), water skiing (Cypress Gardens, FL), Dolphins (Marineland, FL), 200ft metal cross at mission of Nombre de Dios (St. Augustine, FL), Boat tour (Silver Springs, FL), entrance to Miami resort, Mickey mouse on castle steps at Disney World. 

File 275: "Old File 25" 1977-79- 20 slides of teenagers at high school graduation party, citize with labor energy coalition rally (10.17.79 in Charleston, WV), Coal company brass load center, sawing fallen tree for firewood, Union carbide area (South Charleston, WV), Main Street (Beckley, WV), photo- business santa (Cross Roads Mall, Beckley WV), Beckley Lilly Reunion Parade. 

File 276: "Old File 26" 1977-78 15 slides of briefing 1973; reenactment Battle (Carnifex Ferry, WV), Parrots- Lion Country Safari 200 near West Palm Beach, FL. 

File 277: "Old File 27" 1978-1984- 19 slides of Trafalgar Square (London), fired power plant, Castillo De San Marcos (oldest masonry fort in U.S.), Large American Flag, Fisherman in New River (Hinton, WV), Bass tournament anglers before launch (Kissimmee, FL). 

File 278: "Old File 28" 1977-1984- 18 slides of Pro tournament anglers race for fishing spots on Ohio River in Bass Masters Classic, Ramps Callium Tricoccum prepared for eating, Growing burley tobacco (Southern, WV), FL angler united pres. church- USA, female park ranger Everglades National Park, Farm scene (Southern, WV), head of Raleigh County WV now speaks before WV advisory board to U.S. Civil Rights commission (Beckley, WV), farm scene, Ivan T. Pomogaibo -standing- Secretary- Central Committee of the Soviet Coal Miners Union and American Miners (Moscow), 'Millionares Row' on Biscayne Bay (Miami Beach, FL). 

File 279: "Old File 29" 1977-78- 19 slides of boating (Lake Stephens in Beckley, WV), Young pioneers (camp near Kharkov USSR), shipping on Great Kanawha River near Winfield WV, (Wheeling WV) suspension bridge from Wheeling Street. 

File 280: "Old File 32" 1978-1984- 20 slides of Donetsk in U.S.S.R., Soviet Youth- Kiev U.S.S.R., Radio station in Donetsk U.S.S.R. 

File 281: "Old File 33" 1979-1984- 19 slides of cleaning woman(Moscow tourist hotel), New River from Blue Stone dam (HInton, WV), Young Pioneers Camp (Kharkov, USSR), Crowded Kiev USSR subway entrance, Obelisk to the heros of the red Tsaritsyn in Volgograd, Czar Kolokol "King of Bells) fell from scaffold took out chip weighing 111.5 tons (Kremlin, Moscow), Treatment and room coal miners' preventitive care hospital (Donetsk, USSR), Main building (Moscow University), Ukraine University (Kiev, USSR), U.S. Coal miner presents artificial mouse to daugher, Creche children play and learn to match ribbon colors to house colors (Volgograd, USSR). 

File 282: "Old File 34" 1979-1984- 17 slides of WW2 Memorial (Donetsk, USSR), 1979 view of Kharkov USSR, Creche play room motif on glass door (Volgograd, USSR), Lenin Museum (Moscow), Building on fallen heros square (Vulgograd, USSR), Circus in Volgograd, USSR, Memorial at site of Nazi Concentration Camp (Donetsk, USSR), Ceramic wall decoration Yuzh Naya Hotel (Colgograd, USSR), Bell Towers (Kremlin, Moscow). 

File 283: "Old File 35" 1977-1984- 17 slides of White Swan Department Store (Donetsk, USSR), Rhinos- Lion Country Safari Zoo (near West Palm Beach, FL), Old phone in use near mouth of Seneca WV, Pretty TV camera (Beckley, WV), Storage area for miners coal mine- Donetsk (USSR). 

File 284: "Old File 36" 1974-1985- 20 slides of entrance sculpture memorail complex of glory (USSR), guide briefs American coal miners on the Volzhskaya power station and dam near Jolgograd, Detail battle for stalingrad state museum of defence, poster in Volgograd book store, U.S. coal miners confer with officials of Miners' Preventitve Care Hospital (Donetsk, USSR), Wall Tower Test Basil's Red Square (Moscow, USSR), Monument to A Labor (Moscow), Bell Towers in Kremlin Moscow, Entrnace sculpture- Mamhyeu Hill Memorial (Volgograd, USSR), Helsinski Airport, Barges waiting to go through lock (Great Kanawha River, WV), Teen-age lifegaurd female. 

File 285: "Old File 37" 1979-1984- 18 slides of waiting room (Volgograd USSR airport), Monastery town of Zagorsk (40 miles from Moscow), Creche children dance (Volgograd, USSR), Volzhskaya Power Station on Volga near Volgograd USSR, Statue of the mother land, Main Building (Moscow), Heroes Square Mam-Hyev Hill Memorial in Volgograd USSR, Theater (Donetsk, USSR), St. Basil's getting face lift, Red Square (Moscow, USSR), Czar pushka "King of Cannons" cast 15860 never fired (Kremlin, Moscow), As finale Creche children give flowers to American Coal Miner Audience (Volgograd USSR), Small Soviet home on Sea of Azov, In tourist hotel/restaurant in Volgograd USSR. 

File 286: "Old File 38" 1975-78- 19 slides of Old Curiosity Shop (London), Towr of London, Cabin Creek quilters creek, John Henry Statue near Big Bend Tunnel, R.W. Howdy Shell owner of Marble King Inc. in Ohio, Mocassin maker, village scene in Southern Ireland, kissing Blarney Stone (Blarney Castle in Southern Ireland), Street in coastal village (Southern Ireland), Celtic cross- cashel southern Ireland, Looking down throat of diamondback rattle snake. 

File 287: "People (odd folk) 1" 1967-1977- 20 slides of various people and husbank and wife amateur clowns (Beckley, WV). 

File 288: "Plants 1" 1984-87- 20 slides of Golden rod (Appalachia), Paphiopedilum Redstart 'Exbury' EO Bruni Orchids, La Elio Cattleya Amber Glow- Great Kanawha Valley Society Orchid, La Elio Cattleya Stephen Oliver Foraker- Jan Davenport Orchid, Brassolaeliocattleya Rebecca Meikle- Huntington Orchid Growers, Foreground- Wisteria background- alligator Okefenokee state (Waycross, GA), Oranges in Middle of Florida, Osage orange fruit, orange tree (Central FL), Poke with berries, Goldenrod, Wild papaw fruit on tree. 

File 289: "Plants 2" 1987- 20 slides of Osage Orange tree with fruit, Wild flower, Sumac shrub. 

File 290: "Plants 3" 1988- 20 slides of sumac shrub, dogwood with seed berries in late summer, spring beauty (Monongahela National Forest WV), Tree bearing frut (Florida). 

File 291: "Plants 4" 1988- As the twig is bent, so the tree's inclined- small tree defored probably by other plants, bibiscus, pitcher plant (Garracenia purpura) bloom spring Cranberry (Glades, WV), wild flower, goldenseal dried roots. 

File 292: "Plants 5" 1988-Golden rod, Shag Bark Hickory (WV), Wild Dogwood and berries. 

File 293: "Plants 6" 1989- 20 slides of wild dogwood and red seeds, unknown wild plant common swampy field habitat, Fungus probably honey mushroom (Armillariella mella), Dandelion, Wild Dogwood bloom, Dogwood in bloom in early spring (Cornus florida), Poison Ivy, Ivy/oak same plant, Red Clover bloom with crab spider, Ornamental olive with berries, wild cherry trees blooming, Elderberry bloom, Edlerberry in bloom in spring (Sambucus canadensis), Yellow water lilly, Queen Ann's lace, wild strawberry bloom. 

File 294: "Plants 7" 1989- 20 slides of Pokeweed bloom, wild honeysuckle, skunk cabbage, Oxeye Daisy (Chrysantheium serotina), Foxglove Beardtongue, Roses of Sharon blooms, Wild flower, Wild Dogwood red seed, Poke edible and poison, Poison Ivy, Milkweed seedpod windblown, Red clover and tiny spider. 

File 295: "Plants 8" 1989- 20 slides of Wild Honeysuckle, Wild flower, Sun dew carnation, Strawberry- wild bloom, Wildflower sweet, BI-Poke, edible and poison in bloom, pokeweek bloom, Queen Ann's Lace, Five fingers, Elderberry bloom, Foxglove Beard Tongue, Skunk Cabbage. 

File 296: "Plants 9" 1989- 19 slides of skunk cabbage, Rose of Sharon, Wild Cherry frut, Black cherry mature fruit in late summer, dogwood twig red seed, single sundew plant (Drosera rotundifolial, carnivorous, Cranberry Glades), Tiny and beautiful flower. 

File 297: "Plants 10" 1989- 20 slides of Goldenrod bloom, wild honeysuckle, wild chicory "coffee plant", Poison Ivy/Oak (Toxicodendron diversilba), Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica), Daisy fleabane, dogwood berries, fungi, wild honeysuckle, blue wildflower. 

File 298: "Plants 11" 1989- 20 slides of Tall goldenrod (Solidago altissima), yellow mushroom cluster on old stump and ground, black walnuts on tree, wild flower, papaw blooms in spring (Asimina triloba) produces edible fruit in fall, Tawny Daylily. 

File 299: "Plants 12" 1989- 20 slides of spring snow on plant, black cherry (Prunus serotina), Bluets (Houstonia caerulea) and dandelion (Taraxacum officinale), Dogwood (Cornus florida), giant puffball mushroom with dragonfly, Daisy fleabane (Erigeron philadelphicus), Sweet Joe Pye Weed (Eupatorium puprureum), Tall Ironweed (Veronia altissma), Japanese Honeysuckle (Loni-japonica), Hickory nuts and leaves, probably bitternut (Carya cordiformis), Elderberry with ripe fruit in late summer (Sambucus canadensis). 

File 300: "Plants 13" 1990- 20 slides of Mature pokeweed in fall (Phytolacca americana), common cattail (Typha latifolia), Papaw fruit that ripens in late summer or fall of year (Asimina triloba), Shagbark Hickory nuts (Carya ovatal), Mushroom-like fungus, Oyster shell-like fungus all over end of dead log, 2 different fungi, Jewelweed (Impatients capensis), Mist flower (Eupatorium coellestrium), Late fall wildflower. 

