Congratulations to our Winesett Scholars!

2011-2012 Winners

Winesett Award Winners: Kelsey Townsend, Katherine Okie, Sam Minner & Carolyn TuckerUpper Division:

Carolyn Tucker

  • Nursing 451 paper, “Protecting those who protect us: Taking steps to reduce sudden cardiac deaths among firefighters in the New River Valley”
  • Sponsored by Professor Maggie Bassett

Kelsey Townsend

  • Biology 232 paper on the Ribbon Seal
  • Sponsored by Professor Christine Small

Lower Division:

Katherine Okie

  • History 295 paper, “The other Virginia Story: The Upper Valley of Virginia, 1750-1780”
  • Sponsored by Professor Kurt Gingrich

Wendy Burcham

  • Core 201 paper, “Giving: A for-profit business strategy”
  • Sponsored by Professor Erin Berman

Finalists: Madalyn Dunn, Jessica Frazelle, Dylan McDaniel, and Carrie St. Clair

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