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Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center Main Archive
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The Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center Main Archive consists of original projects, select journal issues, class projects, reviews, and other information kept in the ARRSC. This collection retains the organization and numbering system in place at the time it was transferred to the University Archives.
Located in locked compact shelving, level 1.

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[Identification of item], Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center, Appalachian Collection, McConnell Library, Radford University, Radford, VA.

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HISTORical Note

The Appalachian Rural and Regional Studies Center was started in 1994 by Dr. Grace Toney Edwards and was housed in Buchanan Hall on the Radford University campus. Dr. Edwards retired from the university in 2010 and the department was then put under the direction of Dr. Theresa Burris. At the direction of provost Sam Minner, the archive was permanently transferred to McConnell Library in October 2013, at which time the ARRSC was temporarily without office or storage space, having been effectively albeit unofficially dissolved by order of the provost. The center has since been partially reopened in a different location.

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Scope and Contents

The Main Archive of the Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center (originally Appalachian Regional Studies Center) is a diverse collection of 905 printed items (some with audio and photographs) created or published primarily between 1973 and 2010 and compiled between 1981 and 2010. Most of the collection consists of unpublished individual and collaborative papers and projects, scholarly and creative, contributed  by Radford University students enrolled primarily in English and Appalachian Studies courses from freshman to graduate level account for more than a third of the collection. The remainder comprises various donated documents and work created by professional scholars, journalists, publicists, and creative writers. Works include analyses, brochures, criticism, essays, fiction, pamphlets, poetry, (event) programs, reviews, and teaching guides addressing topics such as film, folklore and folklife, music, popular culture, photography, the Selu Conservancy (at Radford University), visual arts, and women’s studies, as viewed from perspectives within the liberal arts and the social and natural sciences. 

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Materials are arranged and numbered as established by the Appalchian Regional and Rural Studies Center.

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Administrative Information

Publication Information

McConnell Library Archives and Special Collections

McConnell Library
PO Box 6881
Radford, Virginia

Restrictions to Access

An appointment for research is required. The collection is open for research. No interlibrary loan.

Custodial Note

This archive was created and maintained by members of the Appalachian Regional and Rural Studies Center and both their organization and numbering system has been maintained.


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Collection Inventory

Box 1:

Folder 1: 194.1.a. Reflections of Yesterday, by Jenny Leadbetter, undated.

Folder 2: 194.2.a. Compilation of Papers from Folklore Class, various authors, undated.

Folder 3: 194.3.a. The Richness of Appalachian Culture; Autobiographical Strains in Harriette Arnow's Mountain Path, by Frances Helphinstine, undated.

Folder 4: 194.4.a. A Tragedy at Hillsville: A Full Length Play, by Ronald M. Larson, 1978.

Folder 5: 194.5.a. A Preliminary and Selectively Annotated Bibliography on Land Ownership and Property Taxation, with an emphasis on Appalachia, by Steve Fisher, 1979.

Folder 6: 194.6.a. A Selective Bibliography on Appalachia, with an Emphasis on Political Economy, by Steve Fisher, 1981.

Folder 7: 194.7.a. Highland History, by various authors, 1981.

Box 2:

Folder 1: 194.8.a. A Journey Through Appalachia, by various authors, 1981.

Folder 2: 194.9.a. I Wonder as I Wander, by various authors, 1981.

Folder 3: 194.10.a. Some Appalachian Short Stories: A Bibliogrphy, by Sue E. Watts, 1973.

Folder 4: 195.9.a. The History of the Bowles Family, by Thomas Farquhar, 1907.

Folder 5: 194.10.b. Exploring Appalachia: Exposure to its Culture, by Grace Toney Edwards, 1974.

Folder 6: 194.10.c. Resources for the Study of Appalachia: Bibliography, by Mabel Y. Moser, 1974.

Folder 7: 194.10.d. Source Book for Appalachian Music Studies, by Joan Moser, 1975.

Folder 8: 194.10.e. Text for Quilting Kit, by Diane O'Dell, undated.

Folder 9: 194.10.f. The Application of Appalachian Studies for Curriculum Enrichment, by Theresa M. Bisset, 1977.

Folder 10: 194.10.g. Science and Appalachia, by Margaret Blair Price, 1977.

Folder 11: 194.10.h. An Introductory Course in Folk Music for Advanced Secondary Level, by Cathy Hanby, 1979.

Folder 12: 194.10.i. Checklist for Novels Dealing with the Southern Appalachian Area for Grades 5-12, by Shonna Sue Houser, 1980.

Folder 13: 194.10.j. Appalachian Literature and Culture: A Teaching Unit for High School Students, by Joan M. Bernnan, 1981.

Folder 14: 194.10.k. Community-Based Citizenship Education: A Goal for Junior High Appalachian Studies.

Box 3:

Folder 1: 194.10.l. Religious Folk and Folklike Music in Appalachia, by William Tallmadge, undated.

Folder 2: 194.11.a. Collection of Civil War Letters, by Casey Hash, 1983.

Folder 3: 194.12.a. The Elderly in Appalachia: Plight or Priviledge?, by Molly Parker, 1983.

Folder 4: 194.13.a. The Art of "Tatting"- Demonstrated at the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival (Oct 1983), by Eileen M. Clark, 1983.

Folder 5: 194.13.b. Shingle Making, by Jakki Hutt, 1983.

Folder 6: 194.14.a. The ABC's of Appalachia, by various authors, 1983.

Folder 7: 194.15.a. Bibliography of Appalachian Materials: McConnell Library 1981/1982.

Folder 8: 194.16.a. The Atom, Appalachia, and the Cherokee: Seventh Annual Highland Summer Conference at Radford University, 1984.

Folder 9: 194.17.a. Humanizing Instructionfrom an Appalachian Standpoint, by Rebecca D. Hancock, 1984.

Folder 10: 194.18.a. A Follow Up to the ABC's of Appalachia: A Study of Appalachian Studies in the Public Schools, by Thelma Peck, 1984.

Box 4:

Folder 1: 194.19.a. The ABC's of Appalachian Studies: University Students Write a Children's Book, by Melinda Bollar Wagner, 1984

Folder 2: 194.20.a. Tools and their Use, by John L. David, 1984.

Folder 3: 194.20.b. The Problems of an Appalachian Education.

Folder 3: 194.20.c. They Can't Put It Back, by Molly Parker, 1984.