File 301: "Plants 14" 1991- 20 slides of Poinsettias, white watter lily (Nymphaea odorata), Poinsettias red and white green house (Euphorbia heterophylia), Poinsettias red entire frame with greenhouse in front (Euphorbia heterophylla), Northern Catalpha tree (Catalpa speciosa) in spring bloom. 

File 302: "Plants 15" 1991- 18 slides of staghorn sulmac tree (Rhustyphina) with red seed pod, black locust (Robinia oseudoacacia) with sweet flowers, fall flowers; pumpkins shock old hay rake arrangement, mushroom stemmed umbrella type, flower (mums) and pumkins arrangement, yellow and purple mums, yellow mushroom cluster on stump and ground, giant puffball mushroom with dragonfly. 

File 303: "Plants 16" 1991- 17 slides of giant puffball mushroom, mature hedgeapple on on limb, flower of night blooming, wild cherry branch with mature cherry cluster, Sunflower head, Tawny Daylily, Blackeyed Susan plants. 

File 304: "Plants 17" 1991- 13 slides of Blackeyed Susan plants, mushroom, pine branch ice covered, flowering tree (magnolia), dogwood twig red seed ice coverred. 

File 305: "Plants 18" 1991- 11 slides of fungus (Corious versicolor), Turk's cap lily (Lillium martagon). 

File 306: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 1" 1995- 20 slides of Pecans growing on tree, Red bud, Sunflower, Red Bud (West Virginia). 

File 307: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 2" 1984-1991- 20 slides of Red Bud (West Virginia), Alligator at farm near St. Augustine FL, Male African Lion in repose, Giraffe stance while grazing- Lion Country Safari near West Palm Beach, FL, Zebra- Lion Country Safari Zoo, Lion Country African Safari Zoo (Central Florida), Alligator, Galapagos tortoise (Silver Springs, FL), Diamond Back Rattle snakes (Silver Springs, FL), Monkey, Ross Allen. 

File 308: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 3" 1984-1991- 20 slides of Cottontail rabbit, Alligator farm near St. Augustine, FL, Baby Cottontail rabbits in nest, Alligator head shot, Florida Amaryllis (Cypress Gardens, FL), Laeliocattleya Dee Dee Greater Kanawha Valley Orchid Society, Cattleya Portia Coervlea- Laura Lin in orchids, Vanda Bonnie blue Fukuumora X Ascocenda Tanchaibens (orchid) Miami Valley Orchid Society, Khynehostylis Retusa (orchid) Central Ohio Orchid Society, Sophrolaeliocattleya Mae Hawkins- Greater Kanawha Valley Orchid Society, Laeliocattleya Amber Glow- Great Kanawha Valley Orchid Society, Recently hatched snapping turtle on wild cherry leaves, Brassocattleya Westor- Greater Kanawha Valley Orchid Society. 

File 309: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 4" 1980-85- 20 slides of Magnolia Tree, Sophrolaelio Cattleya Mae Hawkins- Greater Kanawha Valley Orchid Society, Vanda Bonnie Blue Fukuumorax Ascd, Tan-Chai Bens, Rhynchostylis Retusa (species) Central Ohio Orchid Society, Brassolhelio- Cattleya Rebecca Merkle- Huntington WV Orchid growers, Cattleya Skinneri (species) Cincinnati orchid society, Dogwood single branch, Eastern cottontail rabbit, Mayapple plants. 

File 310: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 5" 1984-87- 20 slides of May Appleplant, Gineng and early blooms, Dogwood bloom, Bottlefed Kitten, mobile in fish haterchy state near Pine Bluff Arkansas, Osage Orange (mock orange, Bois Diarci in Southwestern, WV), Redbud tree. 

File 311: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 6" - 1977-85- 20 slides of wild cotton tail rabbitbabies in nest and garden spider. 

File 312: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 7" 1977-85- 20 slides of Hiding Gray Squirrell, Poinsettias red, Yellow perch (Ablemarble Sound, NC), Huge sea turtle opens mouth for food (Flipper's Sea School- Grassy Key, FL), Monument marks grave of Mitzi moies 1st "Flipper", Natuive Rhododendron, Dolphins (Marineland near St. Augustine, FL), Softshell freshwater Turtle (Everglades, FL), Turtles and alligators at Everglades National Park (Southern FL), Cypress Gardens Florida, Sea Turtle (Flipper's Sea School Keys, FL), Sea Turtle, Cattleya Skinneri Cininnati Orchid Society. 

File 313: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 8"- 20 slides of Cactus common near St. Augustine Beach, Timber Rattler (Silver Springs, FL), Monkeys (Silver Springs, FL), Chimpanzee, Llama, Extracting venum from Diamond Back Rattlesnake, Alligator at Alligator farm near St. Augustine, FL, Diamondback Rattlesnake farm, Nonpoisionous snake, Dolphin at Maine Land FL. 

File 314: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 9" West Virginia State Fair (near Lewisberg, WV), Rhinos- Lion Country Safari Zoo near West Palm Beach, Bears, Alligators, Zebras, Diamondback Rattlesnake, Chimpanzee, Sandpipers- Lion Country Safari Zoo (near West Palm Beach, FL). 

File 315: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 10" 1979- 20 slides of Small Deer and Lions at Lion Country Safari Zoo (West Palm Beach, FL), Newborn mule and mother horse, Brassolaeliocattleya Challenge- Greater Kanawha Valley Orchid Society, Alligator farm (St. Augustine, FL), African Safari Zoo (Central Florida), Flowering shurbs (Grassy Key, FL). 

File 316: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 11" 1979- 20 slides of African Safari Zoo (Central Florida), Cuban Crocodile, Dangerous (Silver Springs, FL), Alligator Farm (St. Augustine, FL), Lion Country African Safari Zoo- Central Florida, Wisteria and alligator Okefenukee Swamp Park (Waycross, GA), Softshell turtle, Very rare (4 in U.S. zoos) Agressive cuban crocodile native of Zapata (Swamp in Silver Springs, FL), Muger Crocodile, endangered species of India- dangerous to man, Caiman- native to Central and South America, Alligator demonstration (Silver Springs, FL), Stuffed Alligator Okefenokee Swamp Park (Way Cross, GA), Cactus (Cypress Gardens, FL), Common wild cactus (St. Augustine, FL). 

File 317: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 12" 1979-87- 20 slides of Diamondback Rattlesnake fang exhibit (Alligator Farm near St. Augustine, FL), Hanneford Cicus. 

File 318: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 13"- 20 slides of various plants including wild flower with crab spider and Dogwood in West Virginia. 

File 319: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 14" 1987- 20 slides of Dandelion head, gone to seed, wild dogwood, Rhododendron wild in Appalachia, Common wild violet. 

File 320: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 15" 1987- 19 slides of Bison, zebra, rhino feeding, give-leaf ivy. 

File 321: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 16" -1987- 20 slides of May Apple (Podophyllum peladum) bloom (Monogahela National Forest), May Apple bloowm with Grandaddy Long Legs. 

File 322: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 17" 1987- 20 slides of Wild strawberry, Wild cherry tree. 

File 323: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 18" 1987- 19 slides of Large Dogwood tree, Crown Vetch Lake, Wild daisy, Wild Honeysuckle. 

File 324: "Plants and Animals- Zoobot 19" 1987- 20 slides of Mountain Laurel (Kalmia latifolia) on side left; Rhododendron on side right, Cinammon fern, Banana Tree (Cypree Gardens, FL), Vegetation (Cypress Gardens, FL), Snap Dragons and Amaryllis (Cypress Gardens, FL). 

File 325: "Poverty 1" 1982- 20 slides of various photos of individuals in poverty. 

File 326: "Poverty 2" 1968-82- 5 slides of various photos of individuals in poverty. 

File 326-A: "Russia 1" 1984- 17 slides of St. Basils Cathedral Museum Red Square, Monastery Town of Zagorsk USSR (40 mi. from Moscow), Heroes Square-Mamayen Hill Memorial (Volsgograd USSR), Mother & Dead Son-Lamentations Square-Mamayen Hill Memorial (Volgograd USSR), Bell Towers in Kremlin (Moscow), Young Pioneers Camp (near Kharkov USSR), Granite Motherland Statue Memorial-Complex of Glory (Kharkov USSR), Dam on Volga (near Volgograd USSR), Brass Statue of Coal Miner (Donetsk USSR), Hoist Tower-Deep Shaft Mine (Donetsk USSR), Small Soviet Home on Sea of Azov (USSR), Kremlin Entrance-Winter, Kremlin BLDG (Moscow), Woman Working Public Garden (Moscow) 

File 327: "Russia 2" 1984- 20 slides of Decorating New Year Tree (Zagorsk), Old Woman working in Moscow University Flower Garden (USSR), St. Basil's getting face lift Red Square, Moscow. 

File 327-A: "Russia 3" 1979- 19 slides of American Coal Miners Discuss Soviet Mine Safety Equipment at All Union Mine Rescue Institute (Donetsk USSR), Street Scene With Vehicles (Volgograd USSR), Mamayev Hill Memorial to Heroes of Stalingrad Battle (Volgograd USSR), Heroes Square-Mamayev Hill Memorial (Volgograd USSR), Statue of The Motherland-Mamayev Hill Memorial (Volgograd USSR), Mamayev Hill Memorial (Volgograd USSR), Mother & Dead Son-Lamentation Square-Mamayev Hill Memorial (Volgograd USSR), Granite Motherland Statue-Memorial Complex of Glory (Kharkov USSR), Pleasure Boat-Sea of Azov (USSR), Tennis (Donetsk USSR), Apartment House-Volgograd Area-Vehicle is a Taxi marked with a "T" in Soviet Union, Volzhskaya Power Station & Dam on Volga (Near Volgograd USSR), Rubber Tired Electrical Buses Much Used in Soviet Union (Zhdanov), Building (?) (Volgograd USSR) Note Vehicles*, In Tourist Hotel/Restaurant (Volgograd USSR), Sunflower Field, Botanical Garden Building (Donetsk USSR), Pushkin Fable Character Carving-Botanical Gardens (Donetsk USSR), 

