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Appalachian Folklife Archive
AC 032
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The Appalachian Folklife Archive consists of original projects including in some cases, slides, photographs, audio recordings on CD, cassette tape, and micro-cassette tapes. Much of this collection has been digitized and is available for viewing:[Categories][]=Appalachian%20Collections$$$Appalachian%20Folklife%20Archive
Located in locked compact shelving, level 1.

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[Identification of item], Appalachian Folklife Archive, Appalachian Collection, McConnell Library, Radford University, Radford, VA.

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HISTORical Note

All undergraduate projects were completed by students enrolled in an English Department (later Department of English) course titled "Appalachian Folklore" and offered as English 452 in fall 1981-83 and as English 446 in every fall semester 1984-2019. The course was developed and taught 1981-92 and in 1994 by Dr. Grace Toney Edwards. English 446 was taught by Ricky Cox, Instructor of English and Appalachian Studies, in fall 1993, and in each fall semester 1995-2019.

A graduate level counterpart, English 548, "Appalachian Folk Culture(s)" was introduced in 1987 and taught 1988, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, and 1996-99. The same course was offered as English 648 in fall 2003, 2005, 2007, and 2009. Dr Edwards retired from Radford University in spring 2010 and Ricky Cox retired from the university spring 2020.

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Scope and Contents

The Appalachian Folklife Archive at Radford University is a collection of around 650 field collection projects compiled and submitted by undergraduate folklore students from 1981 through November 2020 and by graduate folklore and folk culture students between 1987 and 2009. Additional projects are expected and will be added as appropriate. A handful of projects were completed by advanced high school students enrolled in a grant-funded seminar course c. mid-1980s. As of August 2015 projects completed through fall 2012 are held by McConnell Library Special Collections in both paper and digital form. Projects vary in size from as few as 20 pages of text and a few minutes of recorded interviews to as many as 200 pages of text and two or more hours of recorded interviews. Paper originals are in archival boxes in compact shelving on the first level of McConnell Library. Photocopies of selected projects are filed in the Special Collections area. Projects submitted before 1995 include no form of informant consent for viewing, copying, or dissemination. Some projects submitted in 1995 and after do include informant/collector consent forms, the language of which has gradually evolved as new means of recording interviews and of copying and disseminating text and audio have emerged. The type and level of access to projects is to be determined on a case by case basis by the McConnell Library Archivist in accordance with his or her best judgement, depending on the presence and the specific language of permission forms signed by collectors and informants. Materials are organized as a single series collection, and following the original order established by the donor on a chronological basis.

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Materials are arranged as established by the Appalchian Regional and Rural Studies Center. Projects have an alpha-numeric filing system. The first code (FA) stands for Folklife Archives, the second code is a three digit number identifying the year of the course leaving out the century number (181 stands for 1981, 205 for 2005). The number following the first period is the course number, and the next number is the project number. Much of this collection has been digitized and is available for viewing:[Categories][]=Appalachian%20Collections$$$Appalachian%20Folklife%20Archive

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

McConnell Library Archives and Special Collections

McConnell Library
PO Box 6881
Radford, Virginia

Restrictions to Access

An appointment for research is required. The collection is open for research. No interlibrary loan. Some of this collection has been made available online-[Categories][]=Appalachian%20Collections$$$Appalachian%20Folklife%20Archive

Custodial Note

Projects were stored in Dr. Edwards’ English Department office until the Appalachian Regional Studies Center was created c. 1994 with Dr. Edwards as Director. At the direction of provost Sam Minner, the archive was permanently transferred to McConnell Library in October 2013, at which time ARSC (by then renamed Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center) was temporarily without office or storage space, having been effectively albeit unofficially dissolved by order of the provost.


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Collection Inventory

Box 1:

Folder 1: FA000.446.1 How Appalachia Derives Its Names, by Gary Cooper, undated

Folder 2: FA000.446.2 Genealogy, Folklore, and the Altizer Family Tree, by Randy Flinchum, undated

Folder 3: FA000.446.3 The Shot Tower, by Edd B. Jennings, undated,

Folder 4: FA000.446.4 Folk Music for Elementary Students, by Sue Lam, undated

Folder 5: FA000.446.5 Folk Architecture, by Duane Perry, undated

Folder 6: FA000.446.6 Mountain Home Goodness: Recipes and Recollections of Our Appalachians, by Mickey Gilley Weikle, undated

Folder 7: FA000.548.1 Appalachian Compilation, by Lewis Martin, undated

Folder 8: FA181.452.1 A Study of Epitaphs from Selected Cemeteries in Pulaski County and Radford City, by Susan N. Dehart, 1981

Folder 9: FA181.452.2 Epitaphs and Their Meanings: Southwest Virginia, by Heidi Gutteridge, 1981

Folder 10: FA181.452.3 Quilting, by Liz Hitz, 1981

Box 2:

Folder 1: FA181.452.4 The Making of Apple Butter Newport, Virginia Style: A Lesson in Life, by Robert Mason, Jr, 1981

Folder 2: FA181.452.5 Appalachian Folklore in Our Public School Systems, by Susan Rimer, 1981

Folder 3: FA181.452.6 Haints, Omens, and Other Affairs of Everyday Living, by Sharon Denis Robinson, 1981

Folder 4: FA181.452.7 Molasses Making: A Living Tradition, by Ingrid Scarborough, 1981

Folder 5: FA182.446.1 William W. Stayton's Woodworking Folkcraft, by Rose Marie Blankenship, 1982

Folder 6: FA182.446.2 Good for What Ails You, by Nancy Brown, 1982

Folder 7: FA182.446.3 Narratives from a Representative Family at Forest Hill, WV, by Becky Cottle, 1982

Folder 8: FA182.446.4 Empirical Interpretations of the Transition in Appalachian Folklore as Evidenced in the Changing Production of Apple Butter, Peach Butter, and Sweet Potato Butter, by Robert E. Droney, 1982

Folder 9: FA182.446.5 Folk Art and Its Importance, by Mildred D. Dunevant, 1982

Folder 10: FA182.446.6 Donald Brady's Steers, by Carol T. Gardner, 1982

Folder 11: FA182.446.7 Gardening By the Signs, by Patricia E Johnson, 1982

Box 3:

Folder 1: FA182.446.8 Curing Country Hams, by Beth Kirby, 1982

Folder 2: FA182.446.9 Moonshine, by James D. Kreglo, 1982

Folder 3: FA182.446.10 Pine Mountain Settlement School: The Preservation of Appalachian Folklore, by Donna Miller, 1982

Folder 4: FA182.446.11 God's Chosen People, by Suzanne Punchnot, 1982

Folder 5: FA182.446.12 The Arthur Conner Fiddle, by Charles H. Richards, 1982

Folder 6: FA182.446.13 Supernatural Folklore: Ghosts, Witches, and Cures, by Grover Stevens, 1982

Folder 7: FA182.446.14 Three Generations of Musicians, by Annette B. Weddle, 1982

Folder 8: FA183.452.1 Pulaski County Folklore, by Jo Ann Asbury, 1983

Folder 9: FA183.452.2 Chair Caining, by Sandra Baber, 1983

Folder 10: FA183.452.3 The Life of Charlie Baker, by Donette Baker, 1983

Folder 11: FA183.452.4 Interview with Earl Palmer- On Appalachian Life and Culture, by Eileen M. Clark 1983

Box 4:

Folder 1: FA183.452.5 Buchanan County Folklore, by Pamela B. Cole, 1983

Folder 2: FA183.452.6 Toys from Appalachia, by Torrie Cox, 1983

Folder 3: FA183.452.7 Reflections on a Mountain Missionary, by Evelyn Hamilton, 1983

Folder 4: FA183.452.8 Foodways, by Phyllis A. Janney, 1983

Folder 5: FA183.452.9 Child Rearing Folklore from Southwest Virginia, by Thelma Peck, 1983

Folder 6: FA183.452.10 What Was Life Like in Appalachia?, by Missie Stewart, 1983

Folder 7: FA183.452.11 Carrying On a Tradition: A Granddaughter Learns to Quilt, by Doloris Vest, 1983

Folder 8: FA184.446.1 The Ingles' Family Ferry and Tavern, by Laura Binder, 1984

Folder 9: FA184.446.2 Ghosts and Other Strange Happenings in Appalachia, by Kimberly Ann Burnette, 1984

Folder 10: FA184.446.3 Appalachian Graffiti, by Krista K. Clatterbuck, 1984

Folder 11: FA184.446.4 A Glance at Quilting, by Pamela Frye, 1984

Folder 12: FA184.446.5 The Hair of the Dog that Bit You, by Jennifer Haydock, 1984

Box 5:

Folder 1: FA184.446.6 Superstition, by Jakki Hutt, 1984

Folder 2: FA184.446.7 Appalachian Slaughter, Preservation, and Preparation of Livestock and Wild Game, by Reta Faye MacMackin, 1984

Folder 3: FA184.446.8 Oral Transmission of Traditional Ballads: A Continuing Cycle or a Dying Phase?, by Heidi Milstead, 1984

Folder 4: FA184.446.9 An Oral History of Floyd County, Willis, Virginia, by Kevin V. Quesenberry, 1984

Folder 5: FA184.446.10 Folk Games of Jones' Branch, by Stanley Reidy, 1984

Folder 6: FA184.446.11 The Hillsville Courthouse Shooting: Still a Living Legend, by Cynthia Saunders, 1984

Folder 7: FA184.446.12 Appalachian Speech in Pulaski County, by Teresa Wheeling, 1984

Folder 8: FA184.446.13 The Folklore of Mills, by Bobbi Willis and Liz Throckmorton, 1984

Folder 9: FA185.446.1 Trapping and Fur Perparation, by Andy Carson, 1985

Folder 10: FA185.446.2 Machines in Floyd County Folklore, by Ricky Cox, 1985

Box 6:

Folder 1: FA185.446.3 Herbal and Healing Remedies in Appalachia, by Carole Evans, 1985

Folder 2: FA185.446.4 A Brief Look at Some Wedding Traditions and Superstitions, by Kathryn M. Fox, 1985

Folder 3: FA185.446.5 Supernatural Legends in Wytheville, by Candice Renee Mabe, 1985

Folder 4: FA185.446.6 Log Structures in Seven Appalachian Counties, by Jeannie Reed, 1985

Folder 5: FA185.446.7 Traditional and Revivalist Quilting: Similarities and Differences, by Maureen Reid, 1985