Folder 4: 194.20.d. Project Evaluation for: Healing the Natural Way, by Marrion W. Ward, 1984.

Folder 5: 194.20.e. The Generations, by Millard D.Covey, 1984.

Folder 6: 194.21.a. Poetry 310, Fall 1984.

Folder 7: 194.22.a. Booklet for Teaching the Mountain Empire, by Linda H. Miller, 1984.

Folder 8: 194.23.a. Beyond the ABC's of Appalachia: A Book to Accompany the ABC's of Appalachia, by various authors, 1984.

Folder 9: 194.24.a. Supernatural Folklrore: Ghosts and Witches, by Grover Stevens, 1984.

Folder 10: 194.25.a. Diversity is Beautiful Teaching Kit (Multi-Part), by various authors, 1975.

Folder 11: 194.26.a. Memories of Breece, by Grace Toney Edwards, undated.

Box 5:

Folder 1: 194.27.a. Tommy Ingles: Child Captive, Indian Brave, Reacculturated Frontiersman.

Folder 2: 194.27.b. Elements of Romanticism in "The Trail of the Lonesome Pine" and Morality and Volition in "Christmas Eve on Lonesome".

Folder 3: 194.27.c. Investigation Into Cultural and Environmental Exploitation As Seen in the Works of John Fox Jr.

Folder 4: 194.27.d. A Source Study in Authenticity: John Fo,x Jr. and the Clashing Cultures.

Folder 5: 194.27.e. Resource Materials on John Fox, Jr.

Folder 6: 194.27.f. John Fox, Jr.: Personal and Family Letters and Papers Compiled by Elizabeth Fox Moore.

Folder 7: 194.27.g. John Fox and Tom Page As They Were.

Folder 8: 194.27.h. Journals of William Cabell Moore.

Folder 9: 194.28.a. Best Wishes: Bob Kramp (Uncle Mud) and Annie, by Bob Kramp, 1985.

Folder 10: 194.29.a. An Attempt to Define Children's Appalachian Fiction, by Connie Joyce, 1985.

Folder 11: 194.29.b. Interviews With Lou Crabtree, by Connie Joyce, 1987.

Folder 12: 194.29.c. Using the Interview Assignment: Strategies and Applications, by Connie Joyce, undated.

Folder 13: 194.30.a. Impact of the Urban Folk Revival of the Post-World War II Era on American Culture, by Richard Straw, undated.

Folder 14: 194.31.a. The Short Stories of Emma Bell Miles, by Bonnie Stevens, 1986.

Folder 15: 194.32.a. The Captivity and Escape of Mary Draper Ingles: Her Story Lives On, by Laura C. Binder, 1986.

Folder 16: 194.33.a. Writing From Groundhog Mountain, by various authors, 1986.

Folder 17: 194.34.a. Living the College Live in 1986 Style, by various authors, 1986.

Folder 18: 194.35.a. Crossings: Into Twentieth-Century Appalachia, by various authors, 1986.

Folder 19: 194.36.a. Family Linen and Oral History: Are There Similarities?, by Regina Rice, 1987.

Folder 20: 194.37.a. Sweet Hollow: Stories Through Lou Crabtree's Eyes, by Stephen D. Cagle, 1987

Folder 21: 194.38.a. Tom Barr: Instrument Maker, by Maureen Reid, undated.

Folder 22: 194.38.b. Review of The Pioneers by James Fenimore Cooper, by Mosie Reid, 1987.

Folder 23: 194.39.a. Dialogue With a Dead Man: Jim Wayne Miller Critical Study, by George W. Sharp, 1987.

Folder 24: 194.40.a. Harriet Arnow's Assessment of Appalachia's Role in the Industrialization of the United States, by Ted Couillard, 1987.

Folder 25: 194.41.a. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings: A Mountain Passage, by Louis D. Silveri, undated.

Box 6:

Folder 1: 194.42.a. Quilting: History, Stories, Heritage, by Sonya Leigh Austin, 1985.

Folder 2: 194.42.b. Home Remedies, by Diane Hollandsworty, 1985

Folder 3: 194.42.c. Strengthening the Ties that Bind, by Jennifer Keith, 1985.

Folder 4: 194.42.d. A Step Back in Time on Smithfield Plantation, by Amy Robinson, 1985.

Folder 5: 194.42.e. Awareness of Appalachian Heritage Project, by Phyllis Yopp, 1985.

Folder 6: 198.7.a. Broomcraft, by Jeanette L. Banks, 1987.

Box 7:

Folder 1: 194.43.a. Spotlight on Local Lore: Feeling Into Form, by various authors, undated.

Folder 2: 194.43.b. Passing the Lore to Our Youngins': A Bibliography of Southern Culture, by Mary Campell, undated.

Folder 3: 194.44.a. Essay Re: Jim Wayne Miller, by Rhonda Catron, undated.

Folder 4: 194.44.b. Thesis Proposal: Jim Wayne Miller's Work, by Rhonda Catron, 1988.

Folder 5: 194.44.c. The More Things Change: First Version, by Rhonda Catron, undated.

Folder 6: 194.44.d. Nostalgia, by Rhonda Catron, undated.

Folder 7: 194.44.e. On Brier, His Book, by Rhonda Catron, undated.

Folder 8: 194.44.f. Interview with Jim Wayne Miller, by Rhonda Catron, 1989.

Folder 9: 194.45.a. America's Appalachia: Play Script, WSWP-TV

Folder 10: 194.46.a. Intercultural Factors Affecting Access to Legal Aid: Improving Appalachian Women's Lives, by Sandra L. Stanwitz, 1988.

Folder 11: 194.47.a. Love of Place, Love of Home, by JoAnn Asbury, 1987.

Folder 12: 194.47.b. Appalachian Man: The Forgotten Hero, by JoAnn Asbury, 1987.

Folder 13: 194.47.c. A Pattern that Endures: Marilou Awiakta's Love of Place, by JoAnn Asbury, 1988.

Folder 14: 194.48.a. The Spirit of the Mountains: A Critique, by Paul Cox, 1988.

Folder 15: 194.49.a. Robert Mize, Traditional Dulcimer Maker, by Teresa Wheeling, 1984.

Folder 16: 194.49.b. River of Earth: The Play, by Teresa Wheeling, 1987.

Folder 17: 194.49.c. Across the Mountains: Appalachian Literature and he Unsuspecting Student, by Teresa Wheeling, 1988.