File 327-B: "Russia 4" 1979- 19 slides of Pushkin Fable Character-Botanical Gardens (Donetsk USSR), Flat Apple Trees Developed to Grow Under Plastic Sheets in Siberia-Botanical Gardens (Donetsk USSR), Prehistoric Stone Carving-Botanical Gardens (Donetsk USSR), Trellised Apple Trees-Botanical Gardens (Donetsk USSR), Pushkin Fable Characters-Botanical Gardens (Donetsk USSR), Volzhskaya Power Station & Dam (Near Volgograd USSR) American Coal Miner Tourists, Motorbike (Donetsk Area USSR), Type of Rubber Tired Electrical Buses Common in USSR (Moscow), Some Soviet Citizens Ride Motorcycles (Donetsk USSR), APT. BLDG. (Donetsk USSR), Bell Tower (Moscow), Aluminum Wall Decorations Common in Soviet Union, Central Embankment Voga River (Volgograd USSR), Diorama-Battle for Kharkov WWII-Karkov History Museum (USSR), Diorama-Early Russion History-Kharkov History Museum (USSR), Clenched Fist Monument to WWII Victims (Zhdanov USSR), Lenin Square (Donetsk USSR), Vehicle in Front of (Donetsk USSR) Hotel-Shot at Dusk-High Speed Film CNote Headlight Streaks 

File 328: "Russia 5" 1979- 20 slides of Par of Memoral Complex (Kharkov, USSR), Sports complex (Donetsk, USSR), Sauna bath for coal miners (Donetsk, USSR), Wedding party- Lenin square, Fire-protection clothing- all union mine rescue institute, Circus (Volgograd, USSR), American Coal Miners inspects soviet swimming pool for miners (Donetsk, USSR), View of Kharkov (Check) USSR vehicles, Tennis (Donetsky, USSR), High rise apartments near Volzhskaya Power Station and Dam, Entrance to Administration building Coal Mine (Donetsk, USSR), Young Pioneer and U.S. miner (Camp near Kharkov, USSR), Woman in garden at home near Zhdanov USSR, Monument to Dead Forest- Parie Lane in Memoral Complex of Glory (Kharkov, USSR), Botanical Garden Guide and U.S. Coal Miners, Sunflower field (Ukraine, USSR), Miners' Preventive Care Hospital (Donetsk, USSR), Bob Havens standing group leaders American Coal Miners Greets Soveit Agricultural leaders in Kharkov hotel, City Scene of Donetsk, USSR. 

File 329: "Russia 6" 1979- 20 slides of Mural (Volgograd, USSR), Official Vehicle, Apparently, police or medical or taken at dusk high speed film, Guide (red hair) speaks to U.S. Coal Miners through interpreter (Zhdanou, USSR), Hotel Druzhba (Donetsk, USSR), Entrance of State Museum of Defence (Volgograd, USSR), Monument, Fallen Fight- Ersi Square (Volograd, USSR), Official Vehicles, police or medical taken at dusk with high speed film (Donetsk, USSR), Construction crane most common sigh in USSR, Irrigation truck on Moscow Street, Monument at Southerwestern USSR, Lenin Square (Donetsk, USSR), Central Embankment (Volga River, Volgograd, USSR), Young female honor gaurd at Obelisk to the Red Tsaritsyn (Now Volgograd, USSR), Volgograd Buildings from Central Embankment on Volga USSR, Railway Station, One of Six Sculptural groups in Heroes' Square Mamayev Hill Memorial. 

File 330: "Russia 7" 1979- 20 slides of Statue of the Motherland 102 meters high, Obelisk to the Heros of the Red Tsaritsyn, Entrnace State Museum of Defence (Volgograd, USSR), Pavlov House (famed independence post of WW2 in Volgograd, USSR), City Scene- Donetsk USSR), Stadium of very large scoreboard (Donetsk, USSR), WW2 Memoral (Donetsk, USSR), Radio TV Station, apartment building, Stadium with Runners (Donetsk, USSR), WW2 Memorial (Donetsk, USSR), Portrait Studio, Construction crane, tennis, Pushkin Fable Characters (Botanical Gardens- Donetsk, USSR), White Swan Department Store (Donestk, USSR). 

File 331: "Russia 8" - 20 slides of sports complex (Donetsk, USSR), Tennis, Pushkin Fable Characters- Botanical Gardens (Donetsk, USSR), Hotel DRUZHBA (Donetsk, USSR), Prehistoric Stone Carvings (Botanical Gardens, Donetsk, USSR), Clenched First Monument to WW2 Victims- Zhdamov (USSR), Beach (Sea of Azov, USSR), Guild speaks to U.S. Coal Miners through interpreter (Zhdanov, USSR), Wall poster made by young pioneers (Camp near Kharkov, USSR), Young Woman in Small-Produce Business (Kharkov, USSR), Young Pioneer Boys. 

File 332: "Russia 9" 1979- 19 slides of Soviet wedding party leaves flowers at entrance sculpture of Memorial Complex of Glory (Kharkov, USSR), Part of Memorial Complex of Glory (Kharkov, USSR), Young Pioneer and teacher camp near Kharkov, Entrance to Kharkov Institute- USSR, Young Pioneer Camp near Kharkov, USSR, Soviet young pioneer performer camp near Kharkov, young woman in small produce business, Headquarters Building Volzhskaya Power Station near Volgograd USSR, Glassed-in model of Turpines used in Volzhskaya, Guide briefs American Coal Miners on the Volzhskaya power station and dam near Volgograd, Soviet Coal Miners in bath house going on shift- Woman is attendant (Donetsk, USSR), Treatment Room- Coal miners Preventive Care Hospitals (Donetsk, USSR). 

File 333: "Russia 10" 1979- 20 slides of Flat Apple Trees Developed to grow under plastic sheets in Siberia Botanical Gardens (Donetsk, USSR), Hoist Tower- Deep Shaft Mine U.S. miners, Huge cable drums for Man trip and coal car hoists (Donetsk, USSR), Soviet Coal Miners going on shift- American Coal miner snaps pic of colleagues (Donetsk, USSR), Woman Operates Cable drum hoists for Coal Mine, American Coal Minersinspect Soviet Swimming pool for miners, Storage area for Miners (Coal Mine in Donetsk, USSR), Treatment room- Preventive Care Hospital for Coal Miners, Gum Department Store, One of 6 Sculptural groups in Heroes Square- Mamayeu Hill Memoral (Volgograd, USSR), Mural (Moscow, USSR), Exterior entrance to coal mine (Donetsk, USSR), Moscow City Plan Display lobby- Tourist Hotel in Moscow, Typical Private Auto (Moscow, USSR), No woman working at Moscow Universtiy, Moscow Universtiy (Moscow, USSR). 

File 334: "Russia 11" 1979- 20 slides of Front view- Czar Pushka "King of Cannons" cast 1586- never fired (Kremlin), Czar Kolkol "King of Bells" bell from scaffolding 1747 took out chip, cleaning woman tourist hot, Moscow University Complex (USSR), Ciruc (Volgograd, USSR), Creche Cailoren Dance (Volgograd, USSR), Yuzhnaya Hotel (Volgograd, USSR), Hotel (Volgograd USSR), Poster in Volgograd Bookstore, Mural 1979 (Volograd, USSR). 

File 335: "Russia 12" 1979- 20 slides of Volograd Bookstore (USSR), Waiting room at Volograd Airport, Steel Shelter used by plant workers WW2 at Volograd State Museum, S.A.M. Moscow view, Statue in front of St. Basil's Red Square in Moscow, Bell Towers in Kremlin Moscow, Palace of Congress (Moscow), Red Square (Moscow, USSR). 

File 336: "Russia 13" 1979- 20 slides of St. Basil's getting face lift (Moscow), Wall Tower opposite St. Basil's Red Square, Young Pioneer's Camp near Kharkov USSR, Beach on Sea of Azov- USSR, St. Sophia's Kiev USSR, Respirators to eliminate coal dust (Donetsk Coal Mine, USSR). 

File 337: "Russia 14" 1979- 20 slides of Bell Towers in Kremlin, Creche playroom motif on glass door (Volgograd, USSR), Creche Children Dance, As finale, Creche children given flowers to audience, CRECHE chidlren perform (Volgograd, USSR). 

File 338: "Russia 15" 1979- 20 slides of Bell Tower (Moscow) and various photos of children. 

File 339: "Russia 16" 1979- 20 slides of Moscow University Complex (Moscow, USSR) and Monument to A Labor Leader (Moscow). 

File 340: "Russia 17" 1979- 20 slides of Obelisk to the Heroes of The Red Tsaritsyn (Now Volgorad, USSR) and Statue of the Motherland (102 meters high- Evgenivuchetich, sculptor) in Mamayeu Hill Memorial in Volgograd, USSR. 

File 341: "Russia 18" 1979- 20 slides of Memorial- Mamayue Hill (Volgograd, USSR), Bombed-out Mill a WW2 Memorial- at right is being built A Tour Building Volgograd USSR, Monument to V.I. Lenin Sculptor E. Vucheticit (Volgograd, USSR), Gorky Drama The Eater (Volgograd USSR), American Coal Miners to Volgogrado Creche Operator share Birch Tree drink, Granite motherland Statue at Memorial Compex of Glory (Kharkov, USSR), Young Pioneers greet U.S. coal miners camp near Kharkov USSR, Young Pioneer recites for U.S. Coal Miners near Kharkov USSR. 

File 342: "Russia 19" 1979- 20 slides of young pioneer audience and teacher- camp near Kharkov- USSR. 

File 343: "Russia 20" 1979- 20 slides of British tank used against 1917 Revolution at Kharkov History Museum, Diorama detail- Early Russian Hisotry- Kharkov History Museum, Lenin Statue (Kharkov History Museum- USSR), Portrait Gorky- Kharkov History Museum (USSR), Painting- Kharkov History Museum, U.S. Coal Miners in young pioneer audience camp near Kharkov USSR, Soviet Agricultural Representatives present small souvenior to U.S. Coal Miners in Kharkov USSR, Aluminum Wall decorations common in Soviet Union, U.S. coal miners in young camp, Lenin Bust (Kharkov History Museum), Bob Havens group leader- American Coal Miners and Soviet Agricultural Leaders in Kharkov, Diorama- Early Russian History, Young pioneer camp leader presents gift to U.S. Coal Miner group leader Bob Havens near Kharkov, U.S. Coal Miners meet with young pioneer leader camp near Kharkov, Monument to Kharkov dead forest-park lane in memorial complex of Lory, Wall poster made by young pioneers. 

File 344: "Russia 21" 1979- 20 slides of U.S. Coal Miners meet with young pioneer camp leaders, Hammerd Aluminum Wall decorations, Diorama battle for Kharkov at Kharkov History Museum, American Coal Miners Discuss Soviet Mine Safety Equipment, Coal cars- Coal Mine entrance (Donetsk, USSR), American mier poses with grenade-like Soviet fire fighing decivce in All Union Mine Rescue Institute (Donetsk, USSR). 