Folder 6: FA185.446.8 Dealing With Death, by Alice Slusher, 1985

Folder 7: FA185.446.9 Appalachian Foods, by Anthony Sopranzi, 1985

Box 7:

Folder 1: FA185.446.10 Blacksmithing:"Steel Here", by Diane Surface, 1985

Folder 2: FA185.446.11 The Primitive Baptist Church, by Keith Webb, 1985

Folder 3: FA186.446.1 Appalachian Ghosts, by Constance Sue Barton, 1986

Folder 4: FA186.446.2 Animal Lore in Grayson County, by DeAnna Hash, 1986

Folder 5: FA186.446.3 Quilting in Appalachia, by Gina L. Lupino, 1986

Box 8:

Folder 1: FA186.446.4 The Millirons Society of Bland County, Virginia, by Sara E. Melton, 1986 

Folder 2: FA186.446.5 Appalachian Storytelling for Children, by Ann Moser, 1986

Folder 3: FA186.446.6 Searching the Rails, by Steve Watson, 1986

Box 9:

Folder 1: FA186.446.7 Homes and Heirlooms from Newport, Virginia: A Study of Material Lore, by Tony Williams, 1986

Folder 2: FA187.446.1 Folklore in Action: The Tunnels of Radford, by Eric Armentrout, 1987

Folder 3: FA187.446.2 Rural Retreat and Her Three Claims to Fame, by Jeff Bartee, 1987

Folder 4: FA187.446.3 The Courthouse Shootout and the Sidney Allen Home, by Debbie Bays, 1987

Folder 5: FA187.446.4 Folktales and Legends: A Comparative Study, by Katherine L. Burton, 1987

Folder 6: FA187.446.5 Shirley McPeak: Appalachian Values and Whittling, by Stephen D. Cagle, 1987

Folder 7: FA187.446.6 Going Up Cripple Creek, by Rebecca Davis, 1987

Box 10:

Folder 1: JFA187.446.7 Organizing an Appalachian Heritage Week, by Jamie Krober, 1987

Folder 2: FA187.446.8 Lewis Family Stories, by Devon Lewis, 1987

Folder 3: FA187.446.9 Life and Times of Mary E. Tate, by Rebecca Ruth Moore, 1987

Folder 4: FA187.446.10 Carrol County Residents Tell Their Tales, by Joyce A. Slate, 1987

Folder 5: FA187.548.1 Willard Gayheart's Drawings: A Reflection of Appalachia, by Rhonda L. Catron, 1987

Folder 6: FA187.548.2 Passing the Lore to Our Young-uns, by Mary M. Campbell and Janet M. Dishon, 1987

Folder 7: FA187.548.3 The Remarkable Life of Samual Robinson Hurley, by Jim Thompson, 1987

Box 11:

Folder 1: FA188.446.1 Root Pig or Starve, by Lori Anders, 1988

Folder 2: FA188.446.2 Taking the Bitter With the Sweet: Molasses Making in Southwest Virginia, by Shannon Artrip, 1988

Folder 3: FA188.446.3 Just a Way of Life: The Art of Moonshing, by Sonya Austin, 1988

Folder 4: FA188.446.4 The Methods of House Building, by Keith Bazyk, 1988

Folder 5: FA188.446.5 Trees of the Appalachian Area, by Mike Cox, 1988

Folder 6: FA188.446.6 The Cure for What Ails Ya, Lisa Crookshanks, 1988

Box 12:

Folder 1: FA188.446.7 Family Reflections, by Jenny Leadbetter, 1988

Folder 2: FA188.446.8 Dancing Through the Appalachians, by Cecile Muslick, 1988

Folder 3: FA188.446.9 Lore From the Trail, by Jeff Olnhausen, 1988

Folder 4: FA188.446.10 Moonshining and a Fifth Generation Traditionalist, by Ardith Rademacher, 1988

Folder 5: FA188.446.11 In Memoriam: Cemetery Art in Appalachia, by S. David Spencer, 1988

Folder 6: FA188.446.12 The Hall Family Then and Now, by Eileen Wayne, 1988

Folder 7: FA188.548.1 Common Folkcures, by Roger Allen Asbury, 1988

Box 13:

Folder 1: FA188.548.2 Historic Newbern, Virginia, by Susie Saunders Cutlip, 1988

Folder 2: FA188.548.3 The Old Time Religion: Two Oral Histories, by Roy L. Gibson, 1988

Folder 3: FA188.548.4 Yarns of Yarbs, by Dru Martin, 1988

Box 14:

Folder 1: FA188.548.5 Grandmother Herd's Salad Recipes, by Lois H. Neblett, 1988

Folder 2: FA188.548.6 The "Ladies" of Ingleside, by Martha Giesen Philips, 1988

Folder 3: FA188.548.7 Country Music: The Early Years, by J.B. Richards, 1988

Folder 4: FA189.446.1 Hensley Settlement: A Step Back to the Past, by Terry Anderson, 1989

Folder 5: FA189.446.2 "I'd Just as Soon Keep the Tourists Away", by Wendy Bescher, 1989

Folder 6: FA189.446.3 Dr. Mom: Home Remedies, by Lisa Cook, 1989

Folder 7: FA189.446.4 Folklore in Literature, by William O. Crawford, 1989

Folder 8: FA189.446.5 We Still Have Bards Among Us, by Connie Hayner, 1989

Box 15:

Folder 1: FA189.446.6 Music of the Mountains, by Rani Lankford, 1989

Folder 2: FA189.446.7 If Only These Walls Could Talk- A Look into Abingdon and Washington County, Virginia, by Genia Manicure, 1989

Folder 3: FA189.446.8 "The Apple of Woolwine's Eye" Apple Folklore in Woolwine, Virginia, by Lisa S. Martin, 1989

Folder 4: FA189.446.9 Belief Without Proof: Faith in the Irrational, by Erica McLean, 1989

Box 16:

Folder 1 FA189.446.11 Inkle Loom Weaving, by Mariane E. Moore, 1989

Folder 2: FA189.446.12 Eighteen's Up, Put 'Em On the Line, by Jeff Sandoe, 1989

Folder 3: FA189.548.1 Westering Pioneers Along the Wilderness Road in Bland County: A Conversation With the Past, by Philip R. Leonard, 1989

Box 17:

Folder 1: FA190.446.1 Appalkids: Preserving the Oral Tradition by Sharon D. Adkins, 1990

Folder 2: FA190.446.2 Trapping: the Endangered Tradition, by Gigi Austin, 1990 

Folder 3: FA190.446.3 "Suffer Little Children Come On to Me": Child Gravestone Epitaphs and Family Plots in Appalachia Today, by Kasey E. Carstensen, 1990

Folder 4: FA190.446.4 "Just What We Made of It Was What We Had", by Amy Joy Crouse, 1990

Folder 5: FA190.446.5 Basket Weaving, by Katherine Dawson, 1990

Folder 6: FA190.446.6 The Great Bounty of Chuck Housel and the Appalachian Mountains, by Tiffany B. Derrickson, 1990

Folder 7: FA190.446.7 Mountain Medicines: Herbal and Home Remedies Used in Pulaski County and Surrounding Areas, by Clayton Duane Dishon Jr., 1990

Box 18:

Folder 1: FA190.446.8 Lone Lane Farm, by Kathy Gaines, 1990

Folder 2: FA190.446.9 Max Meadows: Valley of Contention and Strife, by Rhonda Gibson, 1990

Folder 3: FA190.446.10 To Work of Die: A Value of the Honeybee, by Deanna Gleaves, 1990

Folder 4: FA190.446.11 Beliefs and Stories of the Supernatural, by Amy H. Hoots, 1990

Folder 5: FA190.446.12 The Poor House, by Kristi Linkous, 1990

Folder 6: FA190.446.13 Take a Look at Quilting, by Traci Miles, 1990

Box 19:

Folder 1: FA190.446.14 How to Organize a Conference for the Appalachian Teachers' Network, by Jim Minick, 1990

Folder 2: FA190.446.15 Courtship Narratives, by Kenna Ose, 1990

Folder 3: FA190.446.16 The Old German Baptist Brethren of Lindside, West Virginia, by Roger G. Pollard, 1990

Folder 4: FA190.446.17 Home Remedies, by Debbie Robinson, 1990

Folder 5: FA190.446.18 Urban Legends: The Tales We Tell, by Joy Roth, 1990

Box 20:

Folder 1: FA190.446.19 Stories of Transient Appalachian Families, by Helen Shannon, 1990

Folder 2: FA190.446.20 Hog Dressing, by Amy R. White, 1990

Folder 3: FA190.446.21 Called to Preach, by Phyllis Yopp, 1990

Folder 4: FA190.446.22  Priming the Pump: Using Water From Another Time to Create Water for the Future, Christi C. Leftwich, 1990

Folder 5: FA190.548.1 The Life and Legend of Emera Altizer, by Heidi Altizer, 1990

Folder 6: FA190.548.2 Stories of Untraditional Hauntings, by Michael S. Barber, 1990

Box 21:

Folder 1: FA190.548.3 The Selu Conservancy, by Cara-Leigh Battaglia, 1990

Folder 2: FA190.548.4 Coon Hunting, by John D. Bolte, Jr., 1990

Folder 3: FA190.548.5 African-American Appalachian Church Folklore, by Sheila L. Carter, 1990

Box 22:

Folder 1: FA190.548.6 Five Oaks and Drytown: The Joining of Two Communities, by Cindy Dillow, 1990

Folder 2: FA190.548.7 "That's Real Cornbread", by Wanda Dotson, 1990

Folder 3: FA190.548.8 Study of the Cowger Family Homesteads of Pendleton County, WV, by Bryan A. Emmerson, 1990

Box 23:

Folder 1: FA190.548.9 Surviving the Hard Times in Southwest Virginia: Then and Now, by Timothy G. Hayes, 1990

Folder 2: FA190.548.10 "My Generation" A Collection of Folklore, by Virginia L. Leadbetter, 1990

Folder 3: FA190.548.11 Priming the Pump: Part 2, by Christi C. Leftwich, 1990

Folder 4: FA190.548.12 Riverdale Farm: Folklore of Farm Buildings and Water Supplies, by Joyce Herdrick, 1990

Folder 5: FA190.548.13 Appalachian Foods: More than Nutritional Nourishment, by Annette, A Perry, 1990

Folder 6: FA191.446.1 Folklore from the Dublin Church of God, by Christine Barrow, 1991