Box 8:

Folder 1: 194.50.a. Me and My Class, by various authors, 1987.

Folder 2: 194.50.b. Fire Won't Bend Everything: The Overlapping of Two Heroines, by Michael Edwards, 1988.

Folder 3: 194.51.b. Final Examination: Essay, by Michael Edwards, 1988.

Folder 4: 194.51.c. De(con)struction of the Literary Text: Good vs. Bad in 'The Mark', by Michael Edwards, undated.

Folder 5: 194.52.a. Blue Ridge Folklife Festival Photographs 1989, by Marianne Moore, 1989.

Folder 6: 194.53.a. Regional Realism, by Ruth Fisher, 1989.

Folder 7: 194.53.b. Mountain Magic: Storytelling in Word and Song, by Judy Vance, 1989.

Folder 8: 194.53.c. Keepers of the Folklore: Students and Teachers, by Wanda C. Wingo, 1989.

Folder 9: 194.53.d. Margaret, by Verna B. Brumfield, 1989.

Folder 10: 194.54.a. Caves and Karst of the New River Valley, Virginia, by Ernst H. Kastning, 1989.

Folder 11: 194.55.a. Appalachia, My Heritage, by Joey Turner, 1989.

Folder 12 194.56.a. The Montgomery County Story: The Black Sisters, by Regina Meredith, 1989.

Folder 13: 194.57.a. Blue Ridge Farm Study, by Ricky Cox, 1989.

Box 9:

Folder 1: 194.58.a Machines in Floyd County, by Ricky Cox, 1986.

Folder 2: 194.58.b. Used Parts and the Poetic Impulse: Machines as an Alternative Means of Expression, by Ricky Cox, 1988.

Folder 3: 194.58.c. The Blue Ridge Folklife Festival as Systematic Cultural Intervention, by Ricky Cox, 1985.

Folder 4: 194.58.d. Ferrum Folklife Festival Analysis, by Ricky Cox, 1985.

Folder 5: 194.58.e. Government Regulations and Their Effects on the Grade C Dairy in Southwest Virginia, by Ricky Cox, undated.

Folder 6: 194.58.f. Traditional Music in Appalachian Folk Culture, by Ricky Cox, undated.

Folder 7: 194.58.g. Appalachia in the Sixties: Decade of Reawakening, by Ricky Cox, 1985.

Folder 8: 194.58.h. We Be Here When the Morning Comes: Review and Analysis, by Ricky Cox, 1985.

Folder 9: 194.58.i. Appalachian Studies and the Native Student: Resource or Refuge?, by Ricky Cox, 1986.

Folder 10: 194.58.j. The Mechanical Metaphor: Machine and Tool Images in the Mountains Have Come Closer, by Ricky Cox, 1986.

Folder 11: 194.58.k. The Spirit of the Mountains: A Critical Review, by Ricky Cox, 1987.

Folder 12: 194.58.l. The Brier Sermon: Signpost in Appalachian Studies, by Ricky Cox, 1987.

Folder 13: 194.58.m. Storytelling, by Ricky Cox, 1989.

Folder 14: 194.58.n. Jesse Stuart: Voice of the Appalachians, by Ricky Cox, 1982.

Folder 15: 194.59.a. Jesse Stuart's 'Daughter of the Legend', by Parks Lanier, Jr., undated.

Folder 16: 194.60.a. A Comparative Approach to Appalachia's Uniqueness: Arnow's 'The Dollmaker' and Steinbeck's 'Grapes of Wrath', by Stephen D. Cagle, 1990

Folder 17: 194.61.a. Religious Free Thinkers in the Southern Mountains, by Henry J. Weaver, 1990.

Folder 18: 194.62.a. She Do the Police in Different Voices: Alterity, Polyophony, and Presence by Erasure in Lee Smith's 'Oral History', by Rodger Cunningham, undated.

Folder 19: 194.63.a. Cultural Influences on Appalachian Mountain Oral English, by Terry Anderson, 1990.

Folder 20: 194.63.b. Seminar in Appalachian Studies: Research Paper, by Marilyn T. Grubbs, 1990.

Folder 21: 194.64.a. Realization in Appalachia, by Melanie Lawson, undated.

Box 10:

Folder 1: 194.65.a. Anything Will Bend If You Put Enough Fire To It: Coal Mining Effects on Appalachia in Denise Giardina's 'Storming Heaven' by Brigitte LaPresto, undated.

Folder 2: 194.65.b. Appalachian Craftsmen: An Oral History, by Mont Whitson, 1983.

Folder 3: 194.65.c. Some Thoughts on Science and Technology in Appalachia, by J. Ronale Willoughby, 1985.

Folder 4: 194.65.d. Images of Appalachia in Tourist Literature: Commercialization of Cultural Difference?, by various authors, 1985.

Folder 5: 194.65.e. Institutions and Appalachia: Towards A General Model, by Thomas R. Shannon, 1985.

Folder 6: 194.65.f. The Significance of the Ingles' Ferry in the Settling of the Appalachian Region, by Laura C. Binder, 1985.

Folder 7: 194.65.g. The Blue Ridge Parkway and Its Effects on Local People, by Kimberly Ann Burnette, 1985.

Folder 8: 194.65.h. Dialect Effects in Appalachian Students' Written Compositions, by Rebecca G. Eller, 1986.

Folder 9: 194.65.i. Intercultural Factors Affecting Access to Legal Aid: Improving Appalachian Women's Lives, by Sandra L. Stanwitz, 1988.

Folder 10: 194.65.j. The Tale of Red Emmy: An Irish Witch in Appalachia, by Gena D. Wagaman, 1989.

Folder 11: 194.66.a. Abstracts of Papers: New River Symposium 1988.

Folder 12: 194.67.a. Early Appalachian Photographers: The Works of William Barnhill and Margaret Morely, by Richard A. Straw, 1985.

Folder 13: 194.68.a. Prayers of My Life, by Jane Elizabeth Richmond, undated.

Folder 14: 194.69.a. Sports and Play in Southern Appalachia: A Tentative Appraisal, by Robert J. Higgs, undated.

Folder 15: 194.70.a. A Story of Appalachian Women: Influences of Culture on Lifestyle, by Mike McFarland, 1980.

Folder 16: 194.71.a. Jeff Daniel Marion: Allied with Authenticity, by Amanda L. Luckadoo, undated.

Folder 17: 194.72.a. Folklife Interview at Ferrum College: Twisting Tobacco, by Jamie Kroeber, 1986.