File 345: "Russia 22" 1979- 20 slides of Ivan T. Pomogaibo (standing) Secretary Central Committee of The Soviet Coal Miners Union and American Miners, Entrance to ancient and famous church in Kremlin Moscow, Clerk in hotel shop in Moscow (USSR note abacus used everywhere). 

File 346: "Russia 23" 1979- 20 slides of exchanging dollars for rubles at Soviet bank, U.S. Coal Miners visit farm reserach center (Kharkov Institute, USSR). 

File 347: "Russia 24" 1979- 20 slides of U.S. Coal Miners Confer with Soviet farm Scientist (right) at Kharkov Institute USSR, Kharkov USSR restaurant in tourist hotel American Coal Miners Soviet Guide Center, Soviet Agricultural representative meet with U.S. Coal Miners in Kharkov Hotel- U.S. miner group leader 3rd from right (Bob Havens). 

File 348: "Russia 25" 1979- 20 slides of U.S. coal miners meet with Soviet officials at all Union Miner Rescue Insitiute, American Coal Miners inspect Soviet fire protection clothing; All Union Mine Rescue Institute Donetsk, Sauna bath for Coal Miners, U.S. Coal Miners confer with Soviet Union Officials, U.S. Coal Miners Soviet Officials in Preventive Care Hospital, Children's Theater, Howard Smith (West Virginia in Donetsk Department Store note abacus), U.S. Coal Miners confer with officials of Miners' Preventitive-Care Hospital Donetsk USSR, Apartment building Donetsk USSR, Lenin Square, Botanical Garden Building Donetsk USSR, Ministry of the Coal Mining Industry. 

File 349: "Russia 26" 1979- 20 slides of Tennis (Donetsk, USSR). 

File 350: "Russia 27" 1979- 20 slides ofCeramic Wall Decoration Yuzinaya Hotel- Volgograd (Yuzhnaya Hotel), American Coal Miner signing register Volograd State Museum of Defence USSR, Volgograd Museum Director, Russian broom (Volograd, USSR), Detail painting of battle for stalingrad (Volgograd, USSR), Stylized peacock Wall Decoration in Jewelry Shop. 

File 351: "Russia 28" 1979- 20 slides of Guide briefs American Coal Miners on the Volzhskaya Power Station and dam near Volgograd USSR, Circus (Volograd, USSR). 

File 352: "Russia 29" 1979- 20 slides of Soviet Agricultural leaders Kharkow- with Bob Havens (Glasses) American Coal Miner Tour Leader and Restaurant (lower floor). 

File 353: "Russia 30" 1979- 20 slides of Ships in lock of Dam on Volga River at USSR, Central Embankment Volga River, Volgograd USSR, Small Soviet home on Sea, American Coal Miners at Sea of Azon, Pleasure boat on Sea of Azov, Cruising on Sea of Azov USSR. 

File 354: "Russia 31" 1979- 20 slides of Monument (Southwestern USSR), Sunflower field at USSR- much used for cooking oil. 

File 355: "Russia 32" 1979- 20 slides of Memorial to victims of Nazi Concentration camps and Newly Married Couple near Kharkov. 

File 355-A: "Russia 33" 1979- 18 slides of US Coal Miners Confer with Soviet Farm Scientist (Right) Kharkov Institute (USSR), US Coal Miners in Young Pioneer Audience Camp Near Kharkov (USSR), American Miner Poses with Grenade-Like Soviet Firefighting Device in All-Union Mine Rescue Institute (Donetsk USSR), Young Female Honor Guard at Obelisk to the Red TsarItsyn (Now Volgograd USSR), Pavolv House Famed Defence Post WWII (Volgograd USSR), US Coal Miners in Young Pioneer Audience Camp (Near Kharkov USSR), Glassed-in Model of Turbines Used in Volzhskaga Power Station & Dam (Near Volgograd USSR), Child Volunteers Caring for Flowers (Volgograd USSR), Steel Shelter Used by Plant Workers-WWII-USSR-Volgograd State Museum of Defence, Young Pioneer Camp (USSR), Statue of the Motherland (USSR) 

File 356: "Russia Winter 1" 1984- 13 slides of Lenin Bust in Lenin Museum (Moscow), Moscow Winter night, Bolshoi front- Winter Festival- New Yera Tree in Moscow, Red Square St. Basils, Small church- Kalinin Prospect (Moscow), Public Park Donetsk USSR, Closer view of figures hilltop WW2 Memorial (Kiev, USSR), Hotel Bar & Restaurant (Kiev, USSR), Basil's Cathedral and Musem Red Square (Moscow). 

File 356-A: "Russia-Winter 1" 1984- 19 slides of Helsinki Airport Xmas season, Helsinki Airport-Passengers Boarding, Finnish Plane-Helsinki Airport, American Citizens Exchange Money For Rubles (Moscow), Intourist Office (Moscow), Museum of Soviet Art (Moscow), American Tourists-Museum of Soviet Art (Moscow), Bust of Gorky-Entrance Museum of Soviet Art (Moscow), Moscow Circus 

File 357: "Russia Winter 2" 1984- 20 slides of Moscow circus, New Year Greetings Winter Festival in Moscow, Father Frost in Moscow, Museum of European Art (Moscow), Small church (Kalinin Prospect in Moscow), Moscow River Scene, Metro Entrance, Building Placard, Heated outdoor swimming pool in winter, Lenin Library, Engine trouble, fender bender, Kalinin Prospect, Lenin Bookstore. All photos taken in Moscow. 

File 358: "Russia Winter 3" 1984- 13 slides of Lenin Bookstore, Bolshoi, Kalinin Prospect, Street sign at night, Hotel Rossiya, Central Moscow from Rossiya Hotel. All photots taken in Moscow. 

File 359: "Russia Winter 4" 1984- 20 slides of street merchant (Donetsk, USSR), Orthopedic Clinic (Donetsk), Buliding for parking (Kiev, USSR), Brass lion in Kiev USSR park much ridden by children, Soviet autos (Kiev, USSR), Soviet Street Telephone booths (Kiev), Dollar Store Exterior (Kiev), Lenin Statue (Kiev), St. Sophia's Museum (Kiev), Museum of Ukranian History (Kiev). 

File 359-A: "Russia-Winter 4" 1984- 16 slides of Father Frost (Moscow), Figures at Tourist Hotel Entrance, Heated Swimming Pool Winter (Moscow), New Year (NOT Xmas) Tree (Moscow), Kremlin Winter Tourists (Moscow), Czar Cannon-Kremlin (Moscow), Kremlin Street Scene Winter, Kremlin-Winter (Moscow), Orthopedic Clinic (Donetsk USSR), Small Merchant (Donetsk St. USSR), Small Children Day Care/Kindergarten (Donetsk USSR), Older Children at Coal Mine Recreation Center (Donetsk USSR) 

File 360: "Russia Winter 5" 1984- 20 slides of Stadium interior (Kiev, USSR), Archeological figures (Kiev Park, USSR), New Year Tree (Kiev), Dollar Store in Kiev, WW2 War Memorial and museum at Kiev, Inside Memorial to War Dead (Kiev), View of Kiev and Dnieder River from War Memorial Hill, Old Armory (Kremlin, Moscow), Kremlin Moscow in winter, Red Square- St. Basil's Spassky Tower, Art Museum in Moscow, Moscow University. 

File 360-A: "Russia-Winter 5" 1984- 19 slides of Older Children at Coal Mine Recreation Center (Donetsk USSR), Basketball Court-Coal Mine Recreation Center (Donetsk USSR), Donetsk Residential Street (USSR), Soviet Women (Donetsk USSR), Donetsk (?) Street (USSR), Entrance Coal Mine Administration Building (Donetsk USSR), Radio Station (Donetsk USSR), Memorial at Site of Nazi Concentration Camp (Donetsk USSR), Public Park (Donetsk USSR), Public Park-Children-(Donetsk USSR), Public Park-Winter Festival New Year Tree (Donetsk USSR), Cinema (Donetsk USSR), Dollar Exchange Bank (Donetsk USSR) 

File 361: "Russia Winter 6" 1984- 20 slides of Monastery Town of Zagorsk (40 miles from Moscow), Zagorsk Tourist Shop, Lenin Museum (Kiev), Sports Stadium Exterior, Ski lift, tourist Hotel, Entrance to sections and monastery of Zagorsk, Cinema (Zagorsk), Active Orthadox Church in Zagorsk, Store window in Zagorsk, USSR. 

File 362: "Russia Winter 7" 1984- 20 slides of Stadium interior (Kiev, USSR), Archeological figures, New Year Tree, Dollar Store, W.W.II War Memorial and Museum, Inside Memorial to War Dead, View of Kiev U.S.S.R. and Dnieper River from War Memorial (all in Kiev, U.S.S.R) , Old Armory (Kremlin, Moscow), Red Square (St. Basil's Spassky Tower), Art Museum (Moscow), Moscow Universtiy, Moscow. 

File 363: "Russia Winter 8" 1984- 20 slides of Monastery town of Zagorsk (40 miles from Moscow), Zagorsk Tourist Shop (U.S.S.R.), Lenin Museum, Sports Stadium exterior, Ski Lift (Moscow), Tourist hotel (Moscow), Entrance to Walled sections and Monastery of Zagorsk, Active Orthodox Church in Zagorsk, Store window, Cinema, Zagorsk Tourist Shop. 

File 363-A: "Russia Winter 9" 1984- 19 slides of Trimming New Year (NOT Xmas) Tree-Winter Festival (Zagorsk USSR), Tourist Shop (Zagorsk USSR), Zagorsk USSR, Winter Festival Placard (Zagorsk), Cinema (Zagorsk) 40 Mi. from Moscow, Monestery Town of Zagorsk, Diorama in Ukranian Museum of Ancient Walled Kiev (USSR), Winter Night (Moscow), Red Square in Winter-Lenin's Tomb, Red Square-Lenin's Tomb/St. Basil's/Sky Tower-Winter, Red Square Opposite End from St. Basil's 

File 364: "Scenic 1" 1977-90- 20 slides of Trees in fall (backlit), Rainbow (Great Kanawha River near Winfield, WV), Waterfall near Natural Bridge and Lexington VA, United Methodist Church (Seebert, WV), Wesley Chapel Methodist Church (Hillsboro, WV), Natural Bridge (near Lexington, VA), Richmond WV fall color, Greenbrier WV River in fall, Twisted tree near Natural Bridge near Lexington VA, fall color marina near Winfield WV, fall color horizontal pond tree reflections foreground rubble. 