Folder 7: FA191.446.2 Quilting: From Necessity to Art, by Jill Breeding, 1991

Box 24:

Folder 1: FA191.446.3 The Findings in My Search for a Definition of Appalachian Music, by Mandy Culbertson, 1991

Folder 2: FA191.446.5 The Lerty Terry Farm, by Jennifer Joyce, 1991

Folder 3: FA191.446.6 Stories From the Prestons, by Matthew Lambert, 1991

Folder 4: FA191.446.7 "Aunt" Orlena Puckett and Midwifery in Southwest Virginia, by Richard D. Martin, 1991

Folder 5: FA191.446.8 Folk Medicine: Home Remedies Used in Carroll County and Surrounding Areas, by James E. Martin, 1991

Folder 6: FA191.446.9 The Glenn Family Stone House, by Jennie Miller, 1990

Folder 7: FA191.446.10 Mennonites in the Shenandoan Valley, by Jenny Moore, 1991

Folder 8: FA191.446.11 From Rags to Riches: A Study of Quilting, by Ann Morton, 1991

Folder 9: FA191.446.12 Evelyn Beamer, by Jackie Moss, 1991

Folder 10: FA191.446.13 Aurobiographical Portrait, by Gayle R. Osborn, 1991

Box 25:

Folder 1: FA191.446.14 Superstitions: A Way of Life, by Melissa Price-Rector, 1991

Folder 2: FA191.446.15 History of Tingler's Mill, by Darek Pullin, 1991

Folder 3: FA191.446.16 John Henry: Folksong and Legend, by Kevin Stewart, 1991 

Folder 4: FA191.446.17 The Legendary Caty Sage, by Mary Kee Sutherland, 1991 

Folder 5: FA191.446.18 Appalachian Women, Religion, and Change, by Wendy L. Turner, 1991

Folder 6: FA191.446.19 The Life of Malissia Surface, by Tony Twitchell, 1991

Box 26:

Folder 1: FA191.446.20 The Tradition of Organic Gardening, by Catherine W. Vest, 1991

Folder 2: FA191.446.21 Planting By the Signs, by Philip A. Wise, 1991

Folder 3: FA191.446.22 The Black Sisters, by Ann Yearick, 1991

Folder 4: FA192.446.1 Mountain Medicines, by Valerie Brown, 1992

Folder 5: FA192.446.2 Lexington Haunted Houses and Stories from the People Who Have Lived in Them, by Staphanie Edwards, 1992

Folder 6: FA192.446.3 The Hampton Family: Life on a Farm, by Sharon R. Hampton, 1992

Folder 7: FA192.446.4 Marriage Folklore, by Leigh Holmes, 1992

Box 27:

Folder 1: FA192.446.5 Humphrey Family Oral History, by Jacquie Krause, 1992

Folder 2: FA192.446.6 A Family Tradition in Music: Past and Present, by Selena Mabe, 1992

Folder 3: FA192.446.7 Basket Makers and Their Process in the Appalachian Region, by Kim Mangels, 1992

Folder 4: FA192.446.8 The Highlanders: Zeh and Gayheart, by Steve Matthews, 1992

Folder 5: FA192.446.9 Dewey Wright and the Town of Cripple Creek, by Shannon Mitchell, 1992

Folder 6: FA192.446.10 Hog Slaughter and Meat Preservation, by Ann Musick, 1992

Box 28:

Folder 1: FA192.446.11 Graveyard Art, by Misty Newton, 1992

Folder 2: FA192.446.12 Quilting, by Melissa Pullin, 1992

Folder 3: FA192.446.13 Stories, Superstitions, and Tales of Scott County, by Joh Quillen, 1992

Folder 4: FA192.446.14 The Uniqie Sound of the Mountains, by Jim Riddle, 1992

Box 29:

Folder 1: FA192.446.15 Quilting: A Tradition No Matter Where You Live, by Jennifer R. Riel, 1992

Folder 2: FA192.446.16 The Richards Homestead: Then and Now, by Hallie Saddler, 1992

Folder 3: FA192.446.17 Humor and Mischief in the Church, by Mitone Slate, 1992

Folder 4: FA192.446.18 Namelore: The Roads of Montgomery County, by Lynn R. Thye, 1992

Folder 5: FA192.446.19 Where Do These Names Come From?, by Charles Triplett, 1992

Folder 6: FA192.446.20 Tales of Ghosts, Unusual Events, and the Supernatural, by Althea Turner, 1992

Folder 7: FA192.446.21 Folk Medicine, by David Yeaman, 1992

Box 30:

Folder 1: FA192.446.22 Superstitions, by Julie Zollman, 1992

Folder 2: FA193.446.1 The Three R's: Education in Southwest Virginia, by Lynne K. Bishop, 1993

Folder 3: FA193.446.2 Whittling and Other Woodworking in Appalachia, by Shelby A. Bullock, 1993

Folder 4: FA193.446.3 Life in Appalachia, by Laura Buss, 1993

Folder 5: FA193.446.4 Education in Appalachia, by Brie Ann Carlson, 1993

Folder 6: FA193.446.5 Cripple Creek's Railroad, by Bess Davis, 1993

Folder 7: FA193.446.6 Oral History: Rosa Montgomery Bain, by Laura L. Dean, 1993

Box 31:

Folder 1: FA193.446.7 The Myth of Appalachia: The Outside View vs. the Inside View, by Anne P. Dunkely, 1993

Folder 2: FA193.446.8 The Role of Baskets in Appalachia Today, by Deanna Matthews, 1993

Folder 3: FA193.446.9 Antique Tales, by B.J. Nicklin, 1993

Folder 4: FA193.446.10 Wythe County Place Names, by Cindy Poole, 1993

Folder 5: FA193.446.1 The Process of Beekeeping, by Mark Stevens, 1993

Folder 6: FA193.446.12 The Supernatural in Appalachia, by Kimberly Taylor, 1993

Folder 7: FA193.446.13 Three Evil Sisters in Black, by J. Travis Wills, 1993

Box 32:

Folder 1: FA193.446.14 Home Remedies, by Danny Wolfe, 1993 

Folder 2: FA193.446.15 Quilts: Then and Now, by David Yeager, 1993

Folder 3: FA193.446.16 Myths, Legends, and Ghosts of Harpers Ferry, by Lisa Yowell, 1993

Folder 4: FA193.548.1 Fries Lore, by Lola M. Coleman, 1993

Box 33:

Folder 1: FA193.548.2 Memories of a Tragedy, by Susan M. Dalton, 1993

Folder 2: FA193.548.3 Dear Common Things: A Narrative History of an Appalachian Family, by Lynda Ely, 1993

Folder 3: FA193.548.4 Railroad and the Men of Steam, by John W. Peters, 1993

Folder 4: FA193.548.5 Farming Ferrell Style: Folklore of Traditional Farming Practices, by Mary Margaret Thompson, 1993

Folder 5: FA194.446.1 Appalachian Migrants: Going Back "Down Home", by Charles J. Biedler, 1994

Folder 6: FA194.446.2 History and Stories of Goldmining in the Foothills of Western North Carolina, by Heather-Marie Bowen, 1994

Box 34:

Folder 1: FA194.446.3 Dairy Farms in Southern Appalachia, by Amy Cassidy, 1994

Folder 2: FA194.446.4 Crazy Quilting, by Alexandra Cherry, 1994

Folder 3: FA194.446.5 To Talk to a Melungeon, by Kimberly P. Daniels, 1994

Folder 4: FA194.446.6 Weaving, by Christina M. Donnelly, 19945

Folder 5: FA194.446.7 Death in Appalachia, by Jennifer Fitzfgerald, 1994

Folder 6: FA194.446.8 Weaving, by Pamela Gentry, 1994

Folder 7: FA194.446.9 Oldest Daughter, by Kimberly Green, 1994

Box 35:

Folder 1: FA194.446.10 Dusting the Earth, by J. Patrick Hatcher, 1994

Folder 2: FA194.446.11 "It's What's in My Heart That Makes Me Sing": A Narrative Interview, by JoAnna Howard, 1994

Folder 3: FA194.446.12 Forecasting the Weather by the Signs, by Sam L. Linkous, 1994

Folder 4: FA194.446.13 Agriculture in Appalachia, by Cathleen Rhodes, 1994

Folder 5: FA194.446.14 Apple Growing, by Maryanne Schroeder, 1994

Folder 6: FA194.446.15 Hllbilly Escapades, The Smith Family, by Susan Smith, 1994

Folder 7: FA194.446.16 Furniture Making, by Hayley Stanley, 1994

Box 36:

Folder 1: FA194.446.17 The Barry's: An Appalachian Family, by Alisa A. Summer, 1994

Folder 2: FA194.446.18 Edmund Weddle, Tradition Bearer, by Donald G. Sutphin, 1994

Folder 3: FA194.446.19 Shall I Wash Your Feet?, by Angela DawnVaughan, 1994

Folder 4: FA194.446.20 Share the Joy of Living: Old Time Mountain Square Dance, by Susan White, 1994

Folder 5: FA194.446.21 What You Never Knew About Home Remedies, by Leslie Willis, 1994

Box 37:

Folder 1: FA194.548.1 Life in the Coal Camps: The Perspective of a Miner's Wife, by Joyce Barry, 1994

Folder 2: FA194.548.2 Folk Culture in the African-American Baptist Church, by Tia Brown, 1994

Folder 3: FA194.548.3 The Folklife of the Blankenship/Whitt Family, by Daisy Burress, 1994

Folder 4: FA194.548.4 Women's Words, by Amy J. Crouse-Powers, 1994

Box 38:

Folder 1: FA194.548.5 Natural Housing: Log Structures in Pulaski County and Washington County, Virginia, by Clayton Duane Dishon, 1994

Folder 2: FA194.548.6 Adult Children of Coal Mining Heritage, by Courtney Green, 1994

Folder 3: FA194.548.7 Appalachian Eye: An African-American View, by Rae Greiner, 1994

Box 39:

Folder 1: FA194.548.8 Folklore From Helvetia, "The Switzerland of West Virginia", by Thomas Houghton, 1994

Folder 2: FA194.548.9 Get Me A Glass of Iced Tea, Honey!:The Appalachian Woman- Oppression or Equality? by Kara Rayanne Roach, 1994

Folder 3: FA194.548.10 The Powder Plant, by Jeff Schneider, 1994

Folder 4: FA194.548.11 Our Courage is Our Memory: A Narrative of Four Generations, by Honey Sue Short, 1994

Box 40:

Folder 1: FA195.446.1 Everyday Magic, by Tammie Cox, 1995

Folder 2: FA195.446.2 The Riggins' Haunted House, by Anita Diane Dalton, 1995

Folder 3: FA195.446.3 The Haunting of Christiansburg Middle School and Mountain Lake Hotel, by Julia Everett, 1995

Folder 4: FA195.446.4 Nestled in the Misty Mountains....:An Appalachian Studies Unit for the Elementary School Classroom, by Carol E. Hancock, 1995

Box 41:

Folder 1: FA195.446.5 "I'm Gonna Tell You'uns a Tale":Appalachian Storytelling, by Patricia Hancock, 1995

Folder 2: FA195.446.6 Appalachian Values in the Home, by Shannon Harlow, 1995

Folder 3: FA195.446.7 Midwifery, Then and Now, by Julie Jones, 1995

Folder 4: FA195.446.8 Continuance of Oral Transmission of Mountain Music, by Melannie Lawson, 1995

Folder 5: FA195.446.9 These Mountains: Folklore of the Blue Ridge Scout Reservation, by Phyllis Leary, 1995

Box 42:

Folder 1: FA195.446.10 Tazewell High School Folklore, by Kimberly Massie, 1995

Box 43:

Folder 1: FA195.446.11 Bill Minton: Champion of the Black Gold, by Summer Redwine, 1995

Folder 2: FA195.446.12 The Steele Family Migration: The Reasons Behind the Steele Migration into Urban Areas, by Amy Shifflett, 1995

Folder 3: FA195.446.13 Home Remedies That Really Work, by Andrea Michelle Simon, 1995

Folder 4: FA195.446.14 The Tradition of Music in Three Distinct Appalachian Churches, by Samantha Spicer, 1995

Folder 5: FA195.446.15 A Gem From Home: Apple Butter Folklore in Shenandoah County, by Sarah Spiggle, 1995

Folder 6: FA195.446.16 Quilting: A Revived American Tradition, by Ramona Trout, 1995

Folder 7: FA195.446.17 Auction in Appalachia, by Beau K. Wright, 1995

Folder 8: FA195.446.18 Modern Hunting in Appalachia, by Heather Zollman, 1995

Box 44:

Folder 1: FA196.446.1 Radford's Industrial History: The Foundry, the Arsenal, and the Railroads, by Shannon Barrett, 1996

Folder 2: FA196.446.2 Quilting, by Elizabeth Brooks, 1996

Folder 3: FA196.446.3 Appalachian Cooking, by Melissa Dickert, 1996

Folder 4: FA196.446.4 Road and Place Names of Rockbridge County, by Amy Donikowski, 1996

Folder 5: FA196.446.5 Natural Healing, by Shannon Galiostro, 1996

Folder 6: FA196.446.6 The Games Children Play, by Joe Gardner, 1996

Folder 7: FA196.446.7 Sawmill, A Lost Art, by Jennifer Jeffers, 1996

Folder 8: FA196.446.8 Montgomery County Stories, by Janet Lewis, 1996

Box 45:

Folder 1: FA196.446.9 The Dairy Influence in the Appalachian Area, by Katie Mitchell, 1996

Folder 2: FA196.446.10 The Oral History of Francis Perkins, by David Dwight Moore, 1996

Folder 3: FA196.446.11 Floyd County Instrument Maker, by Rebecca M. Morgan, 1996 

Folder 4: FA196.446.12 The Mighty Leaf: Burley Tobacco Farming, by Shawna Morrison, 1996

Box 46:

Folder 1: FA196.446.13 Moonshining, Murder, and Madness, by Amy Mullins, 1996

Folder 2: FA196.446.14 Wedding Patterns in Appalachia, by Tonia Norris, 1996

Folder 3: FA196.446.15 Cambria and Its Railroad, by Scott Phillips, 1996

Folder 4: FA196.446.16 Quesenberry Five-Strings, by Sue Quesenberry, 1996 

Folder 5: FA196.446.17 Moonshining, by Matther Read, 1996

Folder 6: FA196.446.18 Education in Wythe County: The Ivanhoe School, by Jennifer Shumate, 1996

Folder 7: FA196.446.19 Appalachian Food Ways, by Christine Smith, 1996

Folder 8: FA196.446.20 Luxury at Its Best: Hotel Richlands and Mattie Williams Hospital, by Martha Smith, 1996

Box 47:

Folder 1:FA196.548.1 A Dying Art?: A Family Affair- Generational Observations on Moonshining, by Shannon Brooks, 1996

Folder 2: FA196.548.2 Epitaphs: A History of a Community, by Kristen Brumfield, 1996

Folder 3: FA196.548.3 Heritages in Education: Community Schools in Carroll County, by Dana H. Burnette, 1996

Folder 4: FA196.548.4 Barren Springs Folklore, by Shawn A. Dalton, 1996

Box 48:

Folder 1: FA196.548.5 International Lore, by Sarah Hooven, 1996

Folder 2: FA196.548.6 Everything and Nothing: Peoples of Appalachia and Their Talk, by Cheryl R. Hopson, 1996

Folder 3: FA196.548.7 When the Mountains Were the Mountains, by Greg Jessup, 1996

Folder 4: FA196.548.8 Tatting, A Dying Art, as Practiced by Ruth Gardner Slusher, by Janet S. Keith, 1996

Folder 5: FA196.548.9 Introducing Children to Appalachia, by Jennifer L. Keith, 1996

Box 49:

Folder 1: FA196.548.10 Customs and Practices of an Appalachian Missionary Baptist Church, by Judy G. King, 1996

Folder 2: FA196.548.11 Herbal and Home Remedies in Appalachia, by Tracy C. Koski, 1996

Folder 3: FA196.548.12 "The Story Has to Be Told": Coal Mining Songs in Appalachia, by Sam L. Linkous, 1996

Folder 4: FA196.548.13 The Role of Women in Coal Mining Communities, by Sherri Nelson, 1996

Box 50:

Folder 1: FA196.548.14 The Christiansburg Institute: How Equal Could Separate Be?, by Stephanie Pugliese, 1996

Folder 2: FA196.548.15 Feeding the People: Recipes and Memories from the Bradfield Family and Friends, by Kathy Jo Shambaugh, 1996

Box 51:

Folder 1: FA196.548.16 The Huckleberry: A Gathered Perspective, by Alisa A. Summer, 1996

Folder 2: FA196.548.17 Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!, by Rhonda S. Turpin, 1996

Folder 3: FA197.446.1 Happiness and Hardship: A Day in the Life of a Coal Miner, by Amanda Breeding, 1997

Folder 4: FA197.446.2 The Creators of Folk Music Instruments, by Frances C. Hoover, 1997

Folder 5: FA197.446.3 Memories: My Parents Look at the Past, by Phyllis Lyle, 1997

Folder 6: FA197.446.4 Food From the Earth: Gardening, Preserving, and a Way of Life, by Stacie Allison Smith, 1997

Box 52:

Folder 1: FA197.446.5 A Look Back Into an Appalachian Family, by Ashley O'Dell, 1997

Folder 2: FA197.446.6 Summer Freshness and Winter Needs, by Susan Meredith Leonard, 1997

Folder 3: FA197.548.1 The Anointing Power of God: Religious Healing in Two Southwest Virginia Churches, by Deanna L. Bradberry, 1997

Folder 4: FA197.548.2 Where the Men Meet: Tales of a Wytheville, Virginia Gas Station, by Theresa Burris-Stanley, 1997

Folder 5: FA197.548.3 The Giles County Poor Farm: Telling the Paupers' Stories, by Louise Devine Loveland, 1997

Folder 6: FA197.548.4 Mountain Melodies: Songs of Appalachia, by Maria Melius, 1997

Box 53:

Folder 1: FA197.548.5 Tilling the Soil: Vegetable Gardening as Tradition, by Nicole Owens, 1997

Folder 2: FA197.548.6 The Rorer Store: Weaving Close Knit Threads of a Mountain Community. Lifes and Times of a Country Store, by Sherri Rorrer Quesenberry, 1997

Folder 3: FA197.548.7 Appalachia Today: The Rise of Mass Consumerism and the Threat to the Individual, by Matthew Read, 1997

Box 54:

Folder 1: FA197.548.8 Religious and Spiritual Verse: Appalachian Poetry, by Steven Salaita, 1997

Folder 2: FA198.446.1 Should I Stay or Should I Go: A Look at the Decision to Move Away From the Traditional Appalachian Home, by Michael David Blankenship, 1998

Folder 3: FA198.446.2 Praise and Worship of Our Creator: Churches in the Appalachian Region, by Amanda Brown, 1998

Folder 4: FA198.446.3 Quilting: An Appalachian Tradition, by Jennifer Clinedinst, 1998

Box 55:

Folder 1: FA198.446.4 Growing Up in Coal Dust: An Account of Life in a Coal Mining Camp in Inman, Virginia, by Jessica Paige Collier, 1998

Folder 2: FA198.446.5 The Memories of Janette Carter: The Preservation of the Old Mountain Sound, by Jeremy Collins, 1998

Folder 3: FA198.446.6 The Legend of Fotheringay, by Lori Cramer, 1998

Folder 4: FA198.446.7 Auctions: A Traditional Way of Selling, by Judy Crowgey, 1998

Folder 5: FA198.446.8 Jewell Ridge: Family, Religion, Work, and Will, by Angela Culler, 1998

Box 56:

Folder 1: FA198.446.9 An Appalachian Way of Life: The Clifton Forge Railroads by Michelle Garrett, 1998 

Folder 2: FA198.446.10 Haunted Houses of Virginia, by Faith Garrison, 1998

Folder 3: FA198.446.11 Cultivation and Preservation of Food, by Sally Godsey, 1998

Folder 4: FA198.446.12 Quilting is a Family Tradition, by Kimberly Justice, 1998

Folder 5: FA198.446.13 Santa Claus is Coming to Town: Some Christmas Traditions in Southwest Virginia and Southern West Virginia, by Jane E. Kowalski, 1998

Box 57:

Folder 1: FA198.446.14 "Daring with Cloth and Needle" The Art of Crazy Quilting, by Sephanie L. Miller, 1998

Folder 2: FA198.446.15 Implementing Appalachian Traditions: Education at Belview and Floyd, by Monica Rash, 1998

Folder 3: FA198.446.16 Craig: The Story of an Appalachian County, by Elowyn Rich, 19984