Folder 18: 194.72.b. Report on Ferrum Folklife Festival, by W. Steve Watson, 1986.

Folder 19: 194.73.a. Mr. Charles Davis, Beekeeper: Appalachian Folklore Festival, by Rebecca Davis, 1986.

Folder 20: 194.74.a. My Father's House: An Inspiration from Lee Smith, by Tim Hayes, 1991.

Folder 21: 194.75.a. Redefining 'Higher Education' Through the Appalachian Teachers' Network, by Jim Minick, 1991.

Folder 22 194.75.b. The Wheel of Life: Wendell Berry and Southern Appalachia, by Jim Minick, 1990.

Folder 23: 194.75.c. Becoming Rooted, by Jim Minick, undated.

Box 11:

Folder 1: 194.76.a. Three Men to a Bed: The Coming of the Arsenal, The 1940's, and the Building of Fairlawn, by Parks Lanier etal, 1991.

Folder 2: 194.77.a. Poetics of Appalachian Space, by various authors, 1990.

Folder 3: 194.78.a. Crocks, Jugs, and Jars: The Smith Pottery.

Folder 4: 194.78.b. Spinning in the Southern Appalachians.

Folder 5: 194.79.a. Strike as Protest: Nonviolence and the United Mine Worker's Strike Against Pittston, by Paul J. Weingartner, 1991.

Folder 6: 194.80.a. Lesson Plan: Folk Tales, by Karen S. Barr, 1992.

Folder 7: 194.80.b. Reading Book and Personal Oral Story: Pioneer Days, by Elizabeth McGraw, 1992.

Folder 8: 194.80.c Whole Language: Sixth Grade: Multiculturalism, by Virginia Crouch, 1992.

Folder 9: 194.81.a. What's Been Going On: A Fiction Sampler from Section 03 Fall Semester 1992.

Box 12:

Folder 1: 194.82.a. What's Cookin' in Appalachia?, by various authors, 1992.

Folder 2: 194.83.a. Walking Sticks: Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, by Valerie Brown, 1992.

Folder 3: 194.83.b. Blacksmithing: Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, by Sharon Hampton, 1992.

Folder 4: 194.83.c. Coon Dog Contests: Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, by Leigh Holmes,

Folder 5: 194.83.d. Instrument Making With Audrey Hash-Ham, by Jacquie Krause, 1992.

Folder 6: 194.83.e. Banjo Basics, by Steve Mathews, 1992.

Folder 7: 194.83.f. Wart Charming: Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, by Shannon Mitchell, 1992.

Folder 8: 194.83.g. Sock Doll Making: Josephine Sink, by Jessica Williams, 1992.

Folder 9: 194.83.h. A Harvest of Moonshine, by Lynn Thye, 1992.

Folder 10: 194.84.a. Wizard of the North: Sir Walter Scott and the Romantic Connection to Folklore in America, by Phillip R. Leonard

Folder 11: 194.84.b. Keepers of the Lore: Comparisons of the Lives of Sir Walter Scott and Bascom Lamar Lunsford, by Phillip R. Leonard, 1991.

Folder 12: 194.84.c. Appalachian Author: A Comprehensive Bibliography of the Writings of Loyal E. Jones, by Phillip R. Leonard, 1991.

Folder 13: 194.84.d. Mystics, Dreamers, and Fancies: Ray Hicks and the Storytelling Tradition on Beech Mountain, by Phillip R. Leonard, 1992.

Folder 14: 194.85.a. Feminism in Lee Smith's Writing, by Lorie Pruitt, 1992.

Folder 15: 194.86.a. Religion as a Means of Life: A Review of Harriet Arnow's 'The Dollmaker', by April Herndon, 1992.

Folder 16: 194.87.a. Folklore in Literature, by Wanda Dotson, 1992.

Folder 17: 194.88.a. Why the French Invaded Appalachia: Another Look at Harriet Arnow's 'The Dollmaker' Through a French Feminist Perspective, by Christi C. Leftwich, 1991.

Folder 18: 194.88.b. An Outsider's Image of Appalachia in the 1920's: Lucy Furman and her Audience Struggle, by Christi C. Leftwich, undated.

Folder 19: 194.88.c. Storming Heaven and Matewan: Comparison.

Folder 20: 194.89.a. Selu Restoration, by Christi C. Leftwich, undated.

Folder 21: 194.89.b. Interview With Mintha Duncan, by Christi C. Leftwich, 1991.

Folder 22: 194.89.c. Interview with John Bowles, by Christi C. Leftwich, 1991.

Folder 23: 194.89.d. Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Carrroll, by Christi C. Leftwich, 1991.

Folder 24: 194.89.e. Interview with Nellie Duncan, by Christi C. Leftwich, 1992.

Folder 25: 194.89.f. Selu Conservancy Project: Informal Descriptions, by Christi C. Leftwich, undated.

Folder 26: 194.89.g. Information from Deed Search.

Folder 27: 194.89.h. Auchindrain Museum.

Box 13:

Folder 1: 194.90.a. A Century Apart: Joined By the Heart: Mary Wollstonecraft and Emma Bell Miles, by Nancy Taylor, undated.

Folder 2: 194.91.a. Broom Making: Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, by Rhonda Catron, undated.

Folder 3: 194.91.b. The Keeping of Bees, by Stephen D. Cagle, 1987.

Folder 4: 194.92.a. Museum of American Frontier Culture Field Trip, by Lynne K. Bishop, 1993.

Folder 5: 194.92.b. The American Farmstead, by Lola M. Coleman, 1993.

Folder 6: 194.92.c. The Scotch-Irish Farm, by Susan M. Dalton, 1993. .

Folder 7: 194.93.a. Making A Buck: Social and Economic Adaptations in an Appalachian Flea Market, by various authors, 1993.

Folder 8: 194.94.a.Reflections of Excellence: Essays on Teaching, by various authors, 1994.

Folder 9: 194.95.a. Perspectives of Appalachia from the Motherland as Perceived by an Appalachian Abroad, by Grace Toney Edwards, 1992.

Folder 10: 194.96.a. Bowles Family Photographs.

Folder 11: 194.97.a. Religion in Appalachia.

Folder 12: 194.98.a. Appalachia, Heart of the Appalachian Region: Working Ideas for Development, by various authors, 1994.

Folder 13: 194.99.a. Understanding Regional Dialect, by Claire Waldron, 1992.