File 365: "Scenic 2" 1990-91- 20 slides of Kanawha River in fall with paddlewheels from Winfield WV bridge, View from Prospect Peak Berkeley Springs; heavy morning fog; North Branch on Potomac River, Just above Kanawha Falls waterfull upper right, Scenic from Rich Mountain toward job in WV; fall, Scenic fall (Central West Virginia), View from Prospect Peak above Berkeley Springs (North Branch, Potomac River), View from Prospect Peak; Berkley Springs; sunrise color; North Branch (Potomac River), Prospect Peak (Berkley Springs, WV) morning clear view. 

File 366: "Scenic 3" 1991- 20 slides of view of Prospect Peak; Berkeley Springs; clear morning; North Branch, Potomac River, Kanawha Falls WV inn and restaurant in background, Kanawha Falls WV mand and woman anglers in foreground, Stonecoal Lake WV impoundment known for muskie fishing, Kanawha Falls WV where New River becomes Great Kanawha, pine branch ice covered, Shenandoah River near Millville, WV, Saddle Mountain from U.S. in Mineral County WV, Greenbrier River WV fall color, Frost marks window. 

File 367: "Scenic 4" 1991- 20 slides of frost marks windows, fishing boat (Florida Keys), Greenbrier River fall color, Trees backlit in fall, Carnifex Ferry in Fall WV, Autumn trees with reflection Pond WV, Cheat Mountain overlook; Cass Scenic Railroad, Scenic Greenbrier River (Talcott, WV), Stream near Richwood WV, View in fall from Rich Mountain toward Job, WV. 

File 368: "Scenic 5" 1978-91- 20 slides of New River at River level, Fall; Lone Mountaineer (Southern, WV), fall scenic near Helvette WV, Fall in the Appalachian Mountains near Spruce Knob WV, Fall in Southern WV, Lake Sherwood near White Sulphur WV, Autumn trees with Reflection in Pond WV, Redbud over pond, Falls Mill in Fall on Little Kanawha River WV, Winter Scene WV, Fall scenic; Greenbrier River Valley (Marlinton WV), Farm in fall with sheep (Marlinton WV), Fall scenic; from Rich Mountain toward Job WV, Scenic near Falls Mill WV, Scenic Greenbrier River Valley WV, Fall scenic; with old building (Marlinton, WV), New River Dam near Hinton WV. 

File 369: "Scenic 6" 1991- 19 slides of West Virginia mountain; fall, Scenic WV; fall color, New River dam near Hinton WV, Kanawha Falls WV where New River becomes Great Kanawha, Greenbrier River WV, United Methodist Church (Seebert, WV), trees backlit in fall. 

File 370: "Scenic 7" 1978-1994- 19 slides of Wesley Chapel (Methodist Church in Hillsboro, WV), Fall scenic with old building, Scenic near Helvetia, Seebert WV trees, Stream near Richwood WV, Large view fall of Appalachian color near Spruce Knob WV, Greenbrier River WV, trees backlit fall. 

File 371: " Scenic 8"- 14 slides of Greenbrier River West Virginia; fall color, West Virginia mountain fall color, Cranberry Glades; fall color. 

File 372: "Scenic 9" -14 slides of Cranberry Glades, Williams River WV, Scenic WV fall color, Stonecoal Lake overview, Scenic fall color West Virginia. 

File 373: "Scenic 10"- 3 slides of Scenic West Virginia fall color, Cranberry Glades near entrance; fall color, Cov Bridge (Phillippi, WV). 

File 374: "Scenic 11" 1977- 20 slides of fall color; goldenrod in foreground; Canaan Valley Park region, 1973 Reenactment Battle Carnifex in Ferry WV, fall color wooded hills Canaan VAlley Park WV, Harpers Ferry from Maryland Heights confluence of Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, Babcock State Park pond canoe, 

File 375: "Science 1" 1977- 20 slides of various satellites and scientific equipment. 

File 376: "Science 2" 1977- 20 slides of National Radio Astronomy Observatory (Greenbank, WV). 

File 377: "Science 3" 1977-87- 20 slides of Radio telescope (Green Bank, WV), Archeologist (Point Plesant, WV), Close dish of now destroyed 300-foot radio telescope (Green Bank WV Monongahela National Forest), 300-foot radio telescope National Radio Astronomy Observatory Green Bank WV (collapsed late 1988). 

File 378: "Science 4" 1977-84- 19 slides of TV Dish and shop where made for sale (Southern WV), TV Satellite dish (WV), TV Satellite Dish on rural home in Southern WV. 

File 379: "Senior Citizens 1" 1985- 20 slides of old man banjo, senior wood-worker, senior at computer, senior women jogging, senior at loom, senior feeds home-built wooden stove, senior constructs home walkway, senior at yard work, senior at personal computer, senior citizen sales clerk in Main St. store (Beckley, WV). 

File 380: "Senior Citizens 2" 1977-89- 20 slides of Crossroads mall arts and crafts show (Beckley, WV), Senior Citizen Anglin near Beckley, WV, Senior reeds home-built wooden stove, Bob Fowler pioneer dress, senior men outdoors with radio-controlled model plane. 

File 381: "Social 1" 1979- 20 slides of Citizen/labor Energy Coalition Rally (October 17, 1979 in Charleston WV), Beginning of Citizen/Labor Energy Rally, Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition Rally Jerry Thompson (National Legislative Direction FAM), A. James Manchin (West Virginia Secretary of State) at Rally, Jack Perry (President District; largest distrcit in WV) at Rally, Darrell McGraw (WV Supreme Court Justice) at Rally, Joe Powell (President WV AFL-CIO), Jay Rockerfeller (WV Governor John D IX), Jay Rockerfeller at podium at Rally. 

File 382: "Social 2" 1978-79- 20 slides of Coal Stake Sign (Boone County, WV), Coal miner looks over contract outside, BRAC (Railroad) strikers (Hinton, WV), Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition Rallay (10-17-79 in Charleston, WV), Jay Rockerfeller at Rally. 

File 383: "Social 3" 1977-79- 20 slides of Coal Miners discuss contract (Madison, WV), Coal mine strike sign (Boone County, WV), Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition Rally (10-17-79) in Charleston WV with Bob Wise, Representative of Raleigh county WV now speaks before WV Advisory Board to U.S. Civil Rights Commission Public Meet in Beckley WV Courthouse, Member Beckley Human Rights Commission (pink dress) testifies before WV Advisory Board to U.S. Civil Rights Comission public meeting (Beckley, WV) courtroom, Protest Poster (Hirleah Area in Miami, FL), Citizen-Labor Energy Coalition Rally (10-17-79) Charleston WV, Jerry Thompson, Jack Perry (District 17 UMWA President speaks, Joe Powell (President WV AFL-CIO). 

File 384: "Social 4" 1977-79- 20 slides of Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition Rally (10.17.79) in Charleston WV James Manchin (WV Secretary of State), Jay Rockerfeller at Rally, Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition Rally with Jay Rockerfeller (left) then Bob Wise (Co-chairperson WV CLEC. Charleston Gaz. Photo), Darrell McGraw WV Supreme Court Justice at Rally, Pickets, railway clerical workers strike (Hinton WV), District 17 UMWA Largest district in UMWA, Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition Rally Jerry Thompson National Legislative Director IAM. 

File 385: "Social 5" 1978-89- 20 slides of BRAC Pickets 1978 Rail Strike (Hinton, WV), Citizen/Labor Energy Coalition Rally 10.17.79 in Charleston WV, Stotes bury local union at Sopina WV; shot in March 1978 during contract ratification debate, Coalmine strike sign (Boone County, WV), UMW President Richard Trumka speaks Charleston WV Rally June 11, 1989, UMW Rally Charleston, WV (6.11.89). 

File 386: "Social 6" 1989- 20 slides of various photos from UMW Rally (Charleston, WV, June 11, 1989). 

File 387: "Social 7" 1989- 20 slides of E. Kennedy Headquarters 1980 Primary Beckley WV, Used-inside sports July 31, 1980 Tom Pridemore on left. 

File 388: "Social 8" 1989- 3 slides of primary election (Pineville, WV Coal Fields), E. Kennedy Headquarters 1980 Primary (Beckley, WV), Young Campaigners in 1980 Primary (Pineville, WV). 

File 389: "Society.SCA 1" 1993- 20 slides of various photos of society for Creative Anachronism. 

File 390: "Social.SCA 2" 1993- 3 slides of society for Creative Anachronism, female child (19 months old). 

File 391: "Sports 1" 1977- 16 slides of various photos of tennis games. 

File 392: "Sports 2" 1990- 20 slides of white greyhound muzzled and leashed on track before race, greyhounds just out of trapdoors at race start, greyhounds not far out of trapdoors at race start, greyhounds round curve in race bunched. 

File 393: "Sports 3" 1990- 17 slides of greyhounds at curve bunched with rabbit showing ahead, greyhounds bunced good straitaway racing shot, fine pic; dogs racing bunched close but one ahead, dogs just entering frame with much space ahead of them, harness race WV State Fair. 

File 394: "Sports 4" 1992- 4 slides of harness race at West Virginia State Fair. 

File 395: "Teenagers 1" 1978-85- 19 slides of college musicians (Beckley, WV mall), Teenager mowing lawn, High School Broad jump (Beckley, WV). 

File 396: "Tennessee 1" 1991- 20 slides of log barn and sheep (Norris, TN) 12th Annual Fall Homecoming, Turbines inside Norris Dam (Norris Dam State Park, TN), Inside room Norris Dam unfinished paiting by German artist 1930's of the dam, Inside room Dam construction photos (Norris bust), room inside Norris Dam painting of dam by Germanartist when being built, Senator Norris bust inside Norris Dam (Father of TVA), young girl tending cooking fire at 12th Annual Homecoming at Norris TN, Face of TVA Norris Dam with Clinch River tailwaters, Scenic vertical church mountain Great Smoky Mountains National Park TN, "Daniel Boone" typical Appalachia frontier cabin, elevated view of TVA Norris Dam showing face, face of Norris Dam from side showing electrical app no river, Norris Dam face lake tailwaters from high observation point. 

File 397: "Tennessee 2" 1991- 20 slides of Norris Dam face lake tailwaters from high observation point, Norris Dam face lake no tailwaters from high observation point, folk musicians at Norris TN 12th Annual Homecoming, Iye-soap making at Norris TN 12th Annual Fall Homecoming, large crowd at Norris TN, Log barn and sheep, Face of TVA Norris Dam with Clinch River Tailwaters. 

