Scrapbooks portray life at Radford College during World War II

Frances Hilt Graham Trent graduated from Radford College in 1945, and lived on the Radford Campus while the United States was fighting in World War II. Mrs. Trent kept two scrapbooks while at Radford, and she recently donated her scrapbooks, Beehives, and other memorabilia to the RU Archives.  Her scrapbooks document life at Radford during wartime, including such items as ration books, information on blackout regulations, and dating regulations for Radford College students.  Some items from the Francis Hilt Scrapbook Collection are shown below, and are on display in the McConnell Library Reading Room.

Frances Hilt's senior picture from the 1945 Beehive.

War Council, from the 1944 Beehive

The front of Frances Hilt's war ration book.

The back of the war ration book.

Student regulations were framed in the context of wartime, as outlined in the Student Government Regulations below.  “The college student of 1943-44 has been selected for unusual opportunity in the war effort. We are the front line defense of tomorrow’s civilization.” Notice the sections on “Entertainment of Army Personnel” and “Blackouts and Air Raids.”

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