Folder 14: 194.99.b. A Broad Study of Social Attitudes and Language Variety, by R. Keith O'Dell, undated.

Folder 15: 194.99.c. Folklore of Southern West Virginia, edited by Robert Joyce, undated.

Folder 16: 194.99.d. The Appalachian Attitude Toward Land, by Melinda Bollar Wagner, 1986.

Folder 17: 194.99.e. Gaston Bachelard, Fifth Graders, College Freshmen, and a Classroom, by Bill Best, 1986.

Folder 18: 194.99.f. The Abingdon Branch: Recollections of the Early Days of a Railroad Era, by Robert S. Jones, undated.

Folder 19: 194.99.g. Coal Mining and Women, by Carolyn Doyle, 1986.

Box 14:

Folder 1: 194.99.h. Traditional Appalachian Culture and Traditional Scottish Highland Culture Compared: A Personal Perspective, by Clyde H. Ray, 1988.

Folder 2: 194.99.i. Jesse Stuart's Archetypal Vision of Appalachian Culture: The Thread Still Runs True, by Edgar H. Thompson, undated.

Folder 3: 194.99.j. Agriculture in Preindustrial Appalachia: Subsistence Farming in Beech Creek, 1950-1880, by Paul J. Weingartner, undated.

Folder 4: 194.99.k. A Loss Keenly Felt: High School Consolidation and Community, by William Hyde, 1988.

Folder 5: 194.99.l. Kit Brandon's Choice, by Parks Lanier, undated.

Folder 6: 194.99.m. Appalachia in America's Future: Alternative Cultural Forms, by Melinda Bollar Wagner, 1982.

Folder 7: 194.99.n. Highlander Research and Educational Center, 1982.

Folder 8: 194.99.o. Generations: The Theme of Jim Wayne Miller's 'Dialogue With a Dead Man', by Harold Branam, 1982.

Folder 9: 194.99.p. An Ethnography of Speaking in an Appalachian Community, by George B. Ray, 1982.

Folder 10: 194.99.p. An Ethnography of Speaking in an Appalachian Community, by George B. Ray, 1982.

Folder 11: 194.99.q. The Appalachian Family and the Wage-Earning Wife: Sexism, Economic Survival or Traditionalism, by Nelda K. Daley, 1982.

Folder 12: 194.99.r. The Cherokee Religious Experience in Southern Appalachia.

Folder 13: 194.99.s. Harry Caudill and the Burden of Mountain Liberalism, by Ronald D. Eller, undated.

Folder 14: 194.99.t. Black Appalachian Migrants: The Issue of Dual Minority Status, by William W. Philliber, 1982.

Folder 15: 194.99.u. Occupational Status of Appalachian Migrant Women, by Virginia McCoy Watkins, 1982.

Folder 16: 194.99.v. Notes on Voluntary Service: Networking and Community Building, by Thomas Plaut, 1982.

Folder 17: 194.99.w. Women in Appalachian Education: An Initial Inquiry, by Ruth Scott, undated.

Folder 1: 194.100.a. Listen to the Small Voice: A One-Act Play, by Joyce L. Graham, undated.

Folder 2: 194.101.a. APPALKIDS Activity Book 1989-1990, by APPALKIDS, 1988.

Folder 3: 194.101.b. The APPALKIDS: American People Presenting Appalachian Life Through Kids in Dramatic Skits, by APPALKIDS, 1994.

Folder 4: 194.102.a. Selu: Dream and Harvest, by John H. Bowles, undated.

Folder 5: 194.103.a. William Gayheart: Pencil Artist, by Sharon Long, undated.

Folder 6: 194.104.a. A Teaching Unit on the Oral Tradition in Appalachia, by Grace Toney Edwards, undated.

Box 15:

Folder 1: 194.105.a Journal of a Voyage from Ireland to the United States.

Folder 2: 194.105.b. Education for Mutual Understanding in the Northern Ireland Curruculum: Policies, Progress, and Problems, 1993.

Folder 3: 194.105.c. The European Dimension and Initial Teacher Training-Projects, Problems, and Plans, 1992.

Folder 4: 194.105.d. Curruculum (Programmes of Study and Attainment Targets in History) Order (Northern Ireland) 1991.

Folder 5: 194.105.e. Course Syllabi: Various Subjects, NISEAC, 1995-1996.

Folder 6: 194.105.f. Guidance Materials: Various Subjects, NICC, 1991.

Folder 7: 194.105.g. Information Brief on Education in Northern Ireland, DENI, 1994.

Folder 8: 194.105.h. Cross-Community Contact Scheme 1992-1993, DENI, 1992-1993.

Folder 9: 194.105.i. Education: What it Means to You, DENI, undated.

Folder 10: 194.105.j. The Scope of the Northern Ireland Curriculum: Support Materials 1&2, NICC, 1990.

Folder 11: 194.105.k. Education for Mutual Understanding: A Guide, NICED, 1988.

Box 16:

Folder 1: 194.105.l. Environmental Education: A Guide for Teachers, NICC, 1994.

Folder 2: 194.105.m. Thinking European: Ideas for Integrating a European Dimension into the Classroom, NICC, 1992.

Folder 3: 194.105.n. Plantaions: Experiences of Colonization in the 17th Century (1 Audio Cassette), NICLR, 1993.

Folder 4: 194.105.o. Law in Our Lives, NICLR, 1993.

Folder 5: 195.1.a. Aerial Photographs of Selu Concervancy.

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Box 21:

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Box 23:

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Box 31:

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Box 33:

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Box 34:

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Box 35:

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Box 37:

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Box 38:

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Box 39:

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Box 40:

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Box 41:

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Box 42:

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Box 43:

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Box 44:

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Box 45:

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Box 46:

Folder 1: 202.10.a. Frank X. Walker Awakens the Sleeping Muse, by Susan Virginia Mead, 2001.

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Folder 9: 203.1.d. Gateway to the Great Smokey Mountains: Cherokee, NC, by Ivan Levin, 2003.

Folder 10: 203.1.e. Folklore of the Academy, by Joli Huynh Wade, 2003.

Box 47:

Folder 1: 203.1.a. Historic Relics, by Daniel Blake, 2003.

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Box 48:

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Folder 8: 203.6.c. "This Old Homestead: Body and Soul" Part Three, by Tracey Mattson, 2003.

Box 49:

Folder 1: 203.7. Women of the Mountains: Superstitions and Remedies of Appalachia, by Lauren North, 2003.