File 398: "Tennessee 3" 1991- 19 slides of sorghum making mill mule powered, fold musicians, using draw knife to make splits for chair caning, log barn and sheep, old log dwelling and craft salesman, overshot wheel grist mill, near view with chimney old log dwelling, Daniel Boone typical Appalachia frontier cabin, Nyckelharp player (Sweedish instrument dating to 15th Century) all photos taken at Norris, TN 12th Annual Fall Homecoming. Overshot wheel grist mill at Great Smoky Mountains, TN. 

File 399: "Tennessee 4" 1991- 20 slides of Appalachian fiddler, young girl tending wood cooking fire, overshot wheel grist mill, young girl practicing throwing hatchet at stump end, old iron jail cells tiny for 4 prisioners, fence-rail log splitting (all photos taken at 12th Annual Fall Homecoming in Norris, TN). Scenic foreground pumpkins Blanket Mountain, Great Smoky Mountains in TN. 

File 400: "Tennessee 5" 1991- 14 slides of overshot wheel grist mill (Norris Dam State Park, TN), overhot wheel grist mill Great Smoky Mountains National Park TN, old barn and mountains at Smoky Mountains, foreground pumpkins (Blanket Mountain, Great Smoky Mountains, TN), middle ground church (Great Smoky Mountains, TN), Middle ground church (Great Smoky Mountains, TN). 

File 401: "Tennessee 6" 1991- 3 slides of scenic church at Great Smoky Mountains, TN. 

File 402: "U.S. History 1" 1991- 11 slides of National Park headquarters near Antietam National Battlefield, Entrance to Visitors Center; Antietam National Battlefield, Antietam National Battlefield several cannons facing right, Antietam National Battlefield two obelisks. 

File 403: "Virginia 1" 1980-90- 19 slides of Back Bay Virginia near Virginia Beach, Church near Galax VA, Shenandoah National Park VA, Waterfall near Natural Bridge and Lexington VA, Stream scene near National Bridge and Lexington VA, Capitol builidings in Richmond VA. 

File 404: "Workmen 1" 1979-82- 19 slides of workmen renovate jewelry store front (Beckly, WV), Renovation for new store 1981-1982 (Beckly, WV), store front renovation (Beckley, WV 1982), Pest control service, New traffic light installation (Beckley, WV), Postal Employee (Beckley, WV), Building sand blaster (Charleston, WV). 

File 405: "Workmen 2" 1982- 19 slides of various forms of workmen on the job. 

File 406: "Workmen 3" 1982- 20 slides of various workmen on the job. 

File 407: "Workmen 4" 1982- 20 slides of workers sand blast cleaning court house (Beckley, WV), Renovation for new store 1981-1982 (Beckley, WV). 

File 408: "Workmen 5" 1981-82- 20 slides of renovation for new store (Beckley, WV), and various workmen on the job. 

File 409: "Workmen 6" 1982- 1 slide of new store grand opening. 

File 410: "West Virginia Arts and Crafts 1" 1975-78- 20 slides of handmade coach made by Ralph L. Meadows (Hinton, WV), Old fan replica at Smithsonian, Dolly Sherwood to trunk contents at Charleston, WV. 

File 411: "West Virginia Arts and Crafts 2"1975-78- 20 slides of various vendors and crafts. 

File 412: "West Virginia Arts and Crafts 3" 1989- 20 slides of Mountain Toy Merchant Dick Schnacke near New Martinsville, Mocassin maker, woman weaving, dye maker, apple-butter maker, quilt making, carved carousel horsehead, shingle splitter, rug making, Garton carrousel horse, Froe chisel and wood slat on top of log stump, blacksmith Cedar Lakes. 

File 413: "West Virginia Arts and Crafts 4" 1992- 20 slides of blacksmith Cedar Lake, face painting Cedar Lake, hearth dolls, woman otter, woman potter, basket maker, handmade quilt, crafted sheep. 

File 414: "West Virginia Arts and Crafts 5" 1992- 20 slides of crafted sheep Cedar Lakes, carousel carving, making lye soap, blacksmith. 

File 415: "West Virginia Arts and Crafts 6" 1992- 20 slides of blacksmith (Cedar Lakes, WV), apple-face doll, Grandpa puppet, Young scot dancers, rag dolls. 

File 416: "West Virginia Historic 1" 1986- 20 slides of Old stone church (Lewisberg, WV), Pearl Buck home. 

File 417: "West Virginia Historic 2" 1979-86- 20 slides of Coal-company store built about 1900 Whipple, WV, Home of English born coal operator David Ansted circa 1900 (Ansted, WV), Adena mound and museum (South Charleston). 

File 418: "West Virginia Historic 3" 1977-84- 20 slides of old mine seizure poster (Beckley, WV), Archeologist at Point Pleasant WV Site, Morlunda Farm near Lewisburg WV, Battle Reenactment- Carnifex Ferry, Coal Company Store built 1900- now private dwelling (Whipple, WV), Coal company scrip brass load center. 

File 419: "West Virginia Historic 4" 1978-79- 20 slides of coal compnay scrib, former coal company store (Whipple, WV) cica 1900 (Whipple Colliery Co.), Memorial to coal miner dead (Eccles, WV), Former coal company store near Beckley WV cica 1933, Old coal operator home (Ansted, WV). 

File 420: "West Virginia Historic 5" 1978-87- 20 slides of part of Dolly Sherwood trunk contents Godey's Lady's Book, one of Davis Elkins mansions (Elkins, WV), Brant Scott cica 1948. 

File 421: "West Virginia Historic 6" 1988-92- 19 slides of coal-mining scrip collections (Clarksburg, WV), covered bridge (Greenbrier county, WV), Old Academy Buffalo, General McCausland home, General A.G. Jenkins home, Pearl Buck home (Hillsboro, WV). 

File 422: "West Virginia Historic 7" 1992- 18 slides of Bridge STAATS Mill, Covered bridge interior (Phillipi, WV). 

File 423: "West Virginia Historic 8" 1992- 20 slides of covered bridge (Phillipi, WV). 

File 424: "West Virginia Historic 9" 1992- 8 slides of New River Gorge Bridge, Peark Buck home, Antique locomotive (Huntington, WV), small covered bridge (Southern WV), Charles Yeager statue beside his Hamlin WV high school. 

File 425: "WV Homes 1" 1992- 9 slides of abandoned victorian home; rural WV, small home witch broom chimney, deserted victorian home. 

File 426: "West Virginia 1" 1978-80- 20 slides of fall scenic from Rich Mountain toward Job WV, workers sandblast cleaning court house (Beckley, WV), Country store U.S. 60 near Hawks Nest (Souther, WV), Snowshoe Resort ski-school area, Fayetteville Court House(Fayetteville, WV). 

File 427: "West Virginia 2" 1975-1980- 20 slides of various photos of New River WV, Bridge over New River (Fayetteville, WV). 

File 428: "West Virginia 3" 1977-83 20 slides of renovation for New Store (1982 in Beckley, WV), Swiss Canton Flags on Bridge in fall (Helvetis, WV), Old mansion (Southern WV), Dixie Kilham H.F. 

File 429: "West Virginia 4" 1977-1979- 20 slides of various photos taken across West Virginia including headstones, parades, and people. 

File 430: "West Virginia 5" 1962-1985- 20 slides of mining academy near Beckley, mining academy dedication near Beckley (1977), Morlunda, Monroe County fire tower, covered bridge, Miss Universe. 

File 431: "West Virginia 6" 1983-86- 20 slides of small-town Main Street turned into plaza (St. Albans, WV), Small town Main Street (Delbarton, WV), covered bridge (Union, WV). 

File 432: "West Virginia 7" 1984-86- 20 slides of Coal House (Williamson, WV), Small town Main Street (Williamson, WV), locks and dam (Kanawha River), Locks Great Kanawha Valley (Winfield, WV), New "glass" Office Building (Charleston, WV), 19th Century office building (Charleston, WV), Seneca Rocks (Pendleton County), Lilly Reunion Parade (Beckley, WV), Only Crematorium in West Virginia for years (Beckley, WV), Beckley WV Fire Department, Dulcimer players (Ripley, WV). 

File 433: "West Virginia 8" 1978-84- 20 slides of 1973 Reenactment Battle Carnifex Ferry WV, Covered bridge, Sawing contest (Webster Springs, WV), Lilly Reunion Parade (Beckley, WV), Distribution of Government surplus cheese by Raleigh county community action (Beckley, WV), Distribution of Government surplus cheese, People mover WVU (Morgantown, WV). 

File 434: "West Virginia 9" 1977-78- 20 slides of Mountaineer bag piper Frank George (WV State Fair, Lewisburg), Country musicians (Union, WV), This "Veep" replica won 1st place novelty division, Ramps cooked with potatoes (Beaver, WV), New Bridge across Ohio to replace fatal silver bridge Kanawha River on left- Ohio River on right, 4th of July Decorations (Southern WV). 

File 435: "West Virginia 10" 1977-1988- 20 slides of bridge over New River (Fayetteville, WV), fall marina near Winfield, WV, Folk and country musicians one family (Pipestem, WV). 

File 436: "West Virginia 11" 1977-78- 20 slides of mobile library (Kanawha County, WV), Country Musicians (Union, WV), Small town new paper office (Summersville, WV), Shopping Mall (Beckley, WV), Bradley Mall (Beckley, WV). 

File 437: "West Virginia 12" 1978- 20 slides of Ring Tourney, Lewisburg WV fair, Old man enjoying ramps (Beaver, WV), young campers (Pipestem, WV). 

File 438: "West Virginia 13" 1977-83- 20 slides of Point Pleasant WV, Pipestem WV, master whittler carving product, Lilly Reunion Parade (Beckley, WV August 1979), City Hall (Beckley, WV), Community Center Richmond District Raleigh County, WV, Out of Buisness Sale Neville Street (Beckley, WV), Merle Travis country and western composer. 

File 439: "West Virginia 14" 1980-84- 20 slides of Angler standing on rock below Bluestone Dam, Church (rural WV), Small town Main Street (Summersville, WV), TV Satellite dish (Rural WV), Small covered bridge (Southern WV), abandoned grist mill. 

File 440: "West Virginia 15" 1977-84- 20 slides of female telephone company worker (Beckley, WV), Mobile home sale lot (Beckley, WV), Farm Scene (Southern, WV), New River at Hinton WV, Old Mansion (Southern WV), Lock and Dam on Great Kanawha River near London WV, Street sign (Beckley, WV), Xmas tree ornaments made from sewing thrad spools, Mrs. Mary Pyle Charleston WV making Xmas tree ornaments, Ramps cooking (Beaver, WV). 

File 441: "West Virginia 16" 1986- 20 slides of Wesley Chapel (Buckhannon, WV), Antebellum southern manion (Union, WV). 

File 442: "West Virginia 17" 1986- 20 slides of various photos containing satellites and homes. 

File 443: "West Virginia 18" 1986- 20 slides of various homes and bridges in West Virginia. 

File 444: "West Virginia 19" 1976-82- 20 slides of shopping mall (Charleston, WV), Folk musician (Pipestem, WV), Quilt pattern (Ripley Fair, WV), Country Store (Pipestem, WV), New River Bridge under construction, Native African Artifact, Stage coach model made by Hinton WV crafts, Raleigh county community action association (Beckley, WV). 

File 445: "West Virginia 20" 1976-82- 20 slides New Bob Evans Restaurant (Beckley, WV), Old phone in use (Seneca, WV 1976), Old outside telephone booth in use (Circleville, WV), Highway phone booth, gas tanks being moved from closed ESSO station (Beckley, WV), Circus (Beckley, WV). 

File 446: "West Virginia 21" 1975-79- 20 slides of Hanneford Circus (Beckley, WV), Ramps cooking (Beaver, WV), Ramps young girl enjoing ramps (Beaver, WV), First Methodist Church (Beckley, WV), Fayette County Court House (Fayetteville, WV), Dick Schnacketoy (mountain) merchant new Martinsville WV with finger puppets. 

File 447: "West Virginia 22" 1976-80- 16 slides of TV dish (Southern WV), PRT "People Mover" Station (Morgantown, WV), New River Gorge Brdige (Fayetteville, WV), Handmade Dulcimer, Cornshuck dolls (Pipestem country store, WV), Apple head (shrunken) doll (Pipestem, WV), Splitting oak shingles with froe and dogwood mallet (Beckley, WV). 

File 448: "West Virginia 23" 1976-83- 20 slides of arts and crafts show (Crossroads Mall in Beckley, WV), gospel singers (Pipestem, WV), Democratic party headquarters (1982, Beckley, WV), Folk Musician (Pipestem, WV), WV Potter Displays craft, boy bottle feeds pony, blacksmith training tools (Ripley, WV), Pete Seeger Folk singer (Pipestem, WV). 

File 449: "West Virginia 24" 1977-83- 18 slides of group listens to Pete Seeger Folk singer (Pipestem, WV), Store Window (Pipestem, WV), Crossroads Mall (Beckley, WV), WV Creative Arts Center (Morgantown, WV), Thai Students "People Mover" PRT (Morgantown, WV), Interior PRT "People Mover", Store interior (Morgantown, WV), New River Gorge Brdige Highest East of Mississippi near Fayetteville, WV. 

File 450: "West Virginia 25" 1979-83- 20 slides of Lilly Family Reunion Parade (Beckley, WV), Highway Berm Flea Market (Beckley, WV), Main Street store has gone to mall (Beckley, WV), Personal initials plate probably WV legislator, impoundment (Southern WV), customer-country store (Pipestem, WV). 

File 451: "West Virginia 26" 1969-85- 20 slides of Charleston WV from Fort Hill area, Moorefield WV. 

File 452: "West Virginia 27" 1972-83- 18 slides of various activities in WV. 

File 453: "West Virginia 28" 1977-81- 20 slides of musicians in West Virginia. 

File 454: "West Virginia 29" 1979-87- 18 slides of Scenic from Rich near Harmaniv, Potomac River. 

File 455: "West Virginia 30" 1987- 20 slides of Pocahontas County, Scenic from Kennison Mountain WV, Autum Scenic WV off U.S. 19, General Store Zenith, WV. 

File 456: "West Virginia 31" 1987- 18 slides of Old cash register in use in store (mouth of Seneca, WV), Wheeling WV suspension bridge looking toward Wheeling, New River Gorge Bridge (Fayetteville, WV), Court House (Pineville, WV). 

File 456-A: "West Virginia 31 (Two)" 1987- 17 slides ofChuck Yeager Statue at Hamlin WVA High School, Sternwheeler on Ohio River Taking Tourists to Blennerhassett Island 

File 457: "West Virginia 32" 1977-78- 19 slides of WV State Penatentery Entrance (Moundsville, WV), Grave Creek Mound and Museum (Moundsville, WV), John Henry Statue near TAlcotti WV, Mason-Dixon line marker near Proctor WV. 

File 458: "West Virginia 33" 1977-89- 16 slides of Wheeling Island in Ohio River, Lilly Reunion Parade (Beckley, WV), Burnsville Lake overview, Stone Coal Lake Overlook WV. 

File 459: "West Virginia 34" 1989- 10 slides of Burnsville Lake, Falls Mill, WV, Scenic fall Central WV. 

File 460: "West Virginia 35" 1990- 11 slides of Scenic Falls Mill WV in autumn, Scenic late summer Ridenour Park near Nitro WV, Fall scene near Helvetia WV, Scenic from Rich Moutain toward Job. 

File 461: "West Virginia 36" 1990- 17 slides of sceneic from Rich Moutain toward Job, WV, Long highway view near Canaan State Park WV, Helvetia Swiss Canton flags on bridge. 

File 462: "West Virginia 37" 1990- 17 slides of Helvetia community meeting place and historical sign, old log building with dates and German saying over door, Helvetia quaint sign figures with historical information, Helvetia Cheese Haus exterior, Helvetia WV Gottlieb shoemaker shop. 

File 463: "West Virginia 38" 1990- 11 slides of Helvetia WV Kuttle restaurant, Gottlieg shoemaker shop, Spruce Knob Lkae from distance in fall, Gernal wooded scene fall in Canaan Valley State Park area, Fall view of Appalachian color near Spruce Knob. 

File 464: "West Virgina 39" 1990- 17 slides of fall color, WV Capitol Building, Bridge over New River WV, View from Rich Mountain toward Job WV, fall color goldenrod in foreground Canaan Valley Park. 

File 465: "West Virgina 40" 1990- 20 slides of wooded hills Canaan Valley Park WV, WV Capitol Building, fall color; Greenbrier WV, Greenbrier River Valley near Marlinton, WV; fall color, Helvetia WV sign in German over town- meet hall entrance, Winfield WV court house fall. 

File 466: "West Virginia 41" 1990- 16 slides of Winfield WV court house, Bluestone Dam summer river in foreground, Quaint Sheperdstown Public Library, Shepherd College Old Main Building, Wildly colorful restaurant front in Shepherstown, Berkely Castle Berkely Springs WV, Berkeley Castle (Berkley Springs, WV), Rumsey Monument (early steamboat) Shepherdstown. 

File 467: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 1"1986- 20 slides of Sherwood Lake Greenbrier county WV , Droop Mountain Battle State Park, New River at Grandview near Beckley WV. 

File 468: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 2"1979- 17 slides of West Virginia Scenic Fall, New River fall grandview State Park near Beckley. 

File 469: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 3"1977-79- 20 slides of Grandview State Park; fall, New River Grandview State Park WV, New River Dam tailwaters, Babcock State Park; fall color, Hawk in Nest, Hawk's nest state park U.S. 60 WV New River. 

File 470: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 4"- 20 slides of Blackwater FAlls State Park WV, Overlook New River Hawks Nest State Park WV, New River near Grandview WV, Scenic Canaan Valley State Park Monongahela National Forest. 

File 471: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 5" 1979- 18 slides of overlook- New River Gorge Hawks Nest State Park WV, Glade Creek mill, Pipestem State Park WV, Glade Creek Mill, View of New River at Grandview State Park near Beckley, Golf Green- Pipestem State Park WV, Canaan VAlley State Park WV, Bluestone (State Park) Dam, Bluestone Dam New River WV State Park, Natural Stone Tower Pinnacle Rock State Park WV. 

File 472: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 6" 1984- 20 slides of Stream fishing Bluestone Dam New River WV, Frist Mill Babcock State Park WV, Sandstone Falls New River, Fishing below Bluestone Dam, New River horsehoe summer Grandview State Park, Black water falls State Park WV, Golf Pipestem State Park, New River at Grandview near Beckley, WV, Canaan Valley State Park, Glade Creek Grist Mill Babcock State Park WV. 

File 473: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 7" 1971-86- 18 slides of Point Pleasant Tu-Endie-Park, Bluestone Dam (Hinton WV). 

File 474: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 8" 1977-84- 20 slides of Pipestem State Park, young girl diver Pipestem State Park (Pipestem, WV), New River HInton WV, Angler Bluestone Dam New River, Father-son fishermen New River below Bluestone Dam, WV, Fisherman and catch New River near Hinton, WV. 

File 475: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 9" 1977- 20 slides of Cranberry Glades, New River Grandview State Park near Beckley WV, Park Service Art Harpers Ferry WV, Skier Canaan Valley "State Park" WV, Mother and son skiing Canaan VAlley State Park WV, New River- Hawk's Nest State Park U.S. 60 Southern WV, Canaan Valley State Park WV, Glade Creek grist mill Babcock State Park (Fayette County, WV). 

File 476: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 10" Grandview State Park, Skier- Canaan Valley State Park WV, Blackwater Falls State Park WV, Country snigers Pipestem State Park, WV, Canaan Valley State Park area, Seneca rocks. 

File 478: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 11" 1977-84- 20 slides of fisherman and catch New River near Hinton, WV, Bluestone Dam on New River near HInton, WV, Cacapon State Golf Course, New River Grandview State Park, Mini-folf girl teen Pipestem STate Park. 

File 479: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 12" 1977-87- 20 slides of Canaan State Park, Lodge at Canaan Valley State Park (Monogahela National Forest, WV). 

File 480: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 13" 1987- 20 slides of Canaan Valley State Park, Fairfax Stone (Maryland/West Virginia border). 

File 481: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 14" 1977-87- 20 slides of Scenic; Canaan Valley State Park, Babcock State Park (wooded hills). 

File 482: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 15" 1977-87- 20 slides of various photos of Blackwater Falls State Park. 

File 483: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 16" 1977-87- 20 slides of Blackwater Falls State Park, 63 feet high in summer (Blackwater Falls), Blackwater Falls (winter), Cranberry Galdes; cinnamon ferns (Osmunda cinnamomea) in foreground (Mononghela National Forest). 

File 484: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 17" 1987- 20 slides of Blackwater Falls (winter), Pitcher, Yellow Iris common in Cranberry Glades WV, False Heliebore (Veratrum veride); Cranberry Glades WV, Bog Rosemary (Andromeda glaucophylla) at Cranberry Glades WV, Common plant in Cranberry Glades WV (unsure of name). 

File 485: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 18" 1985-86- 20 slides of various photos from Beartown State Park. 

File 486: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 19" 1987- 20 slides of Sphagnum Moss (Sphagnum sop.) with other plants at Cranberry Glades, WV, Grandview State Park scene (fall) in WV, Macro shot of Sundew; Cranberry Glades- carnivorous plant, Babcock State Park (pond, canoe, backlit, fall), Wild Cranberry bloom (Cranberry Glades, WV), GrandviewState Park (fall), Wild Raisin (Vibumum cassinoides) in Cranberry Glades, Skunk cabbage in spring (Symplocarpus foetidus) at Cranberry Glades WV, Battlefield State Park. 

File 487: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 20" 1987- 20 slides of Dolly Sods Road, Cranberry Glades; fall color, Babcock State Park (fall color), 1973 Reenactment Battle (Carnifex Ferry WV), Spinning wheel skills demonstrated at Prickett's Fort State Park WV. 

File 488: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 21" 1987- 20 slides of Pricketts Fort State Park, Preparing old cannon to fire at Prickett's Fort State Park WV, Blacksmith shows frontier skills at Prickett's Fort State Park WV. 

File 489: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 22" 1987- 19 slides of Pricketts Fork State Park WV, Babcock State Park (fall color), Blacksmith shows frontier skills to children at Prickett's State Park, Employees in pioneer dress (Prickett's State Park, WV), Valley Falls State Park. 

File 490: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 23" 1987- 20 slides of mill in winter (Babcock State Park, WV), Tygart Lake State Park, Carnifex Ferry Battle State Park, Tygart Lake Marina. 

File 491: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 24" 1987- 20 slides of Watters Smith Memorial Park, Scenic Seneca State Forest WV. 

File 492: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 25" 1977-87- 20 slides of scene in Seneca State Forest WV in Monogahela National Forest near Cass WV, West Virginia Seneca State Park, Grist mill (Babcock State Park, WV), Canaan Valley State Park WV (winter ski scene), New River near Beckley WV (grandview), Harpers Ferry (hilltop house, Potomac River in foreground). 

File 493: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 26" 1977-78- 20 slides of winter scenic; single figure (Canaan Valley State Park), Glade Creek mill (Babcock State Park, WV), Early May- Hawks Nest State Park (WV, New River), Civil War battle reenactment (Carnifex, WV), Grandview State Park scene;fall, Lift from Pipestem State Park Lodge to Bluestone River (Pipestem, WV), Glade Creek frist mill (Babcock State Park, Fayetteville, WV). 

File 494: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 27" 1977-89- 20 slides of Pipestem State Park WV (Chestnut Rail Fence), New River Fall Grandview State Park near Beckley, WV, Stonewall Jackson State Park, Stonewall, Dam- Stonewall at Jackson State Park, Babcock State Park WV, Blacksmith shows frontier skills to children at Prickett's Fort State Park WV. 

File 495: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 28" 1990-20 slides of Canadian Geese (Branta canadensis) alone on golf course fairway (Canaan Valley State Park, WV), Glade Creek Mill (fall color; Babcock State Park, WV), Scenic; fall farm buildings (Canaan Valley State Park, WV), Glade Creek Mill; fall, Canaan Valley State Park general scenic dupe of WVP, Canaan Valley State Park area farm house; outbuilding, Glade Creek Mill, Babcock State Park mill. 

File 496: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 29" 1990- 20 slides of Babcock State Park mill from downstream; fall, Cranberry Glades WV; fall, Babcock State Park pond; couple in boat; Grist Mill; Babcock State Park, Glade Creek mill with angler in creek, Winter shot of Babcock State Park grist mill. 

File 497: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 30" 1991-20 slides of Glade Creek Mill, 100 yard diameter radio telescope (Green Bank, WV), New River near Hinton WV, Valley Falls State Park, Cacapon State Park golf course, Grandview State Park scenic; fall, Cacapon State Park shelter, Cacapon State Park pool, Cacapon State Park picnic area, Harpers Ferry McDonald plaque; Black storer College gone here after Civil War. 

File 498: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 31" 1991- 20 slides of fall color wooded hills Canaan Valley Park WV, Harpers Ferry Hilltop House; Potomac River in foreground, Harpers Ferry; part of old Storer College, Harpers Ferry; part of old Storer College- black college after Civil War, Harpers Ferry; one of old houses being restored in this National Historic Park, Harpers Ferry lockwood house; one of old houses being restored in National Historic Park, historic steps carved in stone, looking up a main street from Harper's Ferry, Jefferson Rock, View from Harper Cemetery above Jefferson Rock, John Brown's fort (restoration) where captured; it was armory engine house, Canadian Geese (Branta canadensis) on golf green with golfers (Canaan State Park, WV). 

File 499: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 32" 1977-91- 20 slides of all at Harpers Ferry; John Brown wax museum depicts life, Hilltop house (very old, updated hostel), Stephen T. Mather Training Center for National Park Service Personnel, Maryland Heights; confluence of Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers. Grandview State Park Scene; winter, Charles Town WV Court House where John Brown was tried. 

File 500: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 33" 1991-92- 20 slides of Harpers Ferry from Maryland Heights; confluence of Potomac and Shenandoah rivers, Berkeley Springs (Bath) State Park, Stonewall; Jackson Park Dam, Greenbottom Civil-War home. 

File 501: "West Virginia Parks-Forests 34" 1977-91- 20 slides of (NOTED: 34A through 34L, inclusive are 2 1/4 photos, see the WV Parks Slide Directory) Frist Mill (Babcock State Park, WV), Babcock State Park; fall color, 1973 Reenactment Battle Carnifex Ferry WV, Dam New River (Hinton, WV), Near dupe; late summer Ridenour Park near Nitro, WV, Charles Town WV court house where John Brown was tried, Canadian Geese (Branta canadensislon) golf green with golfers (Canaan State Park, WV). 

File 502: "West Virginia Schools 1" 1978-80- 10 slides of various schools in West Virginia, mobile library (Kanawha County, WV). 

File 503: "Younger People 1" 1991-92- 14 slides of woman; college student at archeological dig (St. Albans, WV), Man; college student at archeological dig, yooung woman student volunteer labor archeological dig (St. Albans, WV), teenagers in high school band. 

File 504: "Misc. 1" 20 slides of Coal Burning Power Plant (WVA), Winter Path Black Water Falls State Park (WVA), Spraying Burley Tobacco-Insect Control, Animals, Mill Winter Babcock State Park (WVA), Pro Tournament Anglers Race For Fishing Spots on Ohio River, Pet Cemetery-Dalmation Seated (Rt. 34, WVA), New River, Gen. Charles (Chuck) Yeager at Dedication of his Statue (Hamlin WVA High School), Northern Cardinal, Glade Creek Mill-Babcock State Park (WVA), Glade Creek Mill Vertical 

File 505: "Misc. 2" 20 slides of American Coal Miner Signing Register-State Museum of Defense (Volgograd USSR), Hoist Tower-Coal Mine (Donetsk USSR), Typical Private Auto (Moscow USSR), US Coal Miners Meet with Young Pioneer Leaders (Near Kharkov), Huge Cable Drums for Man Trip & Coal Car Hoists (Donetsk USSR), Sports Complex (Donetsk USSR), US Coal Miners in Zhdanov Restaurant (USSR), Circus (Volgograd), Gum Dept. Store (Moscow, USSR), Creche Children Perform (Volgograd USSR), Lenin Square (Donetsk USSR), Hammered Aluminum Wall Decorations Common in Soviet Union, Young Pioneer Camp Leader Presents Gift to US Coal Miner-Bob Havens (glasses) (USSR), Guide Briefs American Coal Miners On the Volzhskaya Power Station & Dam (Near Volgograd USSR), Red Square (Moscow Ussr), Building & Wall Tower-Kremlin (Moscow USSR), US Coal Miners Meet with Soviet Officials at All Union Mine Rescue Institute (Donetsk USSR), Main Building Moscow University (Moscow), Kremlin (Moscow), Monument to Lenin (Kharkov, USSR) 

File 506: "Misc. 3" 14 slides of Main Building Moscow University (Moscow), Fallen Heroes Square (Volgograd USSR), Clerk in Hotel Shop (Moscow USSR)-Note Abacus Used Everywhere, Moscow University Complex, Beach on Sea of Azof (USSR), Passengers Embarking on a Bus (Volgograd USSR), Ice Cream Vendor (Volgograd USSR), Gum Dept. Store (Moscow), Creche Playroom (Volgograd USSR), Monument to Lenin (Kharkov USSR), Like Much Soviet Transportation Electric Buses Can Be Crowded, Bell Towers in Kremlin (Moscow) 

File 507: "Misc. 4" 10 slides of Environmental Protection Agency Cleaning up Toxic Chemical Dump (Nitro WVA), Marble Factory (WVA), Worker-Blenko Glass (Milton WVA), AEP Barge Kanawha River 

File 508: "Misc. 5" 19 slides of Loading Dock on Ohio River (Near Cincinnati), Tournament Anglers on Ohio RIver Racing to Fishing Spots in Bass Masters Classic, Broom Maker, New River (Near Hinton WVA), Tracy Austin, Cincinnati Skyline 1983 

File 509: "Misc. 6" 16 slides of Black Lung Clinic (Beckley WVA), Miniature Golf (Pipestem WVA), Bass Tournament Angler (Kissammee FL), Electric Car (Beckley WVA) 1977 

File 510: "Misc. 7" 10 slides of River Traffic (Winfield WVA), Coal Fired Power Plant (Near Montgomery WVA), Near Bluefield WVA, Coal Processing Plant-Winter-Southern WVA, Coal Fired Electric Gen. (Near Winfield WVA) 

File 511: "Misc. 8" 12 slides of Male Wild Turkey, Ground Squirrel, Mountain Lion, Canaan Valley State Park area-Farm Outbuilding-Fall Scenic Vertical, View From Rich Mountain Toward Job WVA, Long Highway View (Near Canaan State Park WVA), Large View-Fall of Appalachian Color (Near Spruce Knob WVA) 

File 512: "Misc 9" 12 slides of Renovation for New Store (Beckley WV), Millionaire HereFord Farm (Greenbrier County WV), Steel Company Mine (Edwhite WV), WVA Creative Arts Center (Morgantown WV), Glade Creek Mill