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Highlights of the McConnell Library Appalachian Music Collection- Butch Robins Part 2

(Used with permission from Bud Bennett, photographer) I started the first part of the Butch Robins posting with a story about how and when I met Butch.  Since this is the second part of the posting I will now continue … Continue reading

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25th Annual Folk Arts Festival- Saturday Oct 2

Back in the 1970s a wonderful series of books came out that really either reminded us (or informed us) of several of the wonderful traditions of Appalachian culture.  These books contained interviews and photos and instructions on how to do … Continue reading

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Bluegrass and Old-time jams

One of the nice things about bluegrass and old-time music is that it is pretty easy to see it live and that is really something that is almost a core value of the music.  Those of us who play this … Continue reading

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County Sales Music

Back in the mid-to-late 1970s, far from the New River Valley when I was just starting to listen to Bluegrass music, a friend of mine gave me record catalog from a store called County Sales. I thumbed through the catalog, … Continue reading

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