Folder 4: FA198.446.17 The Pull of the Thread: Quilting, by Amy Richardson, 1998

Folder 5: FA198.446.18 Home Cookin':Traditional Appalachian Recipes, by Stephanie Shamblin, 1998

Folder 6: FA198.446.19 The Legend of Willie Jack: Oral Traditions of Camp Alto Mons, by Kelley Trear, 1998

Box 58:

Folder 1: FA198.446.20 Going to Market: Shopping in Radford, 1920s-90s, by Kathleen Downges Tucker, 1998

Folder 2: FA198.446.21 The McGhee Family Remembers Radford, by Jennifer Ann Tush, 1998

Folder 3: FA198.446.22 From Moonshine to Miller Time: The Turman Family of Carroll County, Virginia, by Becky Long, 1998

Folder 4: FA198.446.1 Life in Appalachian America. A Study of Boarding House Life in the Coal Camps 1945-50, by Amy Hagenrater, 1998

Folder 5: FA198.548.2 Coal Mining in Appalachia: A Family Tradition, by Stephanie Moore, 1998

Box 59:

Folder 1: FA198.548.3 Profiles of Appalachia: Interviews with Residents of Wise County, Virginia, by Jennifer Y. Moreman, 1998

Folder 2: FA199.446.1 Today's Forecast-Flurries: The Snow of 1960, by Jennifer Boyd, 1999

Folder 3: FA199.446.2 The Breedloves: Family Folklore, by Kateri DuFrain, 1999

Folder 4: FA199.446.3 Growing Up on Orphanage Road: The Orphanage at Foster Falls, The Children's Story, by Donia S. Ely, 1999

Box 60:

Folder 1: FA199.446.4 First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage: How Appalachian Folks Find Somebody to Love, by Abigail Lee Estes, 1999

Folder 2: FA199.446.5 The Larimer School: A Teacher and Student Perspective, by Jessica Marie Haynes, 1999

Folder 3: FA199.446.6 A Local Legend: The Sisters in Black, by Jennifer Hill, 1999

Folder 4: FA199.446.7 Steve Epperly, A Local Legend, by Nicole King, 1999

Folder 5: FA199.446.8 Taking Lives or Giving Life: The Paradox of the Parrott Coalmines, by Lisa Lisanti, 1999

Folder 6: FA199.446.9 The Black Sisters, by Shannon Micielli, 1999

Box 61:

Folder 1: FA199.446.10 Ghost Stories You Ain't Heard Yet From Russell County, Virginia, by David Owens, 1999

Folder 2: FA199.446.11 Remembering the Past, Three Homes in Southwest Virginia, by Ivonne Reed, 1999

Folder 3: FA199.446.12 Appalachian Courtship and Wedding Customs, by Jessica Vanessa Reed, 1999

Folder 4: FA199.446.13 The Ruins of a Utopia: The Bristol Train Station Project, by Grant Simmons, 1999

Folder 5: FA199.446.14 Stories of Mormon Missionaries, by Amy E. Turner, 1999

Folder 6: FA199.446.15 The Art of Gardening and Canning Food, by Vanessa White, 1999

Box 62:

Folder 1: FA199.449.16 Reflections of Coal Mining in Haysi, Virginia, by Amber S. Yates, 1999

Folder 2: FA199.548.1 Discovering an Appalachian Collective Unconscious: A Look at Traditional Family Beliefs as Heirlooms of our Ancestors, by Michael Blankenship, 1999

Folder 3: FA199.548.2 Rememberings: A Family Heritage of Appalachian Folk Culture, by Katherine A. Combiths, 1999

Box 63:

Folder 1: FA199.548.3 Life in Appalachia During the Early Twentieth Century: The Story of Rosa Belle Catron Combs, by Myra Combs, 1999

Folder 2: FA199.548.4 Women's Roles in Twentieth Century Appalachia, by Laura M. Dumin, 1999

Folder 3: FA199.548.5 One Man's View: An Oral History of Cripple Creek, by Willie K. Everhart, 1999

Folder 4: FA199.548.6 Things Unnatural: Tales of Witches, Haunts, Dreams, Healing Powers, and Superstitions, by Tempi Hale, 1999

Box 64:

Folder 1: FA199.548.7 Music of the Blue Ridge: Alive and Kicking, by Jim Holt, 1999

Folder 2: FA199.548.8 Boogers, Haints, Ghosties, and Things That Go Bump-In-The-Night: A Creepy Appalachian Folk Culture Project, by Jami McDonald, 1999

Folder 3: FA200.446.1 Austinville Lead Mines: A Way of Life, by Pamela Denise Shumate, 2000

Folder 4: FA200.446.2 The Salt of the Earth: The Life and Times in a Company Town, by Tracy S. Smith, 2000

Folder 5: FA200.446.3 Cooking Up a Storm: A Story of Cooking, Gathering, and Natural Healing in Appalachia, by Angela Heather Spence, 2000

Folder 6: FA200.446.4 Courtship and Marriage Through the Generations, by Erin E. Thompson, 2000

Box 65:

Folder 1: FA200.446.05 "Haunting"ton Tales, by Corie B. Willett, 2000

Folder 2: FA200.446.06 Life in the Fast Lane: Drag Racing in Appalachia, by Megan Norton, 2000

Folder 3: FA200.446.07 Night of Terror: Hurricane Camille Hits Nelson County, by Heather Branch, 2000

Folder 4: FA200.446.08 The Fury of a Flood: The Roanoke Flood of 1985, by Eric Fuchs, 2000 

Folder 5: FA200.446.09 The Son of a Coal Miner: A Glimpse into the Broomsfield Mining Community, by Amy Gliebe, 2000

Folder 6: FA200.446.10 Growing Up Grubb in Greasy Creek, Virginia, by Amy Denise Grubb, 2000

Box 66:

Folder 1: FA200.446.11 Living Without Technology: Growing Up Female in Southwest Virginia, by Joslyn Gayle Hill, 2000

Folder 2: FA200.446.12 The Simpkins Family: Folk Traditions of a Carroll County Family, by Hilary B. Hunt, 2000

Folder 3: FA200.446.13 Lighthouse Bridge: History and Tradition, by Courteny W. Jameson, 2000

Folder 4: FA200.446.14 Shades of Brown Life, by Kenyatta Joyner, 2000

Folder 5: FA200.446.15 Bringing Families Together with Music, by Angie M. Lytton, 2000

Box 67:

Folder 1: FA200.446.16 Say 'Boo' to Big Stone Gap, by Eryne R Mirizio, 200

Folder 2: FA200.446.17 Goin' Up Stoney Creek, by Jobi E. Mullins, 2000

Folder 3: FA200.446.18 Old Time Religion: Trends of Baptist Sermons and Preaching Styles in Appalachia, by Robert L. Pickett, 2000

Folder 4: FA200.446.19 Appalachia: A Culture that Focuses on Unity, by Kendal C. Myers, 2000

Folder 5: FA200.446.20 Cherished Memories Forever: Pleasures of Traditional Family Cookin, by Tiffany Leigh Ragland, 2000

Folder 6: FA200.446.21 Canning Foods: Necessity or Pleasure, by Anne T. Rehanl, 2000

Folder 7: FA200.446.22 Home Cooking: Grandma Style, by Joli Wade 

Box 68:

Folder 1: FA201.446.01 Fun on the Farm: The Parkers, by Crystal Allie, 2001

Folder 2: FA201.446.02 Lakeside: A Treasure Lost Forever, by Phillip A. Bird, 2001

Folder 3: FA201.446.03 No Power? No Problem! Preserving Food on Farms, by Diane Brinkley, 2001

Folder 4: FA201.446.04 Wedding Traditions Through the Years, by Ashely Boyd

Folder 5: FA201.446.05 Aging, by Amy Bush, 2001

Folder 6: FA201.446.06 Wedding Traditions and Marriage Life, by Charles Triplett, 2001

Box 69:

Folder 1: FA201.446.07 Who's in Charge: Discipline in the Appalachian Home, by Angela DeVore, 2001

Folder 2: FA201.446.08 Thimbles and Threads: A Look at Quilting, by Amanda Gallimore, 2001

Folder 3: FA201.446.09 The Allen Family Tragedy, by Amanda Iroler, 2001

Folder 4: FA201.446.10 Family Life in the 20's, 30's, and 40's: Growing Up in the Harris Household, by Alan Janney, 2001

Folder 5: FA201.446.11 Real Mountain Magic: Witchcraft and Healing, by David Krauch, 2001

Folder 6: FA201.446.12 Growing Up Poor: Life and Education in the 1930's, by Andrea Mitchem, 2001

Box 70:

Folder 1: FA201.446.13 The Beale Treasure: Fact of Fiction, by Susanne Addison Potter, 2001

Folder 2: FA201.446.14 Appalachian Cooking: Past and Present, by Melissa Dickert, 2001

Folder 3: FA201.446.15 Crazy, Creative, and Clumsy Country Cooking: The Cooking Traditions of the Sklany Family, by Heather Leigh Spaid, 2001

Folder 4: FA201.446.16 Dry Valley: Ways to Have Fun as a Boy, by Dana Stevenson, 2001

Folder 5: FA201.446.17 Growing Up in the Mountains, by William Weddle III, 2001

Folder 6: FA201.446.18 Children's Folklore: Songs and Games of the Past and Present, by Jessica Wilkerson, 2001

Box 71:

Folder 1: FA202.446.01 Living By the Signs: A Closer Look at How the Moon Influences our Daily Activities, by Ashley Adkins, 2002

Folder 2: FA202.446.02 God's Many Helpers: Religion in the 1930's, by Lydia Bryant, 2002

Folder 3: FA202.446.03 The Black Hole: The Effects of Coal Mining on the People of Southwest Virginia, by Derek Burke, 2002

Folder 4: FA202.446.04 Halloween: Traditions of Fun, by Amanda Clark, 2002

Folder 5: FA202.446.05 The Poff Family and Their Cultural Connections to Waterways in Floyd County, Virginia, by Lindsay Coada, 2002

Box 72:

Folder 1: FA202.446.06 Stealing and Surviving in Monroe County, Pennsylvania, by Andrea Cramer, 2002

Folder 2: FA202.446.07 Appalachia's Heart in Appalachia's People: One Man's Appalachian Experience, by Stephen Aaron Davis, 2002

Folder 3: FA202.446.08 Growing Up in Appalachia, by Megan M. Freeborn, 2002

Folder 4: FA202.446.09 Canning: A Way of Life, by Joseph Gregory, 2002 

Folder 5: FA202.446.10 Making Do With What You Have: Growing Up in the 1930's, by Shilah Hackler, 2002

Box 73:

Folder 1: FA202.446.11 The Depression- For Some, It Just Was Not That Bad, by Genevieve Hall, 2002

Folder 2: FA202.446.12 Growing Up in the 1930's, by Elizabeth Herndon, 2002

Folder 3: FA202.446.13 The Daily Eats and Treats in the 1930's Appalachia, by Kerri Huff, 2002

Folder 4: FA202.446.14 Living in Hard Times: Dora Stanley Life and Experiences in West Virginia Coal Camp, by Heather D. Lowe, 2002

Folder 5: FA202.446.15 A Whisper in the Mountains: A Look At the Music and People of Appalachia, by Lori McKenzie, 2002

Box 74:

Folder 1: FA202.446.16 Weddings: The Before and Afterwards, by Heather Moan, 2002

Folder 2: FA202.446.17 Apple Butter Making in Page County, Virginia, by Amy Phillips, 2002

Folder 3: FA202.446.18 School House Perspective: Two Views of Education in the 1930's, by Ashley Robbins, 2002

Folder 4: FA202.446.19 Work, Money, and Jobs in the 1930's, by Carrie McKay, 2002

Folder 5: FA202.446.20 The 1858 Wythe County Poorhouse Farm, A Living History Book, by Lisa Spencer, 2002

Box 75:

Folder 1: FA202.446.21 Bain Family Journey, by Tracy M. Wood, 2002

Folder 2: FA202.446.22 Marvin Cox: A Personal History, by Leigh Waldron, 2002

Folder 3: FA203.648.1 Folklore & Literary Interpretations: The Witcher-Clement Feud Part 1, by Charles A. Swanson, 2003

Folder 4: FA203.648.1 Folklore & Literary Interpretations: The Witcher-Clement Feud Part 2, by Charles A. Swanson, 2003

Folder 5: FA203.648.1 Folklore & Literary Interpretations: The Witcher-Clement Feud Part 3, by Charles A. Swanson, 2003

Folder 6: FA203.648.1 Folklore & Literary Interpretations: The Witcher-Clement Feud Part 4, by Charles A. Swanson, 2003 

Box 76:

Folder 1: FA203.446.1 Yesterday's Wal-Mart: Running a Store Back When, by Jessica Hill, 2003

Folder 2: FA203.445.2 Discipline: Froim Switch'n to Tongue Lash'ns, by Megan Long, 2003

Folder 3: FA203.446.3 Life in Horsepen, by Amelia Festa, 2003

Folder 4: FA203.446.4 Granny Horton: A Link to Appalachia, by Justin Horton, 2003

Folder 5: FA203.446.5 Mt. Olivet, Pulaski, VA: One Community, One Man's Memories, 1932-2003, by Kathy Murphy, 2003

Folder 6: FA203.446.6 Appalachian Home Remedies: A Collection from Radford University's Staff and Students, by Colleen Opdyke, 2003

Folder 7: FA203.446.7 Preparing and Enjoying Tasty Appalachian Food, by Jessica Fox, 2003

Box 77:

Folder 1: FA203.446.8 There's Something About Mertie: The Life and Times of Mertie Widner, by Shai Cullop, 2003 

Folder 2: FA203.446.9 A Time to Sow and a Time to Reap: How People Use the Signs to Live By, by Deanna Eastridge, 2003

Folder 3: FA203.446.10 Memories of a Family and a Community: The Centerville Rose, by Jessica Frances Rose, 2003

Folder 4: FA203.446.11 Divine Tales of Family Coal Mining, by Rae Ann Howery, 2003

Folder 5: FA203.446.12 Old Wives Tales of Appalachia, What Do You Believe?, by Sheena Floyd, 2003

Folder 6: FA203.446.13 It Was Real Life Then: Growing up on Coon Branch Mountain, by Jessica Mullins, 2003

Box 77.1:

Folder 1: FA203.446.14 From the Courthouse to the Allen House, by Lloyd Melton, 2003

Folder 2: FA203.446.15 Signs of Knowledge: Predictions and Forecasts, by Leigh Ann McKnight, 2003

Folder 3: FA203.446.16 A Father and Son Hobby, by Shannon Murphy, 2003

Folder 4: FA203.446.17 Nola Jean Davison, Growing Up in a One Horse Town in Appalachia, by J.W. Lee, 2003

Folder 5: FA203.446.18 Education in the Past: Both Sides of the Story, by Angie Oliveto, 2003

Folder 6: FA203.446.19 An Appalachian Childhood: Looking Back, by Kathleen M. Lane, 2003

Box 78:

Folder 1: FA204.446.1 First Hand Ghost Stories, by Deanna Vestal, 2004

Folder 2: FA203.446.2 Education in a Different Century: A Look at a Day of School in Appalachia, by Tessica Venteicher-Shulman, 2004

Folder 3: FA204.446.3 No Need for a Doctor: Appalachian Remedies and Folk Medicine, by Mori Varn, 2004

Folder 4: FA204.446.4 The Hole in the Mountain and Other Tales: Ghost Stories of Patrick County, VA, by Mike Vance, 2004

Folder 5: FA204.46.5 A Tale Of..... Ghost Stories in Radford, VA and Radford University, by Allison Tracy, 2004

Folder 6: FA204.446.6 Hunting: The Past and Present...Survival or Sport?, by Erin R. Smith, 2004

Folder 7: FA204.446.7 Growing Up During the Depression, by Vicky Sands, 2004

Folder 8: FA204.446.8 Memories of Healing: Home Remedies, by Kristin Ratliff, 2004

Folder 9: FA204.446.9 Kelly's General Merchandise: A Small Town Store, by Jacquelyn Kelly, 2004

Box 79:

Folder 1: FA204.446.10 The Richness of Frugality: Huff Family Values, by Skylar Paige Holbrook, 2004

Folder 2: FA204.446.11 Quilting Traditions in Radford, VA: Past and Present, by Tom Fowler, 2004 

Folder 3: FA204.446.12 When It Rains, It Pours: Flood of 1985, by Janee A. Claytor, 2004

Folder 4: FA204.446.13 Younger Days in the Appalachian Region: 1960-1980, by Jessica Chafin, 2004

Folder 5: FA204.446.14 Tobacco Harvest: 60 Years of Burley Farming in Southwest Virginia, by Ryan Burke, 2004

Folder 6: FA204.446.15 Ghost Stories From College Campuses in the Appalachia, by Karen M. Austin, 2004

Folder 7: FA204.446.16 Growing Up in Southern West Virginia During the 1940's and 1950's: Agrarian and Coal Camp Lifestyles, by Debra A. Ashby, 2004

Folder 8: FA204.446.17 The Gypsies of Claytor Lake, by Greg Allen, 2004

Box 80:

Folder 1: FA205.648.1 We're Not So Different After All, by Connie Hayner, 2004

Folder 2: FA205.648.2 There's No Place Like Home: Appalachian Houses, by Rhonda Hawley, 2005

Folder 2: FA205.648.3 There's No Place Like Home: Bramwell Millionaire Homecoming, by Dana Cochran, 2005

Folder 4: FA205.648.4 Folklife of the Country Store, by Julie Alexander, 2005

Folder 5: FA205.548.5 Moving On: The Taylor History of Frontier Life and Frontier Religion, by Erik C. Taylor, 2004

Box 81:

Folder 1: FA205.648.6 Ricky Cox Burnt Bodies in the Selu Cistern, by Charles Brew, 2005

Folder 2: FA205.648.7 Hooked: The Tradition of Crochet, by Donna Ogle, 2005

Folder 3: FA205.648.5 If These Stones Could Talk: A Study of Epitaphs in Oakwood, by Terry Ferrell, 2005

Box 82:

Folder 1: FA204.446.1 Quilting in Southwest Virginia, by Michelle Bower, 2005

Folder 2: FA205.446.2 Unusual Methods in Appalachian Fiddle Making: Negative Views of Fiddle Players Among Mountain Peoples, by Jason Decker, 2005

Folder 3: FA205.446.3 A Palace in Southwest Virginia: Tales and Memories of the Rockwood Manor, by Ashley Dew, 2005

Folder 4: FA205.446.4 Two Separate Paths, One Appalachia: The Contemporary Study of the Life of Richard and Frances Guthrie, by Elizabeth A. DiSalvo, 2005

Folder 5: FA205.446.5 Murderous Mary: One Small Town and One Big Elephant, by Shelley Gentry, 2005

Folder 6: FA205.446.6 Times in the Mountains: The Stories of Maggie Lee Horn, by Cameron R. Horn, 2005

Box 83:

Folder 1: FA205.446.7 Old Time Vesuvius: Memories from the Humphries Family, by Jenna Humphries, 2005

Folder 2: FA205.446.8 Appalachian Wisdom: A Look at the Women & Their Roles in Appalachia, by Lori Hypes, 2005

Folder 3: FA205.446.9 Memories of Appalachia: Stories from the Heatwole Family, by Nancy E. Jenkins, 2005

Folder 4: FA205.446.10 Funny Stories I Married Into: The Funny Side of White Mountain, by Theresa S. Jewell, 2005

Folder 5: FA205.446.11 The Common Communicators: Musicians in Appalachia, by Jennifer Marye, 2005

Folder 6: FA205.446.12 Life in the 1930's, by Christina McCann, 2005

Box 84:

Folder 1: FA205.446.13 The People of Clearfork, by Sarah M. Neel, 2005

Folder 2: FA205.446.14 Scaring New Students: The Ghost Stories of Radford University, by Lori Poston, 2005

Folder 3: FA205.446.15 Lost Traditions: Neighbors Helping Neighbors, by Danner Rash, 2005

Folder 4: FA205.446.16 Diggin' Up History at the Radford Aresnal: Life Beyond the Gates According to the Shephard Family, by Amanda Sheppard, 2005

Box 85:

Folder 1: FA206.446.1 Draft Horses in Appalachia, by Lindsay Batchelor, 2006

Folder 2: FA206.446.2 Ghosts of Southwest Virginia: Blacksburg, Christiansburg and Giles County, by Jennifer Bycoski, 2006

Folder 3: FA206.446.3 Traditional Appalachian Cooking, by Laura Collins , 2006

Folder 4: FA206.446.4 Teaching, by Jennifer Cooper, 2006

Folder 5: FA206.446.5 Canning in My Family, by Ashley Crawford, 2006

Folder 6: FA206.446.6 Lives of the Women Burgess, by Elaine Fenwick

Box 86:

Folder 1: FA206.446.7 Things to Remember: The Life Led by Kermit and Frances Grimm, by Jillian Knauf, 2006

Folder 2: FA206.446.8 A Social Landscape, by Erin McGregor, 2006

Folder 3: FA206.446.9 Memories of Draper, Virginia: A Local History, by Melissa Webb, 2006

Folder 4: FA206.446.10 Stratton's Survival: The Nelson County Flood of 1969, by Lindsay Woodson, 2006

Box 87:

Folder 1: FA207.446.1 Growing Up on Scratch Gravel: Lonnie Burnett Remembers, by Bobbi Jo Burnett, 2007

Folder 2: FA207.446.2 Mrs. Hylton: Girl for Hire, by Melissa Dietrich, 2007

Folder 3: FA207.446.3 Dairy Farms in Southwestern Virginia: A Family Affair, by Kristin Frazier, 2007

Folder 4: FA207.446.4 Education: Teachings of the 40's, by Julia Jalbert, 2007

Folder 5: FA207.446.5 A Farriers Life in Modern Day Appalachia, by Hannah Moore, 2007  

Folder 6: FA207.446.6 "A Walk in the Past": School in the 1940's, by Erin Strayer, 2007

Folder 7: FA207.446.7 The Craig County Murder Hole: The Legend of Niday and the Peddler, by Danielle Smith, 2007

Folder 8: FA207.446.8 The Ghost Stories and Haunted Houses of Grayson County and Its Surrounding Area, by Amanda Toler, 2007

Folder 9: FA207.446.9 The Allen Tragedy: A Carroll County Courthouse Shooting, by Suzanne Iroler, 2007

Folder 10: FA207.446.10 The Real St. Albans: Before the Ghosts Moved In, by Samantha Bailey, 2007

Box 88:

Folder 1: FA207.648.1 The Tradition of Quilting Passed Down: Profiles of Four Quilters, by Shanna Bryant, 2007

Folder 2: FA207.648.2 Ghosts of the Past: Haunted Abingdon, by Daniel Cline, 2007

Folder 3: FA207.648.3 Hearts of Gold: The Lives of Blanche and Leonard Stamper, by Shai Cullop, 2007

Folder 4: FA207.648.4 Education Now and Then: An Insight into the Traditions and Education of the Roche Family, by Jessica Curulla, 2007

Folder 5: FA207.648.5 Thoroughly Committed: Floyd County's Dedication to Education in the Early Twentieth Century, by Ruth Derrick, 2007

Folder 6: FA207.648.6 A Love that Lasts: Death and Burial in Appalachia, by Laurel Devoto, 2007

Box 89:

Folder 1: FA207.648.7 They Have Always Been Here: Indians in Appalachia, by Antonia Garcia, 2007

Folder 2: FA207.648.8 The Humble Abode: The Log Cabin, an American Icon, by Teresa Jewell, 2007

Folder 3: FA207.648.9 Coon Hunting: An Appalachian Tradition, by Eric Linkenhoker, 2007

Folder 4: FA207.648.10 Highlander Festival: Preservation of a Folk Tradition, by Phillip Scott McReynolds, 2007

Folder 5: FA207.648.11 Quilting: Expressing Creativity by Creating Functional Artwork. "The Art of the Mountains", by Jamie Rowlett, 2007

Folder 6: FA207.648.12 Home Remedies in Appalachia and Korea, by Jae-Young Seo, 2007

Folder 7: FA207.648.13 A History of Her Own: The Personal Narrative of Mary Ingles Bullard, by Laurel Sutton, 2007

Folder 8: FA207.648.14 Passing it On, Picking it Up: How Fiddle Tunes Move From Fiddler to Fiddler, by Tim Thornton, 2007

Folder 9: FA207.648.15 The Stephens Family Apple Butter Festival: Apple Butter of the Past, Present and Future, by Tessica Venteicher-Shulman, 2007

Box 90:

Folder 1: FA208.446.1 Smith Mountain Lake: History and Tradition, by Hilary Candler, 2008

Folder 2: FA208.446.2 Family Traditions and Values, by Marley Cornett, 2008

Folder 3: FA208.446.3 Fortune and Less Fortune: The Times of Alma and James Townsend, 2008

Folder 4: FA208.446.4 Two & A Half Miles: Perspectives from and Indian Valley Franklin School Teacher, by Jennifer Culp, 2008

Folder 5: FA208.446.5 Clinton Smith: A Man of Many Talents, by Michael J. Freel, 2008

Folder 6: FA208.446.6 Christmas Past and Present: a Look at How Christmas in the Appalachian Region Fifty Years Ago Compares with Christmas Today, by Elizabeth Hammond, 2008

Folder 7: FA208.446.7 Sunday Traditions, by Jackie Hodge, 2008

Folder 8: FA208.446.8 Dairy Farming in Floyd County: A Day in the Life of a Dairy Farmer, by Annclaire Livoti, 2008

Folder 9: FA208.446.9 Mountain Funnin': Childrens Games Live On In Appalachia, by Katy McCracken, 2008

Box 91:

Folder 1: FA209.446.1 Lewis Mullins: A Look into His Life and Living in Appalachia, by Renae Aigner, 2009

Folder 2: FA209.446.2 Sunday, Monday, Happy Days: Growing Up in Narrows, by Kathy Allen, 2009

Folder 3: FA209.446.3 Stories of a Mountain Family, by Peter Barrett, 2009

Folder 4: FA209.446.4 Edna Young: Making Do with What You Had: A Childhood and Life Amid the Depression in Appalachia, by Amanda Epperly, 2009

Folder 5: FA209.446.5 Funeral Customs in Southwestern Virginia: "Things We Become Accustom To", by Jacqueline Frank, 2009 

Folder 6: FA209.446.6 Forking That Hay Just the Same as a Man Would: The Personal Account of Ms. Pauling Long's Life on the Bowles Farm, by Katherine LaRosa, 2009

Folder 7: FA209.446.7 Vets: Mid-20th Century Appalachian Veterans' Experiences in War and Peacetime, by Donnie Martin II, 2009

Folder 8: FA209.446.8 Growing Up on Guinea Mountain, by Brittany Moye, 2009

Box 92:

Folder 1: FA209.446.9 Christiansburg Industrial Institute, by Loren D. Phillips, 2009

Folder 2: FA209.446.10 Occupations in Life: A Man's Strength Through The Workforce, by Amanda Jo Spore, 2009

Folder 3: FA209.446.11 Christmas Traditions of Crockett, Virginia: One Man's Perspective, by Sandra Sutherland, 2009

Folder 4: FA209.446.12 The Ghosts of Kitchen's Past: Old Timey Appalachian Recipes, by Amanda Thompson, 2009

Folder 5: FA209.446.13 The Life and Times of a Mother and Son, by Sophia Turonis, 2009

Folder 6: FA209.446.14 The Life of Daniel P. Caldwell Growing Up in Appalachia and Working on the Railroad, by Skyleur Versele 2009

Box 93:

Folder 1: FA209.648.1 Appalachian Craftspeople: A Stained Glass Artist and A Woodturner, by Alex Craig 2009

Folder 2: FA209.648.2 Preserving Railroad History Through Museums: Creation of Railroad Exhibit at the Glencoe in Radford and Examination of the Transportation Museum in Roanoke, by Jessica Fox, 2009

Folder 3: FA209.648.3 Growing Up Appalachian: The Persinget Family, by Mara Fuller, 2009

Folder 4: FA209.648.4 Decoration Day: A Multi-Generational Look at a Family Tradition, by Lori Hypes, 2009

Folder 5: FA209.648.5 Evolving African American Protestant Traditions: AMD and Baptist Churches, by Denise Mathews, 2009

Box 94:

Folder 1: FA209.648.6 The Appalachian Dulcimer: Inspiring Stories of Devotion, Love and Preservation, by Jeremy Miller, 2009

Folder 2: FA209.648.7 Flowin' North: Folklore Traditions Shaped by Life on the New River, by Emilee Sowers, 2009

Folder 3: FA209.648.8 A New Hillbilly Highway: Mowing Down Mountains and Paving Coal Mines to Build the Coalfields Express, by Tim Thornton, 2009

Folder 4: FA209.648.9 Oak Ridge: An Enduring Identity, by Andrew Trammell, 2009

Folder 5: FA209.648.10 La Rivere "Ingles Castle", by Mori Varn, 2009

Box 95:

Folder 1: FA210.446.1 It's Been A Wonderful Life: The Life of a Country Boy, by Kelly Dillion, 2010

Folder 2: FA210.446.2 Memories of a Childhood: Growing Up with Fourteen Siblings, by Ashley Helms, 2010

Folder 3: FA210.446.3 Let's Dance: The Draws of Square Dancy, by Kelsey Lewis, 2010

Folder 4: FA210.446.4 Car Building in the Shenandoah Valley: The John Davis Way, by Brian Massie, 2010

Folder 5: FA210.446.5 Getting Out of East Palestine: The Memories of a Small Town, by Alexandra Newman, 2010

Folder 6: FA210.446.6 Life on the Farm: Growing Up in the 30's with Haydon Dickerson, by Megan Norton, 2010

Folder 7: FA210.446.7 Mrs Effie King Brown- Radford's Centennial Sister Looking Back at the Last One Hundred Years Living in Floyd County, Virginia, by Meghan Rickert, 2010

Folder 8: FA210.446.8 The Lives and HIstory of the Vest Family, by Sherri Williams, 2010

Box 96:

Folder 1: FA211.446.1 Oh How Times Makes Change: Progress of Technology at the RU Print Shop, by Matthew Alfred Bayliss, 2011

Folder 2: FA211.446.2 A Recollection of Times of Mourning in West Virginia, by Louis Kolarich, 2011

Folder 3: FA211.446.3 From Garden to Can, by Samantha Moore, 2011

Folder 4: FA211.446.4 Like a Flash in a Pan!, by Martha McComas, 2011

Folder 5: FA211.446.5 Thomas Edward Robinson, Sr, by Amanda Robinson, 2011

Folder 6: FA211.446.6 The Simple Life: Erma Martin's Life in Chilhowie, Virginia, by Kaitlin Haddock, 2011

Folder 7: FA211.446.7 How Did You Get into Racing? Darrell Graham Explains, by Alexander Monetti, 2011

Box 97:

Folder 1: FA212.446.1 Folklife on the Coastline, by Kyle Millard, 2012

Folder 2: FA212.446.2 The Life of James Walker: A Deeper Look into Life in Radford and a Signicicant Conversion Experience, by Taylor Flavin, 2012

Folder 3: FA212.446.3 Growing Up and Working Hard: The Life of Paul D. Duncan, by Katie Calder, 2012

Folder 4: FA212.446.4 Piney and Reed Fisher: A Paperless History, by Matthew Arnold, 2012

Folder 5: FA212.446.5 Unforgettable Experiences: Dealing with the Flood of 1985, by Matthew T. Parr, 2012

Folder 6: FA212.446.6 Listening on the Other End of the Party Line: The 1950's According to Larry Dan Cook, by David Larry Cook, 2012

Folder 7: FA212.446.7 Commemorating the Carper Family Lineage, by Meghan McNeice, 2012

Folder 8: FA212.446.8 Family and Faith: Baptist Traditions in Asheville, North Carolina, by Stephanie Banus, 2012

Folder 9: FA212.446.9 Farming the Ole Timey Way: The Robinson Way, by Nathan Webb, 2012

Folder 10: FA212.446.10 Action and Adventure in Appalachia: A Chat with Charlie Hall, by Catherine Carner, 2012

Box 98:

Folder 11: FA212.446.11 Preserving Food: A Way of Life, by Megan Blevins, 2012

Folder 12: FA212.446.12 Born Black in Appalachia: An Alternative Look at Segregation, by Michael Mandzak, 2012

Folder 13: FA212.446.13 A Sense of Community: Dudley's Truck Stop, by Wendy Tallant, 2012

Folder 14: FA212.446.14 Dora Simpkins: The Life, Times, and Family of a Mountain Woman, by Ian Simpkins, 2012

Folder 15: FA213.446.1 Swimming in the Branch: The Memoirs of Christine Wheeling Akers, by Danielle Akers, 2013

Folder 16: FA213.446.2 Mountain Metropolis: A Portrait of a Young Girl in War, West Virginia, by Travis Atwell, 2013

Folder 17: FA213.446.3 Lonzie Alderman: Forty Years of Gospel, by Rebecca Clarke, 2013

Folder 18: FA213.446.4 Growing Up Like the Walton's, by Angie Graham

Box 99:

Folder 1: FA213.446.5 Carrying on the Legacy: The Next Generation of the Infamous Lutz Show Cows, by Ashley Harral, 2013

Folder 2: FA213.446.6 Growing Up in a Rural Community: Gary Thomas and Betty Copenhaver, by Jade Hutton, 2013

Folder 3: FA213.446.7 Visiting Nelson County: Deb McKenna's Childhood Summers, by Ashley Kinsey, 2013

Folder 4: FA213.446.8 The New River Valley: A Local History by Taylor LaPrade, 2013

Folder 5: FA213.446.9 Growing Up in Ferrum, VA: Douglas Scott, by Krissie Scott, 2013

Folder 6: FA213.446.10 Amherst County, Virginia and the Friends That Grew Up There: Sandy Tucker and Loyd Ogden, by Lauren Tucker, 2013

Folder 7: FA213.446.11 Appalachian Midwifery, by Emily Wiley, 2013

Folder 8: FA213.446.12 Howard Dickerson: Just a One-Man-Farm, by Victoria Rhea Curtis, 2013

Folder 9: FA213.446.13 Life of a Farm Boy: Growing Up in Bedford County, by Kimberly Pearman, 2013

Box 100:

Folder 1: FA214.446.1 The Memories of Ruth Mae Blankenship-Wilkerson, by Joleen Halares, 2014

Folder 2: FA214.446.2 Rich in Spirit on Middle Creek: The Life and Times of Barbara Elswick, by Kelly Brooke Nickell, 2014

Folder 3: FA214.446.3 Mrs. Hollandsworth's Burlington, by Amanda Peacock, 2014

Folder 4: FA214.446.4 Back to the Earth: A Brief Study of Music in Appalachia, by Jacob Retting, 2014

Folder 5: FA214.446.5 Benny Wood: A Life Remembered, by Sarah Sheppard, 2014

Folder 6: FA214.446.6 Michael O'Quinn and Poor Valley, by Justin Snodgrass, 2014

Folder 7: FA214.446.7 The Good Old Days: Roger Bush Remembers Growing Up in Buffalo Hollow, by Jodi Bush Stocker, 2014

Folder 8: FA214.446.8 "The Woman I'm Gonna Marry": The Lives of Connie and Nina Browning, by Sara Cooper, 2014

Box 101:

Folder 1: FA215.446.1 Impact of Appalachian Life: The Journey Begins in Austinville, VA, by Caleb S. Atwood, 2015

Folder 2: FA215.446.2 Life on the Railroad: An Inside Look at What Really Happens on Trains, by Katie Bailey, 2015

Folder 3: FA215.446.3 Ms. Marie Dobyns- A Life Well Lived: Of Agriculture and Education, by Henry Bolte, 2015

Folder 4: FA215.446.4 She Ain't no Stupid Hillbilly: Defeating the Stigma, by Alicia L. Cardwell, 2015

Folder 5: FA215.446.5 Rising From the Ashes: The Story of Evelyn Rose Glumsic, by Milena Glumsic, 2015

Folder 6: FA215.446.6 We Had A Great Childhood: Memories of Two Sisters Growing up in Wise, Virginia, by Allison Hibbitts, 2015

Folder 7: FA215.446.7 Thirty-One Years Growing Up in Appalachia: Memories of Evelyn Dotson and Charles Dotson Jr, by Chase Thompson, 2015

Folder 8: FA215.466.8 Pulaski County: A Day in the Life, by David Doherty, 2015

Box 102:

Folder 1: FA216.446.1 Radford University in the 1960's From Linda Milburn's Eyes, by Glen Carmichael, 2016

Folder 2: FA216.446.2 Making Somethin' Out of Nothin': The Living Legend of "Swede" Blevins, by Katelyn Dobbins, 2016

Folder 3: FA216.446.3 Schools of Yesteryear: When Carrie and Edwin Cole went to School, by Justin Katwal, 2016

Folder 4: FA216.446.4 The Store and Times Past: Life and Business Remembered by James and Hilda Harmon, by Elizabeth Koutsogiannis, 2016

Folder 5: FA216.446.5 Growing Up in Snowville, VA: Sharon Williamson, by Ashley Melton, 2016

Folder 6: FA216.446.6 Weddings, Work, and Drag Races: A Narrative of Joe and Joyce Mundy, by Jessica Mundy, 2016

Folder 7: FA216.446.7 A Look into the Past: Dale Osborne Remembers, by Marisa Osborne, 2016

Folder 8: FA216.446.8 The Appalachian Royals, by Olivia Royal, 2016

Folder 9: FA219.446.9 The Stanley Family and Their Visit to a Haunted Cabin in Tennessee, by Justin Smith, 2016

Folder 10: FA216.446.10 Foster Falls and Beyond: Childhood Memories of Dorothy Wooldridge, by Taryn Stanley, 2016

Folder 11: FA216.446.11 Saltville, A Town, A History, A People, by Ashley Frye, 2016

Box 103: 

Folder 1: FA217.446.1 Butch Cottrell and a Life Full of Stories: Tales form the Mountains of West Virginia, by Christy Myers, 2017

Folder 2: FA217.446.2 A Folklore of Banjos: As Told by Jake Blount and Bud Bennett, by Julia Vohden, 2017

Folder 3: FA218.446.1 Pipework and Restorations- Recollections of Lloyd Akers, by Alexander Burnley, 2018

Folder 4: FA218.446.2 A Union Valley Correll: Marcella Woods' Story, by Casey Cockrum, 2018

Folder 5: FA218.446.3 Jutta and Josef Schrodl: Two Childhoods During and After World War II and Later in Rural Germany, by Fabian Diekmann, 2018

Folder 6: FA218.446.4 Living in the Holler: The Childhood Stories of Mary Kennedy, by Hannah Kennedy

Folder 7: FA218.446.5 Dr. Paige Horst- Living in Radford, Virginia, by Robert Nash, 2018

Folder 8: FA218.446.6 A Long Country Road: A Trip Through Time with Ed Bennett, by Robert Swing, 2018

Folder 9: FA218.446.7 A German Baptist from Copper Hill: The Family Recollections of Mrs. Sharon Wood of Copper Hill, Floyd County, VA, by J.M. Walden, 2018

Box 104:

Folder 1: FA219.446.1 Images in the Ashes: Kathy Collins Remembers, by Karray Davidson, 2019

Folder 2: FA219.446.2 Interview With a Working Man: J.W. Dix Through the Years, by Emily Dix, 2019

Folder 3: FA219.446.3 The Life of Charles T. Ramsey: From the Shore to the Holler, by Hannah Draper, 2019

Folder 4: FA219.446.4 Too Much Invested Up On This Hill to Leave: Robert and Phyllis Wallace Remember, by Savannah Roberson, 2019

Folder 5: FA219.446.5 The Music, Art, and Wisdom of Mr. Willard Gayheart, by Summer R. Speach, 2019

Box 105: Supplemental information

Folder 1: A Handbook for Preparing a Folklife Project. Prepared by Kathy Jo Shambaugh and Sam L. Linkous with additions by Ricky L. Cox, Grace Toney Edwards, and Tracy Stockwell, 1997

Folder 2: A Handbook for Preparing a Folklore Manuscrips, by Carol L. Krick and Charles L. Perdue, Jr, 1978

Folder 3: Syllabus for English 446- Appalachian Folklore. Fall 2019

Folder 4: Partial indexing information for various audio files associated with 1993 course 548 projects.

Folder 5: Partial indexing information for various audio files associated with 1994 course 548 projects.

Folder 6:  Partial indexing information for various audio files associated with 1995 course 456 projects.

Folder 7: Partial indexing information for various audio files.

Folder 8: CD Folklife Archives Databases Information.

Folder 9: Informants and Permission Forms Master Inventory

Folder 10: Miscellaneous informaion

Folder 11: Various permission forms

Box 106:

Folder 1: FA212.446.01 Living Off the Land: Naomi Barrett's Childhood in the Appalachian Mountains, by William Tyler Barrett, 2021.

Folder 2: FA221.446.02 Growing Up a Simple Life: Matthew Day Remembers Living in Stuart, Virginia, by Hannah Elizabeth Day, 2021.

Folder 3: FA221.446.03 A Brief History of The Vances: According to Dan Vance, by Melanie Vance, 2021.