Folder 2: 203.8. Filling the Gaps: Recollections of Two Nicholas County, WV Coal Mining Accidents, by Debra Pugh, 2003.

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Folder 5: 203.10. The Edmonds Family Singing Tradition, by Sonya Redd, 2003.

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Box 50:

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Box 51:

Folder 1: 204.10. Radio in the 1930's, by Justin Horton, 2004.

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Folder 7: 204.1.c. A Diamond in the Coal Fields: The Real Coalwood, WV, by Lauren North, 2004.

Folder 8: 204.2.a. The Birth of a New Classic: Gretchen Moran Laskas' The Midwife's Tale, by Lauren North, 2004.

Folder 9: 204.2.b. Timeless Voices Living Through Poetry: A Review of "What The Night Told Me", by Angela Stevens, 2004.

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Folder 11: 204.2.d. Ron Rash, by Leslie Bratton, 2004.

Folder 12: 204.2.e. George Ella Lyon: A Classic "Classic" Author, by Sonya R. Redd, 2004.

Folder 13: 204.2.f. Real Writers Can Live Anywhere: Denise Giardina A Critical Review, by Juliana Alexander, 2004.

Box 52:

Folder 1: 205.1. The NASCAR Fan Base in Appalachia, by Amanda Dye, 2005.

Folder 2: 205.2. Junior Johnson- Appalachian Legend, by Megan Wolfrey, 2005.

Folder 3: 205.3. Appalachia on the Internet: A Look Into Three Different Types of Websites, by James Chapman, 2005.

Folder 4: 205.4. Bluegrass Music in Appalachia, by Robert Murphy, 2005.

Folder 5: 205.5. The Art of Appalachian Craftsmanship, by Tammy Stiles, 2005.

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Folder 7: 205.7. Analytical Paper: Quilting, by Tiffany Lynch, 2005.

Folder 8: 205.8. Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, by Erik Taylor, 2005.

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Folder 10: 205.10. Mud Draggin', by Charley Brew, 2005.

Folder 11: 205.11. Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, by Julie Alexander, 2005.

Folder 12: 205.12. The 57th Annual Lee County Tobacco/Fall Festival, by Terry Ferrell, undated.

Folder 13: 205.13. Appalachian Folklore, by Donna Ogle, 2005.

Box 53:

Folder 1: 206.1. Historic Crab Orchard Museum and Pioneer Park: A Study of Appalachian Culture and Awareness, by Teresa S. Jewell, 2005.

Folder 2: 206.2. Using Auditory Queing to Elicit Emotional Change in Visual Media: The Use of Old-Time and Bluegrass music to Influence the Storylines of Movies and Television, by Jason Decker, 2006.

Folder 3: 206.3. The Rest of the Story: Commercial Media Projects Filmed on Location in Tazewell County, Virginia and McDowell and Mercer Counties, West Virginia, by Dana Cochran, 2006.

Folder 4: 206.4. The Politics of Reposession and Resistance: A Study of Appalachian Stereotyping as a Function of Cultural Syncretization and the Resistance of the Subaltern Through the Media, by Erik C. Taylor, 2006.

Folder 5: 206.5. Analytical Paper: Moonshine, by Shellie Austin, 2006.

Folder 6: 206.6. Is Feminism Thriving in Appalachia? by Juanita Thornton, 2006.

Folder 7: 206.7. "Ya'll Be Careful Up in Them Woods: Myths of Appalachia in American Horror Films, by Philip Ferguson, 2006.

Folder 8: 206.8. Small Town Newspapers, by Julie Alexander, 2006.

Box 54:

Folder 1: 206.1. "Diamonds in the Rough" (Story of Carter Family), by Sarah Burke, 2006.

Folder 2: 206.2. Appalachian Poverty: David Sutherland's County Boys, by Donna Ogle, 2006.

Folder 3: 206.3. The Waltons: The Epitome of Appalachian Values?, by Roxanne H. Thompson, 2006.

Box 55:

Folder 1: 206.1.a. Group Project Synopsis: Patriotic Songs of America, by Stella Borchelt, 2006.

Folder 2: 206.2.a. Songs of the Nation, by Emily Noren, 2006.

Folder 3: 206.3.a. Songs of the Nation, by Jennifer Bennett, 2006.

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Folder 5: 206.5.b. Martinsville, by Ashley Martin, 2006.

Folder 6: 206.6.b. Synopsis, by Jessica Bradshaw, 2006.

Folder 7: 206.7.b. Homestyle Recipes, by Christine Hillegass, 2006.

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Folder 9: 206.9.d. The Old and New Remedies for Ailments in the Appalachian Region, by Richard Johnson, 2006.

Folder 10: 206.10.e. Ghost Stories of Radford University: Real or Fake? by James Streett, 2006.

Folder 11: 206.11.e. Campus Ghosts, Why? Where?, by Jonathon Dixon, 2006.

Folder 12: 206.12.f. Synopsis, by Ashley Thomas, 2006.

Folder 13: 206.13.f. Art in History and Literature, by Anne Kouguell, 2006.

Folder 14: 206.14.f. Native Americans, by Jason Fitzgerald, 2006.

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Folder 16: 206.16.h. Appalachian Games: Past and Present, by Stacey Corbin, 2006.

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Folder 20: 206.20.l. Appalachian Stereotypes Synopsis, by Heather Amon, 2006.

Folder 21: 206.21.l. Hick Flicks- Synopsis, by Bec Koop, 2006.

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Folder 23: 206.23.l. Appalachian Stereotypes, by Matthew Rogers, 2006.

Folder 24: 206.24.m. Cooking in the Appalachian Lifestyle, by Corin O'Donnell, 2006.

Folder 25: 206.25.n. The History of the Slave Diet, by Crystal Hrusovsky, 2006.

Folder 26: 206.26.n. African Food Staples, by Chris Brown, 2006.

Folder 27: 206.27.n. Soul Food, by Sabrina Lacy, 2006.

Folder 28: 206.28.o. Bluegrass: The Past, The Present, and The Future, by Karen Tucker, 2006.

Folder 29: 206.29.o. Synopsis: Bluegrass Music, by Jeff Joyce, 2006.

Box 56:

Folder 1: 200.1.a. Stepping Stones, by various authors, 2000.

Folder 2: 207.1.a. Appalachian Awareness Day, by Matthew Miller, 2007.

Folder 3: 205.2.b. Discovering Place: A Peek Behine Our Eyes and Into Our Lives, by various authors, 2005.

Folder 4: 206.3.c. Discovering Place: A Place to Call Home, by various authors, 2006.

Folder 5: 205.4.d. Supernatural Themes in Appalachian Folk Music, by Dan Boothe, 2005.

Folder 6: A 205.5.d. True Inspiration, by Megan Foxwell, 2005.

Folder 7: 205.6.d. Cooking: A Regional Comparison (New England, Eastern Shore of Maryland, Appalachia), by Lauren Dunbar.

Folder 8: 206.30.p. Marilou Awiakta, Appalachia and the Atom, by Robin Pulliam, 2006.

Folder 9: 206.31.p. Marilou Awiakta and the Atom, by James Inman, 2006.

Folder 10: 206.32.p. Italian-American Stereotypes, by Megan Colson, 2006.

Box 57:

Folder 1: 206.1.a. Male-Female Relationships in Moon Women, by Daniel Cline, 2006.

Folder 2: 206.2.b. Back to Indian Creek: Crystal Wilkinson and her Country Voice, by Dana Cochran, 2006.

Folder 3: 206.3.c. Home Hickam: A Classic Appalachian Author, by Shai Cullop, 2006.

Folder 4: 206.4.d. Cathy Smith Bowers: A True Classic, by Ruth Derrick, 2006.

Folder 5: 206.5.e. Mary Elizabeth Hawkins: Appalachian Writer and Mentor, by Janet A. Little, 2006.

Folder 6: 206.6.f. Sharyn McCrumb as Classic Appalachian Literary Writer, by Brittany S. Mullins, 2006.

Folder 7: 206.7.g. George Ella Lyon: Encountering the "Geography of [Her] Imagination, by Elizabeth Mulvaney, 2006.

Folder 8: 206.8.h. Appalachian Canon Nominee: Breece D'J Pancake, by Donna Ogle, 2006.

Folder 9: 206.9.i. Jo Carson: A New American Classic, by Ashley Roberts, 2006.

Folder 10: 206.10.j. Adriana Trigiani: Classic Appalachian Author, by Jamie Rowlett, 2006.

Folder 11: 206.11.k. The People of Clay's Quilt, by Jay Settle, 2006.

Folder 12: 206.12.l. Precipitous Mountain Viewpoints: An Examination of the Appalachian Works of Romulus Linney, by Jim Wake, 2006.

Box 58:

Folder 1: 207.1.a. Traditional Food and Cooking in the Appalachian Highlands, by Louis Campbell, 2007.

Folder 2: 207.2.b. No Appalachian Left Behind: Appalachian Stereotypes in Secondary Schools, by Shai Cullop, 2007.

Folder 2: 207.3.c. Shelby Lee Adams: The Female Perspective, by Elizabeth DiSalvo, 2007.

Folder 4: 207.4.d. Bluegrass Music: A Tale of Survival and Revival, by Ruth Derrick, 2007.

Folder 5: 207.5.e. The Crooked Road: Virginia's Heritage Music Trail, by Brittony Fitzgerald, 2007.

Folder 6: 207.6.f. Stereotyping in Appalachia and Beyond, by Gisela Hornberger, 2007.

Folder 7: 207.7.g. A Street Named Desire Street and Road Signs in Three Appalachian Counties, by Patricia Jacobs, 2007.

Box 59:

Folder 1: 207.8.h. Hillbilly Survey: Results Analysis, by Janet A. Little, 2007.

Folder 2: 207.9.i. Hillbilly Stereotypes Prevail in Two Appalachian Documentaries, by Brittany Mullins, 2007.

Folder 3: 207.10.j. "If We Changed The Covers, You'd Buy It Again": Book Covers Marketing Appalachian Stereotypes, by Kathy Murphy, 2007.

Folder 4: 207.11.k. Old Time Music Jams: Bringing Communities Together, by Jamie Rowlett, 2007.

Folder 5: 207.12.l. Reconciliation of the Sacred and Secular, by Jay Settle, 2007.

Folder 6: 207.13.m. We Are...Marshall, by Andrea Yaun, 2007.

Box 60:

Folder 1: 207.1.a. Appalachian Folk Culture Assignment, by Shanna Bryant, 2007.

Folder 2:207.1.aa. APST 495: Shining Light on Our Youth for Our Future: Celebrating Ten Years of AASIS, by JoAnn Asbury, 2007.

Folder 3: 207.2.a. The Music of Floyd, the Values of Appalachia, by Matthew Miller, 2007.

Folder 4: 207.2.b. Ferrum Festival Project, by Daniel Cline, 2007.

Folder 5: 207.3.a. The Aura of Friendliness, by James Gearhart, 2007.

Folder 6: 207.3.c. Folk Culture Assignment, by Shai Cullop, 2007.

Folder 7: 207.4.b. Summary of UG/G Forum Presentation, by Johannah Mosley, 2007.

Folder 8:207.4.d. Making Apple-Butter and Making Time, by Jessica Curulla, 2007.

Folder 9: 207.5.a. Every Friday Night is a Dance, by Krista Hanks, 2007.

Folder 10: 207.5.e. A Double Dose of Dexterity, by Ruth Derrick, 2007.

Folder 11: 207.6.e. Family Remedies vs. Modern Day Medicine, by Alex Goodson, 2007.

Folder 12: 207.6.f. James Artis White, by Antonia Garcia, 2007.

Folder 13: 207.7.c. Family Influences, by Stacey Fernandez, 2007.

Folder 14: 207.7.g. The Ferrum Blue Ridge Folklife Festival: Interview with Gerald Anderson, by Teresa Jewell,  2007.

Folder 15: 207.8.g. Stereotypes in American Films: Past and Present, by Tiana Lovelace, 2007.

Folder 16: 207.8.h. "Come on Boys, Let's Go To Hunting", by Eric Linkenhoker, 2007.

Folder 17: 207.9.g. Stereotypes in Film, by Kara Gordon, 2007.

Folder 18: 207.9.l. Blue Ridge Folklife Festival Paper: Appla Butter and Blacksmithing, by Phillip McReynolds, 2007.

Folder 19: 207.10.j. Food and Fun at the Blue Ridge Folklife Festival, by Jamie Rowlett, 2007.

Folder 20: 207.10.l. My Family Secrets, by Jessica Wickline, 2007.

Folder 21: 207.11.e. Family Remedies vs. Modern Day Medicine, by Whitney Spradlin, 2007.

Folder 22: 207.11.k. A Pastor's Chair Bottoming, by Jae-Young Seo, 2007.

Folder 23: 207.12.e. Portuguese Remedies Compared to Modern Day Medicine, by Ashley DeFreitas, 2007.

Folder 24: 207.12.l.Molasses: Southwest Virginia Style, by Laurel Sutton, 2007.

Folder 25:207.13.l. Discovering My Family, by Heather Tickle, 2007.

Folder 26: 207.13.m. "...Weave in enough of the melody so you don't lose the tune, you know.", by Tim Thornton, 2007.

Folder 27: 207.14.l.My Family Traditions, Superstitions, and Recipes, by Ashley Tilley, 2007.

Folder 28: 207.15.l. Our Different Families, by Tilley, Wickline, and Tilley, 2007.

Folder 29:207.16.g. Stereotypes in American Film, by Megan Croughwell, 2007.

Folder 30: 207.17.e. A Little Touch of Family in the Modern World, by Emily Williamson, 2007.

Folder 31: 207.18.h. Nuclear Progression, by Robert Davis, 2007.

Box 61:

Folder 1: 208.1.a. Fred Chappell: Classic Appalachia, by Kathryn Bondurant, 2008.

Folder 2: 208.1.aa. Discovering Place: The Lyrics Within (Vol. 1), by various authors, 2008.

Folder 3: 208.2.b. Preserving "Almost Heaven": The Works of Ann Pancake, by Lori Fuller, 2008.

Folder 4: Discovering Place: Where Our Souls Reside (Vol. 2), by various authors, 2008.

Folder 5: 208.3.c. Marilou Awiakta: In a Class All Her Own, by Teresa Stutso Jewell, 2008.

Folder 6: Discovering Place: Where We Find Who We Are (Vol. 3), by various authors, 2008.

Folder 7: 208.4.d. Rita Sizemore Riddle: An Appalachian Classic, by Eric Linkenhoker, 2008.

Folder 8: 208.4.dd .Carrying the Past to the Future, by Jamie Hutchinson, 2008.

Folder 9: 208.5.e. Planting the Seed: Jim Minick as Classic Appalachian Author, by Jeremy Miller, 2008.

Folder 10: 208.6.f. At First Blush: John Curtis Willis, by Jane-Erie, Shrestha, 2008.

Folder 11: 208.7.g. Changing Perceptions: Lee Smith as a Candidate for Appalachian Classical Status, by Emilee Sowers, 2008.

Folder 12: 208.8.h. Erik Reece: Classic Appalachian Author, How can you have any hillbillies if you tear down all the hills?, by Tim Thornton, 2008.

Box 62:

Folder 1: 209.1.a. The Freeway is Not a Multitasker: of Feasting on Asphalt, and the Cultural Importance of Alton Brown, by Matt Prater, 2009.

Folder 2: 209.2.b. Foods of Appalachia: Big Chains vs. Small Chains, by Kelly Samson, 2009.

Folder 3: 209.3.c. Portrayal of the Past: A Transatlantic Comparison of Two Museums on the History and Culture of Appalachia, by Jacob Spraker, 2009.

Folder 4: 209.4.d. Appalachian Nutrition and Those That Are Affected, by Whitney Stone, 2009.

Folder 5: 209.5.e. "The Beverly Hillbillies", by Kimberly Trimble, 2009.

Folder 6: 209.6.a. Perceptions of Appalachian Advertisements in Northern California, by Laurel Devoto, 2009.

Folder 7: 209.7.b. The Crooked Road: Appalachian Music Personified, by Lisa C. Hurst, 2009.

Folder 8: 209.8.c. The War on Poverty: John F. Kennedy: A Source of Hope, by Lori Hypes, 2009.

Folder 9: 209.9.d. Appalachia Through the Eyes of Music, by Eric Linkenhoker, 2009.

Folder 10: 209.10.e. The Lincoln Theatre in Marion, Virginia: Traditional Appalachian Music Enjoys a Comeback or Resurgence in Popularity, by Jeremy Miller, 2009.

Folder 11: 209.11.f. Cracker Barrel: "A mission to please people. Nothing more. Nothing less.", by Jane-Erie Shrestha, 2009.

Folder 12: 209.12.g. Bluegrass in Appalachia and Beyond, by Shaylin Surratt, 2009.

Folder 13:209.13.h. Appalachia as a Setting in Media, by Tessica Venteicher-Shulman, 2009.

Box 63:

Folder 1: 210.1.a. Denise Giardina's The Unquiet Earth, by Candace Adkins, 2010.

Folder 2: 210.1.b. She Walks These Hills: Analyzing the Appalachian Element of a Sharyn McCrumb Novel, by Shelly Caldwell, 2010.

Folder 3: 210.1.c. Marion's Tribute, by Bradley Childress, 2010.

Folder 9: 210.1.d. On Agate Hill, by Bradley Childress, undated.

Folder 10: 210.1.e. Lark and Termite, by Miranda Compton, 2010.

Folder 11: 210.1.f. The Big Beautiful by Pamela Duncan, by Shannon Gordon, 2010.

Folder 12: 210.1.g. Strange As This Weather Has Been, by Meagan Haley, undated.

Folder 13: 210.1.h. Appalachia's Mirror: Jim Wayne Miller, by Sarah Hunter, undated.

Folder 14: 210.1.i. A Feminine Aspect of Scottish Ancestry, by Sarah Hunter, undated.

Folder 15: 210.1.j. A Summer of Worth, by Bethany Kliewer, undated.

Folder 16: 210.1.k. Gap Creek: The Story of a Marriage, by Martha McComas, 2010.

Folder 17: 210.1.l. Tim Poland, by Mary Townshend, 2010.

Folder 4: 210.2.a. We Are Appalachian Women: Hear Us Roar, by Heather Hollingsworth, undated.

Folder 5: 210.2.b. A Little Bluegrass History, by Teresa Jewell, undated.

Folder 6: 210.3.a. Cades Cove: A Look at the Private and Public Preservation of an Historical Region of the Great Smoky Mountains, by Shelly Caldwell, 2010.

Folder 7: 210.3.b. Justified: Just a TV Show?, by Kelsey Lewis, undated.

Folder 8: 210.3.c. Cultural Exposure or, Get 'em While They're Young: Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM), by Donnie Martin, 2010.