Butch Robins Presents-Blue Grass Music, its Origin and Development as a Unique and Creative Art Form.

Butch Robins presents- Blue Grass Music, its Origin and Development as a Unique and Creative Art Form.

In this 5 part video series, Butch Robins explains the fascinating history of Blue Grass music. He uses both recorded and live music to set and illustrate the timeline, relates real life anecdotes of the musicians involved and tells personal stories of his life and relationship with Bill Monroe. Having had a working and friendly relationship with Monroe and many of the other musicians in this story, his insight and knowledge come together to form a unique perspective of this part of history.

An Introduction to Butch Robins – Butch summarizes his life for us and sets the scene for the talk he is about to give.

In Part 1 of the series, Butch tells about the state and style of music and music venues, the early life of Bill Monroe, the Monroe Brothers and the musical life of Bill Monroe up to the magical year of 1945.

In Part 2, Butch covers 1945-1959 and tells stories he heard from Monroe about the Blue Grass supergroup that changed the musical landscape forever and the years that followed.

Part 3 covers the years 1959- 1977 and some of the ups and downs Monroe went through in this period.  Butch talks about Bill Keith and how his style of playing changed banjo playing again forever (and gives us a live demonstration of that!).  We hear about Butch’s  experiences touring and traveling with Monroe in the 1960s and more about who Butch was playing with in these years.

Part 4 covers 1977- 21st Century and in it, among other things, Butch explains timing in and does it in a way that is quite unique and memorable!  He also speaks frankly about leaving Bill Monroe’s band, his personal mental health issues, fronting his own band, his apology to Bill Monroe, the rekindling of their relationship and his experiences bringing Monroe into the recording studio to work on the Butch Robins “Grounded, Centered, Focused” recording.

Extras!– Butch talks about how the music spread to other countries and discusses playing in musical jam sessions.

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29 Responses to Butch Robins Presents-Blue Grass Music, its Origin and Development as a Unique and Creative Art Form.

  1. Joe East says:

    Priceless! So glad this has been documented. This is a treasure to those of us who appreciate the history of bluegrass music. M

  2. Ricky c Hensley Sr. says:

    I’ve been pickin banjo dobro guitar for over 45yrs I love bluegrass new grass southern gospel contrary couple acoustic grass ect Bobby Thompson was my main influence on the banjo melodic banjo my dad played pedal steel guitar and taught me a lot of melodic runs watching him play it on his steel guitar music is my way to calm down after a hard day at work

  3. John W. Gantz says:

    To me, this series of an explanation of bluegrass music by Butch Robins, is a new way to think about the entity known as bluegrass music. I sincerely hope that this is viewed by many, many people, as the views are presented to educate, not just entertain. It is a very subjective way to think about what is and what isn’t bluegrass music, from a man who has lived the music almost from day one. No one has explained this music before, as Butch has done, and it won’t happen again. The man, Bill Monroe, who started this entity, known as bluegrass music, is dead now and never really explained his music. I don’t think he ever felt the need to do so! To me, Butch has given us a new way to think of this music, as an entity, not just having a banjo, guitar, fiddle, bass and mandolin, playing any kind of music and calling it bluegrass

  4. Nicholas Hancock says:

    I’ve around and in and out of bluegrass music since 1965, sort of like Butch, but not nearly to the extent, and I must say this presentation and documentation by Butch is simply and exquisitely outstanding.

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  6. Virginia Lawson Long says:

    Love these videos, thank you Butch! As far as Bill explaining his music, I once heard him say “It’s from my heart to yours” and it was!

  7. Jeff says:

    I remember seeing Butch play with Bill and the Boys and surprised to see him on banjo with short hair as I was/am a Newgrass fan and thought of him as a long haired hippy bass player. It was just after Reagan got elected and there was some healthy banter on stage with Kenny Baker saying “My man won” and Butch chiming back “You’ll be sorry”. If only we could be more civil in our politics as these men were.

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  28. George Underwood says:

    Thanks for this wonderful history series. Being an avid Bluegrass fan and Celtic-descended southeastern states product, Im not sure how I missed it until now. Wife and I just finished the 2nd part and are thoroughly enjoying it. I have both an emotional (memories of my father and childhood summers in TN) and enjoyment connection to this beautiful music. In retirement, one of our pastimes is RVing to Bluegrass festivals and performances all over the southeast. Thank you for taking the time to tell this 1’st person history in detail and for your contributions to Bluegrass